Governors #Resisting Biden’s Push Against States’ Rights and Local Control – What About Gun Rights?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
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By Lee Williams

When Joe Biden’s hyper-partisan Justice Department announced they were sending federal poll watchers to Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed back hard.

DeSantis and state election officials pointed to a Florida statute that lists the people who are permitted inside a polling place on election day, and the feds didn’t make the list.

This was a great example of a ballsy governor using a well-crafted state law and his bully pulpit to stop the feds from interfering with our rights. It should become a template for those seeking to counter any federal overreach, especially Biden’s war on our guns.

Biden’s DOJ wanted to place monitors in 64 jurisdictions in 24 states, which was a significant increase over the 2020 election, when the Justice Department sent staffers to just 44 jurisdictions.

“Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Civil Rights Division has regularly monitored elections in the field in jurisdictions around the country to protect the rights of voters,” the Justice Department announced in a statement. “The Civil Rights Division will also take complaints from the public nationwide regarding possible violations of the federal voting rights laws through its call center. The Civil Rights Division enforces the federal voting rights laws that protect the rights of all citizens to access the ballot.”

Biden’s DOJ wanted increased access, too. The DOJ monitored the 2020 election from outside the polling places. But this year Biden’s Justice Department wanted inside the buildings, which is why state officials blocked the federal request.

Florida wasn’t alone in rejecting the Justice Department’s sudden interest in increased monitoring. Missouri pushed back as well. Missouri state law allows local election officials to determine who is allowed to enter a polling place. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft voiced strong support for local officials, including the county clerk in Jefferson City who refused to allow DOJ access on election day.

“Under Missouri law, the local election authority is empowered to decide who, other than voters and poll workers, may be at polling locations. Cole County Clerk Steve Korsmeyer has rightfully declined to allow this over-reach and the secretary of state’s office fully supports him,” Ashcroft wrote in a tweet.

Gun rights

The Justice Department’s latest attempt to infringe upon states’ rights and local control of elections pales when compared to its ongoing war against the Second Amendment.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Through its foot-soldiers in the ATF, Biden’s weaponized DOJ is revoking more Federal Firearm Licenses than ever before, changing the definitions and rules of firearms and firearm components in common usage, and targeting law-abiding citizens through unconstitutional “knock-and-talks.”

In other words, the ATF is closing one family-owned gun shop after another, could conceivably turn millions of Americans into felons overnight, and is violating the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights of countless homeowners through its warrantless home inspections, which are heavy on coercion and light on probable cause.

Surely these civil rights violations deserve some gubernatorial pushback and legislative cures as well, right?

United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reaffirmed in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen that the Second Amendment “is not a second-class right.” Therefore, an ongoing pattern and practice of Second Amendment violations and other civil rights abuse by the federal government should merit a much stronger response than violations of state election laws.

The United States Department of Justice is violating our civil rights at the behest of the White House. Gun owners are sick and tired of being treated like second-class citizens. We’d like some pushback too, please.


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  1. Well as good as it all sounds DeSantis should have already kicked some stick in the mud RINO butt and signed a freedom bill for Constitutioal Carry.

    • Blame lies not at DeSantis feet, but the entrenched RINO infested rat Dem light Fl. Legislature that keeps quashing CC in committee before it ever reaches a vote in the Chambers.

      Primarily can thank Senate prez. Wilton for that, but there are quite a lot colluding on impeding.

      • Florida voters are now going to have to do the hard work, that was done by voters in 26 other states. That got constitutional carry passed in those States.
        You don’t get a free pass in Florida. Just because you re-elected DeSantis. That was only the first part. Now get to work on your state legislators.

        • We flipped our seats back in a hard won fight dethroning a long term anti incumbent, and call frequently to push the measure to the voting booths trying to bypass the legislatures influence.

          Working on holding their feet to the fire to honor the campaign promises. No free pass wanted, but there is a majority in the guv standing in the way while claiming support, and yet actively working against.

          Looking to rectify that, even if it is an uphill battle.

    • The only barrier to De Santis’ push for Constitutional carry was the FL Commissioner of Agriculture. Those of us in FL know that that is the dept. that controls concealed carry.

      Nikki Fried, who ran for governor and lost this time around had been the Commissioner of Agriculture since 2019. The new Commissioner is Wilton Simpson, a true conservative Republican, who I would gladly vote for as governor after De Santis last term. He won the election with 59 percent of the vote!

      We should see a Constitutional carry law in FL presented to De Santis soon.

  2. Just as so many have replaced the truth with “their truth” why not replace the government with “your government?”

    Maybe governance is a spectrum? Just identify with the level of governance you want.

    If any jackbooted bigot shows up to colonize your mind shoot him/her/they/them/it/that in the face until the oppression stops.

    • “If any jackbooted bigot shows up to colonize your mind shoot him/her/they/them/it/that in the face until the oppression stops.”

      OK, Hobbit. You first…. Ditto anyone else who seriously believes that this is the proper “answer”.

      • “OK, Hobbit. You first….”

