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“The FBI found no racial bias behind George Zimmerman’s shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, according to dozens of documents related to the case released Thursday.” Wait, what? A white Hispanic shoots and kills an unarmed black male and race wasn’t the underlying cause? Imagine the frenzy in the NBC News editing booth as they wrestle with how to slice and dice that cognitively dissonant piece of info. But FBI investigators, after talking to just about everyone Zimmerman has known since birth, haven’t been able to come up with so much as an errant N-word, let alone a burning cross . . .

Instead, it seems the self-appointed neighborhood watchman may have just been a tad too gung-ho for his own good. As reported by,

“(Sanford investigating Police Officer Chris) SERINO believed that ZIMMERMAN’s actions were not based on MARTIN’s skin color rather based on his attire, the total circumstances of the encounter and the previous burglary suspects in the community,” the FBI wrote in the report. “Serino described ZIMMERMAN as overzealous and as having a ‘little hero complex’, but not as a racist.”

That seems to jibe with what one of Zimmerman’s friends, a Seminole County deputy, told the feds, too.

“[Redacted] described Zimmerman as a person of strong character but not very street wise. Redacted has never known Zimmerman to be in a fist fight,” the report said. “[Redacted] has never known Zimmerman to associate with anyone known to have any bias/prejudice against any individual or group based on race, religion, etc…”

The friend also said “Zimmerman never actively patrolled the neighborhood, but would just be very observant to what was going on while walking his dog around the neighborhood,” according to the report.

Even an ex against whom he has an injunction told them he apparently never attended any actual Klan meetings.

Zimmerman’s former fiancee, who was interviewed by the FBI, described their volatile relationship which began in 2001, according to the report. The woman, whose name was redacted, told the FBI that the couple began to argue a lot after their engagement and described a couple times where he became physically aggressive.

The engagement ended, and both Zimmerman and the woman later filed injunctions against each other, the report said. Despite her allegations, the woman told the FBI that Zimmerman had never exhibited any biases or prejudices against anyone and never used racial epithets of any kind. She added that he “was not the type of person to place himself in a physical confrontation” and he was the last person she would expect to be involved in a shooting.

But while the FBI hasn’t found racial bias as part of the Justice Department’s search for potential civil right violations, that investigation is still open. The inconvenience of the FBI’s findings certainly won’t help the racially-motivated execution narrative being pushed by Martin’s parents or opportunistic fly-in community organizers like Al Sharpton. Not that a few, you know, facts are likely to slow them down much.

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  1. So if you tell another person you don’t like blacks, a black person attacks you and you shoot him, you’re on the hook because you are deemed to have racist intents?
    So in addition to STFU after the shooting, STFU before. Long before.
    How nice.

  2. That’s kind of a hilarious statement. I’m sure they both had racial biases. They probably just didn’t govern either of their actions significantly, and this is probably what the FBI meant to say. Most people manage this quite effectively.


  3. Hmm

    Where I live, we do not have an active Community Watch, despite the signs as you enter our little town.

    “The friend also said “Zimmerman never actively patrolled the neighborhood, but would just be very observant to what was going on while walking his dog around the neighborhood”

    He sounds a lot like me. We do not have any Community Watch here, but that doesn’t stop me, or any of my neighbors from keeping an eye out.

    That is the long and short of it. The guy, George Zimmerman was just being the kind of neighbor I like to have.

    • Sounds like you? So…. how many times have you called 911 this year? More than 10? More than 20?

        • The AP is reporting 50 calls in 8 years as of today. Six in the months before the shooting. You’re disputing that?

        • No. I’m pointing out that 46 divided by 8 is slightly fewer than six, which is not an inordinant number of calls for anyone to make, let alone someone with an active interest in reducing crime in his neighborhood. Further, I’m pointing out that your challenge to the other poster was nonsensical, since a person who had made 10 or 20 calls be this time this year would make a total of just fewer than 20 or 40 calls by the end of the year, respectively. Neither of those numbers are supported by the evidence.

        • And for the record, I think there probably have been years in which I’ve called the police six times. It’s how those of us who are not murderers try to prevent our sh*t from being stolen or broken all the time.

      • Zimmerman was on a Neighborhood watch, and he was not “self appointed” as the news likes to keep reporting.

        “By June 2011, Zimmerman’s attention had shifted from a loose pit bull to a wave of robberies that rattled the community, called the Retreat at Twin Lakes. The homeowners association asked him to launch a neighborhood watch..

        …Though civil rights demonstrators have argued Zimmerman should not have prejudged Martin, one black neighbor of the Zimmermans said recent history should be taken into account.

