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Happy Mother’s Day! Here are some post-Mother’s Day (because everyday is mother’s day) gift ideas for the “non-Stepford wife”.


We outdoorsy women need a good raincoat . . . not like we need a toaster oven or a new vacuum cleaner but a raincoat tells mom you want her to be covered and protected, just like she protected us. I love the Outfit Her line by Cabelas because it’s soft and pretty. Not like rose petals and chandeliers pretty but like a baby fawn pretty. Catch my drift? Women will remember everything you gave them since the beginning good or bad.  A great quality raincoat will remind mom of you every time she puts it on . . . and that could be bad or good. Cabela’s OutfitHER® Dry-Plus® Rainwear Jacket -“Big-time wet-weather protection, the Cabela’s OutfitHER Dry-Plus Rain Jacket is specifically crafted for on-the-move female hunters. Soft and quiet tricot polyester shell with a comfortable polyester knit lining features our Dry-Plus waterproof, breathable membrane that keeps you dry in the wettest conditions.” The gift that keeps giving.

If you really want to let mom know that your respect for her has gone to a whole other level then get her a rifle. My mom for the longest time was convinced I had joined a gang because of the large quantities of firearms and ammunition I was buying. She couldn’t understand how her daughter that she tried to raise with a dress on Sunday somehow couldn’t wait to climb up a tree instead of playing with dolls. Today, mom knows that hunting and firearms are a part of me and if I got her a rifle this would carry a tremendous meaning for her. It’s like saying mom, I want you to be a part of what I love. I trust you with this rifle. I know you are capable with this rifle. What better way to say trust, legacy and love than with a Weatherby?

I am a long time Weatherby fan and now that they have introduced the Camila it’s as if they gave us women a little piece of Weatherby history in a beautifully crafted quality piece. Weatherby Vanguard Camilla Rifle– “the number of lady shooters, hunters and gun owners increasing in recent years, Weatherby ( has introduced one of the industry’s best new offerings for women shooting enthusiasts and hunters. That’s with the introduction of the Vanguard Camilla, a firearm that the company says is designed for women and by women. After building the Camilla from the ground up over the last two years, the gun comes to market this year with a short, slim forearm that reduces weight and gives a better feel. Featuring a satin finish on a Turkish A-grade walnut stock with rosewood forend and grip caps, a high comb provides optimal eye-to-scope alignment and faster acquisition of the downrange target. With other features included, the result is a balanced, compact-size and easy-handling rifle named after the first lady of Weatherby. ”

A face only a mother could love. Can’t we all just get along during turkey season? Can you imagine getting all set up in your spot ready to hunt and then this guy drives up in his truck and starts shooting to scare up your birds? OMFG I can’t even. Hunting-store owner accused of shooting at turkey hunters east of Greeley– “Jim Arnold, 38, the owner of Waterfowl Haven Outfitters in Greeley, faces two counts of felony menacing after Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers say he fired a gun at two hunters and yelled racial slurs at them. Arnold owns property on the South Platte River just east of Kersey. A few years ago, the report states, Kevin Dunnigan bought property next to Arnold’s. Dunnigan often let Arnold use the property for hunting as well as business, since Arnold also worked as a hunting guide. Problems began when the Dunnigans began to hunt turkey on the property themselves, along with a few friends, the report says.”  This dude needs an ass whooping by his momma.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Speaking of women that never became mothers . . . The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May is in the news again and this time it’s not for her Brexit views. Apparently, the old maid is in favor of fox hunting. Will Theresa May really be able to repeal the fox hunting ban? – “Theresa May faces having to win over a chunk of her own party if she is to push ahead with a vote to scrap the fox hunting ban. The Prime Minister has confirmed the Conservative manifesto for next month’s General Election will retain the party’s promise to grant MPs a free vote on the controversial issue. Mrs May is “personally” in favour of traditional forms of fox hunting, which were outlawed by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 2004. But it is unclear whether Mrs May’s views will be shared by enough of her Tory colleagues in the next parliament to make a repeal of the legislation possible.”

Every mom needs this Yeti dammit! It just SCREAMS sandwiches, soccer snacks, juice boxes and wine hidden in a water bottle. This cooler should be standard issue equipment at the hospital when you become a mother! YETI Hopper Flip 12 Cooler – “Stay hydrated at the beach, the pool or at the tailgate party with the YETI® Hopper Flip 12 Cooler. Made with an 840-denier, double-sided TPU exterior and a tough EVA bottom with DryHide fabric interior and exterior shells for strength, the cooler features closed-cell foam that delivers exceptional cold-holding power. A neoprene shoulder strap offers convenient carrying.”

The latest in social media, the “mom approved” app that brings together the hunting community free of “haters” (aka liberals).  YUDU – “We started YUDU with a simple idea: Give people who love the outdoors the freedom to connect. With YUDU, you control how your community comes together, what it sees, and what it shares. You select not only the groups to join, but who joins your groups. You determine not just the content you post, but who sees your posts and which posts you see. With YUDU, the values you teach at home and the topics you discuss with friends can be shared openly without the rants and reprisals from strangers that you’ll get on other social media sites. Basically, it’s a place for us.Welcome to YUDU. What Do You Do?”

