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Huh? LOL yet another example of the media thinking the entire cartridge is fired from a gun.


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  1. Funny.

    Reminds me of the brilliant chick reporter picking up some throw-away rubber ear plugs during the “Gentle Giant Riots” in St Louis/Fergusson (I think) and asking, on the air, if these were “rubber bullets”…

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  2. Unless of course somebody fired a .50 BMG through the gate, and the owner stuck a full round through the hole to show how big it was….What I want to know though, is who has a sheet steel gate on his house?

    • Any 3rd world shithole with little to no laws. Solid gates and wire topped walls and the folks inside have guns regardless of the law.

      Survival ain’t about obeying regulations.

      • Having spent time in Costa Rica on several occasions. The most heavily protected areas are the upper middle class neighborhoods of San Jose. many have barb wire topped walls and security fences, As well as armed security guards at entry points. One specific tour, I was on required our 15 passenger van had to travel through. Their were 2 guards at each enter point with MP 5’s and 12 gauge shotguns. Our tour guide had to show our passports to pass thru, after the Van was checked. They don’t mess around with security down there. The security is paid for by the residents. The only people better armed are the OIJ and that’s a whole nother story of how they deal with criminals.

        • I remember the banks had guards with kevlar and shotguns at the time and every house had decorative/functional burglar bars.

      • Basically describes everything south of Texas to at least Argentina (not sure with Chile). Mid East I have seen even heavier where the 2ft+ mud bricks can stop a fair variety of.50bmg (slap works).

    • who has a sheet steel gate on his house?

      Any head of a cartel in Mexico with a desire to reach middle age.

    • When I was in Guatemala City in 2004 armed guards were prevalent everywhere. Walls topped with razor wire or broken glass as well.

      When I was in Wiesbaden Germany in 1989 there were police with submachine guns and again the walls were topped with cemented in broken glass.

      Not terribly unusual.

  3. I can testify, for substantial personal experience, that the vast majority of ‘journalists’ know sweet f***-all about the subjects they ‘report’ on. Most ‘military’ reporters are not, and never were, in the military. Most ‘business’ reporters have never started, owned, managed, bought or sold a business. Most ‘medical’ or ‘health’ reporters are not doctors, nurses, MPH, or anything similar. If there was such a thing as a welding beat, you can bet your ass none of the reporters would be experienced welders.

    Most ‘journalists’ these days have a degree in ‘journalism’ and/or ‘communications’ (and they pretty much know sweet f***-all about those subjects, too). Just like, in KKKalifornia, a ‘math teacher’ is not required to have a degree (even a BA) in math. Over-‘credentialed’, and under-educated describes the overwhelming majority of the “intellectual elite” (self-described) in our society. I’m sure MinorLiar and dacian the demented claim SOME sort of bogus expertise, and the both of them together wouldn’t make a credible moron.

    So, ‘journalists’ making absurdly stupid errors/statements in reporting about firearms, or business, or the military, or the economy, or politics, or international relations, or whatever, is merely to be expected. Getting lucky and getting credible, insightful reporting on ANY subject is the exception. After all, Tater Stelter, Chris “idiot” Hayes, Queef Olberdouche, Chris “Juicehead” Cuomo, and Larry “Stop the Hammering!1” O’Donnell all CLAIM to be ‘journalists’ – and they don’t have a functioning brain cell among them.

    MinorLiar and dacian the demented could be ‘journalists’ – if either of them were willing, or able, to pretend to work.

  4. Whenever anyone with any training, experience or education in a field or on a subject reads a journalists relay of matter pertaining to that field or subject you will find inaccuracies and outright lies.

    The real question is why, then, do these same people take it for granted that these same journalists are relaying factual information when it regards a subject or field the reader does not have specific training or experience in?

    Spotting bullshit in one place guarantees bullshit in other places. Journalism is all bullshit. Bullshit to sell ad space and nudge popular opinion. Sponsored by Pfizer.

  5. If they’re making mistakes this bad about firearms, imagine what mistakes they’re making on other subjects of moderate to high complexity, every day.

    • Journalists making mistakes is no biggie. Anyone with common sense will check several sources to verify data. The problem is with politicians and “leaders” who rely and believe these journalists and make policy on thier say so.

      • Not everyone will check for verifying data. Hence the entire Liberal Progressive Democrat Party Acolytes. Who are nothing more than products of the Liberal Progressive Educational Indoctrination system. Formally known as public education.

  6. Ok, now I want to figure out how to mount a whole rifle cartridge (maybe 7.62×39) in a plastic sabot in a 3″ 12ga shotshell. Do you think the primer could survive undetonated with the right charge and wad?

  7. Someone most likely hammered the cartridge through the door with a hammer. He is lucky he did not hit the primer too hard, or he may have joined the Darwin Club.

    • You will be surprised how much force you can apply to a primer without setting it off.

      When reloading sometimes I’ve installed primers inside out. I can punch them out using my resizing die and then insert the primer again. If done slowly it leaves a very small dent in the primer but they then work normally.

      • I purchased a box of Hornady 45 cal Defense rounds and one of the 20 had the primer in upside down. I emailed Hornady and said what’s wrong with this picture? They asked for the date code on the box and sent me 20 more in the mail. I was surprised it could get inserted like that during the process let alone past inspection.

  8. I think its just a decoration, it looks like they jammed a cartridge into a bullet hole because the hole is bigger than a bullet. If a famous sculptor did it they would sell it for thousands of dollars.

  9. I was watching a British crime drama where a sleuth displayed the bullet that was recovered from the body, yes it was a loaded round.

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