COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ALERT: Federal Agency That Banned Device Designed for Disabled Shooters Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

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That clicking sound you hear is our cognitive dissonance meter pegging at 11. The oh-so-caring and inclusive folks at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are commemorating National Disability Employment Awareness month. As such, they want everyone to know how very seriously they take the job of ensuring that everyone has an “equal opportunity to contribute their skills and talents.”

That kind of access and equity, however, apparently doesn’t apply to differently abled people who would like to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

As a part of the Biden administration’s ongoing war on guns as well as those who choose to make, sell, and own them, ATF has done its level best to make life difficult for the very people they’re claiming to be so very concerned about. Pistol braces, you’ll remember, were invented for individuals with injuries, disabilities, or limited mobility so they can safely use larger-framed pistols.

pistol brace
Prototype of the original pistol stabilizing brace designed for the disabled or those with limited mobility (courtesy SB Tactical)

The new rule and nearly incomprehensibly complex “factoring criteria” that ATF put in place earlier this year have all but banned all legal use of pistol stabilizing braces. Fortunately, as with ATF’S endangered bump stock ban and frame and receiver rule that redefines (without legislation) what constitutes a firearm, the about face the regulatory agency has done on the use of pistol braces isn’t faring well in the courts.

So you’ll have to pardon us if the ATF declarations of its concern over access and inclusiveness where the disabled are concerned trigger our collective gag reflex. The stench wafting from that is just a little more than we can stomach right now.


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  1. Obviously the way the atf sees it if they can get yoyos to bend over and pay $200 extra for a soot can they can take anything away and sell it back to the yoyos…the old give an inch and they’ll take a mile applies. Perhaps if you pinned and glued the brace to your arm like a flash hider is pinned and welded to a 14.5″ barrel then you can have it without fear of being raided by jack booted thugs reminiscent of the kkk and nazi ss.

  2. Cognitive dissonance alert: the blog that said the brace was intended for “anyone who hunts or plinks with an AR-15 pistol” in its review now plays the disability card for outrage clicks.

  3. Damn straight, I’m going to use the A part of BATFE and get myself sufficiently disabled.
    Cheap Vodka makes me shake but the price of emu, using the T part, prohibits more expensive acquisitions.

  4. They just post that stuff because they pretty much have to. What they really care about is that October is…LGBT History Month!! Seriously. Look it up. And October 11th is National Coming Out Day. Yes, really. Schools are planning to celebrate it because groomers gonna groom. Exciting times…


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