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Chicago’s activist Catholic Priest, Father Michael Pfleger was on hand at Saturday’s Brady Campaign rally against Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale, Illinois. Pfleger is to firearms civil rights what Bull Connor was to racial civil rights in the 1960s. It wasn’t that many years ago that the man of the cloth called on the owner of Chuck’s Guns, John Riggio, to be “snuffed out” – using the lingo of his parishioners. Pfleger had used the same thinly veiled call for violence against Illinois legislators who voted against gun control. Pfleger didn’t call for anyone to be snuffed out yesterday, but he did enjoy the protection of three armed bodyguards . . .

That’s right, the guy who has spend his life working against Americans’ God-given rights to keep and bear arms and self-defense has his own good guys with guns protecting him.

How did we know? There were one hundred gun owners present, many – if not most there – had concealed carry licenses and/or were firearms trainers.  We know “printing” (an outline of a gun seen through clothing when a concealed carrier moves about in daily life) when we see it.  Photographs show examples of printing among Pfleger’s bodyguards.


Isn’t their something horribly ironic about the anti-gun Pfleger availing himself of armed bodyguards? Clearly Pfleger realizes the value of a good guy having a gun. Why doesn’t he want this for members of his flock? Why does he continually advocate for them to be disarmed when there are wolves in their neighborhoods?

Pfleger, right, and his lead bodyguard.
We’re not sure if “Peacemaker” refers to his heater. We didn’t bother telling him that he was printing.

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    • I think that black thing sticking out below his jacket is a walkie. But you can see one of the clips for his IWB holster by his hip.

  1. Wish I could have made it to Indiana ave. I was a bit ill. The news media had a somewhat balanced reporting. Yes they gave fadda’ press. He came across as insane. They also focused attention on pro 2A BLACK folks defending Chuck’s. Pfleger should be arrested for making”terroristic threats”. But he won’t be. As I wrote the other day I bought my first gun at Chuck’s. They are above board and very strict. Could it be the clients are to blame? Whatever-they also have a gun range that is serviceable. I plan on using that range in the near future…

  2. Who cares about this guy??
    I don’t.
    A flea on the back of the good people of Chicago.
    He needs armed bodyguards as much as I do when I walk out in the public streets.

  3. Pfleger should not be tagged as an anti. Pfleger is pro gun but anti 2A. He is willing to take another’s life with a gun rather than become a victim of a physical assault but he only wants certain people to have guns (him). There are true anti’s out there and we should make it clear that Pfleger and the like do not represent the anti gunner point of view.

    • Personally, I don’t see the difference. He doesn’t think you or I should be allowed to have guns. Whether or not he believes in them for himself is irrelevant for all intents and purposes.

    • That’s far too nuanced a position. Lots of people may well enjoy something for themselves, but eagerly deny it to others. That’s an anti. Yes, I get it that such a person isn’t absolutely against the entire concept itself, just against other people partaking in it. Still, that’s a technicality.

      It makes them a hypocrite, of course, but I’m not going to engage in a whole complicated, detailed, exercise in exactitude to label such people precisely. The idea is firearms freedom. If you’re against that, either because you’re a flat out hoplophobe, or just a gun toting hypocrite, I don’t care. You’re an anti. Anything else is a distinction without a difference.

    • How is that supposed to be better? A priest who openly toys with advocating violence against those he disagrees with, being fine with select elite owning gun is an anti position. Naive and unrealistic (no guns for non military or non law enforcement) or knowingly totalitarian (guns only for the elite) are different cuts of the same cloth (no pun intended). It’s still about empowering criminals and government (sometime one in the same) over the peasantry. No thanks.

    • Pfleger should not be tagged as an anti. Pfleger is pro gun but anti 2A.

      Wait… What? If he is Anti-2A how can he be pro gun? If he was anti-2A and the 2A were removed – he wouldn’t have any guns.

    • Correction: Pfleger isn’t pro-gun, he is pro POWER for the self-anointed elites. Guns are fine for the aristocracy and their hired minions, but not for the peasants.

    • Phleger is NOT anti-gun. He speaking A2. He has armed guards becauae the NRA has threatened him, period.

      Chuck’s sold almost 1600 “guns” that were recovered in violent crimes that occured within four (4) years.

      Phleger is for legal sales and legal use of street legal guns, as are many of us that some of you who continue to call all of us who support more stringent gun control laws. We SUPPORT THE 2nd Amendment too. However, not for known violent criminals and/or some folks with certain mental illnesses.