        As a note, the ‘Shire’ he references has to do with where he lives in real life, not the fictional J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy world…

    • “Just as so many have replaced the truth with ‘their truth’ why not replace the government with ‘your government?’”

      because at that point civilizatation becomes impossible. which is, of course, the intent. “either we rule you or you have NOTHING!” – because, in their minds, that is in fact the way it is.

  3. I’m not attempting to take away from this article but I’m going to point out something tangential and equally, arguably more, important.

    Ultimately, to some degree, the ATF and DOJ are constrained by law and the Constitution. These are areas where courts may be somewhat reliable in providing relief because it’s their territory and they know it reasonably well. They don’t fear to tread here, though they may tread in ways we don’t like. There are other areas “above” this where they will fear to tread.

    I’m going to expand a bit on something I’ve touched on before, something WordPress hates and so if you find this confusing the keywords will be in the very short video at the end.

    Something the courts do not understand and will be very hesitant to get into, particularly since Congress has a lot of leeway here under Art 1, Sec 8 of the COTUS.

    Currently undergoing testing involving the Federal Reserve and private banks like Wells Fargo is the testing of a so-called “stable coin”. This is a test run for something I really say easily on WordPress, but it’s a digital form of “money” run by a bank that you might call “central”. This new “coin” is being tested right now and is pegged to the USD (brining up the question of how “stable” it really is).

    Trying to keep this short-ish here, this thing is an abomination and make no mistake, it heralds the complete and utter destruction of what you know as freedom or liberty. This is an alpha-test to create a different type of digital-only coin to replace cash. Now, a lot of people don’t see the difference between this and a credit/debit card but the difference is enormous. Such a thing is controlled tip-to-tail by the Federal Reserve, which is NOT Congress. This brings up some of those pesky Art 1, Sec 8 questions. However, courts would likely defer to Congress’ ability to “farm it out” to experts because they do that with so many executive agencies anyway.

    Again, make no mistake, this is potentially the most dangerous thing any of us will see in our lifetimes. The power of this is akin to the One Ring in LOTR. If government gets its mitts on this the 2A will be a thing of the past along with the rest of the BOR. They openly tell you that what they want is fine control over end-use. They also openly admit that their blueprint is the CCP. They’re talking about turning the entire country into an open-air gulag and no one seems to notice.

    This is something that something that can geofence you. It can apply negative interest rates at a keystroke or have a expiration date designed to “manage velocity”. It can be manipulated in more ways than even the designers have figured out yet. In the end, this is complete and utter control over your life down to fine details like what you eat for breakfast.

    When they have that do you think you’ll be using this to buy firearms, ammo and accessories? Do you think there will be gun stores? This is a system that North Korean bureaucrats would tug it to and your government wants it here. They openly tell you that it’s a control system by design and that they intend to use it as such.

    And even if they “allow” it, will they really? Under Wickard one could see the government getting away with cutting off your ability to pay a gun store *because reasons* that “need to be cleared up”. In a country that has now allowed a secret No Fly list which you don’t even know you’re on and often can’t get off of, do you really think this won’t be abused?

    And will the courts save you? Likely not. They don’t understand this at all and have shown real deference to agencies like the Treasury, which in cahoots with the Federal Reserve occupy and interesting [potentially il]legal position that courts have never screwed with and would be very, very hesitant to touch based on the blame they might get if things go sideways.

    I haven’t gone super deep on this on the legal side of this but at a glance or two I’m not even sure there’s any precedent for a court entering the arena of monetary policy at all. Regardless, with the tech and everything else involved a judge or panel would definitely be out of their element, hesitant and open to suggestion from “experts”.

    When I talk about interconnectedness of things like international shipping to the 2A, this is the sort of thing I’m talking about. US monetary policy affects your 2A rights too and can effectively eliminate those rights, soon with a keystroke, if people don’t wake the fuck up.

    • Trade your US$ in for a Wells Fargo bank bucks? Well Fargo? In the top 10 for worst us banks. Do ANY business with those bozos? NO/laughable.

      • They’re testing the stable coin for USgov.

        Dollars to doughnut holes (inflation has priced dollars out of doughnuts) the rollout starts with welfare and transfer payments. An “inconvertible” digital coin for welfare, Social Security etc.

        And then they’ll force the banks to “swap” your fedbux for fedcoinbux as they try to eliminate cash.

        The only funny part is that the banks are willing participants in their own demise. If .gov gets what it wants there is no need for banks and, in fact, they cause problems for .gov. You will only have central banks at that point and they will control your life down to the exact items you may purchase and in what quantity in real time.

        • “the banks are willing participants in their own demise”

          “the banks” are just temps.

          thanks strych9, good summary.

  4. -What about gun rights?
    Well for starters there Are No Rights.. The closest resemblance to a right is breathing the atmospheric gases that surround you.
    And is bottled water really that pure?

  5. I wish there were DOJ at MY polling place in Phx cause I would have shoved my ballot up their asses after Dominion wouldn’t “tabulate” it. What a clusterphuk. We are so fucked.


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