Charles Chuck Schumer New York Senator
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
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Charles Chuck Schumer New York Senator
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

That wasn’t an earthquake you felt late last night, it was the ground shifting under the feet of America’s gun owners as both Republican candidates lost their runoff elections in Georgia. That means control of the US Senate will now pass to the Democrats under Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The upshot of that development is Americans’ gun rights now face a clear and present danger on a number of fronts. Democrats ran on doing away with the filibuster altogether in the Senate if they took control. That means simple majority rule on any measure that comes up for a vote. Should they make good on that promise, Democrats would have no check on some of the most radical proposals Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. and the party campaigned on.

Biden lists the new limits he’d like to impose on gun owners here. And with both houses of Congress behind him, he’ll have a realistic chance of signing many of those into law. We’re talking about Democrats’ dearly-held gun control priorities like a new “assault weapons” sales ban, regulating currently-owned “assault weapons” under the National Firearms Act, banning the manufacture and sale of “high capacity” magazines, outlawing private sales of firearms (universal background checks), and banning the online sale of guns, ammunition and gun parts.

As for that last one, think of a world without MidwayUSA, Brownells, Lucky Gunner, Aero Precision or Palmetto State Armory. Does “gun parts” include magazines (whatever their capacity)? There goes GunMag Warehouse.

The shift in Senate control now makes two Democrat Senators some of the most powerful men in Washington as far as gun rights are concerned. West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Montana’s Jon Tester are two “moderate” democrats from solidly red states. Both have claimed to be Second Amendment supporters, but we all know how much weight that carries here in the real world.

Both Senators now represent largely rural states that voted heavily for Trump in November. Trump won West Virginia by 40 percentage points and the Montana margin was 16 points.

On the other side of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi has the narrowest majority since the 1930s, but the chances of eleven or more Democrats defying her on a gun control bill vote seem remote. Democrats have a remarkably good record keeping their troops in line and ensuring they vote the way party leaders dictate.

Will that extend to landscape-altering gun control laws that West Virginians and Montanans oppose? That remains to be seen. Tester and Manchin will no doubt enjoy the political leverage they now hold on gun control and other votes in a narrowly Democrat-controlled Senate.

Then again, given the rightward shift of their states’ electorates in recent years, either or both could make a very lucrative deal if they’re willing to entertain the idea of switching parties. Besides keeping Republicans in control of the Senate, a party change would give them a chance of keeping their seats the next time they have to face the home state voters.

Stay tuned.

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    • Nah won’t happen. People can’t even be bothered to join GOA or attend a rally or even vote in election so I think you can assume they won’t be fighting any wars.

      • It’s not going to be a full blown 1860’s civil war, don’t be stupid…

        It will be a multi-state asymmetrical conflict that will create a two state system inside a failed one state construct. In one system you will have one set of laws followed and in the other system those laws will not be followed and vice versa. Over time population re-balancing will occur as more people move to the system that more closely aligns with their beliefs and after about ten years a full split will occur.

        It will be bloody, at a local level, as norms and mores get enforced by the citizens of said areas but homeostasis will be achieved.

        At this point it is inevitable.

        • Unfortunately, this is likely the outcome.

          What we’re seeing is disagreement on the high institutional level. Not neighbor against neighbor, but State against State, County against County, City against City. This will become hardened after today.

        • Balkanization basically.
          Anyone worried about gun laws doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. This is a complete MARXIST takeover. If you are a conservative, a Christian, or a gun owner you’re already on AOC’s list.
          They communist are not coming for your guns, they are coming for you. They will drag you out of your house and kill you in the street.
          We hang together, or hang apart.
          The “loss” of the election is based on complete lawlessness. We now live in a failed lawless banana republic. No laws matter anymore. The ballot box is broken, the cartridge box is full.

        • It is only failed if they get away with it. Trump and 75+ million Americans are fighting the fraud. The game is still in play.

        • “The game is still in play.”

          But is it? Marxist progs are clearly not playing by the same rules, or even playing the same game, that Americans are.

        • This is good stuff, tell me more. I agree, it’s not going to be the 1860s with people marching in lockstep with a percussion rifle, it’s going to be something different. Are you saying it’s going to be rural vs urban like we’ve seen with all the 2nd Amendment sanctuaries?

          You know, I’ve read John Titor’s internet posts and the urban vs rural civil war, the “Waco every month events”, the President who he referred to as “he/she” as tho it wasn’t one person… makes me think he was the real deal.

        • “Unfortunately, this is likely the outcome.”

          Someone please correct me if I’m wrong –

          In some states, if a sitting Senator passes away while in office, the Governor (but not TTAG’s own Gov. William J.) has the power to select a replacement until the next election cycle?

          If that’s true, a Democrat Senator who dies from COVID in a state with a Republican Governor could be replaced with a Republican Senator, putting the Senate back under Republican control, neutering the Biden-Harris agenda cold.

          It would be a real shame if that happened, wouldn’t it? COVID could change the balance of US politics… 🙂

        • Geoff, in the last week 5 Republican legislators have died of covid. And no Democrats.

