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In Monday’s CapArms Question of the Day: Got Backpack? RF talked about how a feature as simple as PALS webbing can reduce a covert carry bag to a tactical target. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see PALS webbing or other tactical gear in public you can bet I’m scanning and scrutinizing everybody and everything associated with that piece of gear.

Apparently the sentiment runs deep because this week I got my hands on gen2 of the K Rounds Range Back Pack; now called the Concealed Range Back Pack precisely because this iteration has been stripped of all PALS webbing to increase covertness. Customer feedback also prompted several other exciting improvements to the original design of this great pack.

Above, gen2 from four sides. The same four views shown below on gen1.

The change that stands out most prominently is, of course, the absence of PALS webbing. Gen2 has a much cleaner, less tactical look. It could easily pass for (or double as?) a camera pack. The area of PALS webbing on the bottom front pocket of gen1 was an unnecessary feature anyway and I’m glad to see it has been removed.

Clearly, gen2 (above, left) stands taller than its predecessor – 3″ taller overall, to be more precise. This increase in height translates into greater capacity in the top three pockets, as well as more distance between the shoulder straps and hip straps. You’ll be able to stuff more gear and gun food into gen2, which also means more weight, so…

The new version of the pack (above, left) sports much-needed lumbar support. The padding, paired with the increased distance between shoulder and hip straps, makes gen2 an extremely comfortable pack.

With ease, I transferred everything from gen1 to gen2 and immediately realized I now have a lot more room to work with. I’ll be hitting the range with the K Rounds Concealed Range Back Pack for the next month or more before bringing you the full review. However, given that the most pressing improvements were tackled in this latest production, I really can’t imagine the rating will decrease.

The K Rounds Concealed Range Back Pack is available in black for the same price as gen1: $134.99. Navy blue, ACU, an Desert camo options are expected in June.

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  1. from the pics it seems this pack would also make a pretty good medium capacity medical bag. I know there are purpose built ones but they are usually too big or too expensive. Any place on the outside to secure a big Red Cross patch?

    • Yes, absolutely, Tom in NC! This bag would work well as a medical kit – probably somewhere in between medium and large-sized.

      There are two places on the front and one on each side where a patch could be sewn or glued onto the bag – essentially the large, flat fronts of the pockets. The backsides of all potential mounting surface are easily accessible, but the top front and small side pockets have limited room for needlework. The fabric is 1000 Denier CORDURA.

      I use one of the pistol sleeves as a med kit and mark it with colored cord; then a small cross on the outside of the bag to indicate the kit inside. This will be re-worked; however, there is talk of a K Rounds med kit in a colored sleeve so I’m waiting to see if that makes it to market.

    • Those backpacks don’t look any less conspicuous at all, silly article. You wanna know who makes very good and somewhat less conspicuous backpacks?…Carhartt, they have a surprising amount of good ones (stop in Rural King), especially in Carhartts trademark “FDEish” color, not so much in black. Iron on some innocuous patch from ebay so you look like just “another dumbass civilian”, and you’re done. Those ones pictured above…no f-n thanks.

  2. I was at the gun range today looking at gun bags/packs. Labeled with Glock to Ruger. Not what I wanted.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Honestly, the only use for the small amount of webbing on my Drago bag has been as a customary place to hang via its clip my EDC pocket knife when I unload myself when I get home. Other than that, I see little point in me getting a bag covered in straps other than to make some kind of statement.

    • It really depends on what you want to do with it. For a large medical kit it can be pretty useful to have the stuff you “really need right now” in pouches on the outside with less time sensitive stuff like Band-Aids or cold packs on the inside.

    • I’ve found it useful so I could strap a medical kit on one side and something else on the other (water bottle holder, etc) but if I were looking for something concealable I would definitely ditch the webbing

      The good news is that tactical is a trend so it’s not that unusual to see it in general.

  4. Still looks tactical to me with that Y strap.

    Camo patterns also don’t enhance “covertness” IMHO.

    • It’d sell well where I live. In Oklahoma, camo is not just for concealment–it’s also a fashion statement!

    • I have a Everki backpack with a Y-strap and my back is definitely not a tactical bag — it is meant for carrying heavy loads, in my case sometimes a 2 laptops or one 17″ laptop for work. Do not believe that the strap alone means tactical

  5. Thanks for the review. I’m still in search of a covert carry/carry on travel bag.
    I like the way this opens up all the way for packing/unpacking.

  6. When molle is on literally everything and camo is the new black from kindergarten to assisted living are either really a concern when it comes to blending in?

    Half the bags at Marshalls and Walmart that kids carry to school have molle and are camo.

  7. I’m all for less tactical, but why would I need to be so grey if I’m headed to the range?

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