Florida Senate President Makes It Clear She Doesn’t Intend to Add Open Carry to the Senate Permitless Carry Bill

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Ever since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis let it be known last week that he’s in favor of open carry in the Sunshine State and would sign it into law if it reaches his desk, the pressure has been on legislative leaders.

It’s no secret that House Speaker Paul Renner and Senate President Kathleen Passidomo are no fans of open carry. In fact, if they had their ways, the current permitless concealed carry bills that are on track for final passage this legislative session would be dead in the water.

The only reason they’ve gotten as far as they have has been the unremitting pressure from gun rights groups and constituents who wanted to know why Florida is the biggest red state without permitless carry in the nation. In effect, they were embarrassed forced into letting those bills move through their respected houses.

Open carry, however, seems to be a bridge too far for them and like-minded legislators who are happy to talk up gun rights during campaigns, but have conveniently disappeared when it came time to make things happen in the legislature. So when DeSantis said he doubted whether the legislature would add open carry to the current permitless carry bills, he knew what he was talking about and who he’s dealing with.

In the video above, provided by GOA’s Luis Valdes, Passidomo throws her hands up and effectively tells the press, “Gosh, I’m just taking the advice of seasoned law enforcement professionals like Bob Gaultieri.” She’s using using opposition to open carry from some Florida sheriffs as convenient political cover for refusing to support it.

That’s Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the Florida Sheriffs Assocation chairperson for their legislative committee, announcing they oppose open carry at the Senate’s first committee hearing for the permitless carry bill.

So it seems that Floridians will finally get permitless concealed carry this year, but they’ll have to go without open carry for at least another year. They’ll have to wait until people like Kathleen Passidomo no longer stand in the way, or the political heat for refusing to enable them to exercise their full rights to keep and bear arms becomes too great.


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  1. Which is it LE? Knowing who has a gun, or not knowing who has a gun? Pretty ridiculous based on “officer safety” to be anti-open carry when concealed carry would be the obvious threat.

    Something tells me Mr political lackey is anti-freedom across the board.

    • Concealed Carry by a law abiding citizen is no more of a threat to police than citizen open carry. Your adolescence reasoning to deny a right throws millions of law abiding citizens in the pot with violent criminals and that is backdoor libel.

      The schemes for Concealed Carry Permits is ending. That’s because a Concealed Carry Permit is the state taking a Constitutional Right from you and Selling it back to you.

  2. TTAG thinks the opinions of European tourists, along with their hundreds of millions of dollars, are irrelevant. Delete away.

    • Why delete? It is good to see that you believe that our rights are dependent on the opinions of tourists.

      I welcome the opinions of the fascist left here. Shows us what we’re fighting against.

      • It would be awesome for the European tourists in Florida to get to see people open carrying. It would give them a little taste of freedom.

        A lot of these Florida Republican politicians really suck, but at least Florida is moving in the right direction.

        I never open carry myself, but think it is pretty cool that some people do.

    • Stay your ass @ home your not welcome. I bet more money comes in from the rest of the country. Do Americans make policy in whatever shithole your from?

    • lol. Are you as concerned with rape, home invasions, suicides, automobile fatalities, or any other well-being problems the US has in exponentially higher numbers than the EU?

      Of course not. You are more fooled by propaganda than your ego will let you comprehend, and you are more bigoted by your cultural lens than you will admit.

      If Europe has anything to gloat over vs. the US, it’s causes of death and rates of violence. Instead, akin to TDS, you, along with hordes of Europeans, can’t see the forest for the trees, and attribute violence to guns, instead of the obvious truth that it’s the other way around for the US.

      Why? Because Europeans cant fathom the violence in the US on any level, as it’s alien here.

      • So how many people were murdered/killed in Europe between Sept. 1, 1939 and May 30, 1945 compared to the United States during that same time? The difference is in the tens of millions. Oh, and what about between 1914 and Nov. 1918? And to think Europe is the cultural mecca of the planet. I have some liberal Canadian friends and I always have to remind them that the difference between the USA and CA is that we kicked the British out.

