Citibank corporate gun control
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When any public company decides to focus not on its core area of business, but on re-making society in a way senior management envisions, investors should run for the hills.

“Citigroup has no business threatening law-abiding business owners for exercising their Second Amendment rights,” (Justin) Danhof told (Citibank) CEO Michael Corbat and the company’s board. The attorney backed up his argument with statements from (Warren) Buffett, the CEO nicknamed the “Oracle of Omaha,” who said he wouldn’t force his own Democratic viewpoints on Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate he formed that controls businesses from fast-food chain Dairy Queen to auto-insurer Geico.

“I don’t think that we should have a question on the Geico policyholder form, ‘Are you an NRA member?'” Buffett told investors at Berkshire’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, in May. “And if you are, you just aren’t good enough for us or something.’ I think I do not believe in imposing my political opinions on the activities of our businesses.”

That’s not how Citi, which doesn’t include Berkshire among its investors, views its policy, Corbat told Danhof.

“We are not threatening people, and we are certainly not threatening the Second Amendment,” the CEO said, noting that customers are free to buy whatever they want with their credit and debit cards, including firearms. “What our policy seeks to do is not put restrictions on gun ownership, but really try and institute a series of best practices that have, hopefully, a chance of keeping guns out of the wrong people’s hands. We’ve worked with a number of retailers to come up with what we think some of those best practices are.”

– James Langford in Citi’s gun crackdown gives ammo to 2nd Amendment foes, advocate says

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    • Oh no, they want that, they REAL $$$ is in the fees, late charges, etc…they want to keep people on the hook, they make major bank on the back end…

      PBS/Frontline did an expose called “The Card Game” yrs ago, very educational and enlightening…

      • I stopped doing business with banks when the screwed me on my House, I only deal with my Local Credit Union and I know the Manager personally. The banks could care less about your problems as long as they keep getting your money.

  1. Since we’re doing “best practices”, our best practices would be to dump anything we might have that’s connected to Citi Bank. Thankfully, I have none.

    • As I have a Citi card as my backup card and have nothing on it I’ll just keep using the cash back feature to get money to pay for the next gun without paying them interest.

    • Whenever I hear the mention of “best practices” I become immediately suspicious. Just asking, “How in the hell to do you know what a best practice is?” usually stops them cold. The reason this happens is that they really don’t know what they’re talking about and referring to “best practices” is just prop intended to gloss over their rank ignorance. I hate best practices.

      • Dog whistle watch words. Like “culture” in business. Separates the elites from the unwashed.

    • We need to look at all the banks and determine if this law conceived by our ex-Muslim president Obama in 2010 at the time of the Dodd-Frank fiasco is true that if a bank is struggling, they have the right to confiscate all your cash in your account, your IRA and 401k funds. Plus, the $100,000 insurance plan to cover your losses is null and void. Secondly, for all citizens out there that are and have been connected with anyone in their family, look into the National Credit Agency’s that are to my knowledge, not covered under this destructive Obama bill and your account is covered up to $250,000 if any problems, God forbid!

  2. First of all, deciding that some people should not have guns is, by definition, a restriction on firearm ownership. For them to start off by taking out of both sides of their mouths is not promising.

    Second, I have to wonder at a company that sees no problem loaning out $10,000 of other people’s money to someone on demand, for reasons unknown, but wouldn’t trust that same person with a gun.

  3. So what are they saying and or doing? The article seems less than complete. This is nothing new though. Bank of America has been doing this long before it was cool. They were ok with McMillan stocks as long as they were just making stocks. Once they started making rifles and being successful with it Bank of America no longer wanted to do business with them.

    • This is why I left Bank of America at that time and am leaving Wells Fargo because of their underhanded issues for several years that has surfaced and as you see they just removed their CEO for yet we do not know but we need to be aware that something negative is happening with the banks and be alert.

  4. Citi paid 97 million in fines over laundering drug money. If they want to keep guns out of the wrong hands not laundering drug money seems like a good start.

  5. And just what makes Citigroup think they’re the ones that should determine who should or shouldn’t own a gun? And no, SJW’ing isn’t a valid answer.

    • IMO, citi as a business has the right to make its own policy. That’s how they got where they are. …grumble…yeah…Capitalism…grumble….’Murica…
      But, those policies should be clear and concise so that I can make an informed choice on whether to do business with them. …grumble…yeah…Capitalism…grumble….’Murica…
      That being said, I would like to see clear and concise criteria for “the wrong people” per Corbat and citi’s policy.