    • Stop pining for civil war Boogaloo bois. Ain’t gonna happen. Americans are too comfortable with their bread and games to want revolution.

      The pendulum is swinging because Republicans went full retard with Trump.

      Never go full retard.

      • Again, see my post above.

        Take my neighborhood for example, two family’s out of 60 homes put up Biden signs in their yard. Already one of those homes has a realtors for sale sign up because everyone stopped talking to them, their kids stopped getting invited to parties and play dates. The other home is a retired couple but the folks that used to talk to the wife have told her that their not speaking to them anymore. Being a retired couple there going to dig in and fight for what they believe in. But they will be gone in a year.

        This is what the civil war will look like… Think of it as more of uncivil war if that helps…

        We will congregate in our supporting groups, we will enforce our norms and mores across those groups. They will be ethnically diverse but will be homogeneous in views

      • I would say the pendulum has swung more accurately due to leftist propaganda than due to any actual excesses by the GOP. In fact, the GOP if anything has done relatively little to push back against collectivist authoritarianism in the US, and in fact has done quite a bit to further it.

        Eventually, it will probably be clear to more people that leftists are what they accuse genuine liberals (roughly, libertarians, constitutional conservatives, and similar) of being. But once collectivist authoritarianism takes hold (Nazis, fascists, Bolsheviks, Maoists, Castro, etc., all the same in that regard) the pendulum isn’t nearly as free to swing. Of course, most Progs see their cause as absolutely righteous, and therefore see their authoritarianism as justified or even essential. Which also makes them exactly like other collectivist authoritarians of the past.

    • 1776 REDUX

      “…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government…”


      • “Nah, you’d just soil yourself at the first sound of gunfire.”

        Fat chance, fuckwit.

        80 percent of the enlisted in the US military vote conservative. Do you seriously believe they will open fire on their neighbors, friends and family?

        Go back to your mommies basement and jerk off, incel.

        By the way, over 20 years of non-stop ground combat has resulted in several hundred thousand battle-hardened troops retired and living their lives in America. They won’t have a problem with using a rifle, since they’ve done it already. The ones doing the shitting will be *you*… 🙂

    • The one thing that no one seems to be talking about is: assuming there is an internal conflict of some kind, be it massive civil disobedience, uncivil disobedience or red/blue splits, what makes you think we’ll be left alone to work out our differences? There are wolves, not camels, outside the tent and they will be pushing their noses in.

  1. One box of liberty left, I wonder how this moment will be reviewed in the annals of history many years from now. Get your affairs in order.

    • Republicans did it to themselves. A lot of Democrats voted for Trump and were not angry Republicans had control. However, Republicans tossed everything in the dumpster and set it on fire. They ruined the party so the Democrats could take control and take the blame. The current Republican party have shown they want a one party state by constantly dropping the ball for the Democrats to pick up and score.

      Now the Republican party is split in a solid two groups, which gives Democrats the easy wins. You got conservative Republicans and liberal Republicans now. Every year there are less conservatives and more liberal Democrats and Republicans. America is returning to its European ways.

      At this point there is only one direction America is going. No “patriot” is going to stop that because they are all talk. The older they get the more likely the Boomer Remover will take them out.

      • Actually Trump is responsible for the Georgia fiasco. If he had not come out with that mind numbingly stupid 2k check idea, Georgia would have gone republican. The dems grabbed that idea as a way to buy votes. Trump caused a lot of discord in the republican party TWO WEEKS before a close election in Georgia. I read more than one pollster today who had the republicans winning, and that changed just a few days after Trump’s stupid 2k offer. Voted for the guy three times, but I am done with him. Good policies, but absolutely sick of the stupid tweets and the flakiness. Everyone wanting to jump off a cliff should tap the brakes. The Senate is not going to do away with the filibuster. Manchin is the ONLY Democrat in a major office in West Virginia, and he is not going to vote to do away with something that has been around for over 200 years. Nor are some other democrats who are from purple or red states. Gun control is not going to be high on the agenda, because the last time the dems did gun control, they lost the house big time. There are dems from red state or purple states that will remember that bit of history. Everyone needs to calm down and quit being a keyboard commando. You are embarrassing yourself. If this turns into Venezuela, that is another matter entirely.

      • Well folks, it looks like it’s gonna be 1994 all over again (if not worse) when it comes to federal gun ‘safety’ legislation. It’s disturbing (and disheartening) that the future of the RTKBA in America now lies squarely on the shoulders of just 5 Supreme Court Justices, given that Justice Roberts is unreliable (at best) when it comes gun rights. SMH

    • Since they like to eat unusual critters you might have a problem. You might be common here but I imagine possums are rare in China.

      • Possum on a stick sold from a sidewalk cart in Beijing, anyone?

