Two Is One and One Is None – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

EDC CCW Concealed Carry GLOCK 19 Ruger LCR

Sam Reyes isn’t taking any chances. As he writes: I carry with the idea that if something isn’t on me it might as well be on the moon.


  1. avatar DrewR says:

    Sam might want to rethink those LeverEvolution rounds, they work great out of rifles but have been proven worse than a regular FTX in handguns. Slower burning powder designed for 16+ inch barrels doesn’t translate well to a 2 inch snubbie.

    1. avatar Just Sayin says:

      I noticed that also.
      And what’s with that last revolver round? Snake shot or Wadcutter?

      1. avatar DrewR says:

        Definitely a CCI shot shell.

        1. avatar Swarf says:

          Yeah, that’s a weird choice to carry a single rat-shot round.

          If you’ve seen a snake and had enough time to think about and futz around with a single shot-shell round, then clearly the snake is no threat to you, so just leave it the hell alone.

    2. avatar S.Crock says:

      The Lever Evolution out of a snubbie (aka expensive fmj) is bad enough. But for a reload I sure would not want any snake shot on the speed strip.

      1. avatar Me says:

        Possibly the gunslinger special is for 2 legged threats, the revolver is for 4 legged threats with an extra round on the reload strip for 0 legged threats?

  2. avatar Phil LA says:

    Yeah, and good luck surviving a day without your FIELD NOTES.

  3. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    1) I hope that this guy doesn’t fall into deep water. 8~)

    2) If “2 is 1” and “1 is none”, then 2 is none. (#Mathhasrules)

    3) No spare phone? j/k

  4. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

    LCR in .357 for the *win*…

  5. avatar S.Crock says:

    There is a lot going on here.

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I’m digging that clear mag.
    That’s looks cool.
    “It doesn’t matter how good you do it, what matters is how good you look, doing it”.

  7. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Good to see someone else carrying a “rat shot”. And “gasp” a Ruger not another glock. How much is too much. If you live in LAdishou you may make a case for all this stuff. Not all of us live in the demlib hell holes. Some (most) of us don’t need a tactical load out. But hey, carry what suits.

  8. avatar bryan1980 says:

    At least the pieces he’s carrying will be more reliable than the car he’s driving.

  9. avatar little horn says:

    what an idiot. why not a speed loader??? you really think you are going to be able to pull those rounds out and load them one at a time…during a gun fight?? beyond stupid.

    1. avatar DrewR says:

      Do you not understand how a speed strip works? Or is this a joke about the clear magazine? I’m genuinely not sure what you’re saying here.

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