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The more that comes out about the botched police response in Uvalde, Texas, the worse it looks for the local cops. It turns out that while UPD officers waited for a key or some such nonsense, an off-duty Border Patrol tactical agent drove 40 miles from having lunch to storm the school and neutralize the social misfit killer.

Not only did the Border Patrol agent not get to finish his lunch, he needed staples to close a grazing bullet wound to his head.

Click to Houston has the latest details that make the Border Patrol agent look like a hero while local cops look a lot less than courageous:

[DPS Regional Commander Victor] Escalon said [scumbag’s name redacted] entered the school through an unlocked door. DPS officials said at 11:44 am officers entered the school and came under heavy gunfire from [scumbag’s name redacted].

Several officers sustained injuries and began calling for additional resources.

Escalon said [scumbag’s name redacted] was killed approximately an hour later when a tactical team, led by a Border Patrol agent, breached a classroom and shot him.

Sources close to this investigation tell KPRC 2 Investigates the Border Patrol agent who is credited with stopping [scumbag’s name redacted] was eating lunch at the Mill Creek Café in the town of Leakey when he heard the call go out over his radio. Sources tell KPRC 2 even though the agent was not in uniform, he didn’t hesitate to jump into his vehicle and drive 40 miles to Robb elementary. We are told the agent is a member of Border Patrol’s tactical team known as BORTAC.

This Border Patrol agent personifies what an American hero looks like. Meanwhile, the locals had a long list of reasons why they didn’t storm the building. From the same story . . .

DPS officials said they understood the questions coming from parents, but defended the actions of the officers who first responded to the shooting.

“Officers received gunfire, they don’t make entry initially because of the gunfire they’re receiving. But we have officers calling for additional resources. Everybody that’s in the area of tactical teams. ‘We need equipment, we need special equipment, we need body armor, we need precision rifleman, negotiators,” said Escalon. “So during this time, that they’re making those calls to bring in help to solve this problem and stop it immediately. They’re also evacuating personnel, let’s say personnel, students, teachers.”

Those same cops tased and handcuffed parents who tried to break police lines to try to either rescue kids or confront the killer while the cops stood around…waiting.

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  1. Was Scott Peterson in charge of the local cops?

    Those cops who initially engaged the murderer should have stayed on him. While he was shooting at them, the other cops could have evacuated the rest of the school. Also he couldn’t murder children if he was focused on shooting them.
    Law enforcement is one of the few jobs where doing it correctly sometimes means getting shot to protect the innocent. If they can’t handle that, they need new jobs. Also every cop car in America should have level 4 body armor, an AR-15, and a tactical shield in it. As a tax hating libertarian, I’m willing to pay for that.

    • There were no cops that initially engaged him. The only cop around drove right past this orc many minutes after calls of man with a gun came in. Orc then got up and waltzed into the school through a propped open door. It isn’t like there was a school security officer sucking down taxpayer dollars around to stop him. Have we found out where he was, yet?

      Remember, citizen, officer safety is more important than your or your kids. The officer’s only goals are to get home that night and get that sweet, sweet pension. Getting shot at wasn’t part of the collective bargaining agreement. In case you forget these facts, an officer will be sure to taze and handcuff you if you say any harsh words in their general vicinity while your kids are being maimed and killed.

    • The border patrol agent did not assault the barricaded subject because he was a hero, he attacked to save his wife and child:

      “Albarado, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent and off-duty at the time, needed the firearm, he said, to rescue his wife, Trisha, a fourth-grade teacher at Robb Elementary School. His daughter, a second-grader, was also in the building, locked inside a bathroom, the New York Times reported.“

      There’s a good possibility if his family had not been involved, he would’ve been just another one of the two dozen cops standing around, eating donuts waiting for the perp to off himself.

      • There were 2 different CBP agents that drove to the school. The one you are talking about borrowed a shotgun from his barber and helped clear other rooms.

      • Reprehensible Leftists Spin Disinformation, Gin Up Hate for Heroes Who Rescued Dozens From Uvalde School

        “Off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado was getting a haircut when he got a text from his wife, Trisha, a teacher at Robb Elementary School. “There’s an active shooter,” she wrote. “Help. I love you.”

        “Because this is Texas, Albarado’s barber had a rifle handy, which the agent grabbed and took to the school with him.

