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Chicago police have arrested a long-time bodyguard for a nationally-known anti-gun activist. Cops nabbed Henry Eugene Hale after observing him handling a pistol outside Catholic Priest Father Michael Pfleger’s St. Sabina’s Church on the South Side. Not only did Hale not have a carry license, he didn’t even had a valid Illinois Firearms Owner’s ID card.

Henry Hale.

Hale, 35, posted $150 bail and walked out of jail following the Sunday morning arrest. The Chicago police blog Second City Cop posted news of Hale’s arrest and the news has spread from there.

Chicago City Wire picked up the story:

An armed security guard associated with staunch anti-gun and nationally known social activist, Father Michael Pfleger, was arrested on May 27 outside St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church on the South Side where Pfleger is a senior pastor.

The Chicago Police (CPD) charged Henry Eugene Hale, 35, with possessing a firearm without a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. He was released on $150 bond.

A spokesperson for the CPD told Chicago City Wire that police officers approached Hale at the church, which  is at 1200 W. 78th Place, when “they saw him holding a firearm.”

Records with the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation show that Hale’s FOID card expired in December 2017. Records also show that he is certified to work in Illinois as a security guard, and that he was once disciplined but it doesn’t explain why.

Actually, if the reporter looked a little deeper, the IDFPR refused to renew Hale’s security guard license because of late child support payments.

I recognized Hale as a long-time bodyguard for the rabidly gun-hating Father Pfleger. Hale spent the day at Pfleger’s side during a 2015 gun control rally outside Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois. The local gun shop and indoor range, situated just outside of Chicago city limits, has long been a scapegoat for anti-gun politicians and gun control groups.

Guns Save Life and the Illinois State Rifle Association coordinated a counter-demonstration that day against the race-hustling priest and Jesse Jackson. I’ll never forget the looks I got as I held up my sign to the bused-in “protesters.” It proclaimed, “Armed Blacks Don’t Get Oppressed.” Yeah, you could see their minds at work.

One that day, Henry Hale served as one of at least three armed bodyguards for Pfleger (above, left), complete with radios, ear pieces and shades, just like in the movies. And, of course, they all had guns under their shirts, printing for experienced eyes to see.

Here’s a YouTube video from the event. You see Henry Hale on the far left in the blue cap of the cover still of the video.  Pay attention at about the 3:50 mark where Pfleger has his left hand on the shoulder one of Jesse Jackson’s bodyguards and his right hand on Hale’s shoulder.

Just like Hollywood elitist celebrities, the hoplophobic Catholic Priest — a constant civilian disarmament advocate — literally hides behind armed guards while promoting his gun control agenda.

Also like Hollywood hypocrites who push for gun control for the little people, Pfleger has advocated violence to achieve his goals. Here’s a transcript of the clergyman from an earlier rally at Chuck’s Guns, courtesy of Fox News.

He’s the owner of Chuck’s, John Riggio, R-i-g-g-i-o. We’re going to find you and snuff you out. You can’t keep hiding because you’re afraid. Obviously, you know you’re doing something wrong. You wouldn’t have your business in a truck. You wouldn’t have a truck pulled in front of your door, because you know you’ve got to hide. Like a rat, you’re going to hide, but like a rat we’re going to catch you and pull you out. We are not going to allow you to continue to hide when we’re here.

That’s right, a man of the cloth talking about “snuffing out” a law-abiding business owner.

So there you have it. One of America’s biggest voices for gun control has an armed bodyguard arrested for carrying a gun without a license. Is anyone really surprised?

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      • Typical god-hating satanist, making up crap while you surf the web sitting on the can.

      • That was my first then but then as I thought about it I am ok with the $150. Working off the assumption this was a first offense I would prefer a charge for something like carrying without a FOID card to be very low as someone that made a mistake or was busted by an overzealous cop wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the cost.

    • This is the same priest that criticized the parents of a suburban Catholic school (K-8th grade), when they didn’t want their kids going to an evening basketball game at his Catholic school. I think he called them racist. It’s a dangerous neighborhood. (His own adopted kid was killed some years ago.) The Palos Heights team forfeited the game. The parents didn’t think it was worth it. Sure, he said there would be cops there to protect the team, still not worth it. Just a grade school game.

