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In Cook County alone, there are about 731,000 FOID card holders. Of those, more than 37,000 have been revoked. Of those revoked, 74%, or roughly 27,000, are noncompliant, meaning they likely still have their weapons.

During a public hearing in June 2022, Cook County sheriff’s police told legislators they did not have the manpower or money to recover all those weapons.

For whatever reason, advocates of domestic violence prevention say the system failed [Karina] Gonzalez and her family.

Gonzalez and her two children left home June 20 but returned June 26 after [Jose] Alvarez agreed to go to rehab, according to prosecutors.

On July 3, Alvarez began accusing his wife of cheating on him, as he had done in the past. Gonzalez told him to stop and joined her children on a couch in the living room, according to prosecutors.

Alvarez’s son told him to “stop or he would call 911” and walked toward his room, prosecutors said. Alvarez then rushed past him and grabbed his gun, prosecutors said. He shot Gonzalez and their 15-year-old daughter Daniela, then returned to the dining room and fired under the table where his son was shielding himself with a chair, prosectors said.

Gonzalez was shot eight times and pronounced dead at the scene. Daniela was shot in her face and forearm and died after being taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, police said. The son was hit in his ankle and ran out of the apartment.

“As disheartening as this story is, and so many stories, we have to keep pushing for the city that we want to see and the safety net that we know survivors deserve,” [Network director Amanda] Pyron said.

— Sophie Sherry in Fatal shooting of Karina Gonzalez once again highlights difficulty of seizing guns from spouse accused of abuse

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  1. Guess that just goes to show that Americans like their freedom and the 2nd Amendment outlines one of those freedoms. Dictator-wanna-be’s need to be aware of that. In 1776, the Brits found out that Americans like their freedom.

  2. They eliminated the death penalty in ILLANNOY. And now cash bail. The FOID was deemed unconstitutional but the other day the ILL supreme kangaroo court said it’s A OK. And they are hell bent on taking away EVERYONE’S gats. Evil spouse’s can still run you over or beat you to death. The lack of manpower(or will to use it) bodes well for millions of ILL annoy gat owner’s🙄

  3. Gosh, I wonder how this would have turned out if Gonzalez had her own pistol and knew when to use it?

    • The fact that she knew that the guy was violent should have sent her packing long before he went off. Why women choose to stay in abusive relationships is beyond me.

  4. but there was a magical ‘protection order’.

    “For whatever reason, advocates of domestic violence prevention say the system failed [Karina] Gonzalez and her family.”

    No, the system didn’t fail her because there is no system that can prevent a person from choosing to commit criminal violence.

    1 Jun 2022 to 17 July 2023 – nationwide,
    using hands and feet or blunt objects…3,786 people under ‘protection orders’ attacked and seriously injurered (some killed) the victims to which the ‘protection orders’ applied to ‘protect’ and were touted to protect. In every case the perpetrator was known to be violent, just like this guy in Cook County was known to be…but for some reason its assumed that a ‘protection order’ like a ‘no guns zone’ is some magical force field that protects from violence.

    Fact: By what ever ‘thing’ used there is no law or ‘protection order’ that can keep people from choosing to comitt criminal violence, period.

    This has nothing to do with guns, valid FOID or not. Its got everything to do with people criminal violence.

    • ‘protection orders’ only work if the person under the order chooses for what ever reason to obey the order. They are not some magical thing that keeps someone from choosing not to obey the order and choosing to commit criminal violence or some other act.

      • To Booger Brain

        And it never occured to you genius boy that if we did not sell second hand guns to anyone who wanted one it would be very difficult for a guy to buy another gun if they confiscated his guns.

        • @dacian

          “And it never occured to you genius boy that if we did not sell second hand guns to anyone who wanted one it would be very difficult for a guy to buy another gun if they confiscated his guns.”

          has it ever occurred to you stupid that maybe you should learn to read and comprehend?