        “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. I’m black, OK?” the woman said, declining to be identified because she anticipated backlash due to her race. She leaned in to look a reporter directly in the eyes. “There were black boys robbing houses in this neighborhood,” she said. “That’s why George was suspicious of Trayvon Martin.

        …By the summer of 2011, Twin Lakes was experiencing a rash of burglaries and break-ins. Previously a family-friendly, first-time homeowner community, it was devastated by the recession that hit the Florida housing market, and transient renters began to occupy some of the 263 town houses in the complex. Vandalism and occasional drug activity were reported, and home values plunged. One resident who bought his home in 2006 for $250,000 said it was worth $80,000 today.

        At least eight burglaries were reported within Twin Lakes in the 14 months prior to the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to the Sanford Police Department. Yet in a series of interviews, Twin Lakes residents said dozens of reports of attempted break-ins and would-be burglars casing homes had created an atmosphere of growing fear in the neighborhood.

        Seems pretty reasonable to have a record of 911 calls being made in an area that is wrought with increasing crime.

      • If WillTravel lived in the neighborhood GZ lived, then WillTravel might have called the cops a few times a year too. You don’t have the same issues with hoods stealing stuff I take it, be glad you don’t have those problems.

      • “Sounds like you? So…. how many times have you called 911 this year? More than 10? More than 20?”

        I didn’t mention, my town is so small where everybody knows everybody, and knows everybody’s business.

        My nearest neighbor lives 200′ away, and I like to think we look after each other.

      • Some of the calls were from an automated alarm system–like when someone is trying to get into your home and you’re not there. Some were made by Zimmerman on behalf of neighbors at their request. The official call history was released and has been posted here before. Even if he had dialed all the calls, which he didn’t–some were auto-dialed by his alarm, it’s not unthinkable that a neighborhood watch captain would call the cops 6 or 8 times in a year. Especially in a crime ridden neighborhood where everyone’s stuff kept vanishing.

  4. This is easy to spin. The FBI will be called racist. The witnesses must be racist. It’s the system that killed Martin. Except that it was Zimmerman that killed Martin–it’s confusing, since the minds of some people are hard to navigate.

  5. yes everything, every conversation is likely to be dredged up. i am new at this, i wonder if they would bring your computer history up. i’m still just learning how to use this thing. can visiting ttag be used to show you in a bad light in this type of event?

    • Unfortunately, visiting TTAG can be used by an overzealous Prosecuter to show almost any negative characteristic(s) that he wants to imply.

      Like it or not, it’s still true.

  6. What exactly is a “white hispanic.” Is that like Obama being only “half-black.” ? Just curious.

    • Obama is not Black, as in an American who was descended from slaves, who’s parents’ were both Black. He is the son of a Kenyan and an American woman from Iowa. In my book that makes him American, whether or not he was born in Hawaii, but not Black.

    • From Star Trek, the source of all modern wisdom: “Isn’t it obvious? Lokai is white on the right side. All his people are white on the right side.”

      • This whole thing drives me nuts.

        Since when being Hispanic a race??
        How do I explain all that nonsense to my kids?

        Some look “white”, others maybe should speak Espanol.

    • White is a race, Hispanic is an ethnic/national origin category, with various definitions but generally along the lines of having heritage from Spanish speaking nations, sometimes specifically those from the Western Hemisphere. Brazilians, who are Portuguese speakers, are sometimes included, and sometimes not.

      There can be any combination of race and Hispanic ethnicity. There are white Hispanics, black Hispanics, Asian Hispanics, whatever. If your family roots are from a Spanish-speaking nation, you could consider yourself Hispanic.

  7. Well as far as the number of times GZ called 911 so what?? It is July and I have called them 5 times this year!!! 2 times for people on my property who were not authorized to be there, 2 times for suspected DWI’s on the road and the last time because as I was headed to work at 2:30 am the other morning the local gun shop where i do all my business had an alarm going off!!! I pulled into the parking lot, looked around and called 911.
    We live in a small rural area and all of us own some type of firearm.
    Yes both times the teenagers on my land did not want to leave “because they weren’t causing trouble, just riding 4 wheelers and besides the property isn’t posted”!!!
    Yes i have a CCW license and I do open carry on my property!!! The law informed them that posted or not they have to leave when asked by the property owner!!!!!!
    No i did not actually draw my sidearm but yes it was on my person.
    I have elderly(60 yrs old or older) neighbors and even in our small area we all pretty well have a firearm on us when we are out on our property!!! Besides during the summer it is nothing but normal to kill 8 or 10 1 ft to 3 or 3 1/2 ft long copperheads every year!!!!!