      • We have a whole raft of government policies regarding the financial sector. There are plenty of those policies that are probably needless or harmful, but I would not mind at all a regulation saying that financial agencies cannot discriminate on ideological grounds or against any legal business.

        In the current area of electronic banking, having several of the few major banks discriminating against gun owners and conservatives is a conspiracy to violate civil rights and to prevent people from engaging in lawful electronic financial transactions, which practically cuts them off from modern society.

        Electronic banking is so ubiquitous and necessary to modern life that it should be considered a utility like water, gas and electricity. Utility companies can’t deny service to a gun store or a person who runs a right-wing political group, blog, video channel, etc.

  6. 18.9% interest rates. Maybe we should be keeping credit cards out of the hands of the “wrong people.”

    Usury is far more dangerous than guns are to society.

    • Please. “Usury” is why our nation is so successful, and will continue to be so. “Tyranny” is what you should be objecting to, and though it can often accompany the leverage provided by “usury,” the two are not the same. We’d still mostly be a bunch of back-water ignorant subsistence farmers outside the cities if it weren’t for loans & investment. And completely beholden to the government/laws in the cities, like every other third world nation that doesn’t allow “usury” (mostly Muslim shit-holes these days, IIRC). The only time “usury” is bad, is when dumb people make unwise decisions, and if you want to organize a society around protecting dumb people from their unwise decisions…the socialists are right over there waiting for you.

      • Thank you for confusing quaint ideals of patriotic capitalism with the reality of globo corporate rape of society.

        You nose so much.

        • Barnbwt is correct. If your business is lending money, you have to charge an interest rate high enough to pay your operating costs, make up for inflation over the term of the loan, cover losses on the customers who default, and make at least as much profit as you could putting your money into some other business. If you charge less, you are a fool. If you do that as the CEO of a public company, you are betraying your shareholders.

        • Kendahl, your points are valid, but once upon a time banks did not charge 20+ percent over their cost of capital. Many cards today are at rates of 28% or higher, yet the cost of money (the fed rate) is at an all time low. The profit margin is immense, and banks are making billions of dollars. Once upon a time, not so long ago, the usury rate was 21%, a rate that was dropped when the cost of many was very high and even mortgage rates were in the teens. Mortgage rates dropped, but credit card rates skyrocketed.

        • Absolutely! The best course of action is to turn the tables and use them instead of getting used. I use my credit cards for a month worth of interest free purchases at a time. When the bill comes in I pay the balance in full. I refuse to pay interest to credit cards. I hate paying interest for my mortgage and car loans. That’s why I’m working on paying both off as soon as possible.

      • I’ll bet you twenty bucks you will not define for all of us listening to you, the answer to this question: what is the difference between usury and interest?
        I’ll be waiting…..

        • “Usury” is a legal term. It means charging more in interest, fees and penalties than is allowed by law.

        • That might be true in Black’s Law, but there is a much deeper meaning than that. But I was asking Barnowl because he always runs from good questions.

  7. Man, what happened to the sleazy banksters who only cared about the bottom line? I miss those guys.

  8. “…but really try and institute a series of best practices that have, hopefully, a chance of keeping guns out of the wrong people’s hands.”

    First of all, you are a bank so it is not your place to get involved in the ‘wrong people’ discussion.

    Second of all, why would you think the ‘wrong people’ are going to use your banking services to acquire something to later be used in a crime? Are you in the habit of issuing credit or debit cards to criminals?

    • Many years ago banks would get in a lot of trouble by not lending to the wrong people. I guess the definition of wrong people has changed.

  9. I switched out of my major banks (Chase, Wells Fargo) about 1.5 years ago for a local credit union, best decision ever! They treat me like a person and don’t give off the evil corporate overlord vibes when dealing with them.

    Don’t know if it would work for most people, but I would recommend looking into it, the only power these banks have is what we give them, take your money and go play elsewhere and see how they like it!

    • Ive been with credit union 35 years. I have limited business with banks and no credit cards with them. I had a car loan with TDBank and refinanced to my credit union for a much lower rate. I also said adieu to a bank that milks it’s customers for every cent.

