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What happens when government bans civilian possession of firearms for self-defense for law-abiding citizens? We need to look no further for an answer than south of the Rio Grande. When bad men with evil in their hearts showed up Sunday night at a cockfight in a small town in Michoacan, Mexico, with no good guys with guns to stop them, it became a bloodbath.  In the end 20 were killed and more wounded.

Sixteen men and three women were found dead at the scene and another died on the way to the hospital. And not a one of those folks legally had the means under Mexican law to shoot back against the criminals who opened fire with AK-pattern rifles.


Clearly Mexico’s uber-strict gun control — the kind America’s gun control industry dreams of — saves lives, right? Not so much.

From the Guardian . . .

Mexican authorities have confirmed that 20 people were killed when a group of gunmen stormed a cockfight, in a small town in the western state of Michoacán.

Officials and witnesses described a choreographed massacre in which assailants in military uniforms arrived just after 10.30pm on Sunday night and opened fire with assault rifles at the crowds of primarily middle-aged men.

Two small trucks, one of them branded with the logo for Sabritas, a potato chip company, were used to block the highway leading to the cockfighting arena.

Video filmed by witnesses nearby captured the sound of machine gun fire, which could be heard several miles away.

Photos leaked to social media showed the aftermath of the massacre, with barriers and chairs knocked over, and bodies scattered inside and outside the building.

Mexican police told local media they found 19 bodies – 16 men and three women. Another victim died en route to the hospital. More than 100 shells from 7.62 caliber rifles littered the ground.

The police also seized 15 cars that were on the scene.

If you want to know what would happen in America if radical gun-grabbers get their way and manage to end legal civilian firearm ownership, you just have to look at the failed state of Mexico. Yet politicians like Beto O’Rourke, who despite two very high-profile failed campaigns for US Senate and President, still advocates for banning America’s favorite rifle – the AR-15 – and others like it.

Today, not a lot has changed. Like other far left Democrats, Robert Francis O’Rourke still advocates confiscation, even while running for Governor of Texas.

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  1. The gangs in Mexico flourish because the Government lets them flourish.

    Billions of dollars are made in the drug trade that supplies American addicts with drugs. Why?

    Because for two long the Gangster Criminal Republicans have refused to do what Europe has done decades ago and that is decriminalize drug addiction. If a person is given free drugs and medical treatment it soon drives drug gangs and their violence out of business.

    Why have the Republicans not followed the success of the European treatment of drug addicts?

    Simple. Life is considered cheap in Capitalvania and the Republicans refuse to spend any money on social services that would treat drug addicts. Republicans are too busy stealing the workingman’s tax dollars to give to corrupt Corporations in the form of Corporate Subsidies (Corporate Welfare), tax dollars which are given away by the railroad car full of cold cash leaving no money for National Health Care or Aid to Education and job retraining.

    When you vote Republican you get nothing in return for your tax dollars except to give your tax dollars to Corporations who pay no taxes making “you” pay for the running of the Government.

    • Or we could just seal the border. Which would restrict the flow of drugs and unvaccinated illegals spreading the death flu.

    • Look at your “precious”cities like San Francisco, where gang violence, homelessness and filthy streets are awash. That is your idea of utopia and how well your democrtas spend money…no thanks. It’s easy to spend money on the addict population when the size of the population is small. Grow up…

    • While I do agree with you that all street drugs should be completely legalized ( especially for minorities) because part of being free is having the freedom to make bad choices for yourself. What I don’t agree with you about is your argument about the working man’s taxes because the majority of the taxes collected in the United States come from the top 5%. You also seem to forget that Democrats were in power when all of the major legislation concerning the illegality of Controlled Substances were passed. Half of every dollar that the government spends in recent years has been borrowed money so there’s obviously no correlation between taxes collected and government spending.

      I’ll also give you a little bit of information, even if the tax rate was 99.9% on corporate income, corporations would effectively pay zero income taxes because their income tax is simply a pass-through tax to the end consumer of the corporation’s goods or services.

