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We’ve said it many times: all Americans have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation. If a black American wishes to exercise his gun rights by open carrying near a Detroit police station, good for him. That said . . .

Thigh holster? Seems to me that the only reason he’d carry his firearm in that manner at that place would be to bait the cops into some kind of response. The fact that he’s carrying a camera phone at the ready lends credence to this theory.

If so, so what? In fact, doesn’t that make him an advocate for gun rights?

I guess that depends on how he reacted if and when the cops showed up. Which is something we’ll never know. But one thing I do know: he was either crazy (suicide by cop?) or ballsy. I’m going with the latter. You?

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    • The Police Chief of Detroit actually encourages it’s citizens to be armed because the police can not be everywhere–he told the citizens of Detroit to do what they had to do and then call them–this primarily had to do with home defense, but defense is defense

  1. Don’t necessarily agree with the constant filming. Looks like you’re just trying to get a cop to make contact. However, I do agree that Detroit is a place where being armed is a necessity. Good to see this guy is able to walk around without the OC being an issue. At least he’s not one of those douches that walk down the street with an ar-15 yelling “am I being detained?” to any cop that talks to them.

    • Filming is just self defense. As somebody who was once charged with a felony, supported only by the false testimony of three perjuring badge toters, I fully support any and all recording of the public acts of public officials.

    • Well, he seemed to constantly be *being* filmed, as well, we were not watching his recordings. More power to him, I see a lot of care here. For example, that holster is *way* too low, carefully arranged so no one could “interpret” that he was reaching for a weapon. I saw nothing wrong.

  2. You have to realize that he’s openly protesting years of criminal acts committed by DPD officers against lawful OCers.

    Maybe, just maybe, they’re finally cleaning their act up, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  3. If carrying a camera phone or a voice recorder gives grounds to motive, half the open carry community is clearly guilty of something. Project much?

    • Yea, that holster is riding a bit low.
      I sometimes open carry with a thigh holster,
      so that my weapon is visible if I’m wearing
      a jacket or vest.
      It makes for a very natural draw. But carried
      that low, it would be awkward.

      Now he might be putting the weapon deliberately
      out of easy reach, so that it would be harder to
      mistake normal movement for an attempt to draw.

  4. Guy OC’s in Detroit and nothing happens. That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

    Holster looks misadjusted and floppy. Probably very slow on the draw and very hard to defend in any physical confrontation. So bad choice tactically it would appear. But as an activist statement it certainly draws attention.

  5. Advocate for gun rights? Okay, I’ll go with that.

    But backwards hat, white getup and leg-drop holster with a gun flopping around? He looks like he’s a castoff from The Village People.

    Never go full Village People.

  6. For people asking, “why?” It states so in the video and the description: Yes, police are often prejudiced. No, black people DO survive for carrying a firearm legally. This group does group walks often to educate people, often black, in Detroit and Flint and elsewhere that liberty is for everyone, not just white people. Hence their name, Liberty Is For Everyone.

    The drop-leg holster was to make it as visible and noticeable as possible.

    • Dude needs a Marine or someone to help him get that thigh rig squared away.
      Damn thing was so loose and floppy, I was afraid the gun was going to fall out.

      … almost as if this was some desperate attempt to get attention… oh wait.

      I’ll say this again – I support open carry as a viable option and sometimes the most practical option. I do not support people using guns as props in their own little political theatre. Especially when they obviously have no clue how to do it safely.

        • I’ll let you convey the message, Danny (or you could just send them a link to this).

          For the armed dude, get a good level III retention holster, a good belt, and tighten it securely. Some pants that actually fit would help, too. And if you want anyone to take you seriously, learn to wear a ball cap properly or get rid of it (It’s called a sun visor for a reason).

          For the videographer, maybe go shoot some pretty wildlife or something. Because painting all police officers with the “corrupt and immoral” broad brush won’t help his credibility.

          Seriously, guys like this do nothing to dispel the myth that open carry is just for attention. They actually perpetuate it. They aren’t helping.

        • Curtis, honest to God I feel like I’m talking to Nigel from Spinal Tap. Do you not get it? How many things can you get wrong with so short a message?

          a) First of all, this group is well acquainted with good gear such as Safariland. Trust me. Why this particular holster carry I do not know.
          b) Painting all cops as bad? That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they were doing! Their stated position is that social justice warriors are lying and that black people can carry guns with impunity without cops arresting them and shooting them dead. My God, how could you not get that since they explicitly stated that? That is the reason for this video!
          c) This is NOT about everyday open carry. For everyday OC these people wear Safariland and Serpas and you do not see video of that. This is about making a point.