    • I did the same, and agree: a great decision. Not to mention I no longer suffer the indignity of banking at a grocery store (it was always a good time to discuss my investments while the noisy people behind me shopped for salad fixin’s, Twinkies, and cheap beer).

  10. Citi’s gun crackdown gives ammo to 2nd Amendment foes, advocate says

    “Under a policy established after a mass shooting at a Florida high school last year, the New York lender no longer does business with retail stores that sell guns to anyone under 21 or whose inventory includes bump stocks or high-capacity magazines. ”

    I wish it were possible to prevent the sale of your home mortgage from your current lender to a new lender. Because it is dizzying how many times my mortgage has been bought and sold over the years. Citi Bank has it AGAIN, as they previously bought it and sold it and now have bought it back.

    There’s a choice of lender when you first get a home mortgage but after that it’s out of your hands. If the law gave home owners the ability to refuse the resale of their mortgage from one lender to another, that would be a massive tool to punish this anti-Civil Rights political activism by banks.

    • The whole point of debt, is that it isn’t yours.

      The solution isn’t banning more commerce, the solution is prosecuting the leaders of these groups for betraying the fiduciary interests of legitimate (ie profit-seeking) investors, not politically-destructive hacks conspiring to manipulate the free market for their own nefarious interests.

      If Soros, Bloomberg, and Steyer were brought up on anti-trust or RICO violations for ring-leading these initiatives (and it is predominantly those three, among a mere handful in total) to distort banking practices away from responsible profit toward destruction of free and lawful commerce (the actual purpose of the ‘commerce clause’) this nonsense would end. Probably wouldn’t even need to convict them.

    • The real solution to the mortgage problem is to pay it off. This year I’m doing just that. While financial experts advise to put the money in to higher earning vessels rather than retire low interest debt I find the peace of mind living debt free to be worth it.
      I’ve never met anyone who regrets paying off the house.
      When I got my mortgage I was shown paper that stated they didn’t sell mortgages and never had. For the past 11 years that’s been true. It’s a required disclosure where I live YMMV.
      I suspect the gun hatred may move into banks screwing people who own guns out of credit. I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point.

      • I agree but for many it is quite impossible. I pay a major chunk of income in medical care for a family member with long term needs. Not a chance in hell of paying ahead on the mortgage.

        • I was one of the lucky ones that actually got a new mortgage after Obama got in. It took 4 trys, but we were able to save the house, paying low interest on a 40 year loan. Since I am on a disability retirement and my wife retires next year, the $700 or $800 a month we save on our mortgage payment will stay until we die or decide to sell. My mortgage is the cheapest money out there, I have plenty bills with higher interest to pay off first – and then could put money in a CD and get a better return than I pay for my mortgage. Living in SoCal means you have overpriced housing, if we want to be near our kids, grands and great grand, that is the reality of our situation.

      • It depends on the interest rate. Definitely pay off credit card debt as quickly as possible and try your best to avoid it in the future. Not so obvious with a home mortgage. Typically, the interest rate isn’t that high, your home will appreciate in value (only 2% to 3% annually unless you live in a hot market), and you can deduct the interest on your federal income tax.

        I do agree with paying off all debt, including your mortgage, as you approach retirement. No matter how well off you are, it’s a good idea to keep your monthly nut a low as possible. The cheaper you can live, the less vulnerable you are to hard times.

      • Im 100% debt free and hope to never borrow a dime again. I am by no means wealthy but it gives you a huge degree of freedom

    • You can. Go to local bank rather than the mega POS banks. A bank that does manual underwriting. For example a state chartered bank. In Iowa we are fortunate that there is a very active state bank industry. Apparently this is not true nationwide.

      DON”T sign on a BS fed gov’t loan scam (as VA, HUD etc). You won’t get some BS “Zero down” crap though.

    • That can be done you have to shop around for the right lender beforehand. They have to disclose to you the fact that they might sell your loan at closing.

  11. Buffet knows business. The best way for a business to lose customers or clients to to espouse political views. Even if 90% of the country likes some position, supporting it overtly will likely cost you 10% of your customers. Listen politely to your customers but refrain from getting involved in politics.

    Long term, politicizing our business community will drag down the economy. Angered buyers will obtain products from out of state or out of country; or worse, decline to purchase at all and do without. That’s bad. Very bad.

    • I honestly believe that’s what the powers that be want. They want to destroy our economy. The best way to institute major new change within a society is to completely destroy the existing way of doing things. We have made it too easy for this to happen by becoming the instant gratification buyers economy. We as a country make precious little these days and by a bunch of crap shipped in from everywhere else. Most of which we don’t really need and probably regret buying if the truth was known. I know I have regretted buying some of the crap I’ve purchased. The majority of this country lives, breathes, and does business on credit. Banks control that credit. Add it up and banks are going to be the determining factor and they are going to listen to major players in the game and unless you, me or anyone else has 100’s of millions of dollars laying around we aren’t going to be invited to the meetings of making those types of decisions.

    • Bull – Buffett is just one more guilt ridden prog. Rich playing with other peoples money. Same politics as all the other “tech” progs.

  12. Keeping guns out of the “wrong people’s hands” is not the job of corporations. It’s the job of law enforcement and the justice system.

    We already have all of the laws necessary to perform this task. All that is needed is competent Government.

      • I know; it’s as hard to find as the Holy Grail.

        But that’s the area that needs attention if we are really serious about using existing laws to reduce criminal misuse of firearms without further infringing on our liberty.

  13. “What our policy seeks to do is not put restrictions on gun ownership, but really try and institute a series of best practices that have, hopefully, a chance of keeping guns out of the wrong people’s hands. We’ve worked with a number of retailers to come up with what we think some of those best practices are.”

    I laugh when I see such a contradiction blatantly stated thus. Either you are restricting gun ownership or you are not. And the business of deciding who can’t buy a firearm legally rests with the government, not a bank.

  14. Imagine a billionaire-driven movement to buy positions on boards of directors in banks & other key industries, with the purpose of proposing & implementing internal controls to prevent the doing of business with Hispanics or other immigrants, so as to deny them the ability to exist in this country, forcing them to leave or live entirely or accept a substantially degraded standard of living. All so this group’s idealized vision of America as being “native blood only” could be one day realized.

    Imagine how evil such a movement would be rightfully characterized as.

    • How is it you have used the “gun control issue” to drag in all these other hypothetical issues supported by the liberal democrats to resist the construction of a southern security wall. Keep letting all the illegals in and I guarantee their will be much larger attempts to totally confiscate your guns and that’s when the real trouble begins. This isn’t New Zealand, Australia or some limpid country that does not have The Constitution that America has and The 2nd Amendment entrenched to protect law abiding citizens from miscreant politicians and their brainless constituents that continue to vote for them.

  15. As the 2 nd. amendment is a natural/civil right and all arms law are un Constitutional ,it’s no bank or financial institutions business what a customer may or may not purchase.
    Eff the Fascist Taliban of the Left.

  16. “Corporate Gun Control: Citigroup CEO Says Bank Just Wants to Keep Guns Out of ‘Wrong People’s Hands’

    And he’s a damn liar…

    IF you are in any way attached to citigroup, get out, find another way, hit ’em where it hurts, in the bottom line…


    Alert…The FBI is at it again! ( Sorry for Thread “Hijack” )

    FBI to possibly stage Hoax mass “Shooting” in Colorado soon, to Try and get Sheriff’s to Comply with new “Red Flag” law!

    “FBI looks for woman infatuated with Columbine Shooting. It say’s shew made threat days before anniversary” ( Columbine 20th anniversary is this Saturday April 20th ).

    Why would FBI stage Hoax ( Where no one gets hurt ) “shooting” or attempted mass “shooting” that get’s stopped before it happens in Colorado ?

    To Try and force the Colorado’s Sheriff’s, who have ( Paraphrasing ) “Said they will not enforce Colorado’s new so-called “Red Flag” Bill that just got passed because they rightfully said it was not Constitutional” and to Try and make other Sheriff’s around the Country not getting any ideas to follow in the Colorado Sheriff’s “Footsteps”

    Wonder how fast this will get deleted?

    • “FBI to possibly stage Hoax mass “Shooting” in Colorado soon, to Try and get Sheriff’s to Comply with new “Red Flag” law!

      “FBI looks for woman infatuated with Columbine Shooting. It say’s shew made threat days before anniversary” ( Columbine 20th anniversary is this Saturday April 20th ).”

      Your crap is getting tiresome, ‘Mark’.

      The FBI blew it. She suicided herself.

      “Wonder how fast this will get deleted?”