        • Slapshot,

          And don’t forget that the idiot Canucks chose to REMAIN ‘subjects of the Queen’. It takes a certain, special kind of stupid to retain a monarchy in 1982.

      • And yet Europe calls us when there is killing to be done….weird I know right? Ukraine takes the weapons we design and produce as do other nations every single day.

        • For sure, War is the U.S.A.’s biggest export. Take that away and we ain’t got nothing.

      • Possum – At least the EU and USA are tied on asylum-immigrant-fueled-cultural-depopulation in relatively equal quotients. I’m 1000% with you. War is evil and rarely
        more than a regional skirmish without govt involved. One must have the capacity for violence to choose pacifism, anything else is called weakness.

    • red wolf,

      TTaG thinks the opinions of European tourists, along with their hundreds of millions of dollars, are irrelevant.

      It is more likely BILLIONS of tourist dollars.

      And Florida’s Ruling Class is also hugely worried about the opinions of tourists from the Chicago, New York City, and Washing D.C. metro areas who largely share the same opinions on firearms as European tourists.

      For reference I do not support restrictions on open carry. I am merely stating the facts on the ground.

      In the end, everything almost always boils down to the corrupted golden rule, “He who has the gold makes the rules.”

      • Just like all the Liberal City Authoritarians that escaped to Florida for vacations or extended stays during their home state lockdowns? You mean those staunchly valued and principled “individuals”? Those who feared true pandemic danger and viral menace? You should look at hospitality and rental housing occupancy statistics in Florida during the blue state lockdowns. Personal advice – The most dangerous person is a fool who imagines themselves intelligent. Please don’t hurt anyone, including yourself. Context is everything. History is important. Objectivity paramount. Get REAL woke.

    • “Delete away.”

      It won’t be deleted, little wolfie.

      It will stay for as long as TTAG exists so your stupidity will be on record… 🙂

    • Thank you for your interesting comment, Red Wolf.
      I am an American and I live in Florida. The reality is all types of violence is higher in cities and states with the most severe gun control laws. Violent crimes are fewer in places where criminals may well experience justice if they attack where people have the means to defend themselves and others.
      If you read the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution you will learn that right is largely to discourage tyranny. The cities and states that infringe on the rights of their citizens are exceptionally socialist, tyrannical governments.
      Fortunately if you are concerned about violent crime in states that respect their citizens, you don’t have to visit us!
      As for me, I choose to avoid states where I cannot carry my self-protection.

    • American tourist here. I do not go places and spend my $$$ where I cannot protect myself and family. Limited to 38 states? So be it.

    • Why is it then, that places that rent firearms to shoot at their site have so many tourists wanting to try it. Wild west ranges, fully auto ranges like in Las Vegas, ranges in just about any tourist destination have so many first timers from places that firearms are highly restricted?

    • European tourists should spend their time and money where they feel most comfortable.

      Our governance and laws are not beholden to tourists or any other outside influences or forces. We are a sovereign nation exercising our right of self-governance.

      If European tourists don’t like our gun laws, they can go somewhere else. I don’t vacation in Mexico for safety reasons, but I’m not about to tell Mexicans how to run their country.

  3. “Which is it LE? Knowing who has a gun, or not knowing who has a gun?”

    “Knowing” puts LE at risk, because it is faster to draw from open carry, than concealed carry; putting cops at a disadvantage. As to “concealed” carry, cops win two ways: “don’t know”, not a threat; “don’t know”, is a threat.

    Win, win.

  4. I am glad to see Florida is at least moving in the right direction now though. Just a few years ago it was taken for granted that Florida was the next California and would eventually be fully converted to communism. Luckily all that has been turned around and the state is actually getting redder, with democrats openly abandoning races and withdrawing money for two election cycles now.

    • Florida has picked up roughly half a million new residents since the covid debacle. Most are liberty loving republicans that had enough of blue state shenanigans. I’m one of them.

      I suspect the narrow DeSantis win over Gillum was only close due to election “irregularities”. Many of those vulnerabilities have been fixed and our elections are very secure. Floridians don’t think it’s racist to ask for ID when you vote.

      We still have work to do, but Florida will be a red state for the foreseeable future.

  5. Sure looks like a lot of Republicans are all in favor of gun rights when the Democrats are in control and they can use it as a wedge issue, but when Republicans have control of the entire process they find some Fudd cop to use for cover to do next to nothing.

    • If unopposed the dems would remove your guns. Period.

      Is the gop perfect? No. But they beat hell out of the dems.

      • “Is the gop perfect? No. But they beat hell out of the dems.”

        If a candidate doesn’t do everything I want, I don’t vote; let the country go to waste. That’s what I say. Better the country rots, than politicians not be perfect. And yes, they should fight losing battles, just to make a heroic statement to the nation at large. Going down, failing, is a moral victory!

        And no, I don’t really understand what I am trying to say, either.

        • EVERYTHING? – no taxes, free booze/broads/pot, 2 chickens in every pot $1/gal gas and Bill of Rights rules?

          How’s that working out for you?

        • neiowa:
          To me $1/gal gas doesn’t seem like such a good deal. I have lived long enough to remember having paid twelve cents ($0.12) for a gallon of gas.

      • Kind of a syphilis vs. gonorrhea comparison, but yeah, penicillin has a chance with the one and you’re pretty well screwed with the other. I just can’t remember off the top of my head which one’s which.

        • Well sure, after your dick turns green and falls off.

          And there is no cure for the Democrat Party.

        • Gonorrhea is treated by several common antibiotics.

          Syphilis is also treatable with the -cillins and a couple of others. The trick is knowing that you have it. In many cases it has no symptoms until it starts to cause brain damage. Once it’s gotten to the point that the brain damages is noticeable, it’s irreversible. But the infection can still be cured to prevent cognitive issues from getting worse.

          So, it’s not like brain damage from something like Kuru (an acquired prion disease similar to mad cow, CWD or scrapie they all affect the same protein, actually). That’s one where people go from first symptoms to death in a year or so, getting exponentially (literally) worse and there’s nothing that can be done about it at this point.

        • strych, so you’re saying Democrats have something like Kuru, then?

        • Alas, Gov., sadly not.

          Were that the case we’d have been rid of them by now. Whatever they have is more insidious and seemingly quite a bit more contagious.

  6. Sort of off topic, but why do so many women politicians, like Kathleen Passidomo, wear the same brooch depicting a federal eagle clutching a pearl? Madeline Albright and Elizabeth Dole, to name just two, used to wear that same exact brooch often and you see it worn from time to time by others.

    It’s just curious that for years so many women have worn the thing. It can’t be a coincidence. Is it the symbol of some organization to which they belong?

  7. What a system we have. One person can decide what, if any, human and civil rights we can exercise.

      • Untrue, as the law in a “red state” will be cited as the basis for an infringement elsewhere. Whataboutism being the watchword these days.

        Further, we not being a species blessed with clairvoyance, people can end up in Florida through no choosing of their own, as has happened to people in NJ and NY when travelling by air.

        At that point, circumstance dictates that non-Floridians, compromise their rights by virtue of being forced into a State which they didn’t wish to visit.

        • strych9:
          As of now, if you have a concealed carry license from a state with which Florida has a reciprocity agreement, you’re good to go in Florida. Been there; done that. Going to do it again this coming spring.

        • I’m aware of this.

          I simply don’t support “rights by permission slip” because those are not rights. They’re privileges granted and taken by government’s whim no different than a monarchy.

          And I will not cut a “red state” slack on this just because I tend to agree with them on other stuff. If we don’t police our side of the aisle, what’s the point of the aisle in the first place?

  8. Hmmm. I wonder if the legislature is holding open carry hostage for the price of changing the law to allow Governor DeSantis to remain in office while running for POTUS?