        • Remember, .40, dacian said that removing permitless carry and stand your ground laws would cause more deaths. He was trying to say the opposite but since he is so poorly educated and low iq that it didn’t sink in even after I spelled it out for him.

          We owe a debt of gratitude to dacian. He and miner keep us focused. We are winning in large part due to them. And they’re too stupid to realize it.

        • Cut the moron some slack. Junior High School was a failure during the chicom flu. He/she/it likely regress to about 3rd grade in he/she/it’s thinkin.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. For you continued education, most guns on the illegal market do NOT come from legal gun owners who sold them to one of your miscreants.

        • Maybe if people did not have hands and feet or could not buy a blunt object then from 1 Jun 2022 to 17 July 2023 – nationwide,
          using hands and feet or blunt objects…3,786 people under ‘protection orders’ would not have been able to attack and seriously injure (some killed) the victims to which the ‘protection orders’ applied to ‘protect’ and were touted to protect.

    • I was hoping they were implying that he should have already been locked up for previous domestic shenanigans. I forget they quit locking em up

    • The graveyards are full of women with protection orders. Little white pieces of paper do not stop bullets.

      • Nor do they stop knives, baseball bats, fists, choking hands, gasoline, battery acid thrown on victim, hammers, hatchets, axes — just this week Yahoo had an article about a guy using an axe to chase off the owners of the vehicle he was stealing gas from — billhooks — my favorite assault weapon nothing like hacking off an arm or leg with a billhook to satisfy that savage instinct.

  5. That’s right Gun Owning citizens who would have risked their lives to have smoked the murderous perp are to blame and must surrender their arms to Gun Control democRats…Not happening.

  6. “In the days that followed, Gonzalez was granted an order of protection against Alvarez banning him from their home.”

    “Yet Alvarez was still in the home ”

    Should have changed the locks as soon as he was out and called the cops the minute he darkened her door. Or called the cops if he refused to leave. Sorry she and the children died but it was of their own stupidity not “gun violence”.

  7. The simplest, easiest, fastest way to handle all of this is to just follow the law. But we cant seem to have government doing that. So we end up with all this chaos.

  8. “During a public hearing in June 2022, Cook County sheriff’s police told legislators they did not have the manpower or money to recover all those weapons.”

    Given the unconstitutional nature of a permission slip for the 2a, seems a huge upside for defunding police. Save money and get to keep your rights? Sign me up.

    Now to defund the prosecutors and judges that are also leftist conspirators.

  9. Living with a man so dangerous you sought a restraining order then continued to live with the man.

    • Stockholm syndrome; Stockholm syndrome is an emotional response. It happens to some abuse and hostage victims when they have positive feelings toward an abuser or captor.

      • Yes, and Darwin Awards are also a real thing. You get killed by being stupid, you win the award. And, you bear all responsibility for any taxes the award may impose on your or your estate.

    • Women aren’t the only victums not exercising good decisions, e.g. a man here was stabbed by his girl friend and he stayed with her. A year or so later she accused him of stealing and he was arrested and out on bond awaiting trial AND yep he still lives with her. Ropes have more sense.

    • All too common. I’m sure there are various reasons why women stay with their abuser, but the writing is on the wall and they just need to open their eyes to read it.

  10. “The next day, Chicago police responded to a “domestic disturbance” call at the home, but there’s no indication they were aware of the order or had run his name to check on outstanding warrants and orders.”

    There’s another issue.

    “Gonzalez and her two children left home June 20 but returned June 26 after Alvarez agreed to go to rehab, according to prosecutors.”

    And the final issue

    So for the failures are, by my count;
    1) Dumb 8!tch didn’t call the police about him violating the protection order by staying or returning home.
    2) Cops didn’t run the guy and see he had a protection order against him and a revoked FOID
    2A) dumb 8!tch did not say to the cops “he has a protection order and a revoked FOID but he is here and has a gun”
    3)Dumb 8!tch went back home after she left.

