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Child sex abuse allegations against Father Michael “Snuffy” Pfleger have caused the Archdiocese of Chicago to remove him from his parish at Chicago’s St. Sabina’s church on the city’s south side. Church officials will investigate the claim, but until it is resolved, Pfleger’s reliable voice against civilian gun ownership will be sidelined.

The news spread like wildfire across Chicago. The publicity-hogging Pfleger has long had a reputation as social justice warrior priest. WGN has the story.

Prominent Chicago priest Father Michael Pfleger has been asked to step away from ministry following a decades-old child sexual abuse allegation, the Archdiocese of Chicago announced Tuesday.

According to a letter sent from Cardinal Blase Cupich to the St. Sabina community, Father Pfleger has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor from more than 40 years ago.

Pfleger is well-known in Chicago as an anti-violence activist and has been the pastor of St. Sabina Catholic Church, located in Auburn-Gresham, since 1981.

Over the years, the possibly pervy priest has aggressively lobbied for gun control and against civilian gun rights. In fact, at one event, he urged the community to “snuff out” John Riggio, the owner of retailer Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale.

Image by John Boch

Here’s a transcript of the threat from the man of God now accused of child sex abuse from an earlier rally at Chuck’s Guns, courtesy of Fox News.

He’s the owner of Chuck’s, John Riggio, R-i-g-g-i-o. We’re going to find you and snuff you out. You can’t keep hiding because you’re afraid. Obviously, you know you’re doing something wrong. You wouldn’t have your business in a truck. You wouldn’t have a truck pulled in front of your door, because you know you’ve got to hide. Like a rat, you’re going to hide, but like a rat we’re going to catch you and pull you out. We are not going to allow you to continue to hide when we’re here.

In a perfect example of hypocrisy, the alleged holy man who advocates against gun rights also employs multiple armed men to protect him. No guns for thee, but guns to protect me. And the quite un-Christianlike, violence-espousing man of the cloth tends to attract similarly un-Christianlike people into his orbit.

Among Pfleger’s armed bodyguards over the years, one (pictured below) was arrested for carrying a gun without a license on the steps of Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s church.

And then there’s the story of another of Pfleger’s bodyguards who was arrested on multiple charges after cops say he murdered a woman who was allegedly shoplifting from a corner drug store.

WGN9 had that story:

A man has been charged with murder for the fatal shooting of a woman at a Northwest Side Walgreens.

Louis Hicks Jr., 33, was charged Thursday with one felony count of first-degree murder, one felony count of false impersonation of an officer and one felony count of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Police said Hicks was identified as the person who shot and killed 46-year-old Sircie Varnado inside the Walgreens on the 4800 block of West Fullerton Avenue in the city’s Belmont Cragin neighborhood last week.

Now Pfleger has been removed for the time being. Here’s the letter from the Archdiocese.

St. Sabina Letter Notifying… by WGN Web Desk

If Michael Pfleger did indeed sexually abuse a child, he deserves the harshest of penalties, both in the here and now and in the afterlife.



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  1. “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest.”

    I could think of no more appropriate a quote.

    Dumb ASS ,,,
    Now remove the worst POPE the Catholic’s have ever had.
    PLEASE, & GOD BLESS…✝️✝️✝️

  3. As much as I dislike him, it is hard to prove that you did not do something fourty years ago. He should be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise just as we would like to be given the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise. No , he has not given firearms owners the benefit of the doubt but that is one of the reasons why we are better than he is. Jim PS by the way one of my most proud moments in our fight for second amendment rights was when he was at a counter protest for a second amendment protest in downtown Chicago and I held the sign up saying ” Luke 22:36 read the whole Bible” behind him while photos were being taken and got him annoyed at me. 🙂

    • Overall inclined to agree. He deserves a fair shake as we all do.

      I have a rule with woke people and more so with woke companies. That’s simply “what are they trying to cover for in their virtue signalling?” It’s served me well over the years.

    • Keep on “being better than he is” and he will have free access to you, your body, your family, and your property. Assuming everything will work out because you are so well behaved is a fool’s mission.

  4. Ain’t it funny how the people with the most to hide are always the ones trying to dictate to other folks!?

  5. Fr. Pfleger presents quite the conundrum for PTB (Powers That Be)…which Circle of Hell should he be assigned to?

    7th Circle: The violent against people and property,the suicides, the blasphemers, the sodomites and the usurers.

    Yup, definitely 7th…but…?

    8th Circle: The panderers and seducers, flatterers, sorcerers and false prophets, liars and thieves.

    Oh, darn, definitely a panderer and seducer…maybe the 8th…but…?

    9th Circle: Betrayers of special relationships are frozen in a lake of ice…to include Satan, Judas and Brutus.

    I’m holding out for his final resting place to be the 9th Circle for betraying the priestly vows he made before G_d.

  6. “Church officials will investigate the claim.” Sorta like having the fox watching the hen house.

  7. I wonder if the allegations are valid. It seems that some Catholic Priests don’t have an especially good record regarding such matters.

    • I’d suspect “all catholic priests” would be closer to the truth. I’ve also heard allegations that this is a recent circumstance, but I would suggest it dates at least a thousand years, since “celibacy” was imposed on the clergy in theory (in fact clergy continued to have families for hundreds of years).

      • Pope Leo X. Controversial enough to make a modern Vatican spokesman squirm uncomfortably when asked about that Pope.

        Easier to list the sins he DIDN’T do than the ones he did.

  8. Waiting on click, drag, copy, Paste to show up any minute with another exhausting article written by (someone else) about all the good things he’s done for chicago and we are all just being anti Democrat racist. Let’s see if he answers cause you know he’s there, watching and waiting..

    • Maybe he graduated to “Mob Agitator” and was in DC today furthering the DNC cause…

      AntiFa repeatedly proved last year that a few careful words in the right places at the right time and *presto* *alakazam* an instant mindless mob.

  9. Another pervert walking hand in with other sickos who savor the thought of a helpless unarmed victim…What Filth.

  10. I predict there will be another run on firearms…You snooze you lose. Don’t want to hear it from people with expensive cable TV and expensive phones that they cannot afford it. Trash the cable and get an antenna. Trash the expensive cell phone and get a Tracfone on HSN. Hop to it.

      • Our LGS have lots of guns…very little ammo, virtually zero reloading components.

        I was at one earlier this afternoon watching a guy from Washington state trying to buy a Glock 19 – gen 5. I’ve known the sales guy for a decade…he said “No”. His local buddy with him said he would buy it instead…salesman said “No”. Then explained what a straw purchase was. The two were pissed and left w/o any firearms….good riddance.

  11. It always amazes me how people who would be shot on sight if caught somehow don’t want anybody else to have a gun…

  12. If you spend your free time molesting little boys, I’d expect you to want their Daddys disarmed.

  13. I don’t care about their sexual orientation. child molesters are always anti-gun.
    I understand many people are uncomfortable but it has to be asked. Why are so many sexually liberated politicians anti-gun?

  14. Oh I’m fairly certain fadda P will disappear down the memory rabbit hole. Especially with dims taking power. Amazing Trump gets blamed for all this capital “violence”…

  15. Maybe this priest wanted to be sure his victims were always unarmed and unable to defend themselves?

  16. UPDATE: A gang(mob?) of black “activists” angrily protested in front of St Sabina catlic church to denounce these allegations today…as if it didn’t matter because of all the “good” this pervert priest committed er ministurd to the unwashed masses. @little boy’s don’t matter😕

  17. Oh so that’s why he hates guns. Scared of a gun toting parent blasting him to hell for touching their child

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