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If you haven’t been following the Liberty Safe kerfuffle that ensued after the company provided an owner’s access code to FBI agents, see this post. Earlier this week Liberty issued this new update to its customer privacy policy . . .

Liberty Safe has implemented consumer privacy protections regarding law enforcement compulsory requests for information, including safe combinations. These policies codify Liberty Safe’s position as an industry leader in protecting consumer privacy.

Liberty Safe will only release customer information to law enforcement agencies if all the following conditions are met:

        1. A warrant, subpoena, national security letter, court order or equivalent (“compulsory process”) must be provided that is specifically issued to Liberty Safe.
        2. For requests for access codes or combinations, the compulsory process must specifically require that Liberty Safe release the combination or access code for a safe identified by its serial number.
        3. If these first two conditions are met, the requested customer information must already exist within our system at the time of the request. If a customer has opted out of our retention of this information, we will be unable to comply with the compulsory process.

Liberty Safe has a process in place for customers to request the deletion of their code from our records. This process can be accessed at

Except where prohibited by law, Liberty Safe will notify customers of any request from a government or law enforcement agency for customer information in advance of our providing it, giving our customer an opportunity to challenge the compulsory process.

In addition to these protections, if Liberty Safe determines that the compulsory process is deficient, Liberty Safe will object, challenge, or reject the request.

According to Joe Fail, Liberty Safe President and CEO, “We believe this policy is the strongest in our industry in protecting the rights of customers, and we appreciate the feedback we have received from many as we defined and communicated it.”

The details of the updated policies are available at

Again, Liberty has established a process for owners to have the company purge the backdoor access code for their safe from the company’s records. You can do that here.

Now, for those who don’t trust the company to fully delete the access code, Liberty will be giving owners the option of re-setting that access code themselves. Yesterday, Liberty announced they’ll soon announce a process for customers with electronic keypads to change their master reset or “backdoor” access code.

Just remember that if you do that, you’re on your own (just as those of us with traditional mechanical combination dials are). Make sure to note the new code somewhere just in case you forget your combination, as Liberty won’t be able to help if that happens.

UPDATE: You can find the instructions for resetting your recovery code here.


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  1. Seems like it would be so much easier for all parties involved, save of course the statist gestapo, to not record the combos at all and tell the owner to be an adult and remember their own damn code or hire a locksmith if you’re too much of a fuckup to remember it.

    I see this all the time with stupid tech stuff. Everybody wants security but nobody can be bothered to remember their passwords or learn to use a manager of some sort. They bitch when their 1234! password gets broken and they bitch when the thing they want to get into won’t just let them in because they know they’re at least CLOSE to what they think it might be.

    Make consequences great again.

  2. If you are taking steps to mitigate this sort of thing, cancel your subscription to your online “Password Manager” while you are at it.

    • There are plenty of open source, vetted, free, client-side decrypting, self-hosted syncing options out there and of course a simple encrypted off-line document would work just fine. Ideally you just wouldn’t use any online service for anything but that’s increasingly difficult to do without becoming an own-nothing, do-nothing, know-nobody recluse sitting on buried gold in the middle of the woods.

      Big companies like RoboForm are certainly suspect. Any company marketing the convenience and ease of their product over the security of it should be passed by.

    • “WARNING: All the requests for resetting master lock code will be forwarded to FBI and ATF.”

      If you are the one setting the new master code, what’s the problem?

      (Outside of the Feds simply knowing you have a Liberty, that is…)

      And let’s be serious, if the Feds want in your gun safe, they are gonna get in with little difficulty… 🙁

  3. So if .gov has a subpoena you capitulate? That’s even worse especially with Dimscum©running much of the federal gubmint(& my crappy state). Obviously they could break into any safe put out by “Liberty”. I have no stock in this game & won’t be needing your “safe”!🙄

  4. “Just as those of us with mechanical combination dials are.” I wondered about that as I have both. Strong argument for safe companies to build more dial safes. Keypads are the only thing you can find today.

    • “Strong argument for safe companies to build more dial safes.”

      Security guru ‘Deviant Ollum’ advises it’s relatively trivial to simply replace the digital plastic crap with a much-higher security mechanical dial, as the mountings are standardized safe sizes…

  5. PISS ON LIBERTY SAFES … all these backstabbing jackasses are going to do is give the procedure to ATF, et al, so they can go in and get in to your safe whenever they want with or without warrant(s), thus violating the same laws of citizens over and over again. Not telling who else Liberty Safes will sell-out to. If I had their safe I would change out the whole damn locking mechanism to one that isn’t compromised by a corrupted manufacturer.

  6. Hmmm… that’s interesting. There are only a few manufacturers of electronic safe locks, and I’m not sure that the big ones (S&G and AmSec) have such a mechanism. They say they don’t.

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. To little to late.
    They should purge their data.
    That’s it. Get rid of it.
    Outside of that this is a half ass attempt at appeasement.

  8. Don’t give your money to liberty safe. The company is owned by an investment group like remington. They care nothing about guns, they care nothing about the second amendment.

