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Sara T. Anti-gunners

The tragic events that unfolded in Orlando reinforce what sensible folks take as an article of faith: there are evil people in this world. The more that we, law-abiding American gun owners, learn about the killer, the more we recognize an equally simple truth: he is not us. We are not him. We would no more use our guns to kill gay nightclub-goers than we would use our cars to mow down innocent pedestrians.

So why should I or millions of law-abiding Americans be forced to disarm — to lose access to entire categories of firearms and/or ammunition magazines — when we’ve committed no crime? Gun control only works if it controls criminals. Evil people do not follow the law. Gun control doesn’t work. It can’t work.

I didn’t commit this crime. Neither did anyone else I know, and I’m not ready to listen to people who can’t tell the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic firearm tell me which of my guns will or will not commit crimes in the future, and which firearms I should and should not be allowed to have.

Meanwhile, I’m not interested in banning Islam (whatever that means). And I honestly hope the LGBT community stands up for themselves and declare to the world “we are people too, and we should be able to defend ourselves!” LGBT lives matter. White lives matter. Black lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER. All lives can and should be protected by Americans exercising their right to keep and bear arms. What else needs saying, really?

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  1. How come the terrorist does not represent Islam, but he somehow represents all AR-15/ gun owners?

    Narrative, narrative and narrative — gotta scare the peeps so they can pass stupid laws. Just waiting to see the R’s caving soon and voting for some stupid bill.

    In the end, just like in Newtown, the failure was with government Bureaucracy. They seem to be able to blame everyone except themselves for their failures.

    There would be one thing that they could do that would make sense, if someone is on a terrorist watch list but they do not have enough info, how about flag the name during a NICS check so that they can watch this guy instead of some other guy more closely. They argument is there are too many, that should narrow the list.

    • This close to an election, the Rs very well might stand strong and not cave. If this happens again in 2 years, we may not be so lucky.

      • Right, but unfortunately polarizing events like this help galvanize independents and sheep to the loudest side. Which in this case is the liberal idiots.

  2. Even putting the natural right to self-defense and the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution aside for a moment, there is no way that we are going to get rid of guns by making them illegal.

    Both heroin and meth are illegal. They have been illegal for decades. Anyone so desiring can still purchase either drug in any of the 50 states.

    Also, if you are a person who thinks that bullet buttons, 10 round magazines and so forth are a good idea, the last thing you should want to do is to put Smith & Wesson out of business because the AR-15s that would be imported in the inevitable black market would not have such “desirable” features.

    No, clearly the better approach would be to quit being so concerned about inanimate objects evil people may use and start being concerned about the motives and mental state of evil people.

    • Additionally I would suggest that if an anti-gun Harry Potter could wave a magic wand and ‘disappear’ all the guns in the entire world, that person will have just given a huge gift to the biggest, strongest, meanest, most well organized criminals and tyrants everywhere.

  3. All the logic and facts in the world will not stop the ignorant from their beliefs. Even many who have been robbed, raped or had a loved one or friend molested still believe in banning guns. It stems from more fear of the gun than of the criminal. It is a form of mental illness, Jeff Cooper was right with his diagnoses, Hoplophobiia, a fear of guns.

    Whether right or wrong does not matter to the ignorant, it’s about how they feel. Mature adults don’t think with their feelings, immature adults and children do. I was never true pro gun until the government started trying to disarm America. It made me choose sides, I chose logic, reason and educated opinions, I am PRO GUN and pro 2A.

    I have studied the second amendment and the people who wrote it. They meant simply we as Americans have a duty to protect ourselves, our property and loved ones. We as human beings have an inalienable right to do so and be armed. Those rights cannot be given by anyone including our government, it is the job of the government to protect those rights NOT try to take them away. Not try to interpret them, not use them against us. Our government as it is right now has failed and it is our duty as Americans and our natural right to change that government.

    It’s time to let those in power know their days are numbered and by electing Trump it sends a clear message. We have had enough of career corrupt politicians. if Trump is not the answer it’s a start, we must fight back or lose all that those men fought for to bring this great nation into being.

    I am armed, I am trained and I refuse to be a victim.

  4. “LGBT lives matter. White lives matter. Black lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER.”

    Agreed. *However* –

    Be *very* careful if a gang of ‘youths’ asks you if black lives matter.

