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EDC CCW Concealed Carry GLOCK 19 Ruger LCR

Sam Reyes isn’t taking any chances. As he writes: I carry with the idea that if something isn’t on me it might as well be on the moon.

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  1. Sam might want to rethink those LeverEvolution rounds, they work great out of rifles but have been proven worse than a regular FTX in handguns. Slower burning powder designed for 16+ inch barrels doesn’t translate well to a 2 inch snubbie.

        • Yeah, that’s a weird choice to carry a single rat-shot round.

          If you’ve seen a snake and had enough time to think about and futz around with a single shot-shell round, then clearly the snake is no threat to you, so just leave it the hell alone.

    • The Lever Evolution out of a snubbie (aka expensive fmj) is bad enough. But for a reload I sure would not want any snake shot on the speed strip.

      • Possibly the gunslinger special is for 2 legged threats, the revolver is for 4 legged threats with an extra round on the reload strip for 0 legged threats?

  2. 1) I hope that this guy doesn’t fall into deep water. 8~)

    2) If “2 is 1” and “1 is none”, then 2 is none. (#Mathhasrules)

    3) No spare phone? j/k

  3. I’m digging that clear mag.
    That’s looks cool.
    “It doesn’t matter how good you do it, what matters is how good you look, doing it”.

  4. Good to see someone else carrying a “rat shot”. And “gasp” a Ruger not another glock. How much is too much. If you live in LAdishou you may make a case for all this stuff. Not all of us live in the demlib hell holes. Some (most) of us don’t need a tactical load out. But hey, carry what suits.

  5. what an idiot. why not a speed loader??? you really think you are going to be able to pull those rounds out and load them one at a time…during a gun fight?? beyond stupid.

    • Do you not understand how a speed strip works? Or is this a joke about the clear magazine? I’m genuinely not sure what you’re saying here.


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