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Today, the chickens came home to roost for the NY Daily News. Fully half their staff will get the axe as a result of lost subscribers and advertisers. Furthermore, the owners of NY’s rabidly partisan newspaper also sacked editor-in-chief Jim Rich.

For years, The Daily News has worn its leftist politics on the front page as a badge of honor. And now, with the paper teetering on bankruptcy, here come the layoffs as part of a “fundamental restructuring“.

The NY Times ran the story:

The meeting lasted less than a minute. By the time it was over, reporters and editors at The Daily News had been told that the newsroom staff was being cut in half and that the editor in chief, Jim Rich, was out of a job.

Grant Whitmore, an executive at Tronc, the media company that owns The News, presided over the meeting, which took place shortly after 9 a.m. on Monday in the seventh-floor newsroom at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan. About 50 members of the newspaper’s staff were in attendance. The group did not include Mr. Rich or Kristen Lee, the managing editor, who is leaving as part of Tronc’s aggressive plan.

The new editor in chief is Robert York, currently the editor and publisher of The Morning Call, a Tronc-owned daily newspaper in Allentown, Pa. Before taking the reins at The Morning Call, Mr. York was the vice president of strategy and operations at The San Diego Union-Tribune. He has spent most of his career in San Diego.

Let’s face it, actions have consequences. When a newspaper writes off half or more of its subscribers through its editorial policy, that doesn’t make for a strong bottom line.

The paper’s editors have happily blamed good guy gun owners for violent crime in America. Indeed, every time a mass murder happens in America, The News blames not the killer(s), but…the National Rifle Association and its members.

Gun-Hating NY Daily News Layoffs Hit Half of Staff

The dead tree publication even managed to blame the NRA for Islam-inspired terror attacks.

Gun-Hating NY Daily News Layoffs Hit Half of Staff

Even more disgusting, the vile Daily News’ editors label the NRA and its members a terrorist organization.

Gun-Hating NY Daily News Layoffs Hit Half of Staff

The Daily News’ sick jihad against gun owners might sell a few papers to low-information types. At least for a while. In the end though, that schtick grows old.

Time will tell if the owners decide to remake The Daily News as a reputable publication through a fundamental restructuring. If they don’t make big changes, they’ll continue down the trail blazed by Newsweek and others into irrelevance and bankruptcy. In the meantime, I will enjoy a big cup of schadenfreude and urge the rest of The People of the Gun to do the same.



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  1. Well, thanks to Trumps creation of a robust economy and job market the laid off staffers will have no trouble finding work. Honest work is something they have no history with. But they’ll adapt or perish.

    MAGA appears to be working.

      • Thankfully, McDonalds is installing kiosks. So unless they plan on hiring on as managers, they’ll have to look elsewhere.

        I look forward to when all “good food quickly” establishments implement them.

        • Even the kiosks seem outdated. Macs ought to skip a step and just go all in with their app.

    • The government can’t create a robust economy or (productive) jobs. The best it can do is stay out of the way as much as possible, while private industry creates wealth and innovation. Trump has helped the government take a few steps in the right direction economically, but there’s still a lot of ground left to cover.

    • Dr. Peter Venkman: Janine, someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.

  2. HAW HAW!!! Seriously who tf buys these leftard rags?!? That 1st headline blaming the NRA for a Moose-lim shooter…who do they blame in Canada ay?

    • Umm Jeff Bezos and his progtard ilk. If you mean one issue of the daily rag – pretty much no one thus going belly up.

  3. I wouldn’t even line a bird cage with that paper. Bird turd is to good for it.
    But does describe its content well.

  4. ‘twould be funny if the owners had a heart-to-heart conversation with their bankers and decided to go full-on gunny, and started making a profit. I bet they would, once people realized it wasn’t just a joke. The media around NYC is so rabid lefty that any sign of sanity would have the normal people all to itself.

    • Nah. Once given away, no one is going to go back to such publications without a 20-30 year proving period. They can’t survive that.

  5. I’ll give them credit for one thing: These images are the only time I’ve seen any anti-gunners mention Wayne LaPierre at all, let alone by name. The print for his name is REALLY small though.

  6. So legal beagles tell me something…..

    How do they get away with putting a terrorist label on WLP on the front page of a newspaper?

    Seems like malice would be reasonable to assert.
    Seems pretty easy that the paper knows it’s not true (or he would be arrested by the gov).

    Is it because it is so preposterous that it’s considered satire?

    If so, it would seem that WLP would sue them just so that that they have to admit that their “newspaper” is in fact just a satire rag.

    Maybe the biggest reason not to sue is that they wouldn’t get 12 NY’ers to decide against the paper. Can it go directly to a judge?

  7. So, they got rid of metro and sports reporters, as well as most of the photo department. The only thing that separates one newspaper from any other is the local coverage. They should have fired everyone but metro, sports and photographers. When I read my local paper, I want info on what is happening locally. Plenty of other places to read AP feeds or get lectured to about our horrible president.

    Free pro-tip for media executives: If you want to be successful, make sure you have the best coverage of your little corner of the world. People and profits will follow…

    • Amfivena is right on target!

      If you want to talk about a precarious business model, let’s talk about radio stations on the A.M. or F.M. dial — something that the current young generation has never discovered thanks to miniature digital music players and Internet streaming audio. The stations that are doing quite well: small stations in small communities that inform their audience about their local community.

