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From FN America . . .

FN America, LLC announces the release of 400 authentic FN FAL Parts Kits. These kits were imported from Belgium and assembled from decommissioned FN FAL model 50.00 rifles previously issued to the Belgian Gendarmarie. The chance to buy one of these parts kits is only available via entry to a Sweepstakes, open November 1 – January 21, 2023. Winners will be chosen randomly each month and will receive the exclusive opportunity to purchase their kit via the FN eStore. Additionally, a Grand Prize of an FAL rifle, assembled with one of these parts kits, will be awarded to one lucky winner.

“The FN FAL is one of the most recognizable FN products, worldwide; it is the Right Arm of the Free World,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “The opportunity to offer these parts kits to collectors so that they can own a part of that legacy is something we felt compelled to do. It makes it all the more special that these were originally manufactured in Belgium for a Belgian customer.”

Put into storage in the 1980s after the Belgian Gendarmarie upgraded their service rifles, these FN FALs were rediscovered and painstakingly assembled into parts kits that could be imported into the United States for sale to enthusiasts and collectors. The parts kits include lower trigger frame, buttstock, bayonet in accurate Belgian Gendarmarie purple frog, sling and more. Even with slight imperfections from prior-issued use, the metal components are mostly free of blemishes and pitting. The kits are being sold for the retail price of $899.99.

Please visit to learn more about these authentic parts kits and to enter the Sweepstakes for a chance to purchase. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not increase your chances of winning. Customers building a complete semi-automatic FN FAL with the parts kit must comply with ATF regulatory restrictions by sourcing U.S. domestic components for the parts that are not included in the kit. A skilled gunsmith is required for assembly.

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    • They must not be selling, for some strange reason i can’t quite put my finger on…

      • Because statistically only 43% of the pop is as dumb as box of rocks, and those largely lean hard left, which neatly dodges the target audience.

  1. I think my “kit” was something like $169 from SARCO after the Falklands thing was over. I think entire Garands (not kits) were $400 or so as well. Inflation…

    • … and they also included the original barrel still attached to the ” thoughtfully torch cut reciever ” including the necessary trunnion. They however DIDN’T include pitting and “cosmetic blemishes” all for the low, low price of $900 plus shipping, if you are one of the ” lucky winners “. Anyone here interested in Iowa seaside property?

      • Hey there peanut butter, I’ll trade your nonexistant beachfront property for an equally nonexistent FAL trunnion…HK or G3 maybe?

    • Paid $260 for my HBAR Israeli about 10 years later. $900 for a pencil barrel kit is to rich for my blood. That’s the kind of money I’d rather put towards a complete gunm with less hassle…

      This is gouging.

  2. I regret missing out on a Rhodie FAL kit as a poor college student in 2015. Aside from the occasional offering on Apex, every kit I see is being priced almost as much as a complete rifle now thanks to Fuddbroker syndrome. Gun shows are no better. Fvck the ATF and their arbitrary barrel ban too.

  3. Was exposed to the FAL decades ago. Picked 1 up at a Texas gun show for about half the price of a retail piece back in the early ’90’s. Great rifle, only complaint is it is the semi auto only model. I, as the Brits in the Falklands would like to have the select fire version. At least they could “exchange” their semi autos for select fire when they captured Argentine soldiers.
    But, all in all, I still prefer my Springfield M1A/M14.

    • I have a Belgian FAL purchased 40 years ago. The trigger design is like AKs in that it resets through a very small arc and can be VERY rapidly fired by simply vibrating your finger on the trigger, don’t need full auto. Only problem is that 7.62mm Mag Dumps can get very expensive.

  4. Part of me LOLs at the price.

    But then, the other day just wandering around Cabela’s I found beat to shit, and I do mean beat to shit, Chicom and Ruskie SKS rifles for the low, low price of $999.99 (+7% applicable sales tax).

    • The golden age of milsurps had passed. 😔 No more sub $100 SKS, Mosins, Makarovs, Enfields,.or Mausers for us.

      On the plus side, ARs are now very affordable. $400-500 PSA AR15s are pretty excellent. One could build a nice basic PSA AR10 in .308 for around $700. That’s not too bad.

      • I just think it’s hilarious that last year people were outraged by $500 SKS rifles. Now, just a year later, it’s double that price which is pretty wild.

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