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Kyle Stevens loves his Trident gum and Aqua de Parma cologne spray as part of his “Some Days EDC” brought to us by Everyday Carry.

Clearly, Kyle must live the bachelor life. I mean, who else carries a bottle of smell-good on their person?  Unless he bathes once a month whether he needs it or not. Honestly, I thought it was nail polish when I first saw the photo. This post was set to head an entirely different direction, trust me.

Nice Kimber pistol, though. And the corkscrew to open a bottle of fine wine.  Because no self-respecting man would ever be without a means to open a bottle of fine wine when TEOTWAWKI happens, right?  Or when trying to make the mood right with a pretty woman…  Me, I was lucky back in my bachelor days as the wine I bought usually came with a screw cap.

Kyle’s a little lot short of details on the objects in his pockets.  I sort of like the skeletonized blade, but don’t know the brand or model.  Ditto for his corkscrew contraption.  Or watch.   Maybe POTG can help on any or all of the above!

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  1. “Clearly, Kyle must live the bachelor life. I mean, who else carries a bottle of smell-good on their person?”


    That’s Purdy-Stank, ’round these parts…

  2. The pistol I’m good with. Carried one since around ’81. Can’t tell much about the watch. Pic cuts it in half. Don’t care much for the blade from what I can see. All else is frivolous.

  3. Aqua De Parma? Pfft! I carry an economy size bottle of Brut.

    Useful as a deodorant, and as dog repellent.

    • Nice carry.

      I was figuring the place mat would be a map of the world for your kids … or something like that. Ha.

    • I can tell your sex, age, education, and how much money is in the wallet by the keltec, hyundai keys, lg phone, and shades…buy my book, “what you can learn from pocket dumps.”

      • I EDC a S&W Shield, toyota keys, $10 Kinzd leather wallet, $30 Gerber Evo knife, $5 Zebra pen, $30 Timex Expedition watch, $35 Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA. Guess my sex, age and education? 🙂

        • Mrbadnew, thanks for trying. We cannot always figure a person out by their pocket dump. I am married with kids, in my early 40’s and have a BSEE degree.

        • Jack, TTAG sure has been attracting a very stupid variety of trolls recently, hasn’t it?…

  4. The knife is a DEVJO made in France. Very light weight, very sharp and pointy. Several acid etched styles. Mine is a dragon. The store here had one in a tribal tattoo style and one with koi fish. Makes a very good dress up knife or “gentle mans” steak knife. Kind of unusual minimulist style. Liner lock using the frame. With or w/o clip.

  5. I don’t need a corkscrew for a tawny 10 year port.

    Not so much for the foo foo juice either. I bathe. Mostly.

    • Oh yeah. We always bring a bottle of Tawny Port to elk camp.
      A cup while cooking dinner at the end of the day is a nice reviver.

    • Port’s good stuff – Tawny, Ruby, and otherwise.

      There’s a German restaurant not too far from me that uses ruby port as an addition to their oxtail soup. Mighty fine eatin’.

    • Silver has a very pleasant ‘ring’ to it when struck, or bounced off a countertop…

  6. At least the gun is not there just for “show”, because by the holster wear on the slide, he’s been carrying it a while. Good for him. The rest doesn’t interest me, as fancy knives aren’t my thing…

    • Knives are the first tool man invented. They might be important. Fancy is okay as long as it’s also useful. Stilettos seldom are. Carry a real knife.

      • I would have figure the spear would have been the first, ground down sharp, and tip hardened in flame…

        • According to anthropologists, the knife. At least the studies that I’ve read. Although, some argue that throwing a stick at low hanging fruit was the first tool. Still, that was a convenient opportunity. Not something fashioned by hand. That said, if you want to carry a fire hardened spear; go for it! You certainly won’t lack for attention.

        • Gadsden is right about this.

          The “first tool invented”, by which I mean designed and made rather than just picked up from what was available, by what would become our species eventually was the stone knife. That happened about 2.5 million years ago.

          Spears are an oddball thing. We know they were in use 500,000 years ago in our genetic line and 300,000 years or so ago in Neanderthal’s genetic lines. It’s fairly well agreed upon that stone tips started being used about 250,000 years ago. When we first started using spears is really up in the air with people suggesting that their use by other primates suggests that our ancestors started using them up to 5 million years ago. Personally I think that’s a WAG, but archaeology put the earliest use around 300kya not very long ago and only recently found evidence to push that back to 500kya.

          “We” modern humans are descendants of the creatures that invented that knife. “We” appear in our current form about 50,000 years ago and invent archery with stone tips between 12,000 and 64,000 years ago depending on 1) who you believe, 2) how you define “archery” and what you think constitutes a “proper” bow and arrow.

        • Oh, and I would also tend to agree with his other post too. Stilettos generally are not great knives for EDC. They’re too specialized IMHO.

        • “The “first tool invented”, by which I mean designed and made rather than just picked up from what was available, by what would become our species eventually was the stone knife.”

          That’s debatable, and here’s why – I’m sure they got the idea from flakes of flint they picked up at some outcropping of rock. They were probably checking out the weird shapes, and one of the splinters cut their finger. *That* made in impression on them.

          So, they found the first ‘razors’, and got the idea for larger ‘knives’.

          Same with spears. Someone picked up a limb, and decided to improve it…

      • The first tool was a stick, the second was a rock, then a knife that looked like a rock. I know because possums been dodging sticks and rocks and knives that look like F-150’s for years

      • @Gadsden What do you think about a Kershaw Barricade, I consider it a real useful tool because of the seat-belt cutter built into the base of the handle and a glass breaker tip on the end. Not fancy, not even pretty, but it works.

      • Pretty sure the napper would be the first tool then….have to chip that flint somehow.

        Kinda of like having blacksmiths to build a sawmill.

        • The long stick was the first, it allowed one to attack another out of arms reach…

        • I’m being facetious, of course.

          If you start with a stick or rock, the tool is what you use to “make” the stick into a spear or rock into a blade or hammer.

          So sticks, rock, and bones were ready made tools. Some other tool (probably a rock) was used to make them better tools.

          It took a while to perfect the tools to make the perfect self defense tool. A revolver.

  7. I am a Hai Karate man myself and this man is clearly depraved even though he made a swing at sound thinking with the gun.

  8. Nice gun. The watch is a Pocket Watch Complete With Straps For Attaching To Your Wrist watch. The corkscrew is a CorkMaster Mad Dog 20/20, and that’s actually not chewing gum but a small frog gig

  9. It’s the 21st century, you can get high quality wine with screw caps because they actually work better than corks. I have also seen wine in aluminum bottles for picnics and camping. As an aside I also buy beer in cans because it keeps better and cools faster.


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