Mr. Human Resources: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Mark, a Human Resources professional, sends in his Spring EDC, courtesy Everyday Carry.

He brings along an interesting ensemble, starting with the gun, a Walther PPK.  While I admire James Bond’s piece for its classic good looks, that gun weighs a relative ton.  But that holster!  Ugh!  A Vega suede inside the waistband holster!  When someone draws from these, the holster collapses and people invariably will muzzle themselves to attempt a re-holster.

And pointing the muzzle at your own hip violates all manner of rules and regulations.  Anyone that can afford a nice Mont Blanc Meisterstruck pen and a Rolex GMT-Master II Black can afford a quality IWB rig that’s both comfortable and affords an opportunity to reholster safely and quickly.



  1. avatar Hannibal says:

    Could certainly find a better holster. That said, conceal carriers (who aren’t going to be throwing cuffs on someone) shouldn’t worry too much about reholstering. After all, you’re not putting your gun away if the threat is still there, right? When you’re sure the threat is done, you can take your time and do it right. (and if the cops show up you need to be tossing that pretty gun down and not bothering with reholstering)

    1. avatar Ton E says:

      I disagree re-holstering is just as important as drawing way too many people have been shot by responding LE at a bear minimum once LE arrives that’s a great time to re-holster.

  2. avatar cmac890 says:

    He literally has the current Bond setup. Saw it in a movie, thought it would make him look like Bond, had to have it. And to be fair, the moment I get a PPK, I’m gonna do the same damn thing.

    1. avatar Joe in San Antonio says:

      It is a sexy setup

      1. avatar SoCalJack says:

        And classy.

    2. avatar tdiinva says:

      If you want to carry like an MI-6 operative, carry what a real MI-6 operative would carry — a BHP. Well, today it would probably be a G19 or G26. On second thought, if you want to carry what a real intelligence officer carries in the line of duty go about your day unarmed.

      1. avatar mike says:

        The Walther PPK was a British service issue handgun

        1. avatar tdiinva says:

          It may have been available but MI-6 used the BHP as the standard issue. So did the CIA until the early 80s.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    My wife likes those Mont Blanc pens. She has a bunch of different pens but the Mont Blancs are her favorites.

    I’m a Times and bic stic kinda guy.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Meant to say, Timex.

  4. avatar DrewR says:

    I love my PPK, it is incredibly accurate in 32 ACP, however there are far better choices in today’s gun market. The PPK, due to it’s blowback design, has a sharper recoil than you’d expect from a gun of it’s size and weight; in my experience a similarly sized 9mm isn’t any worse to shoot and has considerably better performance.

    That being said you’d be hard pressed to find name a cooler pistol than the PPK.

    1. avatar binder says:

      the ONLY reason the PPK is “cool” is because of the movies. The P230 is a way nice and cooler pistol than the PP or PPK any day of the week.

      1. avatar Billy Bob says:

        I agree as to the P230.

      2. avatar Specialist38 says:

        The PPK is “cool” because it was an excellent design in 1929 and held up over the years.

        It was slim, reliable, and very accurate. It came to be at time when similar sized pistols were fully cocked striker designs that most people didnt want carry loaded.

        The Walther safety actually locked the firing pin in position and people carried them in pockets with little fear of an ND.

        The Sig 232 is an excellent pistol but is larger than the PPK. Along the size of a Mak or Beretta 85.

        The Dural-framed models were around 17oz and if not for the GCA of 68 would have probably made the PPK even more popular..

        Up until the polymer framed wonders in the 90s, PPKs held their own easily. Their competition was 38 snubs of similar size and smaller 25s.

  5. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Please. It’s in a holster, not his pocket, so the weight matters little. The PPK and s were the gold standard for a long time….with good reason. ,accurate and reliable.

    Anyone who’s ever carried in a suede knows to remove the holster to reinsert. Much like a pocket holster.

    And if you carry iwb or aiwb, your muzzling yourself re-holstering. Get over it.

  6. avatar MB says:

    Nice… good equipment, nothing wrong except the PPK looks like .32 the .380 would be a better choice.

