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Americans generally love their pets, especially man’s best friend. While dogs tend to protect their owners, their owners usually reciprocate the feelings. But when an “erratic” aggressor in Yakima, Washington threatened a dog-owning concealed carry licensee along with his child recently…well, you don’t need a Ouija board to see where things headed.

Another media outlet reported that the suspect, Daniel Ortega, acted aggressively to multiple people before threatening the CCW holder. The good guy with the gun reportedly tried to de-escalate and walk away, but the attacker, 22-year-old Daniel Ortega, didn’t respond to verbal warnings. Ortega was shot and killed.

After an investigation, the Yakima PD released the defender, sans his gun, without charges. As a police news release said . . .

Multiple interviews of involved parties and witnesses corroborated what was believed to have occurred. After consultation with the Yakima County Prosecutor, the man who discharged the firearm in the incident was released after cooperating with detectives. 

The county prosecutor will make a “formal decision” regarding any charges related to the shooting.

From the Yakima Herald-Republic . . .

A man shot and killed another man who threatened his child on Sunday afternoon at the Randall dog park in Yakima, police said.

Multiple people called 911 around 2:30 p.m. to report a man was acting erratically at Randall dog park, 1399 S. 48th Ave., according to a Yakima Police Department news release.

The man, later identified as Daniel Ortega, 22, of Yakima was interacting with another man and his child at the park, and “attempted to endanger the life of the small child with his words and actions,” the police news release said.

The father told Ortega to leave his family alone, and attempted to leave the park, the release said. When his attempts to de-escalate the incident failed, the 28-year-old Yakima man “discharged his legally owned firearm in defense of himself and his child,” the release said.

Ortega learned the hard way not to threaten other people, let alone their children. Frankly, threatening other peoples’ pets also scores highly on things to do if you want to get hurt.

Fortunately for the defender, Yakima is in south-central Washington, a good distance outside the Seattle-Tacoma area of influence. We’re anxious to see what the county prosecutor decides.


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    • Didn’t use to be.I spent a lot of time there back a few years.I rather liked the place, and the surrounding hillsides and rivers. thought about moving there for a while.

    • The city or the Firing Center? Many troops had a bad attitude for Yak but I generally enjoyed the many days of my ute spent out in the field at the Firing Center. Many of the city bois couldn’t stand all the wide open spaces and (occasional) quiet.

    • Yakima is a nice agricultural area, pretty in terms of orchards and vineyards. The people aren’t insane leftists like Seattle or Olympia. Due to the largely farming economy, the area is somewhat economically depressed. The town does have a lot of poor immigrants from Mexico. I like Yakima, but also grew up nearby.

    • Yakima is set in a great location, but unfortunately it lost its rural innocence many years ago. Major drug trafficking is a problem.

    • they will give it back if there are no ‘illigalities’ involved. its normal for police to take the gun until a decision is made.

      I usually got mine back in a couple of days. the longest was two weeks because of a fire and although it did not affect the gun lock up area up the area was off limits for two weeks due to the fire investigation so no one could remove the firearm and give it back to me until the arson investigators finished.

      • It’s interesting. A righteous shooting and your gun gets to go to jail for an indeterminate period. Kill somebody with your car and if there is no obviously apparent crime you get to drive your car home. Exactly which amendment is it that guarantees you your right to drive in any manner you wish? Inquiring minds want to know. Does it matter that our Founding Fathers couldn’t imagine owning a sea-propelled vehicle?

    • might need it for a bit to run some ballistics tests, run the number, etc. Shoudn;t take very long. Part of why I always have another one handy. Same model. Unless they hold or write me, they can’t prohibit my use of arms just on the basis of an “incident”.

    • BS sue the SOBs under Bruin. If the Justice of the Peace didn’t sieze Dave Crocket’s rifle then then the PoPo today don’t get YOUR firearm.

      “run the number” – mindless irrelevant BS.