      Way to go Full Cleveland (and a few.othets) for speakng the truth!

      • He has armed guards becauae the NRA has threatened him, period.

        [citation needed]

        Chuck’s sold almost 1600 “guns” that were recovered in violent crimes that occured within four (4) years.

        That proves, what, exactly?

        …all of us who support more stringent gun control laws

        Which laws, specifically? And what do you believe such laws will accomplish, and how will they be effective in that aim, without infringing the rights of the law-abiding?

        We SUPPORT THE 2nd Amendment too. However, not for known violent criminals and/or some folks with certain mental illnesses.

        Current law already excludes such people from gun ownership. Current NICS background checks, and Form 4473, currently filter for such people. So, what’s your point?

      • Liar. “father” Pfleger is proudly self proclaimed socialist who has repeatedly called for the confiscation of guns AND private property in America. I knew precisely what Mikee was when he publicly supported the child rapist Daniel Ortega.

  4. With all due respect to the Father, he might want to spend some time re-reading the Scriptures. Disarming people, good or bad, doesn’t stop violence and evil. Only changing the heart does.

    • Any heart that isn’t changed may also purchase guns. Theoretically, your point is taken. However, theories cannot always be predictable.

  5. John Boch captioned a picture above, “We’re not sure if “Peacemaker” refers to his heater. We didn’t bother telling him that he was printing.”

    “Never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.” ― Napolean Bonaparte

  6. Just once I’d like to read a flippin’ post on my ipad without being redirected to the App Store. Can you guys please knock that off?

  7. How does this square with the pope urging action on ISIS? Seems like Christian self-defense is a prority with him right now.

    • I think they were carrying IWB. That’s a radio poking out in front. His gun is at 4-5:00 on his belt, making his right butt cheek looking oddly-shaped, yet super-sized under his pants (an glut “enhancement”?).

      There were possibly one or two additional BG-types there, but these three were definitely 10-32, in the lingo of cops.

      If I was a bettin’ man, I’d say they were some form of LEO. I know Rev. Wright – aka “Chickens have come home to roost” – had someone in Cook County Adult Probation providing security for him, and using a county squad car as well.

      I could tell you more, but that’s a whole ‘nother post about some of the corruption linked to Wright’s church.


      • They had to be current/former LEOs as IL CCL would not allow anybody (yep…even criminals…sure) to carry in an organized rally that required a permit. The big question is why irrelevant idiots like Pfleger think that anyone would want to hurt them. If he was true to his cause he’d ask one of this thugs to give him a graze wound to guarantee some more time with the media.

        • Excuse me, Sir.
          Are you a LEO?
          Why do I ask? Because if you aren’t a LEO, I’m arresting you for CC at a permitted parade or demonstration.
          Oh, you are a LEO? Then I’m asking for your identification. BTW, who’s paying you for today’s work?

  8. What a PU$$Y he’s anti gun but hires a bunch of armed guards. The very thing he is against he uses himself. So he is a HYPOCRITE and a PU$$Y. Just Sayin

      • Oh, hell yea. And you will not be shocked at all to know Mikee and Screwy Loui Farrakhan are buds who love to fleece tax payers for all manner of things, not just armed security.

  9. The pope gave into Hitler the orginal gun control advocate. This is an example of a priest that should have been defrocked years ago. The Catholic church has moved from a church to a socialist, anti-american bull crap organization run by hypocritical do as I say child molesting perverts. BTW raised and confirmed catholic, know the teaching of the church nowhere is political activism mentioned not even in latin.

    • LEO, hey, also confirmed RC and I agree with you regarding the current state of the Church. It has become, like most core Western institutions, deracinated, drained of its vitality, and shadow of its former self . And the denouement of its long decline? Its infiltration by a ring of homosexual pedophiles.

      Of course, the Pope can’t just rewrite scripture, but, as we see with the good Father here a lot of its time an effort is spent planting the seeds and cultivating the bitter fruit of cultural Marxism.

      With regards to the Pope Pious: the lie that Pious XII was some sort of Nazi collaborator was originated by Rolf Hochhuth in his play “Der Stellvertreter” and continued by propagandists like Joseph Cornwall. The history, as it so often is, is a little more complex.

      You also might check out “The Myth of Hitller’s Pope” by Rabbi David Dalin.

