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“Teen Mom 2 fans are up in arms out after Jeremy Calvert posted a picture of his three-year-old daughter, Adalynn, with a rather large gun,” reports. “Well, some fans are up in arms. Others are less irate. Or all for it!” Mr. Calvert caption certainly won’t do anything to douse the flames of hoplophobia spreading around the internet.

The reality star used his Instagram caption to reassure naysayers of this fact and that his daughter with Leah Messer was not in danger.

“She said, ‘Daddy, let’s go hunting and shoot a coyote…'” Jeremy wrote, clearly proud of his offspring (who looks just like him BTW).

“Lol better watch out boys, she won’t miss.”

After reading the backlash against the photo, the totally unrepentant reality star posted this on his Instagram page:


Instagram illiteracy and ballistic belligerence aside, fair enough. Kudos to Mr. Calvert for paying child support after knocking-up a teenager. Sorry…for not caving to the forces of civilian disarmament, and promoting the gun culture in his own special way.

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  1. I was probably 5 or 6 when I fired my first gun, an old single shot bolt action 22 rifle that had to be manually cocked each time. I learned gun safety and had to demonstrate it each time before I was allowed to shoot it. Of course, this was in Michigan’s U.P. around 1954 or ’55. Times have changed, but gun safety still should be learned at a very early age (maybe 3 is a tad early…), and (yes, a controversial subject) by all children whether or not there’s a gun in the house – even if it only consists of ‘leave it alone’.

  2. I guess the hoplophobes are a-skeert (terrified) that the sun will be deflated if that rifle “goes off.” If the sun should be punctured, does that mean anthropogenic “Global Warming” would finally be realized it’s not a threat?

    • “I guess the hoplophobes are a-skeert (terrified) that the sun will be deflated if that rifle “goes off.””

      No, they are terrified of the possibility an adorable child will learn how to safely handle and use a firearm, making their carefully planned fear-mongering that their ‘gunz are bad’ propaganda will be a failure…

    • Something tells me that that if they were really able to be “up in arms”, there wouldn’t have been anything to report. 😉

  3. Why do people feel the need to post all their photos on the internet? Take the photo and share with family members and to show her when she’s all grown up. But people should know internet heads are overly critical of everyone, but themselves.

  4. 1. Pointed in a safe direction
    2. Finger nowhere near the trigger.

    She’s good to go! I love that picture!

  5. Telling people how “safe” you are around guns is the retort you have for the antis?

    Go in their face and exert your right to life and freedom. Show no mercy to the feelingz of those that would rather you die than defend yourself.

    Good luck, stay safe, and vote trump.

  6. First gun I remember shooting was with my dad when I was 5 or 6. He had just purchased the 1865 Winchester 30-30 replica that came out in 1965. I remember sitting in his lap while he helped steady it and pulling the trigger. That beautiful rifle is now in my collection.
    At 8 I had my first bb gun and at 12 my first 22. My own kids started learning how to handle and shoot at 5.
    Way to go dad!

  7. Good for him and who gives a sh*t if his grammar etc is PC. he got his message across very clear, INOYFB.
    I’M better than you cause he don’t write right! yup yup that’s a load of trash!

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