A video even mom will appreciate. Deer licks a shotgun barrel SMDH I’m sure Miley Cyrus had something to do with this. Will he be this bold in November? Daring deer walks right up to group of hunters and LICKS a shotgun barrel – Leon Champine, Joe Pople and Corey Cook were out hunting for turkey in Hendricks County, Indiana this weekend when the group had the remarkable run-in with the deer. Two curious deer, which appears to be about a year old, wanders right up to the hunters, nibbling at the bushes around them.’They were just simply inquisitive,’ Champine said.’I believe this is their first season without following mom around to teach them what is dangerous.’ Cook captured the video of of one of the deer nosing right up to him and licking the barrel of his shotgun.” I don’t know what surprises me more, deer licks murder weapon or the fact that is writing about hunters?  WTF

Dear God, please don’t let my kids buy me this for Mother’s Day, that is all. OK Realtree, you have awesome products but someone in your women’s department needs to lose their job. If you are reading this and you like this bag and are considering giving it to the woman that gave birth to you or gave birth to your children, you suck. Clearly you had an awful childhood and revenge against your mother is on your mind. Realtree Camouflage Conceal & Carry Handbag VRT12 Sea Glass by Camo Western – “Part of a new Realtree collection of conceal and carry handbags, the Realtree Camouflage Conceal & Carry Handbag VRT12 Sea Glass by Camo Western provides women with a stylish way to discreetly and safely carry a firearm. Decked out in Realtree Xtra Colors Sea Glass and eye-catching bling accents, this handbag is loaded with convenient features.”

Silly hunter, didn’t your mother teach you that baiting ducks is illegal? Well-known Lake Ontario guide charged with illegally hunting waterfowl- “Federal prosecutors have brought charges against a well-known Lake Ontario fishing and hunting guide, accusing him of illegally baiting and hunting protected migratory waterfowl during two incidents in 2015. William Saiff III, of Henderson Harbor, was charged Thursday in U.S. District Court in Syracuse with two counts of “knowingly placing bait to attract migratory birds and leading a a hunting party to the baited area to hunt the birds, resulting in the taking of birds,” according to The Watertown Times. It’s legal to hunt certain protected migratory waterfowl during the established seasons, but it is illegal to use bait to hunt the birds.”

Photo of Liberte Austin's daughter MT

Finally, I will leave you with this . . . Teach your little girls to love the outdoors, hunt, respect life and respect firearms.  They will be mothers one day passing it on to their little ones. It all starts with Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Maybe moms know it or not. but tomboys make the best wives and mothers. There is nothing wrong with a sweey pink/blue and white apron wearing dirl, but a girl that can also be your pal growing up and later your partner and mother of your children has a big appeal with most men that are not worried about thier sexuality.
    God gave them the equiptmant to hunt and keep up with(if not bypass) you in these endeavors. As the song says, they can bring home the boar, dress it out, smoke the meat, fry it up in a pan, she is a wooooo-oooman.

    You get the idea. Damn, now where is that BLT I asked for?

  2. Those deer trying to eat the shotgun. Young ones. I’ve had to slap them off the trail with my hat during small game season cause they didn’t have sense enough to know trouble.

    Flushed a covey of quail and had to hold fire cause another young deer was mixed in with them and to confused to get out of the way.

    Also had a tiny little rabbit just sit there and look at me like it needed to be taken care of. If it wasn’t against the law I would have scooped that one up and taken him home to my grand girls.

  3. Mom was raised on an Oklahoma farm. She could outshoot both my Dad and his brother who were WWII vets. Never got to go shooting with her. Wish I could have. She passed unexpectedly in ’82. Miss her to this day. I’m sure she would have loved Liberte’ s blogs tho’.

  4. Love that last photo. Gave my eight year old granddaughter a chipmunk rifle Friday night. Picked up a case of ammo to go with it. That should last a while.
    She is looking towards her tenth birthday. I’m taking her to Africa.

  5. “We outdoorsy women need a good raincoat . . . not like we need a toaster oven or a new vacuum cleaner but a raincoat tells mom you want her to be covered and protected, just like she protected us.”

    That’s an excellent point.

    I recall a mother’s day years back when dad gave mom a pair of golf shoes for Mother’s Day.

    Mom didn’t golf, he got her them so she wouldn’t slip and fall on the ice when washing his truck outdoors in wintertime.

    Dad taught me that being considerate like that is the way to winning a woman’s heart. 😉

    (Not really, I shamelessly stole that joke from conservative icon Thomas Sowell. )


    • True story. My old man thought he was clever. On mom’s birthday one year he came home from work. We kids were in the living room watching tv while mom was in the kitchen.

      Here comes dad thru the front door with a brand new mop and bucket in his hands and a shit eating grin on his face. As young as I was I knew this was a stupid idea.

      He yells “Happy Birthday” as he goes thru the kitchen door. There was a long, quiet pause and then the old man came back thru the living room and out the front door at a dead run. Right behind him is mom with her brand new mop trying to smack him upside the head with it.

      She chased him around the brand new car in the driveway 3 times for she realised dad had brought a new car, her real present, home with him.

        • To the best of my knowledge we have no Irish blood. But my old man surely kissed the Blarney Stone. He never met a stranger and folks just liked him.

          You ought to have heard the stories and the laughter at his funeral. He would have been proud.

        • JWM – A true story:

          If you ever visit Ireland, don’t kiss the ‘Blarney Stone’.

          The locals enjoy pissing on it after pub hours…

          (And you described a proper wake he had.)

  6. Referring to the last photo, respecting firearms means wearing eye and hearing protection whenever possible.

  7. Well said and bless you for such wisdom as you always share with us grisly old men, aka POTG. It means so much to read things relating to our sport from the nicer side sometimes. You do it in a way that is never condescending or rude, but as one of us. Much appreciated, and Happy Mothers day

  8. “Weatherby… … has introduced one of the industry’s best new offerings for women shooting enthusiasts and hunters.”

    that’s definitely not something i am purchasing for a woman.

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