  1. Surprised the dog didn’t have something for the aggressor. Mess with 1 of my grand kids and either of my dogs would have a chunk of idiot as a snack. 40lbs. of staffy will get your attention. So will 60 lbs of shepherd/collie mix.

    • If a violent ‘Ortega’ had done that to my wife or me at the dog park I would not have had to shoot him ’cause our dogs would have been all over him in a heart beat and torn him apart, except for Bosco ’cause hes kinda small and not trained that way but the others are gonna be each ~70 lbs of teeth and claws.

  2. Hmmm.. that name.. somehow rings a bell. Wonder if I could remember why…… ih wait, wait here it comes, I’m getting it,,,,,,

    yeah. Fidel Castro’s head of military’s brother.. somehow just popped up n Nicaragua just about the time the beyond corrupt third generation US puppet dictator got hos sorry backside tossed into the back of an old DC 3 at the Augusto Cesar Sandino airport south of Managua, at about three ayem, which aeroplane rattled its way up into the clouds turned south and never was seen again.. for quite a number of years. Seems this Daniel Ortega the brother if Castros torturer and meddler in chief, just happened to saunter along just when a rowdy fearless kingpin type had new space to operate. He then helped form a communist government coalition to run the country… into the ground even further if that were possible and certainly into the hands of the Soviets. I remember seeing Russian troops and equipment in and around Managua when I was there in ’86. Ortega was a dirtbag, staged a “free and fair” election that was anything but… not realising he was so hated he lost by some forty percent margin. The new government established that no ine could be president more than ine time. It only took three terms of others as president for him to get that law dumped and rig enough elections toget backin. I think his present term is his third maybe fourth, prohibited one. Rules with plenty of lead, but never from HIS hand. He’s got “helpers”.

    My bet is that the recently deceased was named in honour of this wretch.. and it further seems the kid formerly resident of Yakima and now of an even hotter place than Yakima in July found his preferred role model in his namesake.
    Learned maybe ten years ago about a large black Mercedes saloon car, as it wended its way through the mountains of Paraguay, had a gentle collision with a smallish missile that instantly destroyed the car and everyone in it. Somoza the former US puppet of Nicaragua, had disappeared without a trace for some twenty years. There wasn’t much more than a few traces left of him once the dust settled in what was left of that Benz. Justice was served. Many of us are still waiting for ldy Justice to appear in Daniel Ortega Senior’s life. Seems she DID happen by a dog park in Yakima and take care of Daniel Ortega… perhaps saving many from his putative future conduct.

  3. The article has a comment section, where I found this, from user “annisreading6714” :

    “So now yelling and harassing deserves the death penalty?”

    How would you, a loyal TTAG’er, have responded to that jack-wagon? 🙂

    • Threaten my loved ones and you had better be for real. You ain’t walking away to make good on your threat later.

      You don’t wanna have a bad day? Leave folks in peace.

    • The harasser jack-wagon?? I would have responded with a .357 magnum 125 grain Federal

      The forum jack-wagon?? Judging by the name, just another hysterical lefty chick in need of great big ****. I would ignore it.

    • @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit”

      ” ‘…attempted to endanger the life of the small child with his words and actions,’ the police news release said.’

      Evidently annisreading6714 is an idiot who doesn’t understand what… “attempted to ENDANGER THE LIFE of the small child WITH HIS words and ACTIONS” means.

      ENDANGER THE LIFE of the small child WITH HIS ACTIONS

  4. “The county prosecutor will make a “formal decision” regarding any charges related to the shooting.”
    Well that means if his prosecuter’s bean count is low, he may decide to charge the defender. Just saying.

    • Once again the FBI ignored the Far Left White Violence Insurrection Supremacists being a greatest threat to America. This is the second time in over a month authorities have arrested Defend the Atlanta Forest members for domestic terrorism, and also not to forget actual act of insurrection.




    • Yep. “White supremacists” are in such short supply that the government has to create them.

      “Domestic terrorist” this, “threat to the homeland” that.

      Here’s A List Of Hoax ‘Hate Crimes’ In The Trump Era

      “Liberal actor Jussie Smollett is accused of staging a racist and anti-gay attack on himself, which Smollett blamed on supporters of President Donald Trump.