  1. That dude is creepy. Even creepier than the average Catholic priest. Don’t let your young male relatives within a mile of that dude

  2. Why am I not surprised by this? It seems like leftists constantly do differently than what they say everybody else should do.

  3. Pfleger probably doesn’t even know what the laws are. But, sure as the sunrise, he knows what message he’s supposed to take to the streets. Assertive and ignorant. Top qualities in a progressive foot soldier.

    • He more than likely does not CARE what the law is. He is an elitist, and those laws for the little people don’t apply to him. He gets special treatment and consideration because of his position and notoriety, and, thus, his minions should (in his twisted reality) also be bequeathed those same privileges.


      • Nope, just Catholicism. Celibacy is an insane doctrine that’s just asking for trouble.

        • Celibacy is not, nor has it ever been, a doctrine, it is a discipline. The distinction is an important one. In the west, celibacy is the normative practice but exceptions abound. In the eastern rite Catholic churches (as with the orthodox) married men can be eligible candidates for the priesthood. (Although they my not become bishops) So, as a matter of fact, there are many Catholic priests that are married and in active ministry. Regardless, I would imagine that there have been a great many men that have lived in this world that have, out of necessity or by choice, remained bachelors throughout their lives and that were not gay, not priests, and not predators.

      • Actually, to say a statistically insignificant number of priests have been pedophiles and many are gay would be more precise. Pedophiles are generally (though not exclusively) heterosexual, married men. Pederasts are gay. The problems that have beset the Church in this regard could very accurately be referred to as the “gay priest crisis”. However, as I recall, whenever someone dared make that distinction publicly, the media would either ignore them, subject them to ridicule and vilification or suppress the results of peer reviewed studies proving it. In any case, their is probably a 1 in 3 chance he is an active homosexual. I wonder what this Chicago fruitcake would say about the rifle team at Central Catholic High School has.

  4. I’m not surprised. What will surprise me is if the local press gets in the face of elected leadership and asks them about their armed body guard’s, and their gun permit paperwork.

  5. That’s right, a man of the cloth talking about “snuffing out” a law-abiding business owner.

    You need armed accomplices to do that, right?

    Also: That’s why we call him Snuffy.

  6. And yet, even after his guard card was revoked, Mr. Hale would still have been able to get a “shall issue” CCW–right after he renewed his FOID card. Not that this person is particularly interested in following the law by supporting his children. Isn’t that one of the biggest tragedies in the inner cities–the failures of fathers to care for their brood? Pfleger should be ashamed of him.

  7. “Not only did Hale not have a carry license, he didn’t even had a valid Illinois Firearms Owner’s ID card”

    One may argue that under the Second amendment he doesn’t need any of that,if it weren’t for Anti American/Anti Constitutionalist’s such as those like his employer.

    • Exactly, personal life style not involved, he should have been able to CCW/OC. Now he will probably be fired, miss more child payments, get throwed in jail, can’t get a job so he resorts to aarmed robbery, ands it’s the gunz fault. And in away it is, however it should not be.

    • One may argue that. One may also argue that he has voluntarily chosen to make a living protecting the kind of people who would see everyone’s firearm rights denied and therefore deserves nothing but scorn when he gets caught up in the morass of laws that his employers (or their predecessors) created under his guard.

  8. The fathers behavior reminds me of a classic book quote:
    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ― George Orwell animal farm

  9. Priest Michael Pfleger demonstrates with his very actions that even a reasonably fit man needs more than his fists to successfully defend himself, or else why does he have an armed body guard?

    And if Pfleger is going to claim that he is a target because of his outspoken politics and thus needs armed protection, we can claim that very same rationale for being armed ourselves.

    • Exactly. The priest’s talk of “snuffing out” a second amendment supporter is just another reason for second amendment supporters to be armed to defend themselves. This hypocrite is abusing his position within the church and putting political agendas ahead of the Godly ones he is ordained and paid to support.

