Giffords sues the ATF
courtesy and AP
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The Giffords Center to Prevent Gun Violence — the artist formerly known as Americans for Responsible Solutions — has sued the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They claim the ATF has been dragging its feet in meeting FOIA requests for documents Giffords says show the NRA’s influence on the feds’ firearms regulatory practices.

Giffords’ organization is seeking records concerning Trump administration policies on concealed carry “reciprocity,” gun silencers, “bump stock” gun attachments, and assault weapon exports.

They are also seeking evidence that Donald Trump Jr., President Trump’s eldest son, improperly lobbied for gun manufacturing companies, contact between gun lobbying groups and administration officials after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and any effort from the NRA to review bump stock regulations alongside the ATF.

You can read the entire suit here.

An ATF document was leaked in February that disclosed a top ATF official pushed a series of proposals the NRA backed. Additionally, the NRA contributed $1 million to assist the confirmation of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

In other words, the agency was adopting the new priorities and direction of the newly inaugurated administration. An administration whose priorities are diametrically opposed to those of the prior commander in chief.

“The Trump administration appears willing to let the National Rifle Association dictate its federal gun safety policy, which includes remaining silent on how to stem our nation’s gun violence epidemic,” said Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center, according to the Huffington Post.“Protecting the safety of Americans should be the top priority of any president. Unfortunately, gun lobby profits seem to be more important to President Trump.”

Huh. We always thought an administration’s top priority was preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, ensuring that Americans’ civil rights are protected and the nation’s laws are enforced. But that’s just us.

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  1. Yeah… something tells me that we’ll be hearing from this sock puppet for years after Mrs. Potato Head bites the dust. In any case, the record they seek are covered under executive privilege. They can go piss up a rope.

  2. keep guns, especially handguns…away from inner city young men…
    that alone would take care of many gun crimes/deaths

  3. So a lobby group, lobbies an administration on topics that the lobby group feels is important, and the administration is sympathetic to their cause. Why does this sound so “Washington”? The problem is that Kathy doesn’t like the lobby group (NRA) or the administration. Now when her group and Bloomberg’s backed groups were lobbying Obama for MORE gun control she had no issues with it.

  4. “Giffords Sues ATF Over Documents Supposedly Revealing NRA’s Influence”

    Due to her TBI, she’s no longer viable…she’s being used and manipulated by those around her with an agenda without her being aware of what’s going on to further their narrative…

    • It is convenient that she came along just in time to replace James Brady. The grabbers desperately need an empty-headed meat puppet to parade around.

      • ‘Somehow’ the Media never seems to mention someone who was Actually Killed (.. cough assassinated cough .. ) in the “Giffords shooting”: Arizona Chief U.S. District Judge John M. Roll — one of the Few Non-idiot members of the Ninth Circus.

        Judge Roll, one of the most constitutionally-centered judges in US history, pro-liberty, pro-state sovereignty, especially concerning closing-off illegal immigration, a man who labored politically to reveal and defeat the false left/right paradigm, a man who had Mere Days earlier issued a preliminary ruling .. with intent to rule against .. ‘Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture’ re: United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al, … a man who had suffered repeated Death Threats (with responding Federal Marshall protection) for his actions against D.C.’s open-border floods of both illegal aliens and illegal drugs into the US, and a man who had just focused his gaze to investigate and prosecute culprits responsible for the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme.

        Hmm, yeah, … wow what a wacky (whacky) random shooting.

        And then, of course, Obama, .. the guy that wouldnt even go visit hurricane disaster areas, .. very publicly Praised his murdered nemesis Judge Roll as a “great jurist” .. “who has served America’s legal system for almost 40 years.” — Ahhh, Warms The Heart.

  5. Nobody cares what she thinks. No one cares what her husband thinks either. NASA is a worthless organization these days who couldn’t launch a wet dream. If humanity has any chance to explore space it relies on the private sector.

    • She doesn’t think, that young Democrat voter performed a labodamy all those years and cured her of the affliction of thinking.

  6. Can’t the ATF just release a opinion letter? It’s kinda hard to release documents that don’t exist in the first place.

    Funny/Sad thing is, she still isn’t the dumbest person in that pic.