        “When he arrived, a tactical team was already preparing to enter the building. Albarado and several other officers organized themselves and went in to start evacutating students to safety. Two officers with weapons drawn covered two others as they went classroom-to-classroom, clearing the rooms and leading dozens of panicked children and teachers to the sidewalk outside.

        “Albarado’s wife as well as his second grade daughter, a student at Robb, were in a different part of the building than the barricaded shooter. Albarado eventually located his daughter, paused to hug her, then continued onward with his team to get more students safely outside.”

        • “Albarado’s wife as well as his second grade daughter, a student at Robb, were in a different part of the building than the barricaded shooter. Albarado eventually located his daughter“


          Why was the border patrol agent “in a different part of the buildings than the barricaded shooter”?

          Every LEO should’ve been laser focused on taking out the active shooter who was killing little children, not checking other rooms to make sure their child was safe.

          That’s not heroism, that’s self interest.

          I’m glad the agent was able to find time after securing his child, to actually assault the active shooter.

        • “Why was the border patrol agent “in a different part of the buildings than the barricaded shooter”?”

          Because Albarado’s group was securing the rest of the school and rescuing students and teachers who were sheltering in place, as the tactical team was moving to the shooter’s room.

          “I’m glad the agent was able to find time after securing his child, to actually assault the active shooter.”

          Albarado was not part of the tactical team that was engaging the shooter. His team was clearing the school so that those remaining inside would not come to further harm during the breaching of the shooter’s location. If he was only interested in “securing his child,” he could have escorted her and his wife to safety while leaving the rest of the students to fend for themselves.

          But it really doesn’t matter — you are set on creating your own narrative and the facts don’t mesh with your invention.

        • “you are set on creating your own narrative and the facts don’t mesh with your invention“

          Hey Bucko, I’m not the one constantly changing the narrative, that’s you and the other cop suckers on the forum.

          “Albarado was not part of the tactical team that was engaging the shooter“

          Then why was Albarado the one who actually shot the shooter?

          Too many questions, beginning with the multiple changing stories about initial LEO response.

          First we heard the SRO was on scene and exchanged gunfire with the shooter, then the SRO just engaged the shooter, then the SRO wasn’t at the school, then the SRO was driving by but thought a teacher was the shooter and bypassed the actual shooter standing outside.

          The central focus of every on scene LEO should’ve been neutralizing the active shooter, there were literally dozens of heavily armed, minimum of a soft vest some with body armor, experienced and trained LEO’s on scene for an hour before the shooter was neutralized.

          And really, if dozens of police officers can’t handle a single 18 year old untrained high school dropout with an AR 15, clearly we need to consider banning AR 15s for civilian ownership because it’s impossible for police officers to handle the threat.

          I’m just glad this kid wasn’t a combat arms veteran, imagine the death toll if he’d had the years of training.

          Instead, this kid who only owned the rifle for a few weeks was able to hold off dozens of heavily armed, well-trained law-enforcement officials for over an hour, slaughtering 21 innocents in the process.

        • “Then why was Albarado the one who actually shot the shooter?”

          He wasn’t.

          “Albarado’s friend was the heroic CBP agent who entered the classroom where Salvador Ramos, 18, was holed up and shot him dead”

          As for the rest of your screeds, I defer to your law enforcement experience and expertise in explaining what should have happened during the chaotic scene of engaging an active shooter.

      • “There’s a good possibility if his family had not been involved”
        Minor you don’t know that. Do you know the agent personally?
        The agent should be honored because of what he DID!

        You, Minor, don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground!

      • You know, because you’re a mind reader, right, MajorStupidity????

        Perhaps that’s your problem, you and dacian the stupid reading each other’s empty minds just heterodynes the ignorant stupidity you both display on the daily. Just stick with your circle jerk, we’ll ALL be better off.

      • wRONGGGGG..he IS an hero to his Wife and alive children. The others got a free ride on HIS heroism. Still a hero even if motivated by saving his own first.

        I kinda think he’d have done the same if his family weren’t in there. If not, so what? HE did what the hirelings failed/refused to do.

    • Having had to wear lv 4 for extended periods my knees say fuck you. But hard plate armor probably should be explored especially in the level 3 plates that would fall under rf2(m855 level) if the nij ever updates it’s standards. I hate suggesting special threat plates but they do cover the intermediate rifle issues with less bulk (read thickness) and weight than certified options.