  10. I’m glad I was able to help expose this, along with what started it all, the blog of Second City Cop (the one that broke the report of the arrest). The rank and file cops are sick of this garbage. Thank you to the media outlets that picked it up early as well. Hypocrisy has no place in the cloth, or with Anti-Gun activists (yeah, they are all hypocrites). For more laughs, fast forward to 15:20 when Pfleger addresses this in his sermon

  11. One that day, Henry Hale served as one of at least three armed bodyguards for Pfleger (above, left), complete with radios, ear pieces and shades, just like in the movies. And, of course, they all had guns under their shirts, printing for experienced eyes to see.
    So why does he need armed guards if he is for gun control?
    After all he is a man of the cloth and should trust the great socialist gospel god for his protection.

  12. That’s right, a man of the cloth talking about “snuffing out” a law-abiding business owner.
    I wonder if you could get the pedo priest on threatening to kill a person?

  13. This vile anti-gun protest against a reputable gun shop constitutes simple class warfare against honest American gun owners, our Second Amendment heritage, freedom, decency, and morality. Two commentaries of mine bear this out. They include: “Anti-gun agenda is class warfare” (Friday, January 9, 2009) and “The war on America’s gun owners” (Monday, August 3, 2009), respectively. These remain archived via the Ashland Daily Tidings at http://www.daily Enter “search.”

    I will not remain silent, passive, apathetic, and indifferent where domestic tyranny is promoted that is subversive to our constitutional republic! I take an aggressive stand against such and apologize to nobody for it! On the net:

    The John Birch Society (
    JPFO, Inc. ……………..(
    Gun Owners of America at

    Question: How much did George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and their treasonous
    ilk pay these subversive socialist anarchists? Obviously this anti-gun march isn’t
    the voice of blue collar working class people. Again, it’s anti-gun warfare predicated
    upon “LBJ/KGB” style deceit!

    James A. Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)

  14. POS “priest” Phlegm should be jailed for terroristic threats-but “he” won’t be.I support Chuck’s too(bought my 1st gun from them) but can’t understand why they stay in that horrible hood. I’m not gonna’ rag on his so-called bodyguard. The Illinoisistan carry license and especially the FOID are utter BS…but he should be prosecuted like anyone else in this shite state.

  15. Hypocrisy, You unholy one, “,My Kingdom is not of this Earth.” Stay out if politics Pope Deceiver……… “it’s not the Pope’s fault”….. Yes it is.

  16. Must be nice to walk out by handing over $150 for carrying illegally. One wonders if a similar fate would befall someone less protected by certain political elements of the city. Also, he has money for bail but not for child support huh? Definitely a religious man!

    • He’s a typical socialist. Drop his child and expect the state to raise it.

    • You don’t even know the life story of what was going with him second Henry Hale is not a security guard for St.Sabina are you guys slow the pics of him in the rally’s are not even him Henry Hale is a dark skin guy that is way taller that’s not him he doesn’t work no where in the church he’s just a singer in a the choir third the reason he had his gun out was because another guys was breaking in to someone’s car and he decided to chase the person down with his gun and the cops saw him and couldn’t ignore him he’s not a bad guy and he loves his kids to death believe I know you guys are just listening to fake news because all those videos and pics are not even Henry Hale.

  17. Do any of the leaders of the gun grabbing organizations move about without armed guards? A follow-on, have there been any shootings involving these people?
    It’s hard to understand how they can explain their need for protection while denying the same protection to us.

    • It’s because if we are disarmed, they can be our overlords plain and simple.

  18. Pfleger’s blackcent is hilarious look it up. If he does it now will the left attack him?
    And he better pray no one attacks that guy or it’s a charge of incitement to violence and conspiracy to commit.

  19. I think my comment back to the priest about guns killing kids would have been…whats worst guns or priest who rape small boys.

  20. Typical socialist and hierarchy loving religious. “We are special and you are not” attitudes

  21. Just wanting to know if that’s the set fine or have others been fined more. Is this a reduced fine because he’s guarding the priest? Many questions apparently not asked.

  22. It would be ironic if this security guard was used as a poster boy for repealing the FOID act for being racist.

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