  8. “Additionally, the NRA contributed $1 million to assist the confirmation of Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court”

    Why I’m a member, in a nutshell.

  9. If liberals who are unstable nut jobs with no facts or msg would stop shooting people crime would drop 120%! And if we deported all liberals that would help as well….js

    • Being liberal (see alt-left, neo-lib, radical progressive, etc) is one thing. Crossing that line into tyrant is something totally different. One is having certain opinions about things, the other is actively pushing them to extinguish the opinions/rights of others.

      She has crossed that line. It’s a shame tyrants burst into flames the very second they turn into one.

  10. So what if the NRA made some suggestions to a Gubbermint agency.
    Isnt that what a lobbying group does.
    Make suggestions??
    Nobody gives a crap what these antis want anyway.
    All these so called anti gun groups are just a free ride and tax shelter.. Also a paycheck for the named folks who get propped up by Tiny Bloomberg and Georgie Soros to supposedly run them. Soros should pay off the Greek debt instead and just disappear. Taking all the antis with him.

  11. Lobbyists are PAID to influence legislation and regulations, right? So I guess it is only a bad thing if the NRA does it….Which means that this is a big publicity stunt to make the NRA –and Trump–look bad because they are interfering with “common sense gun reforms.” Cute.

  12. I am actually a little perplexed and perhaps even a little upset that MORE of my dues don’t go to lobbying efforts. According to reports I’ve seen, the NRA spends less than ONE DOLLAR per year, per member. With only about 5 million members, that’s not a lot of money…

    • It’s against Federal law for the NRA or any other organization (like a labor union) to use membership dues for lobbying. That’s why organizations set up PAC’s (Political Action Committees) that have to use separate donations/funds for lobbying. So if you want to increase the NRA’s lobbying power, don’t make a donation to the NRA, make it to the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action), which is the lobbying arm and a separate entity.

  13. Really just a brain-damaged loon screaming in a wind tunnel. I’d be mad too I guess if I’d been shot in the head, but her agenda is based on bad data and is intended to strip away my 2nd Amendment rights. She is a civil rights terrorist.

  14. You know President Trump signed executive orders paring government employers and elected officials from being lobbed by foreign governments. If someone were to say, I don’t know, prove that Giffards broke this law we could just make this go away by getting her ass locked up.

    I say it’s time to stop playing nice with this scum bags. It’s time to start using the same laws and tactics from the last 8 years to burn these statist.

    • ” It’s time to start using the same laws and tactics from the last 8 years to burn these statist.”

      While agree with that assessment, do you know *why* AG Sessions hasn’t yet indicted the HildeBeast? Even though the evidence is there?

      The scuttlebutt I’ve been hearing is that Sessions is very adamant that charging her will politicize the DOJ, and lead to revenge prosecutions of those on the right when the Leftists inevitably regains control of the White House in the future.

      I’m dismayed by my realization that it has the proverbial ‘stink of truth’ to it…

      • Isn’t it amazing how they know they’re all so corrupt that they are worried about being prosecuted later for what they are doing now? It’s like they’ve just given up on all pretenses of integrity in government, and realize the whole operation is illegal. They wouldn’t have to worry about future prosecutions if laws weren’t getting broken, but I guess the nation’s top law enforcement officer realizes that’s not possible and is completely ok with it.

        This is a nation and civilization in decline.

        • Well, I think it has more to do with the left trying to criminalize politics. The left has proven themselves more than willing to go to extreme length to try to punish people who they disagree with politically. Just look at the Mueller investigation, the Valerie Plame fiasco, etc.

          However, the naivety being displayed is boggling. The left is going to continue to do what they’ve been doing. Taking the “high road” won’t earn the right any brownie points or credit with the left when they’re eventually back in power.

  15. Not really related to this story but I keep wondering if you were to grab hold of her melon and give it a good shake if you could hear the bullet rattling around in there. That would be cool at parties.

    • If Dana talks about ‘the cold fist of the truth’, it means she’s just a violent white racist.

      If Gabby or Shannon raises their fist, it’s just proof that their indignation is righteous.

      Welcome to oppositeworld, where media perception is the reverse of reality.

  16. You know it’s a brain trust when Maxine Waters and John Lewis are included in the picture. The three of them (Waters, Lewis and Giffords) can’t count to zero–collectively.