  2. Looks like that round went right across the top of his head. That left a mark that ain’t gonna buff out.

      • Another pic I saw showed the stainless staples.

        If he’s single, he won’t have any problem getting drunk and laid locally for the rest of his life.

        (Or, for that matter, even if he’s married, looking for a little ‘strange’.)

        The local cops on the other hand… 🙁

        • what kind of sex pervert ARE you anyway? Your sort of “approved conduct” is precisely the same sort the shooters in many of these situation engage in too frequently. They never build long termstabe relationship are slaves to their passions and tempers, and care not a fig for others. Just like this twisted gunboy. There are onelty enough kids growing up wiht no FATHER in the home, and by FATHER I do not mean sperm donor. I mean a MAN who will be involved in the lives of his children.

        • Yeah, I always thought it was ” Chick’s dig fat scars “. Turns out, now that it’s too late for me, that it’s ” Chick’s dig fast cars “, a subtle but important difference as it turns out.

        • Mehhhh – my son has a zipper track across the top of his head, from one ear to the other. Not a battle wound, but surgery scars. Serious, it looks like a zipper. When he grew up, the scar never scared any girls away.

    • I got to ask.
      I’d imagine that by the time he arrived there was 100+ cops and agents standing around.
      But no helmet amongst them???

  3. Those so-called cops should have remained engaged with the killer. A dozen supposedly trained leo’s vs an 18 yr old kid who didn’t have a driver’s license. Andy and Barney had bigger balls than those guys.

    • Remained?!?! How can they “remain engaged” when they failed to engage at all? They were standing around outside waiting for “more resources” which is cop code for “I’m fucking scared and pissing my pants and I hope somebody else goes in there and does my job for me!” Good thing the border patrol decided to help or they would still be standing around outside the school wondering why they were smelling rotting flesh.

      These cowards deserve zero credit for their abject failure.

      • “These cowards deserve zero credit for their abject failure.”

        And, what about a coward like you who hides behind fake (‘fyathyrio’) blog names?

        • Not sure how Geoff PR, Miner, Alien, Possum, Manse Jelly or any other is more transparent / real; or why you’re so bent about it.

    • Remain engaged, hmm. I totally get where you’re coming from. But somewhere, somehow, the assessment and engagement protocols changed from active killer to barricaded suspect with children either no longer in danger or unconfirmed potential hostages? Still getting more on the fuzzy details. But “remaining engaged” always proves difficult if you don’t have “eyes on” for clear and effective shots. Every round fired has somebody’s direct responsibility attached to it. Remember not too long ago when LAPD engaged a perp in a department store and took him out, but the little girl next door was tragically killed from the officer’s penetrating round. It’s a hard one. But I get what you’re saying. Let’s see what other details come in. Salute to the BORTAC point man, but did he not still need the janitor’s key? I’m glad it ended, but this one is going to stink. But one thing’s for sure, none of this wouldn’t have happened if some punk didn’t snap. Fuck that kid.

      • “…but did he not still need the janitor’s key?…”

        That is bothering me badly. I know there are hand pump hydraulic rams that can be put into a metal door frame and spread them enough to open the door.
        The problem is that you have to commit to going in fast and the wacko in the room is going to hear unless distracted. It’s a hard thing, as someone posted earlier, a wacko in a hard corner hiding behind a kid when you breach.
        “…Fuck that kid..”
        Agree completely, but it’s got to be figured out how to identify these wackos. He didn’t do this in a vacuum

        • The problem is that you have to commit to going in fast and the wacko in the room is going to hear unless distracted.

          Like maybe a constant barrage of flashbangs or tear gas through the windows?

        • A $19 hydraulic bottle jack and a piece of pipe will spread the frame on almost any door enough for the latch to disengage the striker plate.

          The process makes very little noise, especially considering live fire in an enclosed room. The shooter would probably be unaware of the act until the door actually swung open.

        • majordumbass48er – BS. A halligan & maul is all that is needed. Again the FD has to wipe the PD’s butt for them?

        • Nellie, I wish the fire department had been there, at least they’re not a bunch of ‘fraidy cats scared to risk their life to save innocents.

        • MJ, what I meant was, given the lack of capable tools to breach at the time, a janitor on campus was summoned with keys. Yes, you would think even a part time tactical unit would have basic breaching tools like Halligans, mauls, prybars, cutters, and rams. But the sad reality is, they’re not always immediately available. Shoot, a patrol vehicle tire iron might have worked, but who’s to say what materials they were up against.