      • It was actually taught to us in confirmation classes and my wifes cousin(a retired priest) & his partne(professor of theology in NY) both also have told us that they have
        knowledge of letters between the Vatican & various German ministry’s including propaganda. Since they both spent a few years at the Vatican with access to the library. Organized religion is a money grabbing scam & along with T.V. is the opiates & mind control of the masses, as I’m ordained with a doctorate of divinity i do know a bit about it. More time was spent on business administration than on theology.

    • They were stolen from god to pay for his own feelings of security. I would have thought that a catholic preacher would embrace death – because if he were to die – it’s god’s will. Therefore… this preacher seems a bit fake on all fronts to me.

    • They have not for all the years he has publicly been spewing this anti-American Democrat Party sh*t. Why would they now? Remember child rapist Daniel Ortega and his personal deathsquad, the Sandinistas? Mikee was deeply and publicly involved in the political financing of his defense AND tying him to Democrat campaigns in CA, FLA, Texas, New York and Illinois. Did IRS burn his a$$? No. And nothing will happen now.

  10. A hypocritical liberal? Never…

    To make matters worse, unless I’m mistaken, when Pfleger’s suspension was lifted a couple years ago, his new assignment specifically included focusing efforts on the archdiocese efforts against violence, in particular gun violence.

    So he’s acting under the direct imprimatur of the Catholic church.

    • You are mistaken. Cardinal George allowed him to remain where he was, essentially caving to his demands…..Pfleger spinned that as approval of his crusades. It was nothing of the sort. Fr. Pfleger is a heretic, and I say that as someone who has actual degrees in Catholic theology.

      Card. George was afraid St. Sabina would split and become its own church. A threat explicitly made. I only wish he had the backbone to enforce what he said at the time, essentially if that was the attitude, they have already left. Instead Pfleger gets more credence to his position

      • I remember when this came down. I know next to nothing about Catholic Church politics, but I was sure surprised when the Cardinal backed down.

  11. Anti-gun crusaders like Pfleger and Watts hire armed guards not because they truly fear for their safety, but because they like the optics of it. The not-so-subtle message is “Those gun nuts are so crazy and violent, I have to have armed guards because they will kill me just for speaking my mind!” It’s just another “victim” card in their deck, and they looooove to play those cards.

    It also gives them a big ego boost, which is a huge motivator for attention whores like these. If you’re being shepherded around by big armed guards all day, you must be important, right?

  12. Fr. Faker is a fool who thrives on media attention. It’s often said one of the most dangerous places in Chicago is between him and a camera.

    • Why the three armed guards, Rev, Flaker?????? Guns kills, you know. Soooo why have them armed????? The Rev, has to pay for the deaths of the black children killed in Chicago. duh…..

  13. This priest is a general disgrace among Catholic clergy. It is too bad that Cardinal George lifted his suspension. Back in 2011 he was suspended a divinis, as Catholic lawyers call it…meaning removed from ministry, not allowed to preach, or celebrate any sacraments, except Confession in an emergency (like a dying person). Inexplicably, due to politics, the suspension was lifted. My understanding was that the community at his parish threatened schism if he was not restored.

    While many (not all) Catholic clergy seem to be anti-gun, it should be noted that Pfleger is hardly Catholic, either in thought or even mannerism. He uses his collar for a bully pulpit. Back when, as with every Catholic priest in the US, it was time for him to be transferred to another assignment, he refused and threatened to steal the parish and make his own Church. Being a chaplain at a highschool was too low key for him.

    It is amazing how effective he is at bullying really….with everyone of every stripe backing down when he does wrong.

  14. He has those bodyguards everywhere he goes. A couple of years ago I had to go to a funeral for a family member back home in Chicago. Her adult children attend his church and he was to make an “appearance” that night. He came to the wake with his three bodyguards in tow, really, for a funeral for an old lady. I met him and spoke briefly with him that day, had to bite my tongue until it bled but it was not the time / place for politics.

  15. NRA character assassination aint gonna cut it here. Label him what u want but AMERICA sees this crap firsthand. Now you arms children but wanna call the Father a terrorist. ..geez please. You dummies wont get it until its in your own backyards. Saddest part is its ALL cloaked and its not a problem until you start killing yourselves.

  16. I will assume that all the haters here are “patriots” and call themselves Christian of some sort. Your brains certainly are not “printed” anywhere.

    • And another America hater toddles in to spew its “progressive” sh*t. Hope you enjoy all that crime and poverty, it is what you have been voting for all your life and you deserve to get what you voted for.


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