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Mark, an entrepreneur from Georgia sends his “My Everyday Carry” to us, thanks to Everyday Carry.

We have to give him credit:  he keeps things simple.  Sans a holster, he’s probably stuffing that SIG P365 into a pocket, like a couple of people I know here in Illinois.   Only the people I know use some sort of pocket holster to break up the outline of the gun and to keep it oriented in the same position all day long.

Add to the gun a spare mag, a Hoffman Richter blade and a set of keys.

Wallet?  Eh, who needs money and a driver’s license?

And as much as I reluctantly embraced smart phone technology just a few short years ago, I feel lost without it.  And my wife hates it when I don’t have my leash phone on my person if I’m not home.

Check it and others out at Everyday Carry.


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  1. I wouldn’t miss my phone at all and my wallet only a little, but I am not an “entrepreneur”.

      • The older I get the more I appreciate a good ‘classic’ or ‘heap’. They’re SOOOOOOO much cheaper to keep on the road and DRASTICALLY easier to work on when things go amiss.

  2. well I have to have my wallet because of my permit and DL are init other my little 5 shot ultra lite and two-speed loaders and at least one good knife or two

  3. I don’t care if people don’t show their wallet in an EDC picture. This is a gun website, not a wallet website.

    I doubt he’s carrying a pistol with no safety just banging around in a pocket either. Come on my dude, at least describe the holster if you’re too lazy to get it in the pic. I’m a fan of simple, but not lazy.

    • Don’t be so sure He uses a holster, had a guy show up for a concealed carry class with just carrying in his pocket, despite the admonition that holsters were mandatory.

    • “…the people I know use some sort of pocket holster to break up the outline of the gun and to keep it oriented in the same position all day long”…and to keep keys, pens, micro flashlights and other pocket detritus from inadvertently connecting with the trigger in a manner that fires the weapon.

      I carry my P365 on a daily basis…that said, there’s no way I going to carry it loose in a pocket with that nice striker all primed and ready to go…a hammer equipped pistol – maybe…a striker fired pistol – no bleeping way.

      • Some striker-fired guns only cock the striker upon triggerpull. Is that not the case with this one?

    • I agree about the no holster. This guy obviously is excited to show off his new gun and fancy knife. It’s his first edc submission and does not have a holster yet. I’d be interested to see the complete, realistic loadout, I.e. gun, holster, light, knife, keys, phone case, wallet and maybe watch and pen.

    • The source for these ensembles is Everyday Carry. It is not a gun centered site. Wallets, chapstick, watches, trinkets etc are all considered of interest.

      • I’m well aware of the source. However, they choose to cross post here AND the added commentary from the staff writer was bemoaning the missing wallet. Just throwing out my 2 cents that we don’t care about that over here so much.

  4. Anyone know anything about the Hoffman Richter?

    Looking at the top few results on Amazon they look like they’ve kinda used designs by ESEE, Kershaw, SOG and Benchmade. Anyone know if they do a good job with them?

    Also, as to maybe rocking that Sig without a holster: Who cares? We all learned from that Boston study that 9mm is a pretty safe round to get shot with because it’s so small. So what does it matter if you shoot yourself with it? It’s not going to even cause a serious injury. I mean, comon, who here has a holster for their Nerf gun?

  5. Someone tell this guy Vedder makes a “Pocket Locker” holster for the P365. I would never pocket carry my P365 or any gun without a holster unless I want to be guilty of a negligent discharge into my femoral artery.

  6. Hace mas de 30 años que no puedo estar sin una Navaja ni una linterna pequeña y adiestro a las personas de lo importante que es tener consigo estos elementos

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