      • bring back the <10watt local nonprofits to unrogue and legitimize small community broadcasters on the fcc radar hunt.

        from fcc broadcast ownership rules:

        "In a radio market with 45 or more stations, an entity may own up to eight radio stations, no more than five of which may be in the same service (AM or FM).
        In a radio market with between 30 and 44 radio stations, an entity may own up to seven radio stations, no more than four of which may be in the same service.
        In a radio market hosting between 15 and 29 radio stations, an entity may own up to six radio stations, no more than four of which may be in the same service.
        In a radio market with 14 or fewer radio stations, an entity may own up to five radio stations, no more than three of which may be in the same service, as long as the entity does not own more than 50 percent of all radio stations in that market."

        originally this was restricted to 1/1 radio/ tv in any given market for any single entity. slikdik willie allowed this to relax to the current state of monopolized media. same commercials, different yammering/ dead rock stars. melting brains since '96.

        not to mention over 1000npr stations blathering away incessantly.

  8. “Gun-Hating NY Daily News Lays Off Half Their Staff”

    Let me know when they lay off the other half.

  9. Eh. It’s tempting to think it’s due to their anti-gun pro-limoliberal slant, but really it’s just a dying business model.

  10. Oh come ON now… we can do better than just laying off half of these regressive pukes. Keep up the pressure and we can get them to close outright!

    • Before it closes, though, we’ll get to watch NY Governor Cuomo try to spend taxpayer money to keep it alive, as a pet of the D party. Perhaps the Democrat party could buy it and make it, more obviously, an in-house paper….if they had the money.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bezos or Eric Schidt jump in to delay its demise.

  11. I’m a life-long NYer and what I’ve always found funny about the Daily News is that they’re generally pretty conservative… except on gun-rights issues.

  12. I would say no great loss if they closed their doors altogether but then what would the residents do for fire starting,,fish wrap and bird cage lining material.

    • I wouldn’t mind it if my son became a journalist, since there are none today. There would be zero competition to gain an audience of those who are aware of the fact.

  13. Everything that socialists/communists touch goes bankrupt.

    Probably because they’re morally bankrupt to begin with.

    • Colbert occasionally had wise words at one time;
      “Who would have thought that the fatal flaw in Communism is that there’s no money in it?”

  14. the two biggest takeaways of the trump era so far:

    1. get woke>go broke

    2. we finally found out how exceptionally and egregiously bad the people are that were at the highest levels of the executive branch of the us government from 2008-2016

  15. … aaaaand, hereditary Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger went off in a snit about how they hadn’t *notified* the state of the layoff beforehand. (That’s one of those NY state rules for businesses the administrative stateers can’t get enough of … until it clips them. BTW, think the post will get prosecuted for this?)

    There is not enough popcorn in the world…

      • It’s the NY State “economic development” model: Find a succeeding industry and knee-cap it. Then subsidize the b-team dregs that are left.

        It’s been working out well, so far…

      • Clients and patronage … a fine plan until eventually it chokes the productive stuff. NY State government is best understood as the mob without the glamor.

        – They make their money from protection rackets extorting anything productive. “Mighty nice business you got there. Would be a shame if anything happened to it.” With NY’s “interlocking network of commissions, boards, authorities and agencies”, they can knee-cap you any time for any thing, and you won’t see it coming. And the people who can do this are appointed at the state level: not responsive to the locals.

        – The money and favor fuels a client / patronage system that buys votes. Nobody can afford to build public works like roads as a city, town or similar. So what gets built is what the state wants built n subsidizes … with money they took out of the localities. You wanna do economic development, you gotta dance to their tune. See the “NYS Hunger Games.” Or how the tax-exempt polytechnic institute “incubates” new companies on properties it owns n pays no taxes on. Play with them your rent’s cheaper. They pocket some of the savings. And it keeps money away from those pesky local authorities who might go do something if they could afford to.

        We’re all just digits of the commensal. If the Proconsul needs us to have guns, we’ll be told. And who to shoot, one presumes.

  16. I saw the words New York in the paper’s motto, that’s all I needed to see.
    Of course the Daily News is crap, as are it’s editors, reporters, readers, advertisers and owners. Flush it all down.

    Move along, nothing to see here, just another plugged up septic tank………..

  17. Good thing they’re only after the left handed AR-15s. I’m surprised they were able to get a good picture of one as they’re not all that common.

  18. The only thing I hate more than an entire newspaper devoted to the demonization of guns and gun owners, is a bad kink in my back that keeps me awake at 1:45 am.

  19. no the persons on layoff will have to battle Illegal Immigrants for Jobs, considering their ability too twist the truth maybe the Russians will hire them. no better yet the American Pinko’s would be better suited, or maybe Hillery will hire them too make up stories about how great she is

  20. Can’t think of anything good to come out of newyeck! All their rags I’ve ever seen were pro commie ,pro abortion, pro faggot& lesbos, pro porn, pro dummycrap, anti Honest Law enforcement, ANTI firearms,anti constitution, anti family,& pro lining theirs filthy pockets!!! I Thank GOD I live South of the Mason Dixon line! & don’t have to worry bout their home made BS. BLACK GUNS MATTER— NO antifa no BLM

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