    An answer that ‘all lives matter’ might get you attacked…

    • Or on a commuter train, or a bus stop, or restaurant…

      Shockingly enough, the frequent attacks on white people is not exactly paid much attention to by the MSM. Unless one considers World Star Hip Hop mainstream.

      Oh well, gonna continue to go continue the hunt for my white privilege. Can’t wait to find it.

  5. If all the AR-15s would magically go away then the misguided adherents of the religion of peace could never shoot little defenseless Donkeycrap voters.
    Just click your heels three times and say I wish I was in a gun free zone. I wish I was in a gun free zone.

    • So let me get this straight?

      A bisexual Muslim, who apparently pledged allegiance to ISIS and was a Democrat, murders and wounds dozens and dozens of homosexual Democrats, and it’s the fault of the NRA, white-males, Republicans, Christians and et al? No cries to ban Radical Islam either?

  6. The whole thing is simply distilled to this: Pass all the laws you can write, criminals won’t follow them. By definition, a criminal is a person who does NOT obey the law. There are many, many laws covering what this criminal did. Would a criminal balk at committing the crime because they are breaking 6 laws instead of 5? Maybe they wouldn’t commit the act if there were 10 laws broken instead of only 9? This is the massive disconnect; only law abiding people are dissuaded by laws, not criminals.

    • Keith in Ohio,

      The disconnect (that gun control laws will fail to stop terrorists since criminals do not follow laws) doesn’t matter to gun-grabbers because it FEELS GOOD to ban firearms.

      Gun control is NOT about stopping criminals. Gun control is about FEELINGS.

    • The formula is this – pass enough laws and eventually you can label anyone a criminal. All of us have a line where we decide enough is enough, and then we find ourselves having to choose, either to conform and disarm, or to refuse and become an outlaw.

  7. Really refreshing Sara. Glad to hear someone who is pro-2A but isn’t jumping on the “hate” wagon. All lives matter. I choose today to do the best I can to take responsibility for my safety and the safety of the people I am around, including the anti-gunner who hopes they never experience violence.

    I learned when I was 20 that bad things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. They just happen. I would rather be prepared with first aid training, a firearm and a cell phone to be able to be proactive in any tragedy I face or people face around me

    As Edmond Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Being proactive at least helps me make sense of the world and deal with it as it comes.

  8. “LGBT lives matter. White lives matter. Black lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER.”?


    MY Life Matters MORE!


    Because it’s MINE!

  9. Assume there was a single shooter, this was not a false flag event, and he was not a Queer Questioning Conflicted BiSexual, but rather purely a terrorist. A gay bar was a softer target compared to let’s say a biker bar, or a country and western bar, even a frat boy bar, or for sure a black or Latino hetero “club.” In any of those he would have been lucky to have gotten off the first shot before someone (or many) in the place shot back, or cracked him over the head with the first thing they could have grabbed. Everyone except the politicians and the MSM has figured out that the softer the target, the more likely the target. These guys (terrorist, mentals, whatever) don’t want a firefight. They want an easy slaughter of innocents. I hate to consider where the next attack will happen, but my bet is an enclosed shopping mall or train station in a may-issue/won’t-issue state after it has been duly cased like this place was. They study what worked in the past, unlike us.

  10. Anti-Gunners Just Can’t Stop Shooting Themselves In The Feet

    I just hope they start aiming higher.

  11. Many of you may have read this before: “Somewhere a True Believer is training to kill you. He is training with minimum food or water, in austere conditions, day and night. The only thing clean on him is his weapon. He doesn’t worry about what workout to do—his rucksack weighs what it weighs, and he runs until the enemy stops chasing him. The True Believer doesn’t care ‘how hard it is’; he knows he either wins or he dies. He doesn’t go home at 1700; he is home. He knows only the ‘Cause.’ Now, who wants to quit?”

    And what does a law banning/limiting/prohibiting/confiscating firearms mean to the True Believer?

    The True Believer is PATIENT. True Believers planned months and years in advance to hijack airplanes to crash them into buildings. Throw up another law and the True Believer will work to get around it ( see also, terror attacks in France). And then what do you have? They slaughter the innocent in Orlando next week, or next month, or next year. Or it’s in Miami, or Richmond, or Sacramento – but the slaughter happens.

