President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden visit a memorial at Robb Elementary School to pay their respects to the victims of the mass shooting, Sunday, May 29, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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By Lee Williams

While most Americans were spending time with family this Memorial Day weekend commemorating those who gave their lives in defense of this great country, a growing list of politicians and members of the gun-ban industry – aided and abetted by their friends in the legacy media – were busy conspiring how to best strip away the very rights so many brave men and women died to defend.

These public officials have desecrated the memory of 19 young children and two brave teachers by turning their senseless murders into a tool to force politicians on both sides of the aisle to do something – and the something they have in mind will further erode our civil rights. By Tuesday morning, they had successfully hijacked the narrative by focusing the public’s attention on the gun and the gunmaker, not the gunman, as if the weapon had a mind of its own and wielded itself.

Rather than placing the blame where it belongs, on the madman and the despicable police response that helped facilitate his killings, the politicians, gun banners and their lapdogs in the legacy media would have you believe that more laws would have prevented this senseless tragedy. As if laws prohibiting murder were not stringent enough, and that we need to do something, which always results in them gaining more political power at the cost of our civil rights.

We have seen this do something strategy many times before. They use it because it works. It worked in Florida after another senseless mass murder. It resulted in the Parkland Bill – the most sweeping piece of anti-gun legislation every seen in the Sunshine State, which was signed by a Republican governor who had previously signed more pro-gun bills into law in just one term in office than any other governor had in two.

The law is still violating the civil rights of Floridians across the state by denying due process through its Red Flag component and by stripping 18-20-year-olds of their right to keep and bear arms. The most important thing the Parkland Bill taught us was that we cannot trust any politician, regardless of how Second Amendment friendly they have behaved in the past.

Sadly, by forcing the public’s focus onto the gun itself, the real culprits escape scrutiny. The deranged madman – may he rot in hell – could not possibly have taken so many innocent lives were it not for the inexplicable actions of a senior Uvalde police official, who prevented tactical teams from doing their job, in this case breaching the classroom door and shooting the madman in the face.

While the Department of Justice is conducting an after-action review at the behest of the Uvalde mayor, which will likely hold this idiotic police official accountable, the DOJ’s review will take months. We need accountability now, so nothing like this can ever happen again.

Similarly, tactical team commanders across the country need to know that if they’re ever ordered to stand down and wait while children are being murdered, they can butt-stroke whoever is stupid enough to issue such an obviously illegal order, make entry, shoot the bad guy in the face and the public will have their backs. In fact, their actions will be celebrated.

All of the post-Uvalde blood-dancing – from the White House down to the local level – has stopped any real discussion on how another mass murder can be prevented from happening at yet another school. The Biden-Harris administration would rather fix the blame on an inanimate object than fix the problem, because if the problem is fixed, they cannot exploit it in the future.

They would rather infringe upon our civil rights than discuss strategies that can work, such as Florida’s School Guardian program, which put highly trained security officers into public schools, whose sole purpose is shooting anyone who tries to harm their kids. Some school districts allow teachers and staff to serve as guardians in addition to their other duties.

Regardless, they all stand ready to meet deadly force with deadly force. The Guardian program was the only component of the Parkland bill that made sense.

There is no doubt that the media will continue to exploit this tragedy, but don’t buy into their narrative. Neither the gun nor the gun maker or any gun group is responsible for this tragedy, despite the insane rhetoric Joe Biden has been pre-programmed to read from of his teleprompter.

Your civil rights should be as inviolate now as they were before, but it is clear it will require even more vigilance to keep them safeguarded, because the politicians, the gun banners and the media have become experts in applying their do something pressure.

Remain vigilant, friends.


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  1. Fascism is on the march in America. Aided and supported by joe burden and miner49er and dacian.

    We need a Nuremberg 2.0.

    • Nuremberg is out of town. We can give ’em a fair trial and hang ’em here just fine without the added expense of a bus ticket across the Atlantic for every one of the creeps.

    • Chances are a Nuremberg 2.0 will be a bunch of Trudeus and Schwabs patting each other on the back while calling to hang the Trumps and Pauls.

      The globalized world is fascist now.

      • Glad I don’t own any 9mm, high caliber.

        I’m sticking with the lesser calibers 45ACP, 44 special and 44 magnum. 9mm is too much for me!

  2. As usual the Far Right ignore science and history because their sick paranoia prevents them from using all logical thinking.

    1. Below age 25 Science has shown that the savage naked male ape does not realized the consequences of his actions both in the short and long term. Why else would it be so easy for militaries to brain wash the young naked ape into becoming a robotic killer of foreign people in war, mostly civilians.

    2. In Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable any criminal or psycho can buy all the firepower he wants by buying a secondhand gun with no paperwork and no questions asked. Its simply “Do you have the cash Dude?”.

    3. Without safe storage laws as all other civilized societies have, on average, 1,300 children are killed with guns each year that are just lying around the house because of shiftless, lazy and indolent parents. It also lets criminals simply walk in and scope up guns and carry them off to be sold on the black market. Pure insanity but only in Capitalvania were life is considered cheap and expendable.

