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Roughly half of the American population is smarter than average.  And then there’s people who missed the smart bus as a kid.  People like the man named Ali Naji who strolled into the Dearborn, MI police department Sunday afternoon.  Instead of delivering Christmas wishes or asking for services, Mr. Naji pulled a gun stolen less than an hour before and tried to shoot a uniformed cop working the front desk.

Fortunately, Mr. Aspiring Rocket Scientist’s gun malfunctioned.  And before he could figure out how to rectify the jam, his intended victim pulled his own gun.  Unlike the would-be killer’s pistol, the cop’s gun worked flawlessly.

At that point, the 33-year-old Naji was served multiple gunshot wounds before he could feloniously hurt anyone.  He later died at the hospital.

Fox2 has more:

DEARBORN, Mich (FOX 2) – A man who pointed a gun at an officer inside the Dearborn Police Department was shot and killed Sunday, authorities said.

According to police, the 33-year-old man, who has been identified as Ali Naji, entered the lobby of the police station around 3:30 p.m. Once inside, he pulled out a concealed handgun and pointed it at an officer behind the desk while standing about 5 feet from the officer. However, the gun malfunctioned.

“The individual attempted to fire the gun at the officer, prompting the officer to discharge multiple rounds that struck the individual,” said Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin.

According to police, the officer was behind bulletproof glass that has a sliding window.

The officer is on paid administrative leave per protocol and policy. This is normal and is not insinuate any wrongdoing.

Naji was taken to a hosptial, where he died. No officers were hurt.

Perhaps further investigation will determine the motive behind Mr. Naji’s acts on Sunday.  Either way, even for those who have watched the Terminator far too many times, pulling a gun in a police station and trying to shoot people seems a great way to win the room temperature challenge quickly.

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    • MaddMaxx,

      Suicide-by-cop was my first thought as well.

      Some guy did something sort of similar at a Detroit Police Department Precinct station in January, 2011. In that case, however, the man had a shotgun and shot multiple police officers before multiple police officers in the station returned fire and stopped the attacker, who also successfully completed the room temperature challenge.

  1. Yeah, he watched too many of those choreographed scenes in action thrillers. His problem was, he didn’t hire a choreographer.

  2. Even the PoDunk PD departments here in Florida have their entryways hardened with the front desk people behind a bullet-resistant glass laminates you see on bank drive-ins.

    Why that entryway wasn’t hardened makes no damn sense at all, considering the explosion in drug use and crime… 🙁

        • I don’t know, wild guess, the cop stood up as he/she/it was drawing they/them/his/her/zippywhatnot/whatever/their firearm and stepped to the side of the protective barrier where a clean shot could be directed toward the dumbass in question…

        • Number one, the “departed” was most definitely NOT “dearly” so.
          Number two, READ the piece again. Your question is answered before you could even ask.

        • “Number one, the “departed” was most definitely NOT “dearly” so.”


          The fact he ‘assumed ambient temperature’ makes the fact that his being now dead is dear indeed to to those who wanted him dead.

          If you noticed, I ‘scare quoted’ when I typed ” ‘dearly departed’ “. That was a clue I was being sarcastic.

          Lighten up, Francis… 🙂

  3. And Pr0gressives will present poor Ali Naji as a victim of excessive force and police brutality.

    Mostly peaceful protest pending. Just as soon as supplies of paving stones and molotovs arrive.

  4. Looking at the guy, I’m going with suicide by cop. Can’t always judge a book by its cover, but he doesn’t look the type to walk into a police station and be dumb enough to think he’s going to kill some and walk back out.

    He DOES look like the type that would find suicide dishonorable. Calling him stupid is no more or less speculative than what I’ve posited.

  5. I’m a bit tired of being asked to act like the incompetence of bad guys is somehow a virtue of government agents.

    Dude obviously wanted to die, was a total moron or both.

    Honestly, why is this even a story? I can get better gun news from a two minute scroll of Twitter and half of it will come from Lefty accounts promoting whatever the new gun-control hotness is that the account’s owner has become enamored of.

    • There is always room for doubt in such stories…However if the perp wanted to die all by his lonesome the firearm would have been unloaded to fool the officer, etc. I gather there was a live round in the chamber, the trigger was pulled and failed to fire and during a hasty repair attempt to fire again the perp was shot. Too bad the probably seconds long video of the incident and firearm analysis wasn’t released.

    • I bet we will find out, as that entrance most likely has a video recorder running 24-7-365…

  6. Some vague details are coming out that the guy may have had a history of mental illness, and had been previously arrested.

    It’s also been cited in a couple of other articles that he stole the gun a couple hours before coming to the police station.

    • MLee. I get it. The only thing I didn’t like about that scene is that a 203 grenade can’t arm in that distance. At least none I fired.

      • The buckshot version was absurd but functional for room to room distance. Otherwise across the street is advisable. Especially if you have to move casualties with unexploded ordinance imbedded in their anatomy.

  7. These cowardly shooters NEVER attack cop stations, only defenseless people in “gun free” zones. So I’m surprised to see something like this.

  8. Such a shame, NOT! The ass-in-the-air will now receive his 72 virgins and they’ll all look like Sam BankMAN-FrIED and his equally repulsive “girlfriend”.

    • Oh, look!

      It’s everyone’s favorite imbecilic nitwit PeeGeeTwo back in TTAG babbling incoherently again! 🤣

    • the word used in those satanic verses that is currently translated as “virgin” is “houri”. That word is the root word for a five letter one syllable word in english to refer to a female who plies the oldest trade. So they really are getting fooled if they think they’re gonna get a passel of pure young virgins.

      Either way. he didn’t :get any”. And even if he DID it would be far too hot for him to “enjoy” them.

  9. Look on the bright side. Naji could have gone someplace with unarmed, defenseless people and had time to clear his malfunction.


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