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Feed the guns or feed the car?


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  1. I’m sorry. I forgot to say. The ammunition is more important than the gasoline, if you wanted to keep the gas.

    • “PFFAAARRRTTTTPUFFGURGLEPFFTBLOOP!!” There, I gave you the “gas”. Now, put that in your tank and drive away. Watch out, it will ruin your catalytic converter.

  2. When hordes of zombies* are thronging the streets looking for food and heat, we’ll be boarded up in our castles thankful we have the ammo for a prolonged siege.

    *Right now, they are flash-mobbing stores. As the economy deteriorates and shortages worsen, they will be flash-mobbing home.

    Be an ant, not a grasshopper.

  3. I suppose you could use horse and cart for drive by.

    It would bring back the original meaning of horse power.

    • ” Clip clop, clip clop, clip clop, clip clop…..Bang-Bang-Bang Bang……clip clop, clip clop, clip clop ( Amish drive-by)

  4. I never miss Sunday shoot around with Mr. Hickok .45 what a cool fellow. He has no mercy on those stealthy 2 liters! Got himself a great gig plinkin for a livin.

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