      It won’t be, you paranoid fuckwit…

  18. Citicorp has seen more that its share of the defendant’s bench in courtrooms for all manner of graft, fraud and associated class-action suits against it. This is not surprising at atll. WHEN the situation goes hot, the a$$hats in charge of corporations like this are among the first who should get publicly h@nged. Just after every politico who voted yes on things like the “Patiot Act” and the “Affordable Healthcare Act” and any single measure that infringed on the 2A or refused to protect babies, not to mention those who tolerate Sharia. Once that ball gets rolling, we’ll be OK in very short order.

  19. Why arent the laissez faire corporatist boomers like barnbwt simply defending their precious Citigroup by saying “its a private company they can run it how they want?”

    Stand up for Citigroup on boomer principles.

    Citigroup should be allowed to run their company like the NRA, busting their budgets on CEO salaries then grubbing for bailouts from their customers.

  20. What is not being said is that the “policy” is largely meaningless and meant for public consumption. Restrictions on under-21 sales? Federal law already takes care of handguns, and privacy makes it questionable whether your banker has the right to review a shop’s 4473s.
    Likewise, running an NICB check isn’t optional for the LGS, so Citigroup’s “insistence” is equally meaningless. Bump stock sales? Yeah, covered. So we’re left with high capacity magazines. In the unlikely event that Citi checks, the LGS can claim vagueness: they are standard capacity, not “high”.

    How many people do you think Citigroup has on the payroll to put teeth into their policy? I suspect the whole thing was an exercise in virtue signaling, which paid off with a congressional pat on the head, as opposed to the scowling heaped upon Chase for their lack of wokeness.

  21. When are business people going to realize that the leftist gun grabbers are not really their friends?

  22. And while the “investors” are fleeing Citigroup, I hope people will remember that all depositors, in every bank in the US, are in the position of an “unsecured creditor”. The very worst type of investment.
    No return, and dead last in line to get their funds if the bank closes for any reason. people THINK that the money in their account is theirs, but it’s not. You give it to the bank, and it becomes theirs, in exchange for an unsecured debt against the bank, that nowadays doesn’t even pay interest. The very worst financial position to be in. Luckily for the banks, very few realize this, or they wouldn’t willingly participate in their own fleecing.
    There is a reason that when banks close on a normal work day to steal their depositors funds, they call it a “bank holiday”. Because it’s a very great day… for them.

  23. History lesson, listen up, folks. Citi, when you track back far enough was The Bank of New York. For all the obvious reasons they financed the Federalist Army during the last, late unpleasantness. Free money…collect souls for interest…source, their own indoctrination program for new hires. Fast forward to the Japanese bubble burst in the last century. Yup, Citi, again. Disinvited from doing business there by the Japanese government for years. Robert Rubin, Clintons’ $ fixer was chairman of the board of Citi, while the props were kicked out of from under the USA economy, paving the way for Obama to change this country so it would never be the same again. We are in a war on all fronts with enemies both foreign and domestic. All of the above can be verified through numerous open sources. The power and reach they have is not to be underestimated. I know, I used to work for them and may go back again. The best place to hide and survive on the Axis side during WWII was in the upper cadre of the Waffen SS. Get off the couch, look this stuff up and do something, anything, about it. You’ll don’t know you’ve got a roach problem if you never go into the kitchen at night. Foxtrot-Kilo-Alpha.

  24. On a similar note: See the new DIckless Sporting Goods TV ad with some chick corp officer asking “come back to Dickless”?

    NO. Would not even consider it until there is a gun counter well stocked with market priced ARs.

    • I wouldn’t consider then either. Dicks can go swirling as far as I’m concerned.

  25. I’ve never done business with Citi and I don’t intend to.

    I would note that part of the reason Buffett is successful is because he has a “strictly business” attitude about his businesses. Sure he has opinions, many far more liberal than I personally hold, but he doesn’t seem to let his personal feelings influence his investments. If there’s money to be made he makes the money and let’s other poor people worry about the “feelz”.

    • I used to know a guy who worked for Citibank’s mortgage operation. He suggested I refinance my mortgage with them. What he had to offer was an appalling crock of shit. It was loaded with thousands of dollars in fees, had the same interest rate, and would have locked me in for three years even if I sold the house. I did refinance but with a local bank that offered a lower interest rate and charged a flat $500.

