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I don’t know the difference is between a “hustler” and a “thug.” But I certainly identify with comedian Chico Bean’s desire to have a firearm for self-defense in inner city Washington, D.C. “back in the day.” And I certainly salute his observation that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people . . . So If you you want to change gun violence you’ve got to change the mentality of the people.”

As for Mr. Bean’s pronouncement that “gun violence is never going to stop,” yes and no. As he said, people kill people. Always have. Always will. Especially when there’s commercial gain to be had. But there are things “we” can do to change the mentality of the gang bangers snuffing out life in inner city America.

IMHO education is the best place to start. Taking our failed education system out of the hands of the government and the teachers’ unions, substituting a voucher-based system, would go a long way towards improving the outlook of inner city youth.

I also believe that restoring gun rights to anti-gun urban areas and teaching inner city youths about responsible gun ownership, which ties them directly to the values that engender social success, would help stem the tide of hopelessness and the abject alienation community members feel. For good reason.

Anyway, any American who rejects gun control as a means to reduce or eliminate “gun violence”, and does so eloquently for a public audience, is a hero of mine. The more “authentic” and fearless his or her voice, the greater my admiration.

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  1. Vouchers? No thanks. As a single parent of three children, I work my ass off to afford to live in an “inner city youth”, Section 8 free zone. Let them fix their own schools, ours work just fine.

    • They can’t just send their kids to a different school. The “them” that you’re referring to can’t do anything about it. And if you want to change the culture in these cities, problems like this need to be fixed. You don’t need to raise taxes to fix them, you just need to change how they’re spent.

    • “…I work my ass off to afford to live in an “inner city youth”, Section 8 free zone.”

      Uhm, about those “inner city youth”, Section 8-free zones?

      Read it and smile:

      “HUD Mandates ‘Affordable Housing’ in Affluent Baltimore Suburbs”

      “The goal is to move low- and very-low-income people out of the city and into the suburbs.

      “Every person deserves a fair shot at opportunity, and that starts with a decent, safe, and affordable place to call home,…”

      • EDIT – It is a classic example of Progressive ideals of redistribution, by ‘spreading around’ the poverty and misery everywhere…

        • at any rate, crime will skyrocket. especially vandalism and B&E. if your neighbors have nice stuff, whats the point if you dont take it? might as well be back in the ‘hood

        • More than that, it allows them to use the ghetto bomb to change the demographics of neighborhoods that are unfavorable to them. There’s a reason section 8 and “affordable housing” winds up in working class white areas that are less likely to vote Democrat. The savages are simply a lefty method to ethnically cleanse an area.

  2. The guy who was running the interview was obviously trying very hard to get some good anti gun quotes out of him. I’m glad he’s smart enough to see what’s really up.

    • Really. I lost track of how many times he used the BS term “gun violence”.

  3. “I don’t know the difference is between a “hustler” and a “thug.”

    Some street parlance for you.

    Generally speaking a thug is a gangbanger but they don’t have to be affiliated. They make money via robbery, extortion and other violence. They protect the gang’s turf for whatever it is that the gang does.

    They’re different from “robbery boys” in that robbery boys specialize in robbery and burglary. Either way, the “thug” is generally more willing to use violence. The robbery boys will put a gun in your face and take your wallet but they don’t really want to shoot you. The thug doesn’t give a fuck and might even just shoot you for street cred.

    A “hustler” on the other hand makes money in generally non-violent/less violent ways. Pushing dope, running a dice or card games, prostitution etc. They generally work for themselves and don’t have an affiliation with a gang or other organized crime but that’s not always the case. The hustlers in the bad neighborhoods I’ve lived in generally gave a gang a percentage of their profits in exchange for the gang allowing them to operate on the gang’s turf.

    To put it in terms that you may have seen before: In Casino, Robert DeNiro is a non-freelance “hustler” while Joe Pesci is a thug.

  4. A lot of truth darts in here. Stuff the PC police will decry or ignore. You can take the woman out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the woman so to speak. Those who want to change will and those who doom themselves to the life they lead inevitably will fall.

  5. That poor interviewer just couldn’t get Chico to toe the line on “gun violence”. People kill where they live. As long as guns are made people will get them illegally. Do you think the guns involved in shootings are registered?

    He seems to have a firm grasp on reality. As opposed to the interviewer, who is trying to distort reality.

  6. The “mentality” he is speaking of is “violent criminal actor”. The method of life he spoke about violent criminal lifestyle of the perpetually poor who see narcotics and other criminal activities as a form of employment. Someone here mentioned these people living on welfare as comfortable in poverty–I think that about sums up the life of those who are not directly involved with the VCA lifestlye. They do nothing effective to stop it and pass the problem on to the next generation.

    But this is all racist since it cannot happen to whites (note my sarcasm there).

  7. While better education and an unobstructed fundamental right to keep and bear arms are an important element to reducing violent crime, they pale in comparison to the importance of a functional, healthy, core family.

    Until someone finds a way to restore the family in poor urban corridors, we will not see much change in violent crime.

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