mass shooting vigil problem is guns
A man holds a sign during a vigil outside Monterey Park City Hall, blocks from the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, late Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, in Monterey Park, Calif. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis)
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The gunman who opened fire during a Lunar New Year celebration near Los Angeles in January, killing 11 people and injuring others, sent writings to law enforcement, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna.

When asked whether authorities had discovered a motive in the Monterey Park attack, Luna said the gunman, Huu Can Tran, had sent a “manifesto” to law enforcement that was still being examined.

Tran, 72, opened fire the night of January 21 at a Lunar New Year celebration at a dance studio in Monterey Park – in a majority Asian community just east of Los Angeles. The assailant then went to a dance studio in nearby Alhambra where a man wrestled a gun from him, the sheriff has said. The suspect fled to Torrance, 30 miles away, and Tran was found dead in a white van the next day of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, authorities said.

Luna on Friday declined to provide any other information on the document described as a manifesto. CNN has reached out to the sheriff’s department for more information.

The FBI is still analyzing the document and trying to piece together how the shooting unfolded and why, Luna said. CNN has reached out to the FBI for comment.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever have a motive, but we continue to try,” Luna said.

— Taylor Romine in Gunman in Monterey Park mass shooting sent ‘manifesto’ to law enforcement, sheriff says

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  1. “I don’t know if we’ll ever have a motive, but we continue to try…”

    Yeah, because maybe, I dunno, reading that manifesto wouldn’t, you know, help with that, like, at all. Because telling you goals, aims and reasons… that’s, like, totally not the fucking definition of “manifesto”.

      • “The Problem Is Guns” sign is like holding a sign that says “The Problem is Automobiles” after a deranged driver murdered and maimed Christmas parade goers in Wisconsin.

        It is hard to tell which is sicker, the murderous perp named Tran or the sign holding sackofsht with an Agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide called Gun Control.

    • I assume he was mad about losing money in the ka_sino which is why he didn’t shoot up the ka_sino. Makes sense. Thanks for nothing feds.

  2. When the Authorities refuse to release the “Manifestos” of these killers, it’s because their reasons buck the narrative those same Authorities wish to push on us!

    • Because it says something like “I don’t want to do this but my FBI handler says it’s the only way to get my family Green Cards”?

      (For the faint of heart, that’s a joke.)

      • strych9:

        You are on to something. I have heard on good authority that some of the Texas mass murders are being committed in return for a lifetime annuity to the perp’s family using the Hamas model from the middle east that we are indirectly funding. The real question is who is funding these mass murders and why. I leave that to your imagination, but would ask the obvious question: Who benefits?

        • “I have heard on good authority that some of the Texas mass murders are being committed in return for a lifetime annuity to the perp’s family”

          What a fascinating study in the madness of a crowd’s delusions.

          Please tell the group, does this involve Italian satellites, space lasers or undead Venezuelan dictators?

        • Miner 49er:

          Maybe peruse the reports out of Israel, it’s common practice for the family of the violent genetically & ideologically inferior HAMAStinians to be paid after their sons commit terror attacks killing Jews and they’re paying them with money sent by the USA. If they’re doing it there they sure as hell are doing it here.

    • The FBI does release some manifestoes:

      “FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — The FBI on Monday released a copy of the manifesto written by a UC Merced student who went on a stabbing spree before being shot and killed by campus police in 2015.

      Freshman Faisal Mohammad stabbed two students, a staff member, and a construction worker, all of who survived their injuries.

      Authorities discovered he was carrying a printed copy of an ISIL flag and a two-page document describing his plan of attack.

      The manifesto lists 31 steps, including forcing one student to zip tie the others’ hands.“

      Some believe the manifestoes should be withheld at the wishes of the victims and their families:

      “But for the first time, parents of the victims are weighing in. Last night, attorneys representing them filed a brief and said they do not want the shooter’s manifesto released.

