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(sponsored post) Taurus sells affordable firearms backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty. Taurus is bringing a range of guns to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. On October 15 – 16 at Best of the West Shooting Sports (just outside of Austin), thousands of enthusiasts will gather to try-and-buy Taurus’ finest. Specifically . . .


Taurus Judge – Her come da judge! The .410/.45 Colt revolver that changed the way many people think about slaying snakes and protecting against two-legged varmints. You can fire both the 10th Anniversary model (above, wood grip, special engraving) and a matte black version.

Taurus G2

Millenium G2 (9mm) – The G2’s features include “Strike Two” capability for incredible reliability, contoured thumb rests, a new trigger safety and balanced spring pressure for extraordinarily fast shooting.

Taurus 709 slim

709 Slim (9mm) – When it comes to concealment, slim matters. The single-action only 709 series 9mm handguns are pocket pistols that disappear in your everyday carry clothes, providing reliable 7+1 self-defense capacity.


Taurus Curve (.380) – The American-made Taurus Curve is the first pocket pistol to contour to your body. Come and shoot the revolutionary handgun and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Taurus 1911

1911 (9mm) – The Taurus 1911 is a well-crafted and reliable John Moses Browning-designed tack driver sold for a fraction of the cost of other name brands.


Model 85 (.38 Special) – Taurus’ Model 85’s are the brand’s most popular family — and for good reason. They boast a combination of customer-requested features, helping make the snubbies powerful, easy to carry, and lightning-quick to use.

The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is proud to welcome the budget-minded Taurus line to this year’s event. Click here to buy your tickets today! (Sales are strictly limited to minimize line length.) Come and shoot it — and the latest and greatest pistols, rifles and shotguns from over 40 major manufacturers.

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    • I put 200 rapid-fire rounds through my TCP last Sunday without a gun-related hitch, loading 4 mags and firing ’em basically as fast as I could (testing out Mec-Gar’s new magazines for it). The thing’s a champ. I had a 9mm Millenium Pro back in like 2006 and it was a great little pistol.

  1. The G2 is a very, very good gun for the money. Taurus makes some good, affordable stuff…and some stinkers too. But I love my G2s (yes, I bought 2, since the price is very nice). Have no issues with either of them.

    • I’ve owned two Taurus revolvers (tauruses? taurii?), a stainless 85 snubbie and a blued 4″model 80. Of the two, I miss that 80 the most; beautiful classic six shot .38 with a tapering barrel. I still mean to replace it one day.
      Point is: for every gripe about Taurus you’ll read in comment columns, you’ll see three more guys coming out of the woodwork to say how their Taurus worked just fine.
      The lesson? Poor quality control, or at least inconsistent control. To be considered a top-notch manufacturer, most (all is unrealistic) of a makers goods must be up to snuff before it gets shipped. Taurus simply can’t make that promise to us and thats sad, they really have great potential but the one-in-five or so chance of getting a lemon keeps too many folks from taking a chance on them.
      I wonder if Dad is ready to bequeath his Judge to me yet? He swears he need to be dead first… crap….

  2. I had a Taurus 1911 in .45. It was very accurate but it had to go back to the manufacturer twice. I traded it for a lever action Marlin and I don’t buy Taurus any more.

    • Built in the former Beretta factory, with the former Beretta tooling, and former Beretta workers.

      I haven’t looked at, nor shot a current PT92. I do know my 25+ year old model is every bit a Beretta, save for the price tag, back in the day.

  3. I’ve had a PT-99 for well over 27 yrs. now, and only last year did I have a breakdown. There have been thousands of rounds thru this 9MM over the yrs., and this was the first malfunction. The firing pin block broke off. I took advantage of their lifetime warranty program and sent my gun to Miami. Got it back in about 3-4 weeks, with a new firing pin block, extractor, spring for same, barrel, locking block and recoil spring. All free of charge. I swear by my Taurus, not at it.

  4. I mostly like higher end stuff, but I have two Taurus pistols-a .22 revolver for plinking and a TCP for my running gun. Both have been pretty good. I won’t say they have the fit and finish of a Sig, but they work just fine.

  5. The first pistol pictured is not a Millennium G2. Looks like a 24/7, perhaps?

    I too mocked Taurus, until I shot a G2. Now I own one, and hundreds of rounds later, I don’t regret it. A female family member really likes the easy-to-rack slide. But the recoil is still very manageable.

    There’s a lot to make fun of in the past, but new management and a new gun that seems to work might make them worth a second look. At least for their G2.

    • It’s heartbreaking to me that the first gen Millennium series got recalled under questionable circumstances.

      Those guns are insanely ergonomic, and I would carry a PT145 MilPro in a hot second if I had the chance.

      • My thoughts on the PT145pro are squarely… meh.

        It’s fine, but nothing to write home about… especially the trigger.

  6. I love my PT111 G2 and my TCP. Both are supremely comfortable to carry and shoot, and you an’t beat their price point. I think the TCP has a better trigger than my Sig P250.

  7. I only clicked this article to read the comments. We all know Taurus is bad. Some people just get lucky and they have a gun from them that works. I had one and went in for service three times because it would drop the mag every time when fired. Got fed up and sold it.

    I can now afford guns that don’t cost <$300 and life is good.

  8. I’ve never had a problem with their firearms. But the company has pissed me off and I won’t buy another.
    I had a pt745 single stack .45 that I loved and it started having a lite strike issue after 700-800 rounds. I sent it in to have it looked at and was told theres a recall involving this model and a bunch of others. That was last october and they won’t send it back or give any answers other than to contact the website for the class action suit. Customer lost

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