    Unless someone is there to stop him. And restriction does nothing but limit the number of those who can attempt to do that.

  12. “I’m not ready to listen to people who can’t tell the difference between a semi-automatic and a fully automatic firearm tell me which of my guns will or will not commit crimes in the future, and which firearms I should and should not be allowed to have.”

    Pretty much this.

    Moreover, the Orlando shooting demonstrated the following:

    Our society needs a fundamental shift in mindset from victim to proactive self-reliance. People currently default to taking out their phone cameras or waiting for a police response when they see an emergency. It’s embarrassing. It’s the whole “maybe someone else will do something” mentality.

    Especially in situations where you are cornered. You have to fight to survive. Hiding is useless unless you barricade yourself in a such a way you are actually protected from whatever weapons the attacker has. Not going to be an option in most buildings that aren’t built to stop bullets or explosives.

    • Sad that in choosing to fight for your life (yes, even in the face of potentially losing it) or tweet/text about the event, it appears they chose the latter.

      I could never truly imagine myself in that type of scenario without having gone through it, but I would hope that I would be more like those on Flight 93 – “Let’s roll!”

  13. I’ll say it again…
    Ban assault religion…..if your religion tells you to exterminate others because they are different….then the communities of the world needs to get fed up and ban it….and enforce that ban with a swift and equally harsh response.
    If you want to pray your way and coexist with everyone on the planet……great….
    If not then be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions.
    Do not mistake tolerance for weakness.

  14. The absurdity of anti-gunners narrative is starting to unravel. Citizens realize when words coming out of mouths don’t match the facts, they know they’re being lied to.

    More shootings are coming, soon the lone gunman will become a fire team, then a squad…swat will be targeted then US will know how effective determine well trained jihadi’s are. Soon it will be open season on citizens, if you’re not armed, you’ll have no chance.

    • A well coordinated attack on US soil is inevitable. I, for one, am patiently waiting for these cowardly extremists to target places where there are armed citizens.

      I have no doubt there will be battles armed citizens will lose and the politicians will have a field day, but I know there will be days where the everyday good guys and gals will triumph over terrorists and extremists and there will be no more room for false narratives.

  15. The most shrill voices I see on facebook are the ones I realize are most in shock about this still. Kind of a natrual response. Hopefully some of them will see the truth eventually. As I did not so long ago.

      • Fully agreed. There are some crimes with which people renounce their status as a human being. Don’t kill the gays, unless they are gay pedophiles. Kill the straight pedophiles too. Too much hype with these things, it screams false flag.

  16. “LGBT lives matter. White lives matter. Black lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER.”

    Um…’s just that…..they’re not using “LGBT” , anymore. That’s outdated and exclusive.

    The correct term, today, is LGBTQQIP2AA, which stands for:

    Transgender (identifying as a gender other than your biological gender)
    Queer (The “Q” word is the new “N” word, in that taking it back diminishes it and empowers those reclaiming it.)
    Intersex (People with two sets of genitalia, used to called hermaphrodite, before that became politically incorrect)
    Pansexual (People attracted to all genders, gender identities, and gender expressions)
    2-Spirit (Some kind of Indian, er, I mean, “Native American”, deal describing people who have both male and female spirits, whatever that means)
    Asexual (people not attracted to anyone)
    Allies (supportive friends/family of any of the above)

    I am not making any of this crap up. In fact, I had to look it up when I first saw the text string in an article.

  17. A full auto AK and 1000 rounds of ammo weighs roughly about 50 pounds. Does anyone see that as much of a challenge for criminal organization that smuggle in tons of drugs at a time?

  18. “I’m not interested in banning Islam (whatever that means).”

    Here are some ideas:
    We could restrict the number of visa applications from Islamic countries to a manageable level. The manageable level would be where Homeland Security has no excuse lose track of ANY visa holder.

    We could start aggressively deporting people overstaying their visas, prioritizing those from dangerous Islamic countries. In fact, we should send any non-U.S. citizen on the Terror watch list home immediately. Appealing the deportation can be done by the visa holders at the U.S. Embassy in their home country.

    We should drastically reduce quotas from dangerous countries and outright ban people with views incompatible to western civilization from immigrating. A in-depth, non-PC interview process that includes monitoring the reaction to typical satirical irreligious content and a thorough background check should suffice to weed out medieval attitudes.