      “No one was more traumatized or has suffered more than the families of the victims and of the survivors of the Covenant school tragedy and no one can claim a remotely similar interest in whether the writings of the shooter should be released,” the brief read.

      The families write that no good will come from releasing the writings and they should not be released at all, calling them the dangerous and harmful writings of a mentally damaged person.“

      • This is WRONG. The writings are NOT solely the victimized family’s anymore. Once he sought to destruct innocent people in society he became EVERYBODY’S PROBLEM therefore the manifesto should be published as far as possible for others whom are able to explain what went wrong with this fool and how it happened.

      • These shooters’ actions are being used to bludgeon law abiding citizens and gun owners and take away the public’s rights. If the so-called “progressives” want to hide the sickness of their shooters in order to push their other political agendas against the preponderance of the public, the manifestos should be public so we can learn from them and protect our families from future mentally ill shooters and the ideologies that lead them down that violent road.

  3. If they handled all the manifestos the same way I would be okay with them never seeing the light of day, because f@!k giving the killer a voice. But given the speed with which some motives are announced I can’t help but be suspicous of the DOJ/FBI’s motive.

    • It is all about knowing Motive. Especially when a perp’s motive is on the behalf of advancing Gun Control.

      CNN of all places brought to light the Louisville shooter’s motive following the Nashville tragedy all while dumbbell Gun talkers kept their heads buried in the sand and allowed Gun Control and its obvious inherent rot to skate on by.

      It is safe to conclude the Louisville perp’s writings show his motive was on the behalf of advancing Gun Control…News of his motive caused the once marching mobs of Gun Control zealots in Nashville to suddenly roll over and play dead. They feared pushback over a perp murdering people to advance Gun Control and pushback never arrived leaving Gun Control unscathed and free to march on.

      • “It is safe to conclude the Louisville perp’s writings show his motive…”

        HER motive, not his. That was a biological female named Audrey who delusionally-believed she was male.

        Don’t encourage that bullshit by playing along with their fantasy world, you nattering nit-wit.

        (Now, watch while lil-deb flips-out in an entertaining, yet pathetic fashion… 🙂 )

        • Louisville bank shooter was a real dude. Nashville Covenant school was the girl who wanted to be boy.

        • AS has it right, on that, I stand corrected.

          Lil’ deb is still an arrogant and nattering nit-wit… 🙂

      • The recent philly trans mass shooter expressed the same motive to the arresting officers, but that has quietly been burried

  4. SOP the FBI never releases a manifesto from a certified leftist nut job. That would reflect poorly on their own evil leftist policies, and the Marxist goals of their political masters, since the Democrats own the entrenched Washington Swamp.

  5. Gee, I thought even hate speech was protected speech. I remember reading Kaczinski’s manifesto, which was actually spot on. I don’t condone the murder of innocent people. But why can’t I hear their opinion on why they committed these atrocities? I think the reason these incidents happen because even though most are wing nuts, they feel that don’t have a voice.

    • “But why can’t I hear their opinion on why they committed these atrocities?”


      “I think the reason these incidents happen because even though most are wing nuts, they feel that don’t have a voice.”

      Uh, yeah, that’s why Mass-Murderer 101 is, mail your psychopathic manifesto to *everyone* before your mayhem starts.

      Listen to Gary Oldman’s advice : 🙂

  6. The nut jobs are learning from this thing of not releasing their ‘manifesto’. One of the reasons they write a manifesto is so they will have a voice after death, so their words will be there in written history to help their infamy live on through their words after their death.

    It will not be long before they learn to make sure their manifesto is distributed widely shortly before they die (most likely via the internet), because they have seen what happens when the FBI gets it only.

    • I can assure you, if the killer was a MAGA hat Republican the manifesto would have been public the morning after the shooting.

