Gerald Woller likes to pack a Ruger LCP.

Music City resident Gerald likes to keep things light. He says, “I don’t like to carry a lot of items unless I have my EDC pack with me. I don’t always carry the LCP but auto knives are legal for me to carry.” See what he’s decided to pack at Everyday Carry . . .

Gerald Woller likes to pack a Ruger LCP.


  1. There must be a shitload of LCPs out there. I imagine it really tickles the right spot for the average carrier.

    • i carry a G42 or my Kahr CM9, but Clint Smith talked about ‘back up guns’ and made some good points about why they shouldnt be smaller than your fulltime carry

  2. I thought that coin was an Ancholic Anonymous sobriety coin at first, what do u do with it? Throw it like a ninja star. I just can’t go folding knives for SD , they are fine for general use, but IMO not for SD. I stabbed a guy once with a switch blade, the blade broke off in him, he fell down the stairs and ran off


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