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Just drove the gun right through a Pep Boys and everything stuck to it.


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  1. Lol
    There isn’t a single thing in that photo I would put on an AR15 (unless I was asked to by it’s owner).

      • I do have a TruGlo branded red dot like that though but that was my first red dot and it was bought for a .22lr pistol. These days I’m more likely to go with Vortex or Sig.

    • I think I did OK. Now I’d concentrate on light weight handguards & optics. And no front sight post(had a dude on an AR group say I was crazy ’cause ” the army dissagrees”. Oh well…I’m old.

      • Lol
        What does the Army know?

        But seriously, set yours up however ya like. That’s the beauty of it. You can do it your way.

        • MY TruGlo flew apart at about 500 rounds-no dropping or abuse. Threw it in a drawer. Never again using that chinese brand…

      • When weight savings are a priority, an old-school drop-in handguard is lighter than all but the most skeletonized aluminum freefloats, and a helluva lot cheaper.

  2. I just put a Kyle Rittenhouse ejection port cover on for a friend. “Kenosha tested, Kenosha approved”. lol

      • I wish him the best in his endeavors with holding the media accountable…but unless/until he wins a lawsuit, he’s got an uphill battle against very well-funded lawyers.

        • At best, he might see a settlement or two. Maybe. But who knows. If he ends up taking opra down a peg or two I’ll be happy.

        • When you factor in Kyle was a minor when the media slandered and libeled him it’s not so uphill.

        • AR Bling? No thanks. The last Anderson lower purchased was in a sealed package and it turned out to have “Don’t Thread On Me” on the right side of the mag well. It was removed or perhaps neatly hidden by scrubbing with a nylon brush dipped in Brownells’ Aluminum Black. The logo details remained and looked better in black.

        • Remember Nick Sandmann? He came out pretty well and he is advising Kyle in his legal pursuits.

  3. I’ve got one of those cheapo Amazon red dots as shown in the meme. Got it from Amazon for like $20, and … It doesn’t actually suck.

    Of course, I put it on a .22LR, not an AR15, I’m not an idiot. But I have probably put 500 rounds through it, and the sight works just fine, holds zero perfectly, has a 2MOA dot or an EOTech-style circle/dot, and a cross hair dot, all in red or green. Red’s not bright enough for use in full sun, but the green was fine.

    I was shocked.

    • Same here – I think the brand is Pinty? I have more than a few – they work just fine. All of those rifles have backup sights.

      Would I go to war with it? If there was no other option – sure.

  4. The 45 degree irons make a lot of sense when coupled with a magnified optic (that doesn’t go down to 1x) but why would you mate that with a red dot?

    • We use import A2 Style 45 degree offset backup sights on scoped ARs. They are converted to nights sights. Quality varies with the import A2 style sights, last set from Amazon were decent. Aperture and sight post thread pitch can be US or import making night sight conversions easy or not so easy.

    • I put a pair of the 45 degree irons on my .300 Blackout, and calibrated them for heavy subsonics, and the scope for 125gr supersonics, and they seemed to work well! Now the flat nosed subs would hang up every few rounds, but (as in *Ghost and the Darkness*) I’m convinced the theory is sound.

    • I learned the value of 45 degree offset BUIS while doing carbine competitions. I quickly realized the benefit when shooting around obstacles with an LVPO mounted carbine.

  5. It’s the $50 red dots sights that get me rolling! You visit an acquaintance’s house and they are all “Check a look at my new manhood.” and pull out a base $500 AR-15 with a China Joe special optic on top acting like they got something worth looking at. This ain’t Commiefornia good sir, you’ll have to do a lot better than that here.

    • And we should care whether you’re impressed… why? It’ll put a hole in an Antifa goon just as well as the $2000 Daniel Defense does, and that’s all that really matters.

      • He started it when he wanted to show it off to impress me. It might put one hole in them before it sheers a bolt lig. It’s not about the cost of the platform but the training and intent put into it. No cheapie optic or rifle going to hold up to even a single AR training course. Put a $99 Primary Arms red dot on top, install a $30 POF cam pin, $30 Magpul pistol grip, and a $40 Nickel Boron milspec trigger group on any baseline rifle and it will go toe to toe with a Daniel Defense. It’s not about cost it’s about training and intent. Add an on sale $99 Ballistic Advantage barrel and you’re competition ready for less than $900.

  6. I dunno I just bought some UTG fixed irons so I probably fit into this meme. Then again I guess it’s not a cheapie red dot either. Blah.

    • actually the UTG Pro flip up iron sights are pretty good. I have one set of these, never had any issue with them and zero perfectly, sturdy, quality material and workmanship.

      The UTG Pro line is the upscale version of Leapers and actually made in the U.S.A.

      The regular UTG line is a cheaper line now made in Taiwan under Leapers U.S.A. engineering/design.

      Leapers doesn’t make any UTG products in China any longer, their China plant now does optical assemblies for other companies products.

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  8. I never put anything on my AR unless it’s useful, better, lighter or provides some benefit as opposed to what was originally there. As an example, I’m changing the ejector cover to the Strike Industries Billet cover.
    I like the easier installation as opposed to the tiny C clip and the fact that it has two rubber bumpers that contact the upper instead of that metal one smacking it.

  9. I cringe when I see the Punisher logo on anything, let alone gun parts. Several trucks in my small, old mill town have huge punisher logos in back window.

    Squatted truck with punisher logo…..sigh.

    There is no hope for the future, none.

  10. If you live in a Blue State or County or City, you’d best leave any political images or slogans off your weapon if you think you might ever actually use it on someone. Maybe paint it Pink & Yellow & White, too.


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