      • If the FBI was involved, and the shooter was a MAGA Republican, they would release the manifesto a couple of days before the shooting.
        Like the Babylon Bee, it is harder to write sarcasm these days. The .gov keeps taking it as practical advice. John in Indy

  7. The FBI is a partisan political organization. Only narratives that advance the Democratic Party’s agenda can be presented to the public. All others will be buried.

    • “Only narratives that advance the Democratic Party’s agenda can be presented to the public. All others will be buried.”

      Where’s a government leaker when you need one?

      *Mutter* 🙁

    • Or they were order to stand down and do nothing.

      “We can’t arrest Asians, we would be called racists”.

  8. It’s not that the FBI violated the civil rights of good people in the past. Or that they violated the civil rights of criminals. The Weather Underground, for example.

    It’s that whoever is in power will eventually be happy, to have the FBI attacking their political enemies.

    The so-called “vietnam anti-war crowd” is very happy to have the FBI, go after the anti-war in Ukraine crowd. Who are mostly conservatives.

    And what a conservative is today. Is not what a conservative was 50 years ago. Same for Liberals. They changed too.

    The FBI is happy to protect the manifesto of people who want to kill, the political enemies of the FBI/deep state.

    You see, the deep state doesn’t need government paid for hit squads. That is what civilian BLM and ANTIFA are for.
    Or any random mentally disturbed liberal/leftists will do just fine. But if they kill the wrong people. Or they start killing at an inconvenient time.

    That is just acceptable “collateral damage”.

    Defund the FBI. And repeal the laws that created it. We have a real terrorist threat in this country. Because the deep state and “others” like open borders. But the FBI is no help at the point.

  9. The 2 primary reasons for the creation of the FBI were kidnapping and bank robbery crimes. Particularly those that crossed state lines.

    But when it comes to bank robbery crimes. Historically, the local community took care of that. Because everyone carried a gun.
    And when the warning went out about a local bank robbery, the civilian population found the criminals and shot them dead on-site.

    Because it was acceptable to protect private property, $$$, against criminals using deadly force.

    But now the law abiding are told to get insurance. And then let the FBI “do its job”.

  10. Brave Witness lays into congress politicians with EPIC Speech, Gets a Standing Ovation. (Basically he calls for violent gun crime blame to be placed on the criminal and not on law abiding citizens owning guns, stop trying to take away our constitutional rights, and you are not going to take our guns without a fight.)

  11. Call these shooters what they are. Terrorists. Shooting up a mall, theater, school, church, or bingo hall etc. is nothing but an act of terrorism to get whatever the perp wants noticed into the news cycle etc. Most of the student shooters in the schools were after some sort of vengeance/payback for real or perceived slights.
    Sorry kids. It isn’t the guns. As always, it’s the human using it. That same person could have chosen a couple gallons of gasoline and a road flair. Or brewed up some toxic gas. Chlorine gas is easy to make and does wonderful things to eyes and lung. Read grandads WWI diary.
    Unless and until society deals with the human element in the equation, there will be a continuation of terror attacks, and a continuation of violent crime in general. Disarming the populace only makes it easier for terrorists, governments and everyday criminals to prey upon the sheeple who gave up their right of self defense and self determination for a false sense of security.

  12. why is the FBI not only continually involved in, but also calling the shots, in what are essentially state murder cases?

  13. Those “dance studios” were designed by the CCP to be a place where older Chinese adults can go, to help stay fit, and so they can keep track of them. They are popular enough that Chinese communities would set them up for expats. These also have gambling in the back room, along with other traditional Chinese games like Mah Jong and other games of chance. This shooter got put out of a number of these establishments for failing to pay his gambling debts.

    There was no manifesto here to worry about.

    • Really?
      Not me. That’s why I dont like shuting cats, they flop around to much. I doubt the guy could do much flopping ,strapped in and what not, but still I’d rather not watch somebody die.

      • Oh I suppose if you blew the cat in half with a shotgunm or a high powered riffle they wouldn’t do much flopping. Most cats I’ve shuted was with a .22


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