    People may think I am harsh, but I lost a friend in 2009 to this sort of thing. She had gotten into guns because her husband was a nut job who threatened her and the kids. Many of us advised her to leave him over and over again, but she would not. In the end her husband shot her in the back of the head as she sat at her computer, with her back to him. Then he stuck a shotgun in his own mouth. Thankfully he did not kill the kids, though the whole thing damaged them severely.

    Women, if your man is really abusive and threatens to kill you, get out. Take the kids and run. There are plenty of places to go and plenty of resources for you.

  11. he could have just as easily grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Extracting the guns from that house would not have taken the evil from his heart.

    • “Extracting the guns from that house would not have taken the evil from his heart.”

      No, but a gun can help it leak out.

    • Good point. Society loves to demonize guns, but if the FBI are to be believed, knives are the preferred weapon of choice.

      • SuperG, I supposed it is how you interrupt the word “society”. I don’t think society demonizes guns,but a portion of it we know as Leftist-S O C I A L I S T control freaks certainly do.

  12. Trying to sneak $50 Billion for ‘foreign aid’ for climate change into a bill under the guise of border security ….

    ‘THIS AMENDMENT IS A HOAX’ Greene gets ANGRY at Goldman after STUPID ‘more foreign aid’ push.

    • Hell, we’re STILL sending $ to freaking commie chicomland for “medical research”. Assume Fauchi and Obiden are getting their cut.

  13. For some reason, our Leftist “comrades” seem to think that an Order of Protection is some kind of magical piece of paper which will protect a person, male or female from harm. Pure unadulterated poppycock.
    The Order of Protection is only as good as the person against whom it was issued. That the State of Illinois has taking the step of “revoking” their FOID cards is wonderful. But if they don’t take the proper steps to confiscate the firearms, then shame on them.
    I also note that MANY of these Orders of Protection as well as “Red Flag Law” confiscations are based on out right lies. I wonder what the percentage is of such have been thrown out after a proper hearing? How many of these firearms had to be returned due to the lies of the person or persons getting these “Orders of Protection” and Red Flag Law confiscations?

  14. The ATF is WASTING (actually stealing) Your Money. (By purposely illegally classifying jobs of paper pushers as law enforcement)

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  16. Federal money should be made available to cities and states that have Red Flag laws. This would guarantee that the firearms confiscations by the authorities would have the manpower and resources to accomplish this in a lightning like manner.

    All civilized nations have red flag laws, its only common sense and it saves lives. No harm is done if the accusation proves false (only in very small occurrences) and the person can get his guns back. The alternative is to let the nut case keep his guns and end up killing his wife and family because she forgot to cook dinner on time.

    Of course all this is way over the head of the paranoid nut cases on the far right that regard the lives of women and children expendable on the altar of zero gun control.

    • Hey stupid – there IS money available for cities and states with Red Flag laws. To qualify, the law must allow for something called “due process”. Since NONE OF THE LAWS have due process, none of the cities or states are getting any money. But, you must have known that already, or you wouldn’t have raised the issue, would you dummy?

    • Red flag laws are effective and most are unconstitutional. Plus there is a long list of abuses of the laws. Plus there is no info on this weapon or this person. If the woman would not testify against him for abuse what makes you think she would report him for the Red Flag law, and that is assuming she knew he had a gun

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. For your edification, your “Red Flag laws” are UNCONSITUTIONAL! They deny the defendant – respondent with the right to due process while confiscating personal property based on an accusation which is OFTEN proven to be a lie. And that my Leftist “comrade” is a fact in spite of your lying claim to the contrary.
      If you like your “civilized nations” so much why don’t you leave the US and take up residence in one. We will even set up a “go fund me” page for you on the condition that you NEVER RETURN!

      • HE/SHE/IT is already a “BRITISH SUBJECT”!!!!