          Totally agree that the FD has the tools and the skills, but, FD and Paramedics typically stage beyond the perimeter and stand by until the scene is rendered safe. Front line LE with guns may have team medics, but get the injured “off the x” and extract them toward the perimeter safe zones. Full time Tac units have the equipment and redundancies, but we’re not sure with the size town.

          So what I’m saying is, the BORTAC dude could have been 20 miles away and arrived in half the time. But with no capability to enter upon arrival, a delay occurred obtaining the key.

          You can’t be in the fatal funnel, working on a breach all day as a “visual and auditory indicator” for the suspect, cuz you become bullet sponge real quick. I’m sure even BORTAC still calculated all the factors for that dynamic entry. The punk in the hard corner has a huge advantage and who’s to say if he used the kids as sand bags.

        • They are called “Port-a-power” and I have some, Effective tool for some bodywork. Two ten tonne units, one four tonne. Not much will say “no thank you” to one of those. They are very quiet when in use, I can see how one could have been deployed to spread that door enough to bust it open. If done carefully the perp might not even be ware it is being deployed until BANG the door flies open and four entry breachers scan the room for the perp and make him a dead perp before he figures out what just happened. He’s not exactly the sharpest chsel in the chisel drawer, and very inexperienced at practical space-time activities. Didn’t he crash the truck on his way to the school? Shoulda been a walk in the park to take him out.

  4. Sitting on your hands isn’t an option when lambs are being slaughtered. Hope the guilt eats them alive.

  5. In before Officer Bill starts with his BS.

    Those kids sure got protected and served.

    What I find particularly heart breaking was the girl who was trapped in the room with the killer who kept calling. It’s not like the Police did nit know what was going on..

    That mom who went and collected her kids during the attack has more bravery than most men.

    • You’re probably right. One of the things that can help shed light are the actual transmissions recorded on radio. I’m curious to hear those.

      There are comm delays via the 911 system, multiple jurisdictions sometimes aren’t on the same channel. Also, if you’re a single agency communicating with 911 dispatch, most of the time in a critical incident, the team on scene are coordinating on an alternate channel so they’re not “walked on” by the primary channel traffic. A secondary officer may have to monitor the primary and coordinate face to face with a team member on the alternative TAC channel.

      It’s hard to say, until we find out the radio/trunking capabilities being used at the time as well as from the mutual aid function. You can’t monitor multiple freqs as a solo, without toggling channels, and deal with a threat shooting at you. But what’s all recorded needs to be revealed.

      One of the huge lessons learned here, was from the 911 Twin Tower attacks. All NY City first responders but critical communication problems because they weren’t linked together. But I totally get where you’re coming from.

  6. It’s looking more and more like Parkland Part deux every day. What a disgrace.

  7. I heard today a timeline and text copy of the 911 calls coming from inside the school.

    When the audio of those calls of little kids begging for help is released, there is gonna be real anger… 🙁

    • The obvious political response, endorsed or possibly suggested by law enforcement agencies nationwide according to reputable media sources, will be to make school properties “cell phone free zones”.

  8. Funniest shit I’ve seen in my life is a bunch of conservatives asking why we’re giving cops so much money when they’re so fuckin useless. Same shit happened during the Pulse nightclub shooting, y’all. Cops haven’t been useful since the day SCOTUS ruled that they aren’t required to do anything to serve the public. It just took the right a little longer to realize that than the left.

    • There’s not a damn thing funny about any of these shootings. Well, maybe Marxists get a chuckle.

      • What the fvck is a ‘pandemicisover’?

        You don’t have the balls to say who you are? 🙁

        • No different than debbie, possum, neiowa, chris in ky, rt66, or any other internet alias here or anywhere else. If it helps you enjoy the comments more my christian name is jeff. Cheers!

    • To be entirely fair, a great many things about policing and society have changed in the last two years, including shifts in the makeup of departments around the country. Numerous cycles of political chicanery that removed good officers and left those who just want/need a job have occurred. It’s fairly obvious that this will have an attrition effect on exactly the people you want to have as cops while not having such an effect on those you really wanted to weed out in the first place.

      The problem with politicizing policing is that you then end up with two different “right” answers that are, at best, simplistic instead of looking at each case individually. Those answers are virtuous to certain groups and facts and logic will be twisted to meet the pre-determined answer because it’s “good and right”.