    Also, we should stop flying in refugees into the U.S. Period. Full stop. If the U.S. government wants to get in the refugee business it can set up camps in countries with the same cultures close to the affected region, with the intention that refuges can return home when the crisis is over.

  19. There are millions of legal gun owners in this country. Many thousands own the same type of weapons this wife beater homophobic idiot purchased and none of them went on a rampage to shoot up a nightclub on Saturday, or the Friday before, or the weeks before that or the years before that….. What I don’t understand is the media and politicians don’t want to blame all Muslims for the actions of the one nut (which I agree with) Then why do the same people who say that, blame all gun owners for the actions of the one NUT? There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world this one is the only one to blame for his actions. We don’t blame the large number of alcoholic drinks served on any given day or the large number of cars on the road for the drunk drivers ?

  20. The problem today is personal responsibility has gone out the window .
    The govt can make a deal with a criminal but not with a morally correct person .
    that is what they fear the most , that is the reason they are trying to remove guns
    from the law abiding citizens .

  21. Well said! Sara.

    This is not critique of your post!

    Of course all lives matter. If you decide to work for expanded gun rights in Australia does that mean you’re against gun rights in the US? Nope just that’s where you’re focusing right now.

    It doesn’t have to mean more than that.
    So maybe we can just let people who want to focus on just their group do that.

    Back to your post, you said this very clearly. I know that most people don’t know what’s up with guns so fall for the bs about 900 rounds a min. I mention backpacks nails pressure cookers and homemade grocery store purchased bomb materials and they grow silent. To admit that they aren’t safe is the great hurdle.

  22. I hope that gay Americans will now arm themselves
    Then the next time someone pulls out a rifle and shouts “Alla Akbar”…shoot him

  23. “Meanwhile, I’m not interested in banning Islam”.

    Sigh. The sickness of the politically correct mind. There have been two belief systems that have shown that as one becomes more devout, one becomes more homicidal and violent. Communism, and all of it’s spawn,; and Islam.

    Islam, based on the teachings of a mass murdering religious psychopath; a man that committed rape, pillage and plunder, took sex slaves, and would behead anyone that would not convert to Islam, or be subjugated. A belief system that says this man, muhammad, is the perfect example of a man living a spiritual and godly life. A belief system that commands that Muslims that convert to another religion, or becomes an athiest, must be killed.
    Islam, that encourages the most savage, blood thirsty and vicious aspects of the dark side of our human spirit, and calls it Holy.

    What should be banned is any further immigration of Muslims from other countries. But wait, you would be labeled a hateful bigot consumed with intolerance, racism and xenophobia.

    As for the Muslims already here? Just treat them like the progressives have treated christians. Show contempt for their prophet by putting a picture of Muhammad in urine, (oops, but then you will be killed, and also be accused of intolerance, bigotry and racism) show contempt for their belief in Allah, ( but then you will be killed, and be accused of bigotry, intolerance and racism) , don’t allow prayer rooms in school, (but then you will accused of intolerance , bigotry and racism) , encourage Muslims to leave their religion, (but then they will be killed, and you’ll be accused of intolerance, bigotry and racism).

    Label Islam as a murderous cult not fit for a civilized society and don’t allow any more mosques to be built, especially since most of the money to build these mosques come from Saudi Arabia which is the incubator of the most fundumental ie bloodiest, homicidal and vicious) version of Islam known as wahabism. But then you would be labed a hateful bigot consumed with racism, xenophobia and just plain hateful.

    Oh well, never mind, don’t want anyone to think they might be a hateful, bigoted, xenophobic or Islamaphobic. We can be happy about that as those that haven’t converted or have been subjugated and are paying the Jizya tax, are having their head chopped off.

    • Let’s make it simple. If someone held up a man that combined the bloody actions of Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun, with a religious bent of convert to his religion, or die; as a man to be admired and emulated, what should we think of such a person?

  24. Not one mention of the IED that the Orlando killer was carrying. NO call to outlaw bombs.

    Another note… I listened to a “leader” of the LGBTA community say, in an interview, they would never consider owning a firearm and would recommend others in the community not own one. This person pivoted and made the interview a gun control promo from then on.

    What happens when the sheep don’t want to protect themselves???


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