        Get that Neutron Bomb built, Possum. You might need it to protect your burrow…

      • *Except the down ballots of the November 2020 election where republicans won all 27 “toss up” house elections and proceeded to make gains in the House and in state governments. Check the 2020 House democrat totals vs the 2021 totals. Your blue wave only exists in your imagination. Additionally, the 2018 “blue wave” was based on holding the “traitor” Trump accountable for colluding with Russia. Of course that was all a lie and a scam made possible by corrupt democrats.

        • It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.

          They took congress, the senate and the presidency. They just need more senate seats, which is likely to happen. Don’t be surprised if they keep winning 8 years straight and the Republican party is a shell when it’s over.

        • Starting out with 233 House seats and ending up with 222 seats is a majority, correct. It’s a very slim majority. It just isn’t a “blue wave.” It is literally trending toward republicans.

        • “Except the down ballots of the November 2020 election where republicans won all 27 “toss up” house elections and proceeded to make gains in the House and in state governments.“

          But wait a minute, many of these votes you speak of are ballots that also have votes for Biden, I thought they were fraudulent?

          Oh, I get it. In order for your fraud conspiracy to work, you must split ballots, half fraud, half valid.

        • “I thought they were fraudulent?”

          That’s been covered here already. Try to keep up. Fraud can be time consuming. Priorities are made. Also, U.S. Representatives aren’t elected nationwide or even statewide. All jurisdictions are not equal when it comes to fraud. Large democrat strongholds are the worst offenders.

  2. Thats right, they took out freedom to assemble (authoritarian ANTIscientific lockdowns) our freedom to make a living (shutting down small business, therefore funneling all our money to chicom&friends), and our freedom to be individuals (masks). Once they come for our guns, there will be NOTHING left for us to lose.

    • AP,

      Actually, there is something substantial left for us to lose: our savings, checking, and retirement accounts. I am convinced that Democrats are salivating at all that money in our accounts and fully intend to come for at least 30% of the money in our accounts.

      The interesting question is whether or not Democrats think they have to come after our firearms before coming after our bank and retirement accounts. I can see that going either way.

      If Democrats make the catastrophic error of confiscating our bank and retirement accounts first, then we truly will have nothing left to lose when they finally come for our firearms. For the uninitiated, hostile government takeovers often become quite ugly when the populace no longer has anything left to lose.

      • “our savings, checking, and retirement accounts”

        I’ve been thinking about that lately. I also worry about inflation.

        • Dude,

          Inflation is just a sneaky way of stealing our money in our savings, checking, and retirement accounts. Make no mistake, it is stealing our money.

      • You are unhinged, please seek help for your inability to grasp the true nature of reality.

        And please, for the sake of your sanity, turn off Newsmax.

  3. This day’s been coming for a long time guys. It started with the NFA in ’34 and its brought us to now.

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Saddened it’ll have to come to this, but not surprised. Our side defends us poorly if ever, and their side confiscates and legislates away a constitutional right.

    Ah well, it was a good run. we’ve gone almost 150 years without a national bloodletting. That’s dang near unheard of in world history. Maybe the protest in DC will kick the whole thing off, maybe it wont, but it’ll be kicking off sometime this year.

  4. Since 2011 I have posted this comment: the Kalifornia potheads have shown us the way. Become dead weight in any existing large jurisdiction like a state or group of counties within. How’s about all these states with deep red legislatures? Gutless GOP? If that doesn’t work, secession.

  5. Trump helped take us all down with his dumb ass tweeting. Combined with all the efforts on the Democrats side his dumb behavior resulted in the margin of victory for the democrats in GA. In the end, quite predictably he continued to care more about himself than the culture war.

      • Wayne was a Democrat aid, he ruined the NRA. Trump was a Democrat until running for president, he ruined the Republican party. Both Wayne and Trump together took both groups down at the same time, something the Democrats could only wish for.

    • Are you going to ignore the massive fake news media and censorship like we’ve never seen before in this country? The democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would have completely destroyed Warnock’s political career. They do that to republicans based on nothing more than unproven and even completely debunked rumors and testimony (see Kavanaugh). Warnock’s wife is on camera last year telling the police that he’s abusive and a “great actor.” Why wasn’t that brought up by the media? I thought we were supposed to believe all women? The Kavanaugh hearings are over so we’re done with that now.

      • Read what I said – “Combined with all the efforts on the Democrats side”- that include the stuff you implied I ignored. Trump’s stupid self serving behavior added the Dem margin of victory. Trump also interfered with the GA Republicans part choice and didn’t coordinate with McConnel on buying votes with the Covid vote buying package.

        • I disagree about Trump hurting republicans. He actually energized republicans. No one really cared about McCain or Romney except the establishment types. People care now. Plus, McCain and Romney have since proven themselves to be snakes in the grass.

          “Covid vote buying package” Now that’s pretty funny, and McConnell is only on Team McConnell.

      • “Warnock’s wife is on camera last year telling the police that he’s abusive and a “great actor.”

        So that’s a crime somehow in your mind?

        He and his wife got in a row and you think that somehow reprehensible?

        But Trump committed adultery on all three of his wives, dragging his raw dick through porn stars, hookers and playboy bunnies?
        And then paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in ‘campaign contributions’ and ‘business expenses’ in hush money to his swinger partners?

