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“Everybody should carry a gun ’cause no matter what, a criminal’s going to carry a gun if you don’t. And if you’ve got a gun on you, you can at least protect yourself or your family.”  – Retired oilfield hand and Sutherland Springs resident Ethan Campbell [not shown] quoted in In Texas, Many Believe Carrying Guns With Them Will Prevent The Next Massacre [via]


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  1. I dont so much believe it will prevent the next massacre as i believe, based on empirical data and personal experiences, that it will allow me the chance to defend myself and my family

  2. It can’t stop the start of a massacre.

    But widespread carrying offers the chance to cut it short, depending on the type of attack.

    • “It can’t stop the start of a massacre. ”

      Unless someone shoots someone on a dead-man switch, with a bomb vest.

      Oh, and if you shot a (at a) person attempting to ram people with a vehicle. . . (or maybe a few other ways)

    • No you can’t stop massacres, but if EVERBODY carried a weapon it would put an end to this kind of mass shooting. The people who go on these killing sprees are deranged lunatics and probably usually suicidal, but they’re not stupid. Walking into a church where there will be 50 people armed and returning fire isn’t a way into the national news cycle, it’s a way to get a short article on page 3 of the San Antonio newspaper. Not that it would put an end to shooting sprees altogether. A Las Vegas style attack or a DC sniper style spree could still work, but it would put an end to the vast majority of them.

  3. He gets it. Carrying a gun isn’t my preference; it’s the least bad choice when with all their rituals, the “No guns for you.” crowd ouldn’t keep that murderous whack-job out of that church…

    … or get his convictions into their check system,

    … or protect his wife n kid before that,

    … and in the event, hey still sbowed up10 minutes behind the deplorable clinger who wasn’t even on site when it happened.

    Meanwhile, the B A T F (and entrapment, gun-running & really big fires) did roust an FFL about a couple of whack-job-guy’s other guns. Turns out they ran checks, which he passed, but one must wonder: What difference, at this point, does it make?

  4. At the very least, I give myself the chance to protect myself or my family.

    I can’t control where evil will manifest, and I can’t guarantee that I can successfully protect myself, but I can at least ensure that my end won’t be as sheep led to the slaughter.

  5. Owning firearms puts my liberty and my safety into *my* hands, not some stranger’s. As Sarah Connor said in Terminator 2, “No fate but what we make.” Allowing someone else to determine that for you is essentially the same as giving up the choice/right to not be a victim of violence.

  6. Nothing is foolproof but I want a fighting chance for me and mine. One thing I know is no one is saying “it won’t happen in Texas” anymore…

  7. The comments coming out of Sutherland Springs in the aftermath of the spree killings have done enormous damage to the the entire gun-control narrative. If Stephen had not been there and if Johnnie hadn’t stopped at the intersection, that killer could have easily driven to the next church and killed as many people there. The cold, hard truth is found in the blood of innocents in that small community and a barefoot good man with a gun who stopped an evil that could easily have taken the lives of many others on that day. End of argument.

  8. I’m thinking as the population of the planet expands, humans are going to become more violent,this species has some very strange peculiarities. Short version, If you put to many monkeys in a cage they fight, you can see this in some zoos that overcrowd. In just my life time the population has more then doubled. We did not have these mass murders, when I was young. Guns are not the problem in my view, as violence escalates so to does the defense. I doubt this species will ever achieve its homogenous utopia that some think is possible.


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