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On the plus side, the little guy is faster.


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    • “But the bigger guy is a bigger target.”

      I believe 77gr. guy is Mr. ‘GarandThumb’, a fairly popular YouTube gun channel…

      • The little guy is Administrative Results, a YouTuber who should be more popular than GarandThumb but isn’t yet. I believe they’re also friends IRL.

        • Administrative Results is shorter, but I bet his squat and bench are larger. Dude is Thicc.

        • I’ve never seen the term “thicc” used for a male, but then, I’m not a biologist…

        • True. Pretty sure thicc is just code for “gal with fatazz” (and no “curvy” does not put a positive spin on it).

        • “Pretty sure thicc is just code for “gal with fatazz” (and no “curvy” does not put a positive spin on it).”

          ‘Big Bottom’ 😉

  1. If you like to LARP while wearing your shirt like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, go ahead and hit the subscribe button. Killing 30 minutes of your life with every video.

  2. the little guy is faster only a shorter range. at long range, the highest ballistic coefficient reins supreme.

  3. Gee if them guys was only standing on a pile of dead burnt bodies they could play like they was an alphabet agency working for the free’st nation earth.

    • Spreading LGBT rainbows across the globe, as is the newest dictat. Defending ambassador buildings with BLM flags. Carrying on the light of the western world…old news.

  4. I’ll stick with my 180 grain JBT for general use. Accurate out to a klik and still potent enough to drop anything I’m ever going to shoot at in this part of the world. And the rifle doesn’t require a truck or hummvee to haul it around.

  5. Depends on rate of twist. Years ago I tried some Israeli 70 gr in 1:12. It would keyhole at handgun ranges. Never got anything resembling a group. Same rifle would drive tacks with 55 gr.

    • Moot point – headset guy got splashed by sniper fire from a klik out, shorty got dropped shortly afterwards for bonus points.

    • Dr. Will Dabbs, MD, who writes for a couple of gun magazines and who spent a couple of tours in sand box countries patching up both good and bad guys opined that if he had a choice he would rather be shot with a 5.56 than a 7.62 round from a comblok country. As his opinion was formed from hands on experience trying to repair the holes made by both of those respective rounds, I give his opinion higher ratings than those of folks who do not have his first hand experience. Personally, I would much prefer not to be shot with anything bigger than a Daisy bb gun which I have had experience with. My cousin and I would regularly have battles with same with very strict rules about where one was allowed to aim and dire penalties for violating the rules.

      • spent a couple of tours in sand box countries patching up both good and bad guys opined that if he had a choice he would rather be shot with a 5.56 than a 7.62 round from a comblok country.

        And I’d rather shoot someone with a 7.62 than a 5.56… Also have first hand knowledge both giving and receiving…

  6. Trump Indictment: ‘It is now OPEN SEASON’ on any and all former presidents | Victor Davis Hanson.

    Yep, well, Biden will be indicted and prosecuted for something when he leaves office too, wait and see. But video aside: Biden’s presidency is the most corrupt in American history – Trump pays a porn star, Stephanie Clifford AKA ‘Stormy Daniels’, to shut up during his campaign and the porn star like all prostitutes would takes the money (even though Biden paid people to shut up during his campaign too, he just did it through his family with the money he made from selling us out to the CCP) – but Biden and his family basically sold us out to the Chinese Communist Party and weaponized the U.S. government against all American citizens and deliberately planned and executed intentional unconstitutional acts and violations of law and allows un-elected interest to basically make law and policy and rules by fiat with his executive orders to intentionally bypass Congress which basically imposes a tyranny.

    • Trump pays a porn star,

      If you’ve ever seen one of her “movies” you would NOT call her a “star” nor would you call it a “porno”… More like hard R to soft porn at best… Overrated B actress who ran around with her clothes off on camera…

    • Your lying…… President Joseph Robinett Biden, is one of the greatest Presidents of all time.
      Porcelain history books will glorify him for 1000’s of years to come.

  7. Turn about is fair play. The porn star who shall remain nameless was ordered by a court to may Trump $122,000. I guess it was damages for breach of contract. If he actually had sex with her, I hope it was really really good because it is going to be in the running for the most expensive piece in history. Nothing approaching the cost of that romp comes immediately to mind. Be interesting to see a listing of what amounted to the costliest piece in history. AND THE ALL TIME WINNER IS . . .

    Of course we have Jon Edwards and the Senator from Colorado whose name I can’t remember for starters. Then didn’t Wilbur como se llama a senator have a romp in a fountain with a shady lady? Couple of starting nominations there. For foreign contenders we had Anthony como se llama from Jolly Old Blighty who was either Prime Minister or a wannabe who was drummed out of politics for his extra curricular activities with a shady lady.

    • I guess it was damages for breach of contract.

      Legal fees… The most significant thing about this is that it was the 9th Circuit Court that held… She admitted under oath that the sex thing never happened, that it was Avenattis idea… Payment was just nuisance control…

  8. A bullet hole is a bullet hole. If it makes a hole in you in the right place, you won’t notice what size it is……..

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