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Why the Gun Debate Probably Gives Donald Trump an Edge – “According to an Upshot analysis of Pew Research data, nearly half of white working-class Democrats think it’s more important to protect gun rights than to control gun ownership. That’s a larger percentage of Democratic voters than agree with Mr. Trump on many of the other issues that he stresses on the campaign trail. At the same time, Mr. Trump’s position has considerable support from Republican-leaning voters. About three-quarters of Republican-leaning voters side with gun rights over gun control, according to the Pew data.” Who could have predicted that another terrorist attack on American soil would move people — Democrats included — to think about how to ensure their personal safety?

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Gun Control Proponents Against Ergonomics – “I think we rest on pretty firm ground to argue that firearms should be easy for novices to use. Unless you’re a seasoned competitive shooter, most gun owners, most police, and most people in the military are novices. They can exercise a base level of competence and safety when running their firearms, but Annie Oakley they are not. We should not be banning semi-automatic rifles, which truly aren’t especially more deadly than other semi-automatic rifles, just because they are easy for novices to use.”


Are we worried for nothing? After Mass Shootings, Gun Laws Frequently Loosen – “After a mass shooting, the number of laws passed to loosen gun restrictions rose by 75 percent. In other words, in places where mass shootings lead to any legislative changes at all, it tends to be in the direction of guns becoming more easily available, like lowering the minimum age to buy a handgun to 18 from 21 or eliminating a waiting period for a gun purchase.”

Who says there aren’t any John Moses Brownings out there any more?:



Aftermath: The Rush to Do Something – “Whether you think we’re at war with radical Islam is immaterial–while it may take two to tango, only one side has to decide to throw a punch to start a conflict. They’ve already been punching on American soil; the attack over the weekend was just the latest hook shot in a conflict that will absolutely continue regardless of your personal feelings on the matter.” Don’t expect anything to happen — from our side, at least — in the next seven months.

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  1. “Are we worried for nothing?”

    No, because we’re in the fight of our lives here. These past 2 days have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt where politicians and pundits in the media stand on our rights. They’re tripping over themselves suggesting that the AWB needs to come back. Hillary and Obama are all but saying our guns need to disappear while importing animals like the one who attacked Orlando. Turn on any news channel and stomach it for as long as you can, and you’ll see no shortage of statists proudly proclaiming they want to take our guns.

    This is proof that if we fuck up in November and elect Hillary, our right to bear arms is gone. Period. Our country itself won’t be far behind if that happens.

        • Not really. It’s just the natural progression of things. The internet and social media have all but done away with privacy and censorship of anyone of public interest. It’s becoming much more difficult for anyone to hide true intentions when anything they get caught doing or saying can go viral at any moment.

          It’s that much more important for people in positions of power to be of strong character and consistent in their message and beliefs. No one likes a liar and no one likes it when someone tries to control other people’s behavior or tell others what they should believe or what is in their best interest. Especially when that opinion is coming from a place of blatant ignorance. It’s insulting.

      • Although it is probably worse than civil war, I think there are enough majority pro-2A red states to call an Article V convention and then ratify the results.

        There will be a lot more than gun rights addressed at such a convention.

        The South will rise again and, instead of succeeding from the Union, they’ll kick the blue states out (and break up California, Pennsylvania, and New York into multiple states, some red, some blue, in the process).

    • Wake up call for those with dual membership as POTG and NEVERTRUMP?

      More important than ever to “run what you brung” – and Trump is the nominee we have.

    • “No, because we’re in the fight of our lives here. These past 2 days have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt where politicians and pundits in the media stand on our rights. … Hillary and Obama are all but saying our guns need to disappear while importing animals like the one who attacked Orlando. “

      What is interesting to me is the comment seen recently by a person I am pretty sure identifies as libertarian. He suggested that an outright ban of firearms as the only solution to ‘stopping terrorist attacks.’ I think that’s what he said.

      Fascinating the variety of people that swallow that Kool Aid given them to drink by Statists….

      • If a “libertarian” wants to ban guns then he isn’t a libertarian. If he wants to restrict civil rights, any of them, he definitely isn’t libertarian.

  2. Hundreds of thousands of Americans would not comply with an AR ban … which is illegal, in and of itself, as it violates a God-given right to self protection. The 2nd Amendment is merely our Founding Fathers recognition of that.

      • How about a Swiss Army AR? Ax, scythe, hedge clippers, weed wacker, chain saw, and maybe throw in a 2-1/2 ton come-along.

        • Pretty sure those are all on some mall-ninja’s picatinny-plentiful-poodle-popper.

          Think I saw him at The Gap, looking at Operator Khakis….

        • 16V, mallninjas don’t wear khakis. They wear tactical black EMS pants (whether or not they actually know that “EMS” stands for is still a matter of scholarly debate).

        • They already have one it is called the SiG-55x series (and the real ones made in Switzerland not the cheap xlines made in the U.S.).

          Seriously you can adjust the trigger guard to use gloves with it. Lots of intricate work with them.