  8. Not that it’s worth mentioning, but there’s no evidence that he was “too gung ho” either.

    • The ran out of things to tag him with. He’s actually a boring guy. Imagine if he had so much as one reportable incident to tarnish his reputation? They are going back 7 years to his girlfriend who said he got pissed off from time to time.

      How about the FBI investigate Obama’s Son and give us a profile on him? It’s relevant since he was inclined to fight and start trouble. Being dead doesn’t let his reputation off the table.

  9. The problem I have with the logic used to determine the shooting wasn’t racially motivated (GZ is not racist, so race didn’t motivate) is that it opens the door to the logical fallacy that racists are always racially motivated in killing a person of another race. Or applied another way, if anyone has ever heard you use the ‘n’ word once, and at some later point killed a black person, then we ‘know’ it was racially motivated regardless of other circumstances.

    If GZ’s only saving grace is total absence of outward expressions of racism, then lucky him, take what you can get. But even if he was the grand moron of the KKK, that fact doesn’t make him guilty.

  10. Good for George Zimmerman – hopefully, he can find a lawyer who can help him sue NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Reuters, Forbes, the Huffington Post and several other media outfits that maligned him for defamation. Hopefully, he also sues politicians like Al Sharpton and others for the same reason. He just might retire a very wealthy man if he does,

  11. Okay gang, what we have here is a shooting made into something bigger so the media could have people going nuts and arguing over a story before anyone has the actual FACTS . first we have a white man then we have a black “boy”. Let’s look at the photo that the media was and is still using of Trayvon at 14 years of age, when in fact Trayvon was a high school football player. Secondarily we have a pair of divorced parents who are suddenly very cozy running all over the country aided by the Stoke The Fire Reverend Sharpton, have we all Forgotten his Tawanna Brawley Fiasco? If anyone recalls he backed her story, everyone believed it because The Reverend could not possibly get it wrong, yet Brawley later confessed to making the whole story up, if anyone recalls, she also accused whites, the reverend taking it all the way to the bank. So the media manufactures for you a story they want to use as a tool in their incessant drive to relieve us of our firearms, they dress it up in racism, using half-truths and innuendoes and the masses lap it up, Sharpton and his ilk call for demonstrations of all sorts, without waiting for the facts to be sorted out and everyone jumps into the fervor of the moment. Now the FBI concludes that racism was not a factor and everyone yells “but it just can’t be”, wake up folks, just because the person behind the gun and the person facing the barrel are of different ethnic backgrounds does not necessarily add up to anything other than chance.

  12. The FBI man is most likely correct. Martin was dressed in a hoodie, walking in a neighborhood that had frequent burgularies and Zimmerman most likely a police-wannabe. Race not a factor. HOWEVER, MSNBC guilty of race-baiting. When did you ever see or hear the term “white-Hispanic” until the libtard media thought of it. New York Times and MSNBC are the absolute worst about their libtard bias.

  13. All of this race/ethnic debate has me wondering what I should be answering when I buy a firearm!!!! Since American is not on the Fed form!! Mom’s family is Irish, Scottish and Indian(as in Quapaw ) and Dads family is Irish and Scottish!!!!
    Maybe I could answer Unknown!!!!!!
    Ok turned off the sarcasm switch now!!!!!! The race/ethnic debate is nothing more than media/government bullsh$t used to further their political agenda!!! IMHO

  14. So let me get this straight – according to Oberste Justizbeamte Holder:
    1) Any time a Protected Class Person comes to harm at the hands of a White person it is a hate crime under any and all circumstances?
    2) If a White person shoots a Protected Class Person in self-defence it is a hate crime and Leviathan’s shysters must exact vengeance in the name of the aggrieved Demokrat Partei consitituent? I can see now why the Obama Regime wants to stir up race riots this summer – it creates the pretext to make criminals of those who oppose the imposition of the Progressive agenda.
    3) The answer to historic persecution is to engage in systematic De Jure and De Facto persecution of the perceived historic aggressors now?

    As a Native American (I was born here – it is not a “racial” identifier) of European descent (i.e a “White” person) why in the world would I give any respect or support to a legal systen that imposes Sippenhaft on me and refuses to grant me any protection under Rule of Law for offenses I had no hand in perpetrating? Enquiring minds want to know.

  15. this is america. we’re such a bag of mutts is it even possible to determine accurately the race of the shooter or shootee without a dna test. should be a no-no to even bring up race.

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