          Educate yourself, watch this MSNBC profile of them.

          What have you personally done to further 2A in your state? Or do you just criticize other people online? How many years have you been carrying?

        • Sorry Danny, it’s been so long since I saw Spinal Tap, I don’t remember who Nigel is.

          1. From the video, and I quote, “Now, cops, who are corrupt and immoral in their own right…” If that was some sort of hypothetical statement, well, I doubt I’m the only person who missed that subtlety.

          2. I have stood up and spoken at public meetings when firearms policies were being discussed. I have marched with thousands of other gun rights supporters at the state capital. I have personally spoken to my legislators about gun rights. I have contributed financially to pro-2A legislators. I patronize firearms-friendly businesses. I contribute to the NRA, IRSA and GunsSaveLife. More importantly, I always try to speak intelligently, behave courteously and dress professionally in public. That way, when people find out I’m a 2A advocate, it doesn’t solidify negative stereotypes about gun owners.

          3. I have been carrying concealed as long as it has been legal in Illinois. I signed up for the compulsory training the first month it was available. Open carry is not legal in Illinois.

          Sorry I got so much wrong about their message. They may mean well, but their execution needs some serious work.

        • I always enjoy when a person’s physical appearance becomes an issue when open carry is the topic of discussion.

          It’s a right, not a goddamn job interview.

        • Cue, I agree. This guy was *intentionally* looking screwy, as a way to emphasize that you do not have to fit into any manner of perfection in order to have the right to carry. *REALLY* well done! And balls of steel, to boot.

  7. At the end of the video, the guy asks, rhetorically (he thinks) “if cops are so racist, why is Roni still alive?” (The “hurr durr” is implied).

    The answer is because Roni is walking up and down the street in a janky-ass drop leg holster, filming in every direction in an obvious attempt to get someone to interact with him. And no one took the bait. Because it was so. Damn. Obvious.

    Not to mention the fact that, as has been mentioned in this thread and in the video, Roni is known to the cops as an OC activist who wants to get in to confrontations with the cops so he can post stuff on his blog.

    In short, the answer is; Roni didn’t get shot because your science is dogshit. QED, motherfucker.

    • Hey, if he carried concealed, no one would notice, the video would be ridiculous (shows nothing), and in all it would be a waste of time.

  8. “Thigh holster? Seems to me that the only reason he’d carry his firearm in that manner at that place would be to bait the cops into some kind of response.”

    In this case I would say based on the fact that he had a team taking video, yes. However, leg-drop holsters are AWESOME when you’re getting in and out of vehicles or riding in vehicles all day.

  9. I live a few miles from where this was filmed. the police here generally don’t bother open carriers. there are lots of them. Detroit has problems, but our murder rate is much less than Chicago where this would be a swat callout.

    • Uh yeah because open carry is illegal in Chicago. In case you think it isn’t. Concealed carry is growing by leaps and bounds-even in Chiraq…good luck in Detroit.

  10. IMHO I think most open carry sould be in a manner of being to make it seem commonplace, like it’s nothing, or not even happening, evcept the the OC’r looks like they’re wearing it and not the other way around. Baiting anyone, is dangerous and for purposes other-than what you should actually be carrying for.

    Regardless, i dig the drop leg rig (rock-on), they’re especially great when you’re driving, and ok for short runs. Keep the straps strapped though.

  11. I’d like it more if he walked like he was on the runway. Stride out confidently, stop, turn 90 degrees left, stop, magnum look, turn 180 degrees right, stop, blue steel look…

  12. I open carried last night at my nephew’s birthday supper at Cracker Barrel. He ate chicken and dumplings with a side of chicken and dumplings and chicken and dumplings. He’s ten. That’s what they do.
    A couple came in and the man was open carrying an umbrella. I thought this was odd since GA is in a drought right now. Then I thought, better to be prepared just like carrying a gun.
    No one acknowledged my sidearm, not even my Liberal brother, who is voting Trump BTW. He doesn’t have an issue with Democrats. He just has women issues.
    It wasn’t until we were outside the restaurant that my sister-in-law mentioned the gun in her native Peruvian tongue. Her kids heard what she said and they got a little excited about it. The ten year old yelled “is that a taser?”
    We were hanging out on the Cracker Barrel porch because…it was raining.


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