        HE/SHE/IT’s butt is still hurting from the reaming, from the American Revolutionary War and when the United States of America had to save his/her/its kins butts during WW1 and WW2!!!

  17. My girlfiend was having trouble with a guy peeking in her window. I told her get a restraining order, she said what good will that do, I said when he is laying there dead the cops will see you had a license to kill.

  18. I am confused, she had a protection order against him or not?
    If so, why was he in the same apartment.

  19. Most of our ‘legal’ system relies on willing compliance – remember it is against various laws to murder/rape/steal etc. The fact is that us most of us are willing to comply without being threatened by jail/fines and/or other penalties simply because we are moral beings by choice. Those who violate laws CHOOSE to do so, mainly because they don’t care to have their ‘desires’ checked by others. They make those choices too often in spite of the potential consequences since they know that the likelihood of suffering those consequences – they have gotten away with their crimes before, so a piece of paper certainly poses no threat to them

  20. So, “Illegally Confiscated” has been transliterated into “Recover”???
    You can’t “recover” what you don’t own,
    Mr. Gooberment!
    If my dog craps on your lawn, I’m not picking it up anymore. I’ll blame it on the pink Unicorn that flew off just as you came out the door…get him to clean it up!
    Our alleged leaders are Psychopaths!

  21. First mistake. Believing a piece of paper is somehow going to protect anyone. Mistake#2. Going back into the home while the perp was free to return. Should have sought shelter elsewhere. Mistake#3. allowing the perp back into the house, not getting the locks changed immediately, and not calling the police the moment he showed up at the door. Yes, he could have still forced entry, but likely would have been slowed down by locked points of entry.
    And, lastly, not having the tool to stop the perp should he enter the house. Had she been armed with a firearm, and capable/willing to use it to protect herself and her children, it is highly likely she would have been the survivor and he the deceased perp.
    Sorry kids, but even had the perps guns been confiscated, those with evil or criminal intent will find was of arming themselves. If not a firearm, then whatever other implement they can find that gives them an advantage.

    • You forgot to mention, “never trust a junkie” even after rehab and years clean the brain’s reward/pain tolerance is forever changed, the urge to get back that high is too strong. Not saying they can’t be a part of society again, just saying I wouldn’t trust them with a gun or my daughter.

    • Hell, had she been armed with a baseball bat or a large knife she might have been able to defend herself before he retrieved his gun.

  22. in many cases the victim will refuse to testify against their partner. They don’t want to see them incarcerated. They just want the police to remove them from the premises. This is a repeating cycle many prosecutors see every day. While we don’t have the facts of this case, I bet she refused to testify against him several times.

  23. Had to go back and re-read this. Why is this piece about the LEO not being able to collect weapon from FOID revoked owners when they mention no where in the article about where this bozo got his weapon. Typical liberal hit piece

  24. So it’s the fault of the POLICE that a woman and her son got shot is it?

    What a load of bollocks

    If the law says that guns for any reason should be handed in or LICENSES revoked then whose fault is it that the law is NOT obeyed and I might add not OBEYED with the full support of people like YOU.

    The fact is that it is IMPOSSIBLE even in those countries that have Draconian Gun control and licensing laws as in Europe, Canada or the UK to 100% prevent this kind of A SHOOTING by a determined felon with enough cash – in-hand no matter how many Police Officers you have but you CAN make it difficult and you can ensure tough,very tough,
    punishments. You can never ensure 100% compliance or enforcement but that does NOT mean that you should not bloody well try.

    And do not think t for one moment that here in the UK we are soft on guns. I can assure you that in the POLICE ARMED RESPONSE UNITS are called out there are only TWO likely outcomes SURRENDER or DIE.

    • Yes. The Gestapo is very effective at oppressing people. You fascists never seem to mind hurting the peasantry.

    • Yep your Marxist/ S O C I A L I S T brothers and sisters in New Zealand just had a MASS SHOOTING with a prohibited firearm!!!!

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