  3. The axe patent is stupid. As anybody who has ever seen the stock broken off of an AR during bayonet drill in boot camp can tell you, that buffer tube assembly just won’t take that kind of strain.

    Yes, I saw that happen on Parris Island. The guy made platoon guide the same day.

    • Wait, you mean you’re not supposed to snap the buffer tube off first so you can throw it like a tomahawk?

    • My guess is the guy is going to put a plastic cover on the Axe head and voila – its like a Sig brace only sharper!

  4. Is that a face hugger on that hag? Please tell me it’s a face hugger. That’s an alien encounter she deserves.

  5. “nearly half of white working-class Democrats think it’s more important to protect gun rights than to control gun ownership. ”

    What’s shocking to me is that any “working-class” person, or any white person regardless of occupation, could be a Democrat.

    More shocking still is that there still is a “working class” demographic. It must include former workers who are now on unemployment or out of the job market completely, which seems to be the largest single demographic in America.

    Thanks to Obama and the rest of the Democrat cabal, illegals will eventually outnumber working Americans. More to the point, the Americans who have a job will be supporting the huge mob swarming the border.

    And this used to be such a nice country.

    • Many are ex-Union or Union workers and the D’s have always played nice with the Unions who help fund their campaigns. Many have found out that when the jobs went offshore and the Union money dried, so too left the politicians. In CT, state union employees are figuring out that they can be sacrificed so that Malloy can continue to fund the social programs and take in more Syrian Refugees.

    • “nearly half of white working-class Democrats think it’s more important to protect gun rights than to control gun ownership. ”

      The scary part is that this is actually in print. That someone is so crazy as to actually believe in The Constitution, and not just follow what some subservient plebe who scrawls shit for a living professes is somehow cast as being, well, wrong.

      How dare you, commoners! Do as we annointed scribes, working for peanuts, are told to tell you!

  6. I can’t decide which picture is funnier: the AR axe, or the tiny hand touching Frankenstein’s forehead!

    • AR axe patent applicants are from MI and TX. Both states known for incredibly smart people, thinking up brilliant ideas.

  7. No fan of Donnie but I’M ALL IN for TRUMP…and pizzed off.Just saw a BS piece that Mitch “rino” McConnell may be open to gun control. I never was a “never Trump” but it’s astounding how quickly a Muslim Terrorist attack (from a POS who was a vetted security guard)becomes about AR’s…even watching Hannity. lol

  8. Today, 11 anti-gun bills made their next step through the California legislative process.The committee hearings were a sham. This e-mail from the Firearms Policy Coalition says it all:

    “They hate you.

    The answer to the question of why the “representatives” on the California Public Safety Committees continue to pass these nonsensical anti-gun bills has been there all along.

    But it was never more apparent than today when they passed every single one of the Gunpocalypse bills through their committees.

    Senator after Assemblymember after Senator after Assemblymember literally called you disgusting.

    They blamed us, the NRA, Gun Owners of California, California Rifle and Pistol Assn., and every other gun rights group for the terrorist attack in Orlando.

    We all apparently pulled the trigger.

    Assemblymember Evan Low stated that “The reason they were murdered was because of your organization.” when speaking towards the NRA advocate.

    By exercising our Constitutional rights, Senator Kevin de Leon says we are making a mockery of the state laws.

    The way they spoke about gun owners was akin to how someone speaks of cancer or some other horrific disease that needs to be removed and eliminated.

    We are heartless individuals who don’t care about protecting people; but we only care about holding a weapon in our hand.

    The Brady Campaign advocate came up to our lobbyist, Craig DeLuz, outside of the Senate Public Safety committee and personally blamed him for the death of 49 Americans this past weekend.

    According to Senator Hall, we need to “wash out our mouths” because we are all filthy.

    By owning guns, Hall said we are protecting the terrorists and murderers that are attacking Americans.

    We are vicious, hateful and subhuman.

    F**k them.”

    • Indeed, these people are getting very bold.

      How dare they blame us for this act. This is wrong, very wrong.

      And to think this through with even the slightest application of logic we understand that no one in that club was able to defend themselves *because* of gun control laws already on the books. Laws that no only saved no one at all, but, and how can anyone argue against this with a straight face, laws that actually ended up with people being killed by an evil musloid jihadi.

      They try and assign blame to us when they themselves are complicit.

      This is bizzaro world.

  9. Well that gun free zone in Orlando didn’t do anyone a fu—ing bit of good, now did it! Not a single person had a firearm and could defend themselves. Gun free zones suck ass. That’s why for the most part, I ignore them.

  10. Just remember to keep your finger off the trigger while breaching with that thing. Especially if it comes with a full auto switch for military.

  11. Fight of our lives? As others (above) suggest…not yet, but I’m getting a sick feeling in my gut that it may be coming. If you didn’t feel it at a gut level before, you must now. Progressives (leftists, communists, socialists, collectivist authoritarians, leftist Democrats, whatever term you want to use) hate Americans and Western society. Couple that seething hatred with the fact that leftists value ideology more than individual human life, and mass murder follows sooner or later, historically speaking. I’m starting to fear many of those who are nominally my countrymen more than I fear our foreign enemies.


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