Election 2020 Beto O'Rourke
I said what? (AP Photo/John Locher)
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[Beto] was so forceful and unyielding that gun-control advocates cringed, fearing that wary gun-owners would conclude that in their hearts, Democrats are gun-grabbers and that even modest restrictions are a prelude to confiscation.

“That is going to follow him for the rest of his life,” said Andi Turner, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association. “He didn’t just say it once…and most Texans, they have internet. Hell yes, it’s going to follow him. Texans who believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment specifically are not going to tolerate gun confiscation from law abiding citizens.”

It wasn’t the first or last time O’Rourke demanded mandatory buybacks of assault-style weapons.

But it was the most colorful – so colorful that Second Amendment defenders and advocates of gun violence reduction alike are scratching their heads as to how he can possibly get past it. And the consensus is that he must, to have any chance against Gov. Greg Abbott.

Because while mandatory buybacks polled pretty well among Democrats in fall 2019, after a summer of mass shootings, no one sees confiscation of guns purchased legally and owned by non-criminals as a winner in a Texas election.

— Todd J. Gillman in Beto O’Rourke’s ‘hell yes’ vow to ‘take your AR-15’ or AK-47 casts shadow on Texas governor’s race




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  1. This guy never gets tired of losing. He must think he has a chance unless he’s just trying to raise money and stay relevant.

    Has anyone seen the trailer for that HBO special coming out denigrating gun owners and the NRA? It looks like they’re painting the picture (as usual) of 2a advocates standing in the way of fighting violent crime involving guns.

    • I stopped briefly on one of the alphabet evening news channels doing a piece on Parkland and following a film of useful idiots congregated around d.hogg the newscaster with a straight face said, “Gun Control.”

      Apparently the party of slavery, lynching, cross, burning, the KKK, segregation, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities has not gotten the message that History clearly confirms “Gun Control” is a Racist Remark. To say Gun Control is to say the N-Word. The two go hand in hand and are two peas in a pod. Both are equally racist. One has gotten the attention it deserves while the other skated on by.

      When d.hogg opens his Gun Control piehole out comes the stench of racism and genocide. Obviously he is politically inept and history illiterate otherwise he could smell his own rotten breath.

      The bigger problem is law abiding Gun Owners, the Party of Lincoln et al are busy mowing grass, cooking and trying to keep up, etc. Finding time to write to an editor, etc. is difficult and knowing what to say is even more difficult. So when some sneaky pompous Gun Control zealot says “Gun Control” simply put a sock in their mouth with, “History clearly confirms Gun Control is a Racist Remark.” And and demand an apology.

      Gun Control has been in the driver’s seat and The Second Amendment has been under the bus getting ran over for years. That is all thanks to those who provided standing for Gun Control by sweeping it’s diabolical baggage under the rug and leaving it there.

      History clearly confirms the words “Gun Control” should not to be heard on TV anymore than the N-Word is heard on TV. For that to happen a lot of people need to pull their heads out of their behinds.

    • I was thinking the same thing only printing something like ‘Molan Labe’ or ‘From my cold dead fingers’ on the back.

    • I wouldn’t mind if someone came out with a shirt that says “Hell yes, you can take my gun Beto, from my cold dead hands.” Maybe even set up a picture of O’Rourke looking like Fidel Castro or something like that.

      …@gov William, oh hell yes. So much better. I love it.

    • I’d prefer a shirt that’s no joke…

      “Good luck taking my gun with your cold, dead hands.”

      “It’s hard to take my gun with cold, dead hands.”

      “You won’t be taking anyone’s gun when you have cold, dead hands.”

      Clear, concise and to the point… I just might print these up.

      • How about this:

        “Hell . . .” blazing out of a pistol muzzle in huge, bold, flaming print across the top.

        Bleeding little Beto, poking his head and shaking his fist from the aforementioned lake of fire beneath, muttering “Yes, I’ll take your guns.”

      • Here is an update.

        “You can have my guns. After I have killed as many poeple as possible. Who came to take them away from me.”


        “You can have my guns after I give you the bullets first.”

        By then I’m sure I will have cold dead hands.

    • May just be me, but if I wore one like this, I’d likely reword it to say something about Beto’s cold dead hands, rather than mine. Not that I’m advocating any preemptive action, you understand, but thinking along the lines of that sentiment generally attributed to Patton about poor dumb bastards…

  2. As a Texan I can say a few years ago he stood a snowballs chance in He’ll. Move forward to 2021 we have an invasion on people from NY and CA. They all came down during COVID mind you. I don’t think he’ll win, but it will be close than would have been comfortable 4 years ago.

    • Several of my relatives moved from CA to TX over the past decade. All conservatives, and all sick and tired of the nonsense going on here in CA. All of them brought their conservative views and dreams with them. CA’s loss, and TX’s gain.

      • I’ve heard that most of the people fleeing CA are the conservatives. The liberals like it there.

        • “I’ve heard that most of the people fleeing CA are the conservatives.”

          I have a hard time believing that, Gov.

          Leftist Scum are increasingly pushing Texas bluer. We’re losing ground there…

  3. Texas, Florida, and a few other states have made headway with election reform laws designed to minimize cheating. None, however, have taken the stance that election cheating is treason and subject to capital punishment. THAT is where we need to take it.

    I know, I know, states cannot determine treason against the Republic, but each can still make election fraud a death-penalty offense. Too many have sacrificed too much to protect this Republic. Dishonoring their sacrifices by sabotaging our Electoral process is a vile crime of putrid, corrupted souls who should make the same sacrifice as those who gave all to found and preserve our nation.

    We do that, and communism in this country will quickly be erradicated.