        And not only do you not condemn Trump, you worship and celebrate him.

        Of course, it’s all OK Trump is white and Warnock is black so there’s that.

        • You have nothing valuable to add so you fall back on racism. Race has nothing to do with this. She made it sound like the abuse was a regular, ongoing thing. Like I said, democrats have a long history of covering for abusive men. That trend continues.

          As far as Trump’s past goes, the media talked about that ad nauseam. What makes covering him different from Warnock? Answer: political affiliation. Thank you for helping me make my point. The media doesn’t believe in equality and neither do democrats.

        • Hey Miner. Aren’t you the guy that was asking just the other day to provide proof of you always changing the subject and creating straw man arguments? Well, there you go. You just did it again.

        • No, we’re discussing your statement.

          “She made it sound like the abuse was a regular, ongoing thing.“

          Listen to yourself, “she made it sound like”?

          I’m sorry, it’s just more chickenshit bullshit from you.

          And as we speak, many of your Trump supporting brothers are attacking our US capital, destroying property and threatening lives, all based on their bullshit rumors of vote fraud disproven in 60 different lawsuits.

          Looks like we found us some of those ‘domestic enemies’, you boys better brace yourself for the next four years, you’ve drawn first blood and you’ll now reap the whirlwind.

        • “I’m sorryit bullshit from you.”

          That refutes nothing Miner. Let’s have a look at the video in question.
          She says, “This is a big problem. I’ve been trying to be very quiet about the way that he is”
          “I’ve tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time.” *She then tries to hold back tears.*
          “And today he crossed the line.”
          In other words, she has put off calling the cops on him in order to save his reputation.
          She is describing long term abuse. You see what you want to see Miner. You don’t care about abusive men as long as they’re democrats.

    • vic jackass…You are comparing a gnat fart to sewer lines below NYC. It’s mealy mouth pathetic crybabies like you who gave mountains of media filth a pass and focused on tweets. If I could send you a tweet it would say…gfy.

      • Your reality show narcissist f-up tantrumed his way to a Republican loss of the senate and you blame sober people?

      • Debbie it is time for you to shuffle off to Breitbart with all your trump nonsense.

        Trump is gone, he sank himself with all his prattle and now the adults have to rebuild the party.

        Don’t go away mad, just go away…

      • One could argue if he is as smart as he says he is- he would have done a much better job.

        A wise man knows when to speak, and when to be silent.

        The more concerning issue should be- the startling cult of personality(disorder) that has emerged.

        Frightening, really.

    • Yeah, I was almost expecting it. Went to bed with my PC screen left on showing the GA election map, and both Repubs in the lead (51+%) with 85% of the votes tallied.

      Woke up to find the Dems somehow pulled ahead, with a math showing they had won about 65% of the remaining ballots overnight. So the Dems won 49% of the vast majority of the votes, but suddenly 65% of the last remainder, just when they needed it?

      This is no longer just about Trump, or the Republicans, or whatnot. This is now fully about the integrity of our elections. If the Nov 3 fraud stands, and the GA vote 2.0 fraud stands, then there will be no trust whatsoever in any election from this point forward, and it will all be moot. My own wife, who typically has not cared for political discussions all her life, is now royally pissed at how the Courts and RINOs are allowing this to happen.

      • Same with my wife. She is accustomed to seeing election rigging, what with having grown up in “Parador” and all. She came here, in part, to get away from such perfidy. “Give me your tired, your poor…” and all that. Pfft, all bets are off now. You haven’t heard mad until you’ve heard an angry Hispanic woman, syllables rolling out like the Niagara River falling into that gorge.

      • ” Woke up to find the Dems somehow pulled ahead ”

        It happened at about 11:15 pm (give or take). Both republicans had the lead — not a big one, but not a slim one, either. And then, all of a sudden, 100,000 votes showed up out of nowhere and the whole picture flipped the other way. Now, I was sitting there watching numbers roll all night. At no time, except that one instance, did a block of votes that big come in. Also, the county map didn’t show any changes until the next (little) set of numbers came in.

        So where the f**k did 100,000 votes magically come from?

        This is disturbingly similar to the way certain swing states all magically flipped at the same time (around 3 am) in the November 3 election.

  6. and so the pendulum swings back yet again.
    my kids been watching some show that hanoi jane produced; she doesn’t begin to get my repulsion, but she listens. something about the wuhan flu being god’s gift to the left.
    my mind immediately scrambles back to cameltoe being asked what she thought about being called the most radical whatever. when she curled up in a fit of inappropriate hysteria giggles i thought, she’s not laughing at the question, they already know.
    i know it ain’t my fault, but for decades i’ve been saying what this world needs is a pandemic. whatever the true count is, i apologize for the outcome- it seems one doesn’t control who it affects.
    in any case, the fallout predictions of the worst doomsday believers will be as wrong as those who don’t realize what’s about to transform. but there will be some new normals to pile on top of no more use of the words father mother son daughter. heh.
    thanks for talking me down. now i want armageddon to go with my superfluey.