    1. avatar GP1935 says:

      If you click through you can see it’s a 380.

  7. That rig doesn’t show ANY wear that I can see. Just sayin’

    1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

      None of it has any visible wear. None of the kit in any of his other 14 EDC entries either. Possibly a metro-sexual that doesn’t carry the guns or knives (cause he can’t legally where he lives) and makes damn sure people see the watch and pen. He doesn’t divulge his city because that would make it clear he doesn’t really carry. Just my cynical guess of course.

      1. avatar PWinKY says:

        Hah actual research. Are they 14 different guns he’s carrying? Seems like too many to me. Of course he’s a grown man and can do as he pleases. At least he has a holster!

        I’ve got 2 EDCs. Pocket pistol and a subcompact. Gotta keep things simple, and realistic.

  8. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    John, you stole all my comments. Like the pistol, except the caliber. Used to own one. My first sergeant wore a GMT Master. Two tone bezel though. Submariner myself. Mont Blanc pen? Yep. Don’t know about the light. Carry Surefire. Decent looking mag pouch, but the holster SUCKS!

  9. avatar Michael in AK says:

    I guess that EDC is better than nothing, but not much better. Never understood spending big bucks on part of your carry and skimping on others.

    Gun looks pristine as does the holster.

    Lots of posers on that website….

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      There’s a mixed bag of folks submitting their EDC’s on that website. I think many keep posting every week/month for the “likes”.
      Some are super excited/proud to show off thier latest fancy/expensive acquisitions, hence no wear-and-tear. Some show what really, honestly works for them after carry and using the items for months or years. These are the ones I actually can learn from; it’s like a long tern review, it that make sense.

    2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Michael, you’re right. Handguns first, along with related accessories. Knives and lights second. Interchangeable. Equally important. Watches and pens? My phone keeps better time than my Rolex and haven’t signed my name with that Mont Blonc in over ten years.

  10. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Aw, come on guys. Give the guy a break. It IS a nice photo. I’ll go with Vic. But would some one tell me what a HR person really is?

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      In most companies, they are soulless drones that think up policies to protect the company and keep employees in line.

      Once in a while you get some that try to address employee needs so that the company and employees benefit. Much rarer.

  11. avatar Neil A. Harris says:

    I had a German made PPKS 9mm that never fired more than three rounds of any ammo without jamming.
    Sold the POS quickly.

    1. avatar B says:

      James Bond cool factor, ok… sexy. Originals we’re decent for the size when there wasn’t a lot of 32s and 380s close enough to compete with. Small size was neat, but large hands, even with proper grip, sometimes got cut by that sharp slide.

      Later Interarms versions? Nah. Especially the stainless jamamatics. Hollow points jammed often and even with a few FMJs. Always required lowering the feed ramps just a shade and a good polish. Triggers were horrendously heavy in DA and always lacked a slide stop lever.

      But Connery’s guns never jam😂.

    2. avatar UncleK says:

      exactly, Jam’Omatic.

  12. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

    An HR ‘drone’ oughtta have body armor, these days…

  13. avatar Imayeti says:

    Human Resources for the CIA?

  14. avatar WI Patriot says:

    Photo op…nothing more…

  15. avatar Greg Gilleland says:

    I’ve been using Bianchi Model 6 and Safariland suede iwb holsters for my PPK as well as numerous other guns (1911s, BHP, Glocks, M66 S&W, etc) for over 38 years as an LEO and I’ve never shot myself reholstering. I guess it depends on how competent the gun handler is. Ah, er, um, also the PPK has a safety one could activate whilst reholstering. Yes, I remove the holster to reholster most guns, but not the PPK.
    FYI, I’ve been in LE for those 38 years.

    How long as this writer been carrying handguns for self defense?

  16. avatar Greg Gilleland says:

    To follow up, I also am not “muzzling” myself when I reholster a ppk in an iwb holster. I guess it all
    depends on how large one’s hips are…

  17. avatar Sal Jr says:

    I see that all the weapons and holster experts are making their appearance. A person should carry what they like. That may be the only pistol he owns.

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