      Do you know why a corporate income tax even exist? It’s not to raise revenue. It’s so politicians can sell their influence to major campaign donors in exchange for lenient treatment and corporate welfare as you like to call it. The federal government needs to be stripped of about 85% of their powers that they weild today and they need to stick with the 11 powers that are enumerated to have in the Constitution. Corporate cronyism would vanish overnight if the politicians didn’t have anything to sell.

      • While I do agree with you that all street drugs should be completely legalized ( especially for minorities). What? Especially for minorities? What the hell does that mean? You want a bunch of doped up minorities controlling the country? What kind of idiot are you.
        I’ll give you one thing. Your assessment on corporate welfare is correct. Any increase in taxes on corporations is passed on the the end consumer. Raise taxes on big oil? You will pay at the pump. You’re only raising taxes on yourself.

    • darcydodo…Instead of pointing fingers you should find a crack addict on the street and ask them to move in with you…Let us know how it goes.

    • WHY are you blaming this on Republicans? You forget.. Trump had our southern border sealed. Drug use, and violent crime, were both falling when the electioin got stolen. WHO is it disarming the citiens in our cities, , defubging law enforcement, stumping for revolvong door catch nd release, even ofor murderous violent felons? WHO is it has shuttered tens of thousands lf small business across thisland over some silly cold virus? The result of this being a trashed economy and skyrocketing c violent crime. What flavoiur of politicans are noising about taking away all our guns?

      Hmph. didn’t notice it was you. oh well.. quid est dictum. Usuallyt don’t waste the finger energy to respond to yur drivel and lies.

      • to tionico

        quote————-WHO is it has shuttered tens of thousands lf small business across thisland over some silly cold virus?———–quote

        That so called cold virus (Covid 19) killed over 1 million U.S. Citizens. You are deranged.

        • So what? It was an opinion that turned out to be wrong. But then do you support investigating the origins of the Chinese Virus? Or do you support your Red Chinese allies?

    • “Decriminalization” for drug users and traffickers is not the answer but long prison sentences for “recreational” users and the death penalty for dealers would clear things up mighty quick.

      Drug addiction is not a “disease”, no one gets bitten by the cocaine mosquito or catches a meth addiction from being sneezed on.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. I for once agree with you. the Mexican government does let the drug cartels flourish because of corruption. but then if the people are not allowed to own a firearm, how do they defend themselves against the bad guys? You do know that John Lennon’s throwing flowers at the bad guys just doesn’t work to well.

      I have some bad bad news for you. When you vote for a politician, you are supposed to be voting for a LEADER, not a cash dispenser. The solution to most every problem is not money but people with ideas, not cash.

        • Ever wonder why vegans are always angry? Vegans who relapsed into eating meat say their anger and vindictiveness subsided when they resumed eating proper protein. The vegans must be missing something vital in their diet.

        • More profound ignorance from Jethro and his gang of Out House Denison’s.

          Many large population studies have found that vegetarians and vegans live longer than meat eaters: According to the Loma Linda University study, vegetarians live about seven years longer and vegans about fifteen years longer than meat eaters.Jun 3, 2018

          Vegetarianism and Longevity, why do they live longer? › vegetarianism-and-longevit

          I might add none of you people can be real you are obviously Bots. No one living in the 21st Century can be that ignorant or can they?

        • OMG! A fascist bot calling out others for being bots. You live in the 21st century and show your ignorance with every comment.

        • He proved my point. Lil’d seems to be in a constant state of anger and bitterness. For a while i thought his mental state was from tertiary syphilis. Someone please feed him a double whopper.

        • dacian the Dunderhead, Studies? By whom? Another one of your Leftist studies that starts out with a conclusion and goes about trying to prove it?

        • Looking at Dacian’s Howdy Doody picture I thought “this guy certainly looks like an idiot”. When he started writing his dribble, he proved it.

  2. They lied to you. Legalizing drugs does not eliminate crime. Even if the laws are still on the books. And the state simply refuses to enforce the law. Criminals will still be criminals. They will not become respected nonviolent businessmen.

