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Les George carries a GLOCK 19 and a Les George-designed Zero Tolerance 0920

If you’re not familiar with Les George’s knife designs, you should be. As he describes his EDC gear, “Right now, I carry a Glock 19, a Zero Tolerance 0920 knife, a Kevin King Leather wallet and a black Sharpie. When I wear a watch I have a Sinn U1 SBR that I like a lot.” Check out all of Les’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Oh, and here I thought it was referring to George Costanza’s nickname in high school due to the Renault Le Car he drove… “Le(s) George!”

  2. Nice kit. I’m not familiar with the knife brand, but given what he is wearing for a timepiece, I’m betting the blade is not a “value brand”.

    As for the wallet maker, you can’t view the site linked to without Flash enabled.


    In 2017.

  3. I have a ZT knife. I received it as a gift. Its a very nice knife. But at $175ish, not worth the money. ZT is owned by Kershaw. As chance would have it my favorite carry knife is a Kershaw Skyline ($40 and made in the USA). They are surprisingly similar. The $130 gap in cost is not readily apparent.

    Sinn is a great value brand in premium watches. That sounds ridiculous, but its true. Think Breitling level of finish with an off the shelf Czech made movement inside.

  4. j͆u͆s͆t͆ a͆s͆ a͆m͆a͆n͆d͆a͆ a͆n͆s͆w͆e͆r͆e͆d͆ i͆ a͆m͆ i͆m͆p͆r͆e͆s͆s͆e͆d͆ t͆h͆a͆t͆ s͆o͆m͆e͆o͆n͆e͆ a͆bl͆e͆ t͆o͆ e͆a͆r͆n͆ $9106 i͆n͆ a͆ f͆e͆w͆ w͆e͆e͆k͆s͆ o͆n͆ t͆h͆e͆ i͆n͆t͆e͆r͆n͆e͆t͆ . r͆e͆a͆d͆ t͆h͆i͆s͆ p͆o͆s͆t͆ h͆e͆r͆e͆…………..
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