  26. Just another stinking rich for life Marxist socialist CEO who will sacrifice the company he’s supposed to work for to further his preferred political views.

  27. Let’s talk about what we have here…Citi, BOA, and JP Morgan/Chase have all attacked the gun industry, so what do they have in common? While your answer was correct, here’s the big ugly; they are all participants in the Domestic Security Alliance. I highly recommend you take a few minutes and look into this. BTW, they play both sides of the aisle. The only losers are “We the People.” The sooner we recognize it the better.

    We have real time Fascism formed here in the US. Look no further than the beneficial Regulations for Corps, the Bank handouts on our dime, the reporting of corps directly to the government, and the deplatforming of the only true Liberty Minded. All the while fiscally supporting the Brownshirts in the form of BLM, or ANTIFA. Believe this; if you read about the DSAC, then you realize these progressive aggressors may be the first to get the axe when the dictators take over. Happened throughout history, and they should be made aware of it.

    The next time you are on Facebook or Twitter and want to get all over your “adversary,” consider how they came to their conclusions. Work it from there, or their hypocrisy, which generally comes from the same sources.

    Our best hope would be for the arms manufacturers to tool up and open production in every state (maybe via subcontract like the aerospace does). Then selling out the door directly, for cash, and without the Governments stamp of approval.

  28. Insurance company payouts are drawn from CITI bank accounts. They are worried about the profit loss from not having as much of someone else’s cash to play some money game that they concocted. Perhaps they should consider the profits they make on financing firearm sales.

  29. Support the 2nd amendment and local banks get a credit card from somebody other than Citi bank.

  30. It’s just a good reason not to use Citibank. I had my bankcard declined for a purchase at a big chain store when buying 500 rounds of ammo. I walked up to the front and got the money out of a bank machine and went back and paid cash for the purchase. I asked the store manager why my card was declined and claimed they didn’t know. When I go home I called the bankcard people and asked them, they claimed they didn’t know. I heard from a coupe others they had the same thing happen with that bank, so I switched banks. From what I understand, that bank had enough complaints they don’t seem to have a problem with people buying ammo anymore.

    Just like when a doctor asks if there are guns in the home, is just a good reason to find a different doctor. In fact with the doctor, you might want to ask back, why its important and why medications and medical procedures tend to result in over 10 times more deaths a year than firearms do.

  31. Citigroup needs to be broken into very small banks!! Bye Citibank! You were never needed!!

  32. Interesting how these bank CEO’s insert partisan political agendas into bank policy. They cry separation of church and state, while they should be implementing separation of business and politics. It is never a good move to alienate a large portion of your business due to political posturing, regardless of how “well meaning” they make it appear. Most folks are smarter than that. If the bank CEO’s were really concerned for citizens welfare, they would reign in their greed, get interest rates under control, as well as exorbitant late fees. More virtue signaling that is very telling BS.


  34. These Corporate thugs better heed the trail blazes already plainly visible on the American frontier .
    The sleeping giant that is fly over America is awake , rubbing it’s eyes and preparing to drink a very large cup of some very strong coffee .
    Evidenced by the 2008 Tea Party rally in Washington , DC .
    The multiple beat downs at the poles by outed progressive liberal socialist , at the poles .
    The election of Donald Trump and the huge growth in his support by all colors and backgrounds of Americans
    The very large crowds of people who come out to show support for Trump at his rally’s .
    and the now obvious coming out of the closet of progressive liberal socialist in all walks of life , in business in politics and in main stream media who are trying to make a last stand .

  35. Perhaps all of the guns that currently protect the assets of City Bank should not be permitted for use in protecting City Bank.. I am curious how City Bank intends to become judge and Juror regarding who is eligible and who is not eligible, have you derived some superpower that the rest of the world does not possess? Where in your charter does it indicate you should deviate from your core business and become the dictator of rights?

  36. Okay now, let me get this straight, the democraps are saying that GUNS KILL PEOPLE, so according to their so called logic, then writing instruments cause miss-spellings, do we then ban all pens and pencils? How about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY…. YOU CHOOSE to use a firearm for an illicit purpose, then YOU suffer the consequences, NOT EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have a Citi-bank card that I use once a year. The only thing we have used this card for in the last 4 years is to go out to dinner on our anniversary. I pay the balance on the exact due date without paying them any interest. The fees they make off that $200 or so purchase will not cover their costs for maintaining my account.

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