      “Smollett’s alleged fake “hate crime” appears to be the latest instance of liberals manufacturing hate crimes for attention in the Trump era.

      “The Daily Caller News Foundation compiled below some of the most outrageous fake hate crimes since Trump was elected, in rough chronological order:


    • Once again the FBI ignores THE greatest threat to America by ignoring ANTIFA the violent far left extremists ‘private armed army’ of left liberals and democrat politicians. ANTIFA, the Far Left White Domestic Terrorist Violence Insurrectionists Supremacists and not just one or two people acting out some insane idea but rather an organized agenda.


      Antifa doesn’t like America and they want to destroy it: Former Antifa member > https://www.foxnews.com/media/antifa-doesnt-like-america-want-destroy-former-antifa-member

      “Of course it’s good for Antifa. You know, I can always count on CNN to act as a professional PR team to excuse Antifa violence, because time and time again they’ll say, oh, Antifa is just an idea. It’s just an ideology. It’s not real. And then when they get caught and you see Antifa on the street, it wasn’t that violent. Or sometimes they even say they’re the good guys,”

      “The mainstream media has been downplaying the anarchy and violence caused by Antifa for years because, according to Nadales, the media does not want to admit to this destruction because they ‘don’t want to fight Antifa.’ ”

      “They don’t want to say it because they really don’t want to fight Antifa. Because to fight Antifa would be to admit that they were lying for five, six years now. When they first praised Antifa back in 2015, when president, when candidate Trump first announced that office,’ said Nadales.”

      “Nadales goes on to explain how the primary goals vary from group to group, but the overriding ideology is a dramatic hatred for American and Western ideals. The group is against Democrats and Republicans equally, and promotes and backs an anti-American movement altogether.

      “There is always this overarching like anti-fascism. But you have to ask yourself, what does anti-fascism mean? Well, when they define it, they don’t mean Nazis, they don’t mean KKK, they mean basically Western ideals as well as democracy itself. They don’t like the Democratic Party. They don’t like the Republican Party. They want to destroy America,’ Nadales explained.”

      “For some reason they just want to excuse it, pretend it doesn’t exist. But let me tell you, the longer we don’t acknowledge the threat of Antifa, the more they will grow and the harder it will be to fight them,’ warns Nadales”

      The shadowy, heavily armed violent extremist left wing militia group, the guys dressed like stormtroopers in black masks? You remember them, of course, from the summer of 2020, they burned our cities, churches and police stations and courthouses, that year. Ya know, that group the democrats wanted to protect by lumping them under ‘mostly peaceful’ to mix them in with the other armed violent extremist left wing group called BLM to make it an off limits ‘racial’ thing. ANTIFA, that groups members that Kamala Harris herself raised money to bail out of jail.

      Yeah, that ANTIFA. Antifa is the armed instrument of the left liberal and Democratic party, sort of like the KKK was for the democrat party when the democrats first established the KKK only ANTIFA is after the whole country.


      Media accused of downplaying violence again during Atlanta riots: ‘It was a night of rage planned by Antifa’ > https://www.foxnews.com/media/media-accused-downplaying-violence-atlanta-riots-night-rage-planned-antifa

      Antifa Invokes an Insurrection in Downtown Atlanta > https://trendingpoliticsnews.com/breaking-antifa-invokes-an-insurrection-in-downtown-atlanta/

      dacian, you said once you were a member of ANTIFA.

      • To Booger Brain

        Quote———-dacian, you said once you were a member of ANTIFA.———quote

        Booger Brain you just make stuff up as you go along. See a shrink

        And look who Booger Brain is quoting, Foxy News ,which to date has failed to win even one accredited news award. When you quote Fox News you lose all credibility. I am willing to be you even slavishly watch and pray to Tucker (the Hillbilly) Carlson.

      • Bullshit, dacian. You’ve claimed to be ss/antifa. Or is it that you lied, again? You’ve told so many lies that its hard to keep up.

        Pathological liar. Uneducated. Mentally ill. I could go on but your list of failings would fill a book.

        • To JWM
          quote———I could go on but your list of failings would fill a book.———–quote

          That was hilarious, you flunked out of even the easy classes of High School and you are trying to call me a failure. This one was one of your all time moronic posts.

        • And Jethro JWM

          How many times do we have to go over this even considering that you had no history classes because you dropped out of High School. Now pay attention for the upteenth time.

          People also ask
          Is Antifa an ideology or an organization?

          WASHINGTON (AP) — FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers Thursday that antifa is an ideology, not an organization

          The original organization which was indeed labeled Anti-fa was far left and fought Hitelrs right wing Nazi’s in the streets when Hitler was rising to power.

          And WWII U.S. troops fighting Hitler also called themselves Anti-fa so JWM you are blaspheming the U.S. soldiers of WWII with your insults against Anti-Fa

          We do have organized Neo Nazi groups in the U.S. like the Oath Keepers, Proud boys, KKK , etc. They are your kind of people JWM and Booger Brain.

          I love making a fool out of you JWM

        • Jerry you do realize if anyone here was anything that you claim we all know your name address and general appearance right? Lets be real the only reason you rant and rave like this unless you are legit insane/retarded is because you know there is no such thing as white supremist extremists the way you and the government portray and you have absolutely no risk in mouthing off.

    • What does a couple a assholes planning to take out a power station have to do with some guy getting himself shot at a dog park in Yakima, Washington? Run back under you bridge little troll, and leave the discussion to the adults on the page.

  5. So, for those of you that do not know, Yakima is a medium size city in central Washington state. It was the northwest drug distribution hub for the northwestern states in the 90’s and yes it is a sh*thole. Imagine Juarez , Mexico only in the U.S. Yea, it is really that bad. You don’t get much done unless you speak spanish.
    What the article does not tell you is that the real victims here, the man and his child, did nothing to cause this, they attempted to leave the park but were blocked by Ortega, who was threatening to harm the child and being aggressive to that end. They did not know each other and the father and his child did not engage, or in any way initiate the contact. One heartwarming conclusion is that Ortega will not continue his life of crime and intimidation to any other member of the Human species.

  6. Let me get this right. This ‘perp’ was not armed in anyway, he did not physically touch the child but he still got shot. So, here was an UNARMED MAN albeit acting strangely -though we only have the shooters word for it and his OPINION that his child was in MORTAL danger. As for suppoede WITNESSES.
    I’m not questioning what the ‘wittnesses’ thought they saw or did not see but if they were so bloody concerned WHY DID THE NOT INTERVENE instead of standing and GAWPING and thus prevent some bugger with probable mental problems getting shot.
    But you know what REALLY disturbs me here? The sheer triumphalism apparent in these columns as some poor UNARMED sod getting slotted.
    NO doubt it’ll be ‘drinks all round’ and ‘clappy-happy’ and thank’s for getting one for me’ for the shooter down at the bar .
    I do not know the EXACT circumstances of this incidence of course but NEITHER DO THE ENTRIES IN THESE COLUMNS and no doubt there will be an investigation but that somebody can be gunned down without commiting a violent assault totally foreign to me!!

    • @Albert L J Hall

      Of course you don’t understand. Let me explain it to you…

      ” ‘…attempted to endanger the life of the small child with his words and actions,’ the police news release said.”

      Do you not understand what “attempted to ENDANGER THE LIFE of the small child WITH HIS words and ACTIONS” means?

      ENDANGER THE LIFE of the small child WITH HIS ACTIONS

      Its not necessary to have a ‘weapon’ to endanger.

      Thousands of people are subjected to violence daily just by the aggressor using hand/feet, even in the U.K. . You should know this, after all … around 30’ish % of the female population in the U.K have been victims of violent sexual assault and rape and 1 out of 4 females in the U.K. are victims of violent ‘domestic abuse’ with just hands being used. Heck, endangering is almost a national sport in the U.K.

      transitive verb

      To expose to harm or danger; imperil.

      To threaten with extinction.

      To put to hazard; to bring into danger or peril; to expose to loss or injury.”

      The father told Ortega to leave his family alone, and attempted to leave the park. But (further research) Ortega blocked him and threatened to harm the child and was being aggressive trying to do so.

      A person acting like this guy did and threatening and acting in such a manner so as to intend …. endangering the child is an actual imminent violent threat, period.

      And of course you are not expected to understand this, idiots usually don’t.

    • Albert L J Hall,

      First and foremost: absolutely NOTHING would have happened to the deceased if he had acted respectfully to the nice people at the park.

      Second, you obviously fail to understand that a physically fit male in the approximate age range of 14 to 60 can punch/kick someone with enough force/damage to cause permanent disability or death with a single strike–and can deliver that strike faster than most people in most circumstances can block or evade.

      The aggressor in this case was reasonably physically fit and 22 years old. The victim, while 28 years old and also likely physically fit, had a small child under his care. If the father was limited to fisticuffs, he could have easily succumbed to the aggressor’s first strike, leaving his young child totally defenseless. And even if other park visitors were willing to rush to the father’s aid, it could have easily taken them 10 to 20 seconds to arrive depending on distances of course. That is ample time for the aggressor to deliver a fatal strike (with his hands and/or feet) to the incapacitated father and/or the small child. Last but not least, we have no idea if the other park visitors had the physical fitness to possibly physically restrain the aggressor.

      These are indisputable facts. Period.

      The only rational debate is who should take on the most risk: the aggressor or the father and the small child? Clearly, you expect the father and young child to take on substantial risk in deference to the aggressor. Many of us in society expect the aggressor to take on substantial risk in deference to the innocent father and small child.

      So, tell us all why the father and small child should experience a serious risk to their well-being and very lives in order to reduce the risk to the aggressor.

    • only 8% of violent crimes in the US involve a firearm. Murders, rapes, assaults are all committed, 92% of the time, without a firearm. They may involve knives, bats, hammers (ask Paul Pelosi), fists, cars, feet, boots, and more. More murders are committed with blunt objects than with rifles.

      The barrier for safety is, generally, 21 feet. That is, someone who is threatening violence and is within 21 feet of you is deadly to you, whether you have a firearm, or not. Unless you have the pistol or rifle up and aimed at the potential attacker, they can close the distance to you and assault you before you can use your firearm in self-defense. Watch the videos of the attacks on Kyle Rittenhouse.

      A 22 year old man acting in an erratic and violent manner within just a few feet of a child? And I can’t convince him back to step back? At some point I have to defend that child’s life.

    • to Albert

      quote————Let me get this right. This ‘perp’ was not armed in anyway, he did not physically touch the child but he still got shot.———–quote

      Albert you must realize by now that Capitalvania U.S. of Hey is not a civilized country. Life here is cheap and expendable and the vicious jackbooted Far Right get a sexual high by seeing minorities tortured to death like in the Eric Chauvin cold blooded murder of George Floyd and they love to see people gunned down in the streets with rivers of blood flowing for spitting on the sidewalk and the having a far right maniac or thug cop murder them in broad daylight because they were having a bad day with their old lady.

    • You can wait patiently while YOUR wife or child is actually injured, some crazy asshole screaming about killing my family will die before he gets close enough to actually do anything violent. Then, of course, you can shift to preventing loss of life by supporting my right to do so, right? Asshole is dead and you can’t save hm, so you’d want to save me? I didn’t think so, what you want is to control others, because you’re a useless jackass.

  7. I’ll bet he was high on PCP, and most likely illegal. I hope the man gets his gun back. With the sheer amount of criminal invaders pouring into our country, he’ll need it.

  8. Curious as to what he did to get shot. “Threatening” someone can be any number of things; verbal, in your face posturing, coming at you with a 2×4, etc… I don’t doubt he deserved what he got, just wondering what he did to deserve it.


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