    • The pendulum didn’t swing it’s was shoved by slander, libel and election fraud. Combine that with no counts like mitch mcconnell rolling out the red carpet for joe and the ho. And include stalling mitch et al and their unwavering assistance in helping joe be the one to promise $2000.00 Stimulas Checks to broke voters in GA.

      And add to it the spoiled brats on forums like this who repeatedly held hands with CNN to bash the NRA and POTUS DJT. And when they were bored with that they made wagers on whether or not the perp was Black almost every time a headline crime was committed. So much for race relations with sht for brain bigots tripping over each other to pollute the air.

      In other words…Stupid Won so be prepared..

  7. A few questions about Tester and Manchin.

    How did they get elected as democrats in “solidly red” states? Where did their campaign money come from? Did they lie about their 2A support kinda like politicians do when campaigning?

    Some more questions.

    What are the chances that some of the RINOS in both houses come out of the closet and switch to the democrat party (communist party USA)? How many “Manchurian Candidates” are in the house and senate waiting for their orders on how to vote for certain bills?

    I hoped the republicans would win but I expected the radical candidates to win the runoff election. How could they fail with the crime syndicate behind them along with the Governor and Secretary of State, both “republicans”. Both refused to do a real investigation of the November election.

    We are living the last days of the American Republic, to be replaced with the USSA.

    Remember, communists always destroy and rewrite history so from now on America as we knew it will be an evil reign from the start. Indoctrination of our children and grand children will be complete. With no one to contradict the lies our prodigy will hate us, unless we do.

    Be Prepared !!!

      • West VA switched in 2000. Other than a few Republican votes, Ike, Nixon and Reagan each once it had been a Democrat presidential state since FDR. Algore was a bridge too far.

        • “West VA switched in 2000.”

          Yep, they were hard-core Democrat voters, but they weren’t modern Democrat. They loved their guns.

          WV Democrats didn’t leave the Democrat party, the Democrat party turned hard Leftist…

  8. Good analysis on Tester and Manchin. Not optimistic at this point, but that may be our sliver of light in this darkness.

    The worst part is, we just confirmed that there will never be a fair election again.

  9. I’m glad the atheist’s finally found a “Christian” they could support. And what was the alternative?

    “Liberty Senate Candidate Shane Hazel Brings a Little Rebellion to Georgia”

    Show me where the “Libertarian alternative” supports civil rights? Show me where he speaks about the government union protected employees, who are mini tyrants, by the millions, all over this country?
    Austrian economics? Most Americans couldn’t find Austria on a world map. My college, Chinese communist or Hong Kong female class mate was surprised, just how poorly educated Americans were, on basic nation location on maps.

    Even the Libertarian interviewer fails brings up basic American civil rights to this “Libertarian alternative” candidate.

    • The Libertarian party is a joke. And atheists are a tiny minority that can’t vote anything in on their own.

      The real causes of this have been staring us right in the face for quite a while.

    • Show me where the “conservatives” have conserved anything in the past 60 years other than tax cuts for the rich, welfare to Israel, and big war any chance they get? The “conservatives” have not conserved our gun rights, marriage, the boy scouts, traditional America, traditional Americans, or the women’s restroom. Your war on the American people aka the “war on (some) drugs has been going full force thanks to the “conservatives”, same as support for importing every 3rd world savage they can find. Both have cost us our rights and freedoms. Now we can have a trained dog nullify our 4th Amendment rights. Now we can lose our nation at the ballot box. Thanks alot “conservatives”. Hand your head in shame. If you are not an American Nationalist, you are a traitor or an invader.

  10. We get what we vote for. This is also the result of people saying things like don’t vote because they’ll just steal it and there’s no difference between dems and republicans. So I guess we’ll see what the difference is soon. Good luck America you’re all about to be California.

    • Dave,

      When you say, “We get what we vote for,” if you mean that we get Democrat candidates when Democrats submit 100s of thousands of counterfeit votes at key polling locations, then you are correct.

  11. Just last week we had Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Fuck Schumer talking about passing laws for the FCC to…….”Remove Disinformation from the Web”…….aka…….Communist China Style Government Takeover of The Internet and ALL FORMS of Media.

    Here’s the Democrat CCP Agenda for ya’ after they’ve packed the SCOTUS with Communist China Worshipping Maoists and subverted the Electoral College with the “Electoral College Compact” that will give the Presidency to the Democrats that win NY, CA, MA, NJ, CT, MD, WA State, and IL. Democrats really don’t need MI, PA, WI, OH, IA, MN, CO, NM, to win the National Popular Vote.

    1). Communist China Style Government Censorship of All Media.
    2). Open Borders and Amnesty for the 3rd World.
    3). Police State imposed Door-To-Door Gun Confiscation enacted through the Insurrection Act.
    4). Josef Stalin Style, Marxist-Leninist Economic Central Planning across all sectors of our Economy; Housing and Urban Development, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Finance.

    Welcome to the United States Of North Korea………Isn’t Progressiveism Wonderful?!!

  12. No more screwing around. We need real voter ID. That involves a fingerprint using ink. Why is cashing a check more secure than casting a vote?

  13. Americans’ gun rights now face a clear and present danger on a number of fronts.

    I hereby nominate that sentence for the Colossal Understatement of the Year Award.

    • Dude, you want us to patronize twitter? Don’t take this as an ill spirited reply. I just think it is wise to avoid that black hole of chaos and evil that is Twitter.

      • Point taken. I don’t use google for a search engine or email, but unfortunately google maps, google earth, and YouTube don’t have any realistic competition. Same with Twitter.

        • We are in a pickle for sure. I got rid of my FB account recent even though I only used it to participate in a mutual help group for BD-5 builders and it was under an alias. I assumed that they knew who I was and were harvesting everything of value to them on my computer. It requires sacrifice to stop feeding the beast. I have not made all of them either.

        • It’s as if Democrats are more educated and invent a lot of modern tech. At least the Republicans protect those corporations as their #1 priority outside of wars.

        • Wake up Chief. Corporate America including Wall Street overwhelmingly support democrats these days.

        • Chief Sensor,

          And you would be catastrophically wrong. Engineers design the overwhelming majority of technology and a solid majority of engineers espouse conservative principles and politics.

          The explanation is simple: engineers do not have the luxury of operating in a world of fantasy and emotion because products designed and produced with such a mindset fail spectacularly in the real world. Thus, the very nature of the profession naturally draws people who naturally operate in the real world as it is, not as they fantasize it to be.

  14. We will still find out that a lot of people that still did not go out and vote. This demographic shift in voting should not be a surprise with urban areas controlling so many former so called red states. It was predicted several years ago that we would be a minority in a lot of states.

    • Republicans have been a minority for a long time. They don’t offer anything of substance, that is intentional. Republicans are not that intelligent, they look at a map showing red and blue then think because there is big portions of red it means there is a lot of Republicans.

      • republicans can only win when they welcome others into their tent…but their priorities never change….and we’re not among them….

      • Chief Sensor,

        Republicans have been a minority for a long time.

        Let me get this straight. A political party which promotes:
        1) work
        2) responsibility
        3) criminals actually going to prison

        … and opposes
        1) free-stuff
        2) no consequences for your actions
        3) allowing criminals to operate unimpeded

        is having trouble keeping large numbers? This is my surprised face.

        Very learned people have understood and published this fundamental principle of human nature for well over 120 years (if not 1120 years). Our nation managed to delay this virtually guaranteed outcome for about 200 years after its founding — after which the majority of the people in our nation ceased to be “moral and religious” as Adams so eloquently stated.

  15. Just a few random thoughts from a Georgia Resident.

    I doubt they will get what they are after. Ossof and Warnock are puppet shills for the Democrats as they took so much money from outside groups they can’t say no. Warnock is up for reelection in two years. So is Brian Kemp.

    Doing away with the filibuster is doubtful. Stacking the court is unlikely with people like Manchin. They can make life interesting for us but the wishlist is still just a wishlist. Stay in the fight. We will do this again in two year and the incumbent president tend to lose members of Congress.

    This wasn’t a pro Democratic party election. It was an anti-Trump one.

    I bought a Glock Hi cap mag last night and I don’t even own a Glock. Middle to finger to Joe, ‘Ho and Schumer. #Resist #Notmypresident

    • “This wasn’t a pro Democratic party election. It was an anti-Trump one.”

      Good point. If the Dems succeed in running the table, it will be all on them to produce for the next few years, with no more scapegoat. If they don’t, the fickle finger of fate may take the opportunity to refocus its gaze…

    • SK Skeeter,

      Doing away with the filibuster is doubtful. Stacking the court is unlikely …

      Fourteen months ago I would have said the same about state and local election workers publicly violating the voting requirements in their state constitutions and state election laws — not to mention state judges/courts allowing those violations and state and/or local election workers allowing/feeding 10s of thousands of repeat/counterfeit ballots.

      It all really boils down to an exceedingly simple principle: a gang with minimal or no self-imposed internal restraints — and make no mistake that the Democrat party has minimal or no self-imposed internal restraints — will go as far as they can until an outside gang stops them.

      Democrats have been steadily escalating and testing the boundaries for at least two decades and rarely pay any significant penalty. Even worse, there is no obvious gang outside the Democrat Party which has the ability and the resolve to push back. In light of those facts, of course Democrats set out to conduct an illegal/fraudulent election. And of course Democrats will eliminate the U.S. Senate filibuster, pack the U.S. Supreme Court, and grant statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. (thus gaining four Democrat Senators and ensuring that Democrats keep a majority in the U.S. Senate forever going forward).

      And no, Democrats will NOT lose their majorities in the U.S. House and Senate when they can game the elections with impunity.

  16. At this point as a country we are relying on Joe Manchin to do as he promised and defend the Filibuster and the current size of he Supreme Court.