      No one makes the right choice under pressure 100% of the time and when you deal with certain aspects of reality that has very, very serious consequences. These are places we need to learn not to repeat past mistakes. That becomes nearly impossible once politics is injected because when lessons are written in blood they are often very uncomfortable for a lot of people who would then prefer to change the lesson to reflect what they want rather than what is.

      But of course this also leads back to larger questions about overall police training and the legalistic nature of society too. In some regards the answer to every question that ails the country is looking at us every time we step in front of a mirror.

    • Every cop with balls left to go to the private sector.

      No, seriously. Hate on me all y’all want but after years of social justice, lawsuits, and stand down orders, the kind of people that have the testosterone and the cojones to rush an active shooter left their departments. The kind of people left are scared, hands off approach, de escalate at all costs, racially and sexually sensitive types.

      • I’m guessing you are more right than wrong and probably increasingly so with every passing day.

      • Along with the “express my authority” types; they’ve hung around in fair numbers as well. Ask me rhetorically how I know.

  9. My brother in law owned a rental, one night the female ran to their door, her husband had beat the sht out of her, called the cops. Cops show up, ” Is he armed?” Hes got a bow and arrow. So the cops are putting on more flak jackets, calling SWAT, and deciding what to do.
    BIL says ” Fck this shit, I gotta go to work and need some sleep. So he goes over but the cops wont let him in, ” Get outta my way, it’s my house.” Pushes through the cops, kicks in the door, rushes the husband, disarms him , and then the cops all pile in.
    Maybe the police need to hire more loggers?

  10. I see demands for lots of money and toys. Didn’t see training on that list. Maybe I missed it? Sort of like saying “it’s not our fault we didn’t do anything.”

    Imagine a town held hostage by its PD or FD for money. If you want us to save your kids or home we need more money. Sounds a lot like extortion.

    We’ll all see that BP agent as a superman but the professionals will see him as a scab who threatens their union grift.

    • “I see demands for lots of money and toys. Didn’t see training on that list.”

      The trainers are all busy telling people who racist they are, and collecting very fat paychecks… 🙁

  11. “Those same cops tased and handcuffed parents who tried to break police lines to try to either rescue kids or confront the killer while the cops stood around…waiting.”

    Modern-day Holocaust.

    • If cops wee doing that and my child was in that school, there would be some dead cops.

  12. We had one HERO! You stay in the fight and push through.

    The rest are still COWARDS!

    The COWARDS should turn in their badges.

  13. Cops sure do like to peacock around in all that tactical gear while establishing a perimeter though.

  14. This is what kills me about police in general. Cops would like us to believe that every member of every police department is a brave, fearless hero, only awaiting recognition.

    Yes, there really are brave, fearless heroes wearing cop uniforms, but, you don’t find them on every corner of every city in America. The average cop is somewhere between a fearless hero, and a simpering coward.

    It would be nice if cops could stop the idiotic cowchips. Admit that you’re only human. Admit that “I feared for my life” is your standard operating mode.

    Funny how a lot of cops who claim to be heroes are so contemptuous of military and veterans. Is that because military and veterans can see through that hero facade? We recognize cowchip nonsense, because we heard it, saw it, and lived with it for years.

    Yeah, it’s time to clean up the police forces. If you’re not man enough to grapple with an unarmed suspect, then maybe you shouldn’t be carrying a badge and a gun. Going for your gun in every situation doesn’t make you brave, it’s the cowardly thing to do.

    • Watch how brave they get though when they are given lots of notice, lots of gear (that we pay for), lots of backup, some danger pay and a few dogs and are given the order to confiscate guns. At least for the first few days. After that I imagine the novelty is gonna pale somewhat…

    • “So 40 miles to find a man“

      Yep, that’s Texas LE, all hat, no cattle.

      It’s too bad the police officers in Uvalde did not move as quickly as they did at Governor Abbott‘s photo op/press conference.

      But of course, Beto O’Rourke was unarmed, so the cops were on him like white on rice for disrespecting supreme leader Abbott

      • Minor MINER49er, for your edification, NOT every police officer is trained to the new standard of making entry as soon as you arrive on the scene of an “active shooter”. They should be, I’ll give you that, but then…
        As to your buddy, Beto, the fake Latino, what he did was so out of line, it’s pathetic. You bet the police were on that little pr*ck like white on rice. He was there to disrupt, not contribute. But then you love disruption.

