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Opey's everyday carry gear featuring a GLOCK 43

Opey says of his customized G43, “My EDC starts with my modified Glock. The slide is milled with front serrations, full top serrations and refinished with Cerakote Cobalt. I have also had the framed stippled with a double undercuts and index markers. My use the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger, Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release, Ameriglo Pro I-DOT Sights and two Barracuda Tactical Magazine Extensions +2.” ┬áCheck out what else Opey totes at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • of the 20+ guns ive owned over the last 20+ years only 2 have NEVER had a failure to feed fire or eject with thousands and thousands of rounds fired

      one is an sks

      the other is a glock

      ive owned colt ruger smith and wesson taurus walther savage marlin mossberg bushmaster

      only the sks…and the glock…have been flawless

      THATS why people CARRY them

    • Watches are my other obsession; I have almost as many of those as guns. Hard to go wrong with a Seiko 5 field watch. I’m into diving watches, myself. I have a Seiko SKX007 and a black Monster. Looking to get one of the numerous Submariner homages out there, until I can afford the real thing.

  1. That blade looks like he uses it to punch a flow-hole in his adult beverages… and does it a lot.

    Not that I would know what that looks like…

  2. if youre a glock owner dont EVER go to

    youll end up spending as much modding your glock as you did when you purchased it


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