    • In 2016 in FL there were 134,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. DeSantis recently spoke about the influx of new residents and stated there are now 25,000 more Republicans registered than Democrats. Interesting note: For the first time in the history of the State.

  4. We all know Beta ain’t gonna confiscate chit. Obviously he loves the politics gravy train, but seems he missed his calling as homo-erotic art dealer.

    • He!! yes Beato is an idiot. I had a heart scan(echo cardiogram) at my doctor yesterday. The guy doing it was a Ukrainian who came here in 1992. He lamented he escaped communism & now it’s HERE. He also was quite free about supporting 2A & owning an AR! (He brought it up).Quite the change from the usual Medicare idiots. Thought about transerring to Texas but he can’t handle their heat. So a Ukrainian immigrant is more American than Beatoff & most Dims. I’ve gotten that from my Russian & Romanian acquaintances too…and Serbian,Cuban’s & Croatians.

      • Notice the dems aren’t trying to flood the country with immigrants from those countries. Why is that? Maybe some lefty buzzwords could shed some light on the question. Are they XENOPHOBIC? Wouldn’t a more balanced approach to flooding this country with immigrants be more EQUITABLE? I thought DIVERSITY was our strength??

        • Ah dude, but that’s just it. They don’t want people here who will call them out on their crap when it comes to socialism. Democrats want to bring in people who have never lived through socialism. Otherwise, they would be more willing to bring in people from Cuba and Venezuela.

      • You’ll find that most immigrants from Communist countries are stringent anti-Communists. They have firsthand experience with its horrors and have no desire to experience them again. They aren’t mush-headed idiots dreaming of a worker’s paradise that’ll never exist.

  5. Beto? What a little punk!

    He made an open call for someone to debate the 2nd A with him, Colion Nior replied,………….


    ………….. then lil’b goes dark. 🤣

    Hey lil’b, put your big boy pants on and respond to Colion. YOU MADE THE CALLOUT!

    Texas firearm owners want to hear you defend your retarded positions. 🍿


  7. Yeah, Beto is all talk. He wouldn’t debate about gun control because he would lose spectacularly. But then, look at how controlling Biden’s handlers were about him debating. Liberals know they don’t have a leg to stand on… but since they have most all media in their pockets, they can save face as very few will call them out on it. For example, the media’s handling of Biden. And for the liberal trolls on this message board, yes recently the media has called out Biden on some stuff (ah, poor Biden, he is being picked on now… it’s not his fault, it’s everybody else’s… blah, blah, blah😢🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄) but consider if Trump had screwed up everything so badly like Biden has… yeah, the media would be going ape and calling for Trump to be out under the 25th amendment… or even more likely, a revolution be used to remove him from power (which of course, then it would just be called a mostly peaceful protest).

  8. SOMEHOW I just can’t see Texas voting for a communist queer for governor..without fixing the election it will never happen..

  9. If there were no rigged elections, Beto O’Rourke would have no chance at anything. Same with Biden. They are both laughable losers. With riggging however, anyone can win an election. The aftermath, which is the loser trying to prove the fait accompli rigging, is futile in our corrupt political machine.

    • No, Huntmaster, there is a crucial difference between Beta “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke and the Scarecrow . . . the Wizard promised the Scarecrow a brain; God himself refused to grant Beta the brains he normally dispenses to retarded baby ducks. Beta literally has no chance, in all of God’s universe througout time, of actually having even an accidental incidence of ratiocination. And if he tried, his head would explode.

  10. He has about as much chance of becoming governor of Texas as does the NFAC making it their own country.

    Hell yeah, we’re stupid!!!!

  11. Hey Princess,

    I live in Texas, why don’t you come take my AR yourself tough guy?

    Gonna have to work on the cadence for this single named jerk off but we can make it work

    F you Beto , F you Beto, F you Beto…

  12. The Mick who makes believe he’s a Spic doesn’t understand that disarmament doesn’t play well with actual Hispanics.

  13. There’s little doubt that Beto is a top-shelf asshole, and for more reasons than his ravings on gun control. But, he is kind of necessary. There are a lot of gun owners who are unaware or uncaring about the issues involved. It’s fools like Beto that just might shake them out of their complacency. Of course, there are also gun owners that will stick their noses in the air and tell us that nobody needs those nasty full-semi-automatic assaulty-type killing machines, and nothing is likely to push them off that lofty position. Nonetheless, the more the Betos of this world rave on, the more fence-sitters they are likely to galvanize.

  14. Beta is a clown. He’s gonna keep running for office until he can’t run no more. Governor of Texas? He’s more arrogant than I thought

  15. New (recent) broadcast “news network” is NEWSY Oct 1. MORE diverse prog BS. Pushing the left agenda and bashing conservative. What the US needs is a supplement to CNN. BUT “go woke – go broke” If Soros would just run out of his ill gotten gains would be GREAT.

    Have it on right now – “How extremist politics in Hungary is influencing right wing politics in the US”. By some affirmative action black talking head.

  16. If he quit “running” for office there would be no more “fund raising” = no more “lifestyle” so ight have to GET A JOB.

    • As far as I know, he married into a lot of money, or his family has a lot of money, so his lifestyle goes on even if he dies politically. Don’t worry… Beto ain’t gonna miss no lunches.

  17. I’ll just leave this here…hmmm…can’t link to a his mug shot from either the DWI arrest, or the trespassing/burglary charge…but all the info is out there.

  18. Between stupid liberals that have fled to that state to “try it again somewhere else” (such as they have fled to Montana & Colorado, and wrecked both states), and outright voter fraud, is it possible that someone like Beto could actually end up winning? What a wretched thought…

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