        • Hi wally! I thought I told you some time ago to go look up the word “edification”? Is it that you don’t own a dictionary, you fail in understanding the using of a dictionary or is it just that you’re too plain ignorant to care about correcting your errors and lies? No real need to respond… sarge. We already know the answer.

    • Sounds like a song outta Broke Back Mountain. Damn, feel soiled just mentioning that… so to speak.

  15. “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

    • If you want a near exact summation of my “feelings” go look at The Yankee Marshall on YouTube(I’m not usually a fan). That’s about it. GOD bless this brave border guard.

        • Amen. NO ONE should be forced to watch Yankee Marshall, except as a psy-ops operation.

        • I said I don’t usually watch his diatribe…he said most cop’s are wannabes. And cowards. They sure are in my town south of Chiraq…

  16. Thermal imaging. Did not one cop or even one citizen have that available to determine where the perp was located? Then the “funnel” effect would be greatly reduced for the chance of an officer getting hit. Sounds like they had plenty of time to get one there.

    • Thermal optics are not magic X-ray vision. Heavy cover like thick stone or the insulated brick walls of a public building can reduce the quality of thermal signatures to formless blobs and render them practically useless.

      • Yup. It would be nice if it worked like the Predator. I’ve seen thermal imaging get defeated by as little as a tent if you’re not radiating directly behind it. Also angled or highly reflective glass. It ain’t like Blue Thunder. So sheet rock, nope. And concrete walls, absolutely not. We need some alien technology.

  17. WTF does the Border Patrol HAVE a Tactical/SWA/hostage team? All the popo wannabe rambo?

    Patrol the border/arrest illegals and DEPORT THEM.

  18. Only now are people asking, “Where did all the good cops go???”

    I’m very comfortable going after and shooting criminals myself. But we pay the police to do that for now. Perhaps that will change. In some of the more conservative states.
    It was civilian gun owners in Kenya at the West Gate shopping mall, who saved hundreds of people. They went in with their own handguns. While the government cops took hours to make a plan to go into the building.

    From jul 2020

    “No, it Isn’t Libertarian to Side with Rioting Communists” video 8 min long

  19. I have one word for these officers that stood by and did nothing. Pathetic!

    • Thanks for “edificating” us all on that, wally, appreciate it. Is that not how you handled things during your six year tenor as a cop, or was it ten years? I’ve heard both from you so just kinda curious there, beverly. Oh and how long was it this week that you were in Vietnam? Write it down this time so as to get it right next time, will ya, wally? We wouldn’t want people questioning your honesty now, would we… sarge.

  20. I am reminded that two counties near a gun club that I belong to are so strapped for personnel and resources, the have to cover each others back. Yet, each of their underpaid deputies has an AR 15, balistic vest and helmet in the trunk of their patrol cars. THey come to our range a couple times a year for week long training. Some of the weapons aren’t even zero’d when they arrive. But at least they have the gear necessary to have ended this debacle in less than an hour. Whether they could or would is a different question but I have to believe they would not stand around holding their dicks waiting for somebody else to handle the situation.

  21. So are you saying that this guy drove FOURTY MILES in less than 12 minutes to take on the shooter alone before the cops arrived?. Fourty miles in 20 minutes is an average of 120 mph so this guy MUST have travelled at around 200 mph. Were the POLICE in contol or not in control of the situation. And did they deliberately, or not let a CIVILIAN into the school without authority or was he some kind of ‘unofficial Wild Card/ Now imagine if the shot that grazes him hand been an inch or so t’other way and he’s been slotted what would have been the reaction then? Would he have been a FOOL or a HERO then? I seriously question the motives as to why he or anybody else would DRIVE fourty miles to get involved when by the time he arrived it should have been all over. What was he looking for? The chance to slot somebody? Just asking .
    To me the real question is how well the local Police were trained to handle this kind of situation in the first place. It seems to me that LEADERSHIP was the real lack here and in no circumstance should this guy have been let loose.
    It’s not as if he made any difference is it? By the time he got there most of the damage was done and the kids were already dead. As far as I can see he saved not a single life. Once again just saying.
    By the way I am not questioning the guys bravery and I am not questioning the bravery of individual Police Officers

    • Albert L J Hall, I suggest you do a little less worry8ing about the Border Patrol Agent’s speed and be glad he took out the bad guy .

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