    To them “power flows out the end of a gun barrel”. And they are intoxicated on that power. And they are never going to give that it up. The only solution is to arm the civilian population. With at least the same Firepower that the criminals have.

    • One of the selling points of legalizing weed was it would shrink the illegal market. But those states that have legalized it have implemented such heavy handed regulations on the production and sale of it, the illegal market is still thriving. See California.

      Give people the freedom to smoke, inject, ingest what they want. The dregs will die off. But also give people the freedom to not associate with (i.e. hire, rent to, live next to, etc.) anyone they wish.

      Freedom is the answer.

      • I just wish that people who say “freedom is the answer”. Also believe in the consequences and responsibilities that go with freedom. Unfortunately most of them do not.

        “Why Progressives Ruin Cities” video 5 min long

      • While treatment(including maintenance doses of drug of choice for cost by the government), hospitalization for rehab and for the mental problems many have would be a great way to help break the back of the cartels, that doesn’t mean that guns should be taken from the civilians.
        There is too much money to be made from the suffering of the addicted, so real help is never going to happen.
        If the powers that be can parade up so many addicted people, they can say that they need more control on gunowners. They move the poor around like pawns for thier profit.

      • I agree, people should have the freedom to ingest anything they want, with one provision. If you choose to ingest such things and the result causes the death of one or more other people, whether it be through DWI or whatever, you forfeit your right to life.
        The number of people dying from drunk drivers is still ridiculous. Can’t imagine what it would be with zero drug regulation.

      • Mr Beam, That is pure unadulterated HORSE PUCKY! The problem is the example of the robberies on you pot dispensaries? How about all the people who wil now be driving under the influence of pot? We have enough problems with substance abuse without adding this!

    • “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they
      should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of
      independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would
      include their own government.” – George Washington
      How smart our founders were. The US is a country founded by geniuses and run by idiots.

  3. Again, the Rule of the Four Stupids. Stay away from stupid people doing stupid things at stupid times in stupid places.

  4. Based on the pic of all those empty beer cans, at least some died with a good buzz on… 🙁

    • Hahahahaha. Wow that’s funny! Have you considered a career in comedy?!?!

      Just kidding, you’re an idiot 🖕🤡!

      • Please excuse my little boy.

        He’s very little, since the doctor’s scalpel slipped while he was being circumcised, all he has is a tiny nub left.

        All his little friends at school mocked him mercilessly when they saw how little he had left. 🙂

  5. Guess some criminal lost a bet on the cock fights. Paid off with lead instead of silver.
    Never caught the bloodsport bug and have no use for those who have. Putting animals into a pit, or ring to kill each other or a ritualized killing of a bull, to me is beyond barbaric and is just plain cruel. At least humans, who choose to go into an MMA or Boxing ring are there by their own choice. The same reason I am against any form of conscription other than a direct invasion of the country by a large military force. And even then, with great hesitation.
    Seems every time such a mass casualty shooting it is a location, or situation where there few if any people who are in a position to fight back or defend themselves in kind. Guess us peons and serfs outside the guarded and secured estates and offices of the self proclaimed elites are just supposed to call the police and pray we live long enough to take a report and maybe investigate. And perhaps call someone else to clean up the mess.

    • I’ve raised game fowl, if you dont keep the roosters seperated they’ll kill each other any chance they get. I’ve even had hens try to kill other hens.

  6. I dont know how they do it in Mexico now but all the fighting cocks I’ve ever seen had their combs cut off.
    The phrase ” Well heeled” comes from putting the right gaffs on the birds.

  7. Simple math. We reduced the number of guns on the street by defending the police. Crime went up. What do libtards think will happen if all the guns were gone? Hint, it’s not rainbows and unicorns.


  9. The mexican military needs To capture all cartel members, institute military tribunals and later execute them by firing squad..

  10. Sounds like a fun place. Glad the borders to such a paradise are wide open now. Thanks king dribble cup!!

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