    If Trump had just shut the hell up a month ago we would have won at least one of those Georgia seats. Yes he was cheated, but not at the polls like he thinks; he was cheated by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the section 230 that enables them to act against conservatives with impunity. With the Democrats in charge we will never be rid of that horrific law.

    God help us all!

    • Mitch and his “Covid aid is welfare for the rich” comment had more to do with this loss than anything Trump said.

    • I’m skeptical of the idea that “moderate” Senators are going to save us from anything. Are they going to stand in the way of their entire party, including their newly elected President? Will any of them stand up there with the opposition party as vote number 51 against legislation people on their side campaigned on?

      I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • CarlosT,

        And we have not even touched on the simple and easy prospect of a wealthy Democrat donor paying a “lobbyist” (cough, hitman, cough cough) to “convince” a single wayward Democrat Senator to get back on the reservation.

  17. I don’t know what else to say other than fuck. Last time the Democrats controlled Congress we got the ACA.

    People have no attention span do they?

  18. LOL! I remember when a bunch of clowns on here and Twitter were talking about “the end of gun control” less than a year ago. I didn’t believe it. And none of us are going to do a damn thing about it. There’s a lot of big talk here, but I suspect few if any will will cash that check.

    The time to fight was during and just after the election, but the establishment GOP, and those cretins on this forum that support them over Trump, f*ed us all, without lube.

    The republic is finished. See y’all in the gulag!

    • He hasn’t left office yet here you are with the revisionist history.

      Trump pushed for big time gun control. Because of him we got a more powerful ATF and red flag laws. He restricted imports further. Republicans were trying to stop him but Trump said they were cowards for backing the NRA. Oh yeah! And Trump killed the NRA.

  19. “Your gun rights” didn’t go away. They’ve always been there. People just acquiesced because it was easier, believing that if they voted harder or just backed “the right person”, they could change things. If Trump proved anything it was that the entire system is corrupt and has been for decades; they didn’t even try to hide it with him.
    So simply say, “No”. If it comes to worse, let that happen through natural progression if it’s needed, but as has happened with all banana republics, if people ignore their masters, their masters have no power. The USSR collapsed without a shot, not because of the ever mounting debt, but because the people just stopped listening and embraced personal liberty. Czechoslovakia split peacefully, after realizing they just disagreed too much. Much easier way to go.
    So in your best Nancy Regan voice: Just Say “No”, though this time, direct the “No” to government and live your life as you see fit. Just don’t hurt people (unless they ‘swing’ first) and don’t take their stuff.

    • “Reality has a way of biting people on the backside.”

      Reality always wins in the end. Unfortunately, in the shorter term (even over decades) there can be a great deal of misery as an authoritarian regime tries prolong their rule with naked force.

  20. A generation of “men” raised on soy milk and communist propaganda isn’t going to defend anything except their right to wear skirts to work. RIP, America.

  21. You folks are ignoring the big picture here. The election of President Harris and her Senile Sock Puppet Biden followed by the obviously fraudulent election of the two senators from Georgia is the end of the republic. Elections don’t matter when the Democrats will simply stuff the ballot box. The balance of power in Congress is now overwhelmingly Democrat. A lot of Republicans who hate President Trump will eagerly vote for the Democrat agenda or even switch parties.

    The Democrats are going to push their agenda, hard!. The same cowardly SCOTUS that refused to recognize the election fraud isn’t going to do anything to protect our so called rights. I would remind you that within less than a year, the democrats have exploited the coronavirus pandemic as a pretext to destroy the lives and livelihoods of small business people and landlords with lockdowns and eviction moratoriums.

    The Democrats will be targeting anyone who publicly resists. They will make an example of the pistol packing Congresswoman. I expect that she will be expelled from Congress and publicly flogged. When the Democrats can’t find a pretext for prosecution, they will deploy their ANTIFA BLM storm troopers against us. The police will stand by and do nothing while people like us are murdered, raped and robbed.

    The time for armchair theorizing is over. I’m watching RED DAWN and THE 300 for inspiration.

    • Us Patriots have remained calm while ANTIFA BLM “peaceful protestors” turned our cities into warzones. We held our fire hoping to decide the issue with free and fair elections. The elections were rigged. The ballot box has been corrupted. Now the time to remain calm and peaceful is over.
      Karma is a bitch.

      • “turned our cities into warzones.”

        Yeah, that’s bullshit, a few localized blocks of pissed off people burning a few storefronts breaking some windows. Egged on by agitators, for their own purposes.

        This is a whole Nother thing, you boys have attacked the United States Capital while the houses of Congress were sitting in session considering our presidential election.

        Trump conservatives used violence to interrupt a United States constitutional procedure, committing a violent act of Insurrection.

        It is what it is, and you get what you get.

    • Instead of “violent rioters” don’t you really mean “mostly peaceful” in the words of your favored propaganda outlets?

