Chicago August 2020 shootings
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Chicago August 2020 shootings

Among items not widely reported in the mainstream media we have Chicago’s regular weekly (largely criminal) weekend shooting report. The final tally for this past weekend according to the Sun-Times:

Ten people were killed and 45 more, including two Chicago police officers and a 15-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend.

Ahead of the weekend, Chicago police braced for protests in the city in the wake of civil unrest north of the Illinois border sparked by the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake. The department’s new Critical Incident Response team, consisting of about 200 officers, was deployed downtown. Seven people were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest at Loyola University Saturday, while a march downtown that day ended with no arrests.

As per usual the bulk of these appear to be gang- and crime-related shootings. Chicago has long had a serious problem with violent crime, most of it due to criminals wielding firearms (think drugs, gangs, and what have you), even when it’s illegal for them to do so. Imagine that.

The Chicago Tribune reported that July 2020 was the most violent month Chicago had seen in 28 years, with 107 people were killed. By comparison, August was a light(er) body count month, though, according to our friends at, the Windy City did set a record for the largest number people shot during the month.

August 2020: 65 killed, 431 wounded
August 2019: 51 killed, 241 wounded
August 2018: 60 killed, 302 wounded
August 2017: 55 killed, 289 wounded
August 2016: 98 killed, 398 wounded
August 2015: 57 killed, 306 wounded
August 2014: 55 killed, 250 wounded

And the crystal ball looks bleak as it peers into the new future.

We’ve been looking for a slowdown in killings, which we got, but it was made up for by the number of shooting victims. We had forecasted 90 homicides with and additional 400 shot and wounded, which while each individual metric was off, the overall total on dead on. Despite the official Summer Shooting Season wrapping up this weekend, September will most likely continue the Season’s trend. We’re forecasting another 60 homicides and an additional 325 shot and wounded with #3000 person shot coming in mid-month.

How is this relevant to the current climate? Beware, we’re running into op-ed territory again . . .

The large number of people killed in Chicago in a single weekend is relevant because it happens so frequently that it’s often ignored. The probably-justified-shooting death of one rapist, child molester, or home invader may warrant a headline, but the repetitive, rampant murder issue in Chicago, not so much. There’s an election coming up and there are other cities burning.

Perhaps if people focused on solving crimes and prosecuting the perpetrators rather than taking up their social justice warrior banners we’d see a decline in actual crime. Instead, they tend to get worked up over almost every LEO-involved shooting and them get to work burning neighborhoods, destroying businesses, assaulting random individuals, and murdering people. Even better is how many of the rioters travel in from outside locations.

It’s past time to concentrate on the problems in your own back yard. You’ve heard the phrase charity begins at home? So does safety and self-defense.

Maybe it isn’t your literal brick-and-mortar home that you live in, but it’s your town, city, and state. Should you care about what’s going on in the country at large? Absolutely. Standing up for your rights is never a bad idea. But getting worked into a lather over something when you lack information and details or are simply looking for a fight is another story entirely.

How many of these protestors/looters/rioters truly give a crap about George Floyd or Jacob Blake? Probably just about none of them.

If anyone was truly concerned about shootings or “gun violence” in general, they’d be all over the Chicago murder rate. Instead, they look for flimsy reasons to loot stores and burn businesses. Some protests are peaceful, but many are not – and so many are blatantly lied about as “mostly peaceful” by those attending and reporting on them.

We are a nation at a boiling point. It’s only a matter of time until riots spread like wildfire rather than cropping up here and there, not because people are upset at injustice, but because opportunists are looking for reasons to throw tantrums, steal and burn things.

Do you think it was a coincidence that all three people Kyle Rittenhouse shot were felons? It wasn’t. Who do you think are the most frequent participants in civil unrest and violence?

Criminals behave criminally. It’s what they do, and just about the only thing they’re good at. If you want to do something that results in a more peaceful society, maybe stop harassing police who are trying to do their jobs and start working to prevent violent crime in places like, say, Chicago.




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      • Federal taxpayers pay them to produce more and more victims in waiting. Remember, it is an immutable rule; If you reward an activity, you will get more of it. If you punish an activity, you will get less of it. This is ALWAYS true, for untold thousands of years. It explains so many things, once you figure it out, you cannot imagine why it has been overlooked so thoroughly for so long. Every welfare provision rewards failure. And we keep passing more. Every “tax the rich” proposal, each disrespect of successful entrepreneurs, punishes success. And we keep passing/proposing more (Check Biden proposals). If people think it through for a change, there is only one answer you can possibly arrive at:

        TRUMP 2020 (probably 2024)

  1. The morons who occupy Springfield, Cook County government, the Chicago City Council, and the Mayors Office considers this activity as their special gift to the morons who vote for them.

  2. “Criminals behave criminally. It’s what they do, and just about the only thing they’re good at.”

