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With the Texas heat pressing down like Von Miller on Cam Newton, it’s hard to imagine that the football season is just a few months away. What better way to presage that blessed event than to shoot a bunch of pigskins with a GLOCK 19? I’m thinking of calling Roto Rooter to clear the guest bedroom sink so the condensers can drain into that waste pipe so a brace of multi-thousand-dollar Carrier air handlers can do their job, but that might just be me.

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  1. With Texas humidity, you probably have some slimy-moldy-like funk growing in the air handler drain lines.

    My comment on the video –

    Gentlemen, treat *your* balls far more gently than that guy treated his. Your squeeze will thank you for it…

  2. seems more more like its a 9mm vs a cheap Franklin football.

    Unless Glock ballistics are different than any other similar barrel length nine.

    But how about a Glock 19 against baseballs? Now that would be fun.

  3. “I was gonna bring a knife with me”???????????????????? I clip my Kershaw into my boxers before i brush my teeth! He needs his man card pulled for being in between trees without a knife.

  4. Since the “Underwater Malfunction” video post has been removed, I am forced to ask this question here. I have seen multiple… ok three, videos of AR type rifles malfunctioning where the mag gets blown out the bottom of the gun. With the exception of the underwater malf, the shooter’s response is usually the expected “drop-the-gun-and-shout-expletives” as if hit with unexpected hot/high-speed stuff. My question is: what is this particular malfunction? I’m guessing it is direct-impingement related, but that might be my “Man Crush” for Mikhail Kalashikov raising its ugly head.

    • When an AR explodes from a hot load or OOB detonation, much of the force is directed down the magwell, away from the shooter’s face. This is by design, and why the magazine often blows apart.

      • Thank you NDS, that makes perfect sense. I hadn’t considered an out of battery situation. Now that you mention it, the number of tap-rack-clicks leading up to the bad-bang in each video makes the case for exactly that type of failure.


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