    • Right wing Trump supporters are trashing Statuary Hall

      Funny, you weren’t that concerned when ANTIFAGS and Black Liberal Murderers were burning and looting nearly every major city in the country, rioting, assaulting (and killing) cops AND conservative civilians… BUT NOW… “ALL of US BOOGALOO BOIS”? Go Fuck Yourself you hypocritical, slime ridden, scum bag Piece of Shit little boy….. That’s ALL I have to say about that AND to you… Good Day…

      • “Murderers were burning and looting nearly every major city in the country,”

        Exaggerate much? A few blocks here and there, businesses burn, windows broken, angry people in the streets. Happens all the time, not good but we’re talking about humans.

        This is a violent coup attempt.

        Trump supporters have committed a violent act of Inserection, attacking the United States Capitol while both houses of Congress are in session, debating our election under the constitution.

        • act of Inserection,

          Hey BRIGHT BOI…. Pretty sure you meant INSURRECTION… stick to the copy/paste your stupidity shows every time you try to go off prompter (hmmmmm a lot like “Creepy Uncle Joe”)

  22. Looks like they learned well from Nov. Just enough to win AND make it believable… Guess I’ll be away for awhile, need to move some essentials from FL to the mountain (mostly guns and ammo pus a couple of vehicles) 700 hundred miles each way, three or four trips then stock in staples before Jan 20 (Possum please give fair warning if you decide to nuke DC, I’ll be much closer than I am now)… Y’all keep your heads down (well most of you)… Be back in awhile.. Later…

  23. Everyone knows that the elections were rigged, from Trumps to Kelly and Purdue, it wouldn’t have made any differences if only one person voted for the Democrats side and everyone else voted Republican, the vote count would be in favor of the Democrats, that’s a proven fact, all polls in the state of GA. Has shown that, Trump, Kelly, and Purdue, had more then 83% of the votes in Georgia, all 3 candidates would have won their seats, nation wide results still shows more then 68% of the people in America voted Republican. With the facts, there’s no way the Democrats could have won, without sitting up a scam to falsifying the results,

  24. I don’t give a flying shit who controls the house, that word Control seems like it’s being abused by those wanting to demonstrate how much power they think they have, They might control that so called house but here at my little ponderosa they don’t have to vote or agree on what the hell I do, Last I checked we were still free in this country and no one or some penny any worthless pieces of shit words wrote on paper tells me what I can and cannot do the only boss I ever had was my parents and I deeply respected them, What’s going on in our government and society today is a damn disgrace and it doesn’t take much common sense to figure out the first step in getting this country back on track, we need government officials that will work together putting what’s best for our country first instead of wanting to show how much power he or she has and how much money they can pocket or how many billions they can send to some foreign country our country should come first but as long as these so called government officials continue to fight and argue among themselves we will continue to roll down hill like a snowball headed for hell, if it wasn’t for us people standing up for our rights and freedom we would already be under their complete control, think about this, there is a few of our government that will stand and support our 2nd amendment but there are million’s of people, those brave service men and women that have fought and dedicated themselves to this country, you and me that we remain free and our rights stay in place they are the real heroes of this country and they will forever be in my dept and from the very core of my heart I dearly thank you 🇺🇸, also we have gun owner’s, hunter’s, that let their voices be heard and they do an absolutely awesome job, so see when it really comes right down to it it’s the people that are preventing our rights and freedom being taken away, not no diaper dandy wearing$1000 suits and $3000 shoes signing their names on a piece of shit paper with a $700 pen that takes a soliem oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States then after taking that oath will be possessed to take our rights and freedom away, I don’t know about you all but I don’t put my faith in the government no my faith is in the people, ( the Patriots) so they might control that shit house and while they controlling it our country will continue to go down hill but we the people can change that if the government can’t, we can 🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸🔫🇺🇸

  25. Might wanna get that biden / harris sticker off your minivan and the biden sign out of your yard it’s going to get worse. LOL


  27. If any of you thought that the Senate was going to stay in Republican control you were fooling yourselves. I guess the Republicans didn’t realize that they were in a fight and the winner of a fight is usually the one who fights the dirties and cheats the most.

    • Well, Jay, I would be doing that, too – if it weren’t for that horrible boating accident a few months back. Wasn’t able to save a single one of my guns. Now when the busies come looking for them, I’ll just sniffle a little, and point them to the lake. They can dredge it, if they want.

  28. Disappointing, divided government was the best outcome.

    But the GOP candidates were corrupt fraudsters who played the stock market based off covid briefings while playing the fools in public. I’d say they got what they had coming but… they didn’t.

  29. Well here’s a suggestion for us to address the issue of gun control now that Democrats control the Senate.

    As our elected representatives were all forced to hunker down in fear wondering when the mob was going to overwhelm their poorly armed and outnumbered Capitol Police to extract their vengeance upon them, this might be a good time for the NRA to offer all of our members of Congress their own A.R. 15 with a couple mags of ammo that they can keep in their offices in the House and Senate.

    Since our elected representatives have experienced the fear of being unarmed and poorly defended I am confident that many of them will now understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment for ALL Americans.


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