    And the obviously don’t care anything about the fourth and fifth amendment.

    • Monomoy cares a LOT about the 2A -they want to END it. Along the way they would love to be laws forcing all gun owners to buy and use their products.

    • Are you certain they don’t have a back door access to the mechanical ones as well.

      • Nope I’m a locksmith and install them , mechanical has only one combo that can be set. Electronic locks have a super master and master code that can be programmed that can be used instead of the user combo. Electronic is faster but not better

        • The advanced safe-crackers have expensive automated safe dial manipulator gadgets that given enough time, will find the combination…

  9. All of this is academic. A safe is to keep a thief out. At least for a while. The government will take the safe, and its contents, and open it at their leisure. Case in point. We had a homicide involving a former LEO. I had worked with the guy for several years. Anyway, he shot his wife in the head with a suppressed Ruger MK something pistol. One thing lead to another and Carl ended up firing up several patrol cars and wounding three deputies. Several days later of roadblocks, perimeters and sweeps of rural territory he turned himself into his daughter and SIL. Both TPD. You can’t make this shit up. Point is, FDLE loaded his safe up and took it to their lab. They weren’t worried about combinations of any kind.

  10. Code or no code, 30min with a sawzaw will open any safe. If they have a warrant they will gain access regardless if they have a code or not so what’s the deal??

  11. If you are not going to change the master combo and have a Liberty Safe and the serial number is showing on the outside of the safe, OR on the inside cover of any electronic key pad – REMOVE THAT SERIAL NUMBER – Liberty Safe bases the master combo on the serial number.

    Personally, I had one liberty safe that when this came about – I emptied it, hauled it to a local scrap yard and they demolished it for me (cut it in half and crushed it) never to be used again by anyone. Simply can’t trust Liberty any more and the very thought of them disgusts me. They wave the flag and say how much they support the 2A, but their owning company and the upper management of Liberty Safe donate to only democrat politicians and a lot of those are the very politicians who want to take away your 2A rights and are actively engaged in trying to do so.

  12. Hey Liberty Safe, too little too late. You fubarred yourselves and need to go the way of the dodo or Bud Light….

    Reminds me of an old saying from a friend:

    You know, if you were just “messed up” or “screwed”, I could probably help you out.
    But you’re not. You’re Fukked!

  13. I think ever home should have a safe regardless of what gets put in it.

    I suggest safes with a mechanical lock. If you want to boycott Liberty Safe, I understand and I am with you. All I would recommend considering though is that there is a point reached where so many companies get boycott that you effectively refuse to have anything.

    Take a good look out there. There are not many jobs to be found that pays anything of significance that isn’t proud to admit they operate on the basis of DE&I and affirmative action. These companies produce everything from the technology we all use to the distribution of electricity and water. You cannot get away from it. Draw your line in the sand and stick to it.

  14. Somebody has got to say it: Government is the predator that We the People need to secure ourselves against. Gov’t hates anyone who has the slightest ability to counter their whims and desires. As such, We the People are in need of a large corporate entity that will finally tell the fedbois of the various Praetorian Guard agencies of the Imperial Federal Gub’mint that, due to their illegitimacy, they can fuck all the way off. Liberty Safe had their chance to be such a corporate entity.

    They muffed it.

  15. Well well well, you buy a safe and somebody has your number.
    Liberty Biberty
    And I like the pinky swear part about opting out. Like duh, yeah right.
    I’m tired of all the spyware from Google. I have an idea, I’ll go to Google Play Store and download the app to get rid of that Google spyware.
    Artificially Intelligent.

  16. Spend money with Liberty Safe and their parent company Monomoy gives millions money to the Fetterman, Warnock, and other leftist campaigns so they can make laws against our 2A rights. Why don’t we just buy our safes from Biden or Hillary?

    • Well one things for certain, if we bought a safe from Biden nobody would know its number.
      I’m Sooooo Proud of My President.
      I bet North Koreans wish they had a Biden, oh wait, they do. ,,,, . Well I bet North Koreans wish they had a Biden they didnt have to pay for.

  17. I’ll never buy anything from Tyranny Safe no matter what they do. The codes are one thing, but their campaign contributions and lobbying are enough to put them on the never buy list for life.

  18. Oh bullshit. Someone needs to look at all the codes because what they say and what really happens is likely two different things. There’s will probably be some other backdoor code that was inserted by mistake….REALLY.
    I don’t believe any of those lying sacks of shit.

    • SecuRam locks have two codes, a user code and a s manager code. Both can be changed if you have the old number or they can be “factory reset” via a pinhole switch from the inside which resets them to 111111 and 123456 and from there they can be changed to whatever six-digit number you want . They have no other “backdoors” according to SecuRam which is the company that Liberty buys them from since Liberty doesn’t make their own locks. SecuRam makes the majority of the locks for low-end residential safes like those Liberty makes.

  19. When any company allows a customer to be victimized then they should be held responsible. The backlash Liberty Safe is experiencing is truly justified.

  20. Why go to Liberty for any ones pass code. If they come to your house they need a warrant to search, wonder if they come thru the bac door when your not home?

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