    If they were any good at it, they wouldn’t get caught all the time. Except in Chicago, where police doesn’t even get any suspect on more than 80% of murders. Isn’t it funny that, which posts anything from Covid numbers to “Shot-in-the-Junk-O-Meter” stopped showing CPD murder clearance rates?

  3. Other than 2016 being a particularly bad year for killings, I don’t see any statistical trends. 2020 doesn’t stand out from the other years.

        • The two highest years happen to coincide with Presidential elections too. What a strange coincidence.

          The number of homicides peaked at 920 in 1991. Hmmmmm NOT an election year BUT the year before an election year…. Some kind of conspiracy? Maybe……

      • the “ACLU effect” is to blame. The name refers to a 2016 agreement between the Chicago Police Department and the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois to reform unconstitutional stop-and-frisk practices. In 2016, street stops dropped by 82 percent in the city. That and Rahm Emanuel got reelected Mayor (I know what you were hinting at) Sorry, can’t blame “Orangeman bad” for that one…

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            Is that a self descriptive thing? Or do you just not know what a choad (aka chode) is…

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          • could you not *convert* a normal dingus into a choad?

            I’m not really an expert on how one comes to possess a “choad” but you might direct your query to Boot Licker who seems to have some familiarity with all things choad….

        • Maxx, I asked because I truly didn’t know. I didn’t catch that 2016 was an election year. I’m pro-Trump and wasn’t implying he was to blame. * (Wow this comment was placed way below where I was replying to your reply of my reply.)

      • I wonder what was going on in 2016.

        Here let Creepy Uncle Joe explain it in a way that ONLY he can when (during his “speech” Monday in Pittsburgh) he said:
        “The murder right now is up 26 percent across the nation this year under Donald Trump. Do you really feel safer under Donald Trump?” Biden asked.
        “COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year.
        “Look, here’s the lives. It’s just, it’s — when you think about it — more lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years,” he added.
        If you can understand that then you can figure out anything… Ahhh what the hell it’s just Joe being Joe….

  4. All those shootings in Chicago are a problem why? I mean, I know that the killings can’t keep up with the birth rate of the snakes, but at least it’s something.

  5. Meh…it’s been a HOT summer.(hottest EVER at O’Hare airport) Homie had more than usual to get his blood boilin’ what with wuhan,no legal jobs and Black Looters Murdering. It was cool & rainy today. Homie don’t play dat…

  6. Kat is such a dreamer. There is no will to prosecute the gang bangers and murderers. The jails and prisons are full, bail is no bail, social justice warriors think that there are too many blacks being arrested and prosecuted, so instead there is a revolving door with little actual punishment. Johnson’s War on Poverty seemed like such a good idea, something morally right, but all it did was to create an underclass that relies on government largess for the basics of living with no incentive to work to get out of their hell holes full of drugs.

    • Johnson’s “war on poverty” was, deliberately, an enormous expansion of government power with black Americans used as pawns by power-mad politicians, mixed with cold war terror to keep Demagogues in power, hopefully forever.

  7. How is Ten people were killed and 45 wounded a NEW normal, sounds like a pretty tight average (average 63 killed 316 wounded month over for past 7 yrs.) Business as usual for the Chiraq Bangers….

  8. Chicago’s Weekend Shootings Are the New Normal,only if one is unlucky enough to reside in or around the Chit hole of Chitcago.
    Normal American life continues in the non Chit holes cities towns and burgs of America.

    • nope…organized crime beats the hell out of disorganized crime any day of the week…one thing those guys know how to do is keep “order”….

      • Because disorder is bad for business. Look at the yakuza as an example. An orderly alliance between government, police, and crime. Far more orderly than Mexico which has a similar arrangement.

  9. “One death is a tragedy, one million is a statistic”. Joseph Stalin… There’s much to learn from such a statement. Stalin understood the meaning behind it. So does the Liberal Socialist leadership of the Democrat party. Hence the lives lost doesn’t seem to phase their allegiance to the Ideology. Except for the ones used to push the Agenda. The rest are simply collateral damage.

  10. there was a reporter from new york saying that state is in play this november
    if new york is so is everything else that hillary won

    • “Do you think it was a coincidence that all three people Kyle Rittenhouse shot were felons?”

      Probably the most relevant words of the entire article. Is it not similar to those shot every weekend in Chicago? I understand that there are non-interested bystanders occasionally killed in the crossfire but the vast majority of those wounded and killed in any large metro area are known criminals and thugs with long criminal histories. The real unrepresented losers in the whole deal are the poor schnooks who are stuck living in the inner city- people, many of whom would love to get out and would like to do better for their kids but don’t have the means. Not much difference from being stuck in a banana republic or Che-run commie hell hole.

  11. Chicago shootings up???

    Neighboring states must have relaxed their gun laws even further.
    Indiana must be leaving boxes of guns on street corners.

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