  9. another legislative fellatio-artist gets to run a state, circumventing the votes of millions – no problem

  10. The Senate President and Speaker of the House are both accepting the word(s) of LE over the views of We the People as if LE is all knowing and not biased relative to the 2A.
    Since the Senate President and Speaker of the House do not have the content of character to make their own decisions, then in the future they should consult LE so that they will know what to support and not to support. The oath of office meant nothing to people such as these.

    • The fact is she could have found about 40 other sheriffs who would support open carry. She chose Bob Gualteiri because he’s always been rabidly anti-gun. This time the other sheriffs put the heat on him to go along with this crippled piece of legislation.

  11. Folks should be filling up This Woman’s phone and email. Exercise your first amendment rights for redress of grievances.

    I would really like to know why she is against hurricane survivors in the state of Florida, from from being able to openly carry guns to deter looters?

  12. Yeah, it’s always the filthy democrats. What everyone here should try to grasp is that if the money and power of republicans is threatened they will sell us out in a short minute.

  13. Won’t be long before people start digging trenches and stringing razorwire and IED’s around their property.

  14. Officer Bubba says you don’t need open carry.
    That it serves no purpose.

    Why is it that this sort of reasoning goes only one way?
    Officer Bubba doesn’t need to oppose open carry nor does opposing it serve any purpose.

    • The logical disconnects are many.

      People like him are the reason I switched sides on LE, ultimately. There have long been a cadre with the attitude that you don’t need rights. That cadre having grown in the past few years as the better cops quit.

      I rejoin that, this being the case, we don’t need cops. Therefore we can fire them all and redirect the tax base to things that serve a purpose.

      They tend to get a bit testy about that assertion. Seems to have to do with this “right” that they believe they have to something called a “paycheck”.

  15. Seems to me that foreign tourists would love to see folk carrying openly. It would be thrill, something they do not see at home. A sense of excitement. When they get back to Britain (or wherever) they can brag that they survived a trip to the America, where guns are everywhere and danger runs deeply in the streets and sits at every table in the restaurants. Tour company’s can offer guided sojourns through the most heavily armed neighborhoods. For an extra fee, they’ll take you to a gun range! That would be a great way to market Florida. You are safer here than anywhere because we all carry guns!

    Not kidding!!! Let them know they are in the USA. Let them see what it means to not depend upon the government to protect you and be your nanny.

        • I suppose they could have different levels for different calibers and threat levels. Interactive of course. Like that old Yul Bryner movie: WestWorld. 🙂

    • LifeSavor:
      “For an extra fee, they’ll take you to a gun range!”
      I hope you’re kidding (and I think you are). Those people have never been around firearms and would be a danger to themselves and others.
      A few years back, the place where I worked had visitors in from a Chinese company for which we were doing work. My boss told me that they wanted to shoot a gun. That just made me cringe. To put it mildly, I told my boss I wasn’t interested. (I think he was just pulling my chain, as the saying goes.) As far as I know, they went away still never having fired a gun.

  16. @jethro the janitor
    “Too many drinks or not enough?”

    ‘Tis a conundrum; still trying to figure it out.

    What if it is neither?

  17. During the debates over permit less carry here in AL the Sherriff’s assc. complained about not having permits would allow bad guys to carry etc. But, when it came down to it the issue was the $25.00 annual fee the Sherrif got for the permit.
    Any bets on the good Sherriff looking at the loss of free money rather than public safety?

    • Had the same thing in MS a few years ago. Same pattern and obstacles are rerun in every State that goes down this road. It’s getting pretty boring and very predictable.

    • “Any bets on the good Sherriff looking at the loss of free money rather than public safety?”

      Not applicable.

      In Florida, the Department of Agriculture handles the issuing of permits, not the counties. When applying, the local tax collector takes your money, and your picture is snapped by the DMV, in the very same building…

  18. I have said it many times on this website: Florida’s 100 Billion dollar tourist industry calls the shots (pun intended).

