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Simple and effective.  That’s how Matt Lucas describes his everyday carry gear.  As submitted to Everyday Carry.

As an aside, I have more and more people at our Guns Save Life meetings talking about these EDC posts.  Like me, they admire some stuff and scorn others.  And yes, I took first looked at them with something between annoyance and amusement.  Then I looked at them to see common themes of what people carried…  because people carry stuff that works.  And all the rest of the stuff falls behind.  Opportunities to learn.

And yes, Matt doesn’t carry a flashlight.  Maybe he eats lots of carrots.  But what he has beats a gun left at home in the safe.  Or in the nightstand.

And yeah, the Ruger LC-9s isn’t my favorite self-defense piece, it does what it’s supposed to do with a lot better trigger than a whole lot of other guns out there.  And better triggers usually mean better accuracy and less likelihood of accidentally shooting an innocent bystander (NYPD, here’s looking at you and your 38-pound triggers).  And he carries it in a holster!  Bonus points.

Matt writes:

I carry a simple but effective Ruger LC-9S 9mm with extended mag ( 10 rds ), spare mag, Kershaw knife.

Always works and nothing extra to get in the way.

Yeah, I’d rather have Matt standing in line next to me at Walmart than cool guy “Joe” who sent his make-believe everyday carry ensemble that looks brand new and is color coordinated because it never leaves his house bedroom drawer.  And instead of having a tool to accompany his willingness to defend himself when the bad man appears in public, cool guy “Joe” has urinary incontinence as he realizes he’s got no fangs.



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  1. Better to carry an LC9 you practice\train with than a $3,000 custom 1911 that you don’t.

    But then again there’s nothing saying someone who carries an LC9 does practice.

    • At least the holster looks broken-in by the molding to the shape of the gun.

      And I’ll posit that carrying with little practice beats the hell out of not carrying at all…

  2. “Maybe he eats lots of carrots.”

    Hilarious how WWII British propaganda still makes appearances in the modern parlance. A testament to the power of an idea, however ludicrous, and a cautionary tale at the same time.

  3. “Simple and Effective” sounds right, but he should have a light. Hannibal is right it doesn’t have to cost as much as a down payment on a truck.

      • Specialist38, you’re right. My brother-in-law bought a new one last week. $80,000. Sticker. Of course he’s got big ass boat he drags up and down the state.

        • Good grief. I’ve only ever purchased one brand new vehicle in my lifetime (I grew up with used cars to save money)…a truck. I paid $28K for it brand new almost two decades ago and drove it off the dealer lot with a big smile on my face that has never left me. Paid it off early, have taken good care of it, and plan to spend another $15K when it hits 30 years to fully overhaul and restore it so it can last another 20 years. And my pocketbook will always be way ahead of anyone who spent $80K for theirs. Egad, that’s almost as much as my first house cost long ago…just can’t imagine ponying up that much for a truck that’s going to depreciate.

        • I paid a little over 100k for my house.

          Of course that was 20 years ago.

          I’m not sure any truck is worth 80k……to me.

          Life is funny.

        • $100K for a house? Damn, sounds like where I grew up… and like 20+ years ago.

          Around where I’m at now $100K will get you a maybe an acre and a half of undeveloped land or half an acre with a condemned single-wide on it that used to be used to cook meth, i.e. you can buy a brown-site but that’s only if you agree to pay for the cleanup.

          If you’re willing to live 40 minutes from the nearest town you can get to like 1500 square feet for around $450K, provided you’re not buying something that needs to be knocked down and replaced.

        • “If you’re willing to live 40 minutes from the nearest town you can get to like 1500 square feet for around $450K,…”

          Where you are, the folks buying those homes are the ones currently fleeing California and its ridiculously over-priced real estate market. What would be a down payment or modest equity in a property there can buy a home for cash where you are.

          And they are bringing their Leftist financial and political attitudes with them to your voting precinct. You are seeing the results of that already…

    • I noticed and thought the same thing. But if the extended mag in the gun conceals OK for you, wouldn’t you rather have the extra rounds immediately on tap? His carry is lean, so given the choice between a small second mag or nothing, the whole package seems almost sensible.

      • I carry the 7 spare because the 10 round spare makes the magazine taller than the clip and is uncomfortable and also the weight balance is off on that spare clip “holster” at least.

  4. When you link to that “Everyday carry” site……..where are the submissions from gun carriers?

    I did not see any everyday carry pics that included guns…..including the pic used for this article.

    Don’t mean to be critical………asking seriously……..where are the gun edc pics?

    • I had no problem finding them when I went over there. But then again that was a couple of weeks ago.

    • i had the same issue as you. shoot, i tried to submit my own but you are required to identify every item in the photo. my wallet and knife were birthday and christmas gifts to me (respectively) so i have no idea what brand/model they are so i just gave up on trying to post to that edc site.

      • You’re not required to identify every item. They prefer it, but it’s not required.

        I’ve done these with only one, two or three items identified.


    • The lines and stippling on the extended mag in the gun match that of Ruger’s factory 9-round magazine.

      I’m guessing that when the author is saying ‘10 rounds’, they’re counting 1 in the pipe.

    • My wife and I both have LC9s pistols. I think they are underated carry guns. High quality and a really good trigger. Most complaints I hear involve the long for a striker pistol reset, but that’s never been an issue for me. Mag disconnect is a no go for me, so both ours have that “feature” removed.

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