  17. ATF may or may not have dropped the ball with respect to notifying the plaintiff as to whether the request would be complied with. ATF assigned a tracking number as it is supposed to. There is a provision for extending the 20-day time period for a response — those automated e-mails indicating the matter was still under agency review came on the nineteenth working day, so I suspect that ATF is actually in compliance with the requirements of FOIA. Even if ATF did miss the deadline, the relief requested goes well beyond simply asking the court to require the response — it asks the court to tell ATF what the response should be.

    In other words, this is probably a meritless lawsuit filed for grandstanding purposes — which probablydoes not surprise anyone here.

  18. I’m no fan of the NRA (they aren’t a 2A advocacy group) and sadly every single Unconstitutional Gun Law in America was written by them and/or advocated by them (starting with the 1911 NYS Sullivan Act, the 1934 NFA, the GCA of 1968, NRA has always worked with the federal and state governments in creating regulations that infringe on the 2A).

    So I’m glad that Gabby is going after the BATF for FOIA – but she’s going to come away very disappointed as it will more than likely show a significant amount of collusion between the NRA and BATF to draft more unconstitutional restrictions, bans and confiscation plans….

    The truth of the matter is, that once gun-owners agree to any further restrictive regulations, they’ve lost the argumentative foundation of logic, and it will enforce the fallacy that “things” can be responsible for atrocities. To agree with these regulations is to agree that regulating “things” can work to stem gun violence, when it abjectly and patently CANNOT.

    This is why the only logical stance can be “not an inch,” as capitulating to hoplophobics and Progressivist Political minds would have been to admit to the false premise that regulating things can stop mass murderers from committing their acts of evil.

  19. Gabby Giffords, so many fails over to long a time. As a business woman she destroyed my favorite tire store/repair shop here in Tucson, AZ. Then she went into politics (where else would a failed D Politico go?!). She pissed everyone off including the libritard @hole that shot her in the head along with 18 others killing 5 as I recall. A BIG FAIL on her part as she didn’t call up the Sheriff’s Dept and ask for a deputy or 2 to come over and run security. Pretty stupid as she was getting enough hate mail to have tipped her off that one of her own was going to get nasty with her soon enough. If she had done that, the shooting would likely not have happened. They would have spotted that libritard @hole and stopped him. It was her lack of security that got her and those other poor people shot. Fail, fail, fail.

    Once she was back to work in the congress she didn’t seem to be doing any worse for wear, proving that you don’t need a brain to be a libritard in Congress!

    These days she is just a puppet of Soros, Bloomberg and the like, with their arm up her orifice making her mouth move, nothing up stair to make it work on her own. Her stupid asstronut hubby is no better. Fail, Fail, Fail, so many fails. I pity them it must hurt to be so stupid, so wrong, so many times for so long.

    • So DoofusDave you can repeat as you have that Loughner was a “libritard”(sic) and “… one of her own…” but in fact before he descended in paronoid schitzophrenia he had registered Independent and had not voted since 2008… and really its pathetic and boring that you am radio donkeys distort every event to try to smear your opponents… I mean
      the guy is certifiable and manifestly so, just look at that famous photo with the insane smile and glazed eyes, and still youre such a risible partisan that you want to pretend this is what a Democrat looks like…

    • And DunskyDave you wont see the humor but I have to tease you a little and point out that as Loughner became increasingly mentally ill he immersed himself more heavily in right-wing conspiracy sites, various versions of the New World Order delusion about how everyone in the government was secretly colluding to crush the ordinary man, that nothing was as it appears and that he had esoteric knowledge and could make pronouncements about people. Heres an example of one of his rants:

      “These days she(Giffords) is just a puppet of Soros, Bloomberg and the like, with their arm up her orifice making her mouth move… Fail, Fail, Fail, so many fails. I pity them it must hurt to be so stupid, so wrong, so many times for so long.”

      : D Thats your post of course, but the point is it COULD have been one of Loughners, THATS the extent of your childish delusional view of the world, it could easily be mistaken for the view of a certifiable paranoid delusional : D

  20. The only document that connects Pres. Donald J Trump to the NRA is the Bill Of Rights of our US Constitution….the second amendment in particular.


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