    And if Florida’s 100 billion dollar industry claims (correctly or not) that they will lose billions of dollars if Florida legalizes open-carry of firearms, guess what Florida’s Legislature is going to do? (Hint: Florida’s Legislature will most certainly NOT acquiesce to the petitions of a few hundred pro Second Amendment activists.)

  19. @neiowa
    “EVERYTHING? – no taxes, free booze/broads/pot, 2 chickens in every pot $1/gal gas and Bill of Rights rules? How’s that working out for you?”

    Actually, quite good. I didn’t vote in 2020 and 2022. Look how that turned out for Republicrats. They paid for their failure to please me.

  20. Desantis can always call special sessions until they have open carry. Maybe Floridians should put pressure on DeSantis as well.

  21. Get rid of the Sheriff.
    Sheriffs are supposed to protect the constitution,
    He’s not the only Sheriff in the U. S. That won’t uphold the constitution either.
    Not a lot of bad ones out there, but their there.
    VIVA THE 2nd….!

    • “Sheriffs are supposed to protect the constitution,”

      As amended by the US Supreme Court. “…shall not be infringed, except…reasonable restrictions.”

      Sheriff is upholding the Constitution.

    • In Florida the sheriffs are elected. The county the sheriff mentioned is from is deep blue. Drive about 45-50 miles east and you find one of the all-time pro-self defense, everyone who can legally carry should train and carry sheriffs in the country, Sheriff Grady Judd.

      • My sheriff.

        Here, he’s known as “Grady “Because they ran out of bullets” Judd… 🙂

        (Judd was asked why a suspect was shot about 100 times.)

        • 🙂 Yup! Sheriff Grady Judd on Home Defense: If someone breaks into your home, shoot him! Shoot him so full of holes you can read a newspaper through them.
          Gotta love Sheriff Judd.

  22. Something is off here. In Pennsylvania we have “open carry”, but we need a permit for “concealed carry”.
    With “constitutional carry”, one would think that both methods are acceptable and legal. At least with “open carry” people know who is armed. Not so with “concealed carry”.

  23. Their contempt for the people they represent is so thick and rich you could put it on your pancakes.

    Reminds me of the old series Rome.

    [While they both watch a play in the Forum, a cheering and laughter erupt from the crowd due to the action on stage]

    Scipio: What a dreadful noise plebs make when they’re happy.

    Cato: This is music. Wait until Caesar starts them howling for our blood; then you’ll hear something dreadful!

  24. Just recently read an article about a open carry fan who had his firearm taken from. he gave chase of the suspect and was killed trying to get his gun back. Open carry is insane. If you think your ability to see what what some ass hole can do, you’re hallucinating. All you’re doing is allowing some crook to take your firearm. Carrying your firearm concealed will keep the crooks wondering if you are carrying a firearm. That is the whole idea of CCW.

    • Marty, Dude! Police open carry all day long everyday. if you use the right holster and keep some situational awareness you’ll be fine. And police get their guns taken away more than open carriers.

  25. Government hates it when regular citizens get to have guns. it really really bugs the hell out of them. It works out much better for them, if only they and their allies get to have guns.

  26. The video with the sheriff… The sheriff KNOWS open and concealed carry serves nothing for Florida. Really? Knows? He must be ignorant.

    Its not about serving anything for Florida. Its about serving the law abiding individuals who choose to exercise their constitutional and natural right for, overall, self-defense against the very criminals the sheriff can not protect these law abiding individuals or Florida from and its very obvious, in this context its a valid argument that the sheriff serves nothing for Florida.

    There has not been even one time in the entire history of any country in the world where a ‘law enforcement’ authority or a law ‘prevented’ a violent in-progress crime. Yet someway or another this sheriff KNOWS people do not need to carry a firearm to exercise their constitutional and natural right for, overall, self-defense against the very criminals a ‘law enforcement’ authority or a law can not protect them from.

    This sheriff is ignorant.


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