    4. Our vetting system needs to improve vastly and more current and up to date information needs to be constantly fed into it which should include:

    Mental health evaluations and interviews with police as well as in depth criminal back ground checks, and interviews with co-workers, family and neighbors should be mandatory before a firearms license is given to purchase a firearm.

    5. Mandatory safety training should be required as it is in all civilized countries before the purchase of a deadly weapon.

    6. Mandatory training in the laws of when you can and cannot use deadly force should be required of all prospective gun buyers.

    7. The government computer spy program called “Carnivore” (already being used to spy on citizens) should be made available to social media platforms that would flag immediately psycho killers bragging about their desire to commit mass murder. Failure to use it would result in prosecution of web sites that failed to follow the law.

    8. Any purchase of large amounts of ammunition would only be allowed for people involved in shooting competitions and members of approved shooting clubs and they would have to pass background checks and mental evaluations. Ammo would have to be stored under lock and key and in an approved safe to prevent smash and grab robberies, and this of course would include all firearms.

    9. Large capacity magazines holding over 5 rounds would be outlawed. Revolvers would be limited to 6 rounds.

    10. Wait time to purchase firearms would be mandatory enabling law enforcement to conduct lengthy and thorough background checks. Emergency permits would be issued for people who have been threatened by people who cannot be found and incarcerated.

    11. Red flag laws would confiscate guns from violent people. If mistakes were made court action could return the firearms. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preventing violent people like drunken or dope crazed husbands from murdering their wives.

    In conclusion other countries have used all of the above laws and the results have been a vast reduction in homicides and mass murders. Example: Two days before the mass murder with rivers of blood flowing at Sandy Hook, in China, where firearms are practically all outlawed, a crazed man with a knife tried to commit mass murder at a Chinese school. All the students survived and quick response by the police took out the mad man. Proof once again that yes we can do something about the insanity of living in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

    The Far Rights fantasies of arming teachers is just plain foolish. Teachers do often do not make enough money nor even have the time to buy expensive firearms and ammunition and of course spend the long hours it takes to become proficient with a handgun. Teachers are dedicated to saving lives and do not get the sick pleasure of killing people like cops do. They would hesitate to kill where even a fraction of a second would be to the advantage of the psycho killer who acts and thinks like the cops do, lusting for a gun fight and killing.

    It must also be realized that teachers would not have on hot and uncomfortable body armor and they would be no match with a pistol, (even if they were proficient) against a nut case with body armor and a high velocity weapon of mass destructions like the high capacity assault rifle.

    All of the above would be a good first step.

    • “All of the above” because there’s no way that you’ll work to change or repeal the 2nd Amendment.

      Here’s your answer: “NO.”

    • lol
      The left does not believe in science. Science gets ‘used’ by the left if it can be made to look like it supports any leftist agenda.

      Democrats get confused when the see themselves naked in a mirror.

      Democrats cannot understand that this planet has been warming longer than the human race has existed and that there ARE other factors at play that have nothing to do with humans.

      • Bull shit. I’m converting young socialists right here in the bay area using his screeds. Keeping the naked apes children until they’re 25 is not setting well with them.

        dacian is one of our best tools in changing the culture. And he’s either too mentally ill or too stupid to see that.

        • Nice work! Great to hear you’re making converts even in areas that hostile to the BoR. My congratulations.

        • As usual Jethro you are an abject liar. Just a few weeks ago in the Bay Area(where you live and pollute) the demented convoy of Truck Drivers that were protesting just to protest, (some about masks) were pelted with eggs by large crowds of young socialist people proving you are a lying piece of excrement. And also proving we Socialists are winning and laughing in your face.

        • A demonstration proves something? You national socialists are not winning. bidenflation is destroying the hopes and dreams of those poor wage slaves in capitalvania.

          And go ahead and f+ck with those truck drivers. Your own mother will gladly cut your stupid throat when she gets hungry enough.

          Only the truly deranged will destroy trucking in any country.

    • I don’t understand why TTAG puts up with this. We refute it, and Dacian just posts the exact same thing over and over. It’s beyond spam. It’s Dacian hijacking TTAG space for free advertisement for the disarmament complex. It just makes TTAG a billboard for anti-gunners.

      • Its called freedom of speech, something the jack booted Far Right like you Anonymouse hate with a passion. Trump loves you for trying to destroy the 1st Amendment.

    • Schools out for the summer. Idiot lil d loses out on more edumacation. And he posts more at TTAG.

      Lil Castro pulls more BS on Canadians.

    • Once again, dacian the stupid proves how little he knows about . . . well, anything, actually. You are proposing that a psych eval (by the way, dacian, you illiterate idiot, learn to spell), ID, etc. should be required for me to buy “large amounts of ammunition”. Tell me, dacian the stupid, what’s a “large amount of ammunition”??? 100 rounds?? 500 rounds??? Hey, numbnuts, if you ACTUALLY knew anything about firearms training, you would understand that 1,000 rounds is . . . a fairly average day at the range. I’ve had range days where I’ve burned over 3,000 rounds (OK, I was out there all day, but still). Tell us you know f*** all about guns, without saying you know f*** all about guns.

      “Wