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Daily Show report on Chicago's Operation Cease Fire (courtesy

According to the Daily Show report below, Chicago’s Operation Ceasefire “violence interrupters” have reduced shootings in three [cherry-picked] Windy City neighborhoods by 43 percent. The comedian/reporter fails to provide a citation for the claim that hiring ex-cons to talk gang bangers out of shooting each other is an effective “gun violence” reduction strategy. Nor does it mention . . .

last May’s headline at CeaseFire ‘violence interrupter’ among dozens charged after gang probe. Or other “violence interrupter” scandals around the country. Nor is it funny (this is Comedy Central, right?).

But the feelgood report makes Mr. Noah’s progressive, millennial-heavy audience happy, to the point where they cheer and clap at the all the appropriate moments. What are the odds there’s a flashing sign in the studio to cue them?

I’m not sure which would be worse: using CLAP and CHEER signs or no signs at all.

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  1. Trevor Noah?

    I use this a lot but I’ll use it again:

    Some wonder why he took the fall
    Others just ask who the hell is he
    And why should we care for him?

    Who the hell is Trevor Noah and WTF should I care?

    • He’s a comedian who replaced Jon Stewart when the latter realized his show needed to be dumbed down for its modern audience.

      • Should have given the show to Piers Morgan. He isn’t funny either, but at least you know he’s a gun-grabbing douche.

  2. The violence interrupters just tell the guys to go somewhere else before shooting the victims(?). I don’t believe that they are making an overall difference to the problem, but they are putting money in thier pockets.

  3. Yeah he might as well try and talk about violence in Chicago. Because if he starts talking about the violence in his native South Africa the talk get’s a little uncomfortable, in terms of what racial demographic is trying to target the other.

  4. Trevor Noah is from South Africa, he should be talking at all about the US. He should go back to South Africa and start talking all this S%$= and then see what happens.

  5. All that’s important to Noah and people like him is image. A sweet PR “doing something” segment followed by ignoring or refusing to cover any of the criminal behavior or to even go so far to follow a year later and ask how it’s all going.

    This is where drive-by media comes in to play. Look at them doing something! and as quickly as they appeared they disappear.

  6. And yet the totals shot and killed are not that much (43%) lower than last year…right?
    I applaud anything that helps…but is it really helping?

  7. You flood the streets with feds and fudds you’re bound to have a “slight” effect on shootings. It didn’t prevent 9 homicides last weekend. Oh and Noah AIN’T FUNNY. I would think talent would be a prerequisite on “Comedy” Central. At least Stewart had the balls to appear on FOX. And elicited an occasional guffaw…

  8. Well if it reduces the amount people killing each other without having to come for my guns I’m not complaining.

    • Don’t go out in the woods alone, mister. Go with at least one other person. That way, you don’t have to outrun the bear… you only have to run faster than the other guy.

      Oh, I see you already practice that…

  9. With Chiraq and Illinois being 3rd world areas. Who really cares if they kill each other. Hell there are more killings there than in Iraq or Syria and they are hotbeds of terrorists. Those in charge have no desire to stop the killing. Why should the rest of us spend time, effort or money cleaning up their mess. At least in Iraq and Syria they are trying to stop the terrorist. No such effort in Chiraq.

  10. Y’know what really reduces the violence in Chiraq?

    The killers are all being killed, that’s what. And they can’t kill anyone if they’re dead.

  11. Here we go again. South Africa ain’t got nothing to do with MY country or its Constitution. Get outta here, go home, bad dog, bad, go home

  12. Are you all genuinely that blissfully ignorant. Why do you all mock a strategy to reduce gun violence that DOESN’T involve gun control legislation… TRULY, how stupid are you hillbillies?! This is exactly the sort of thing you should be ADVOCATING for. As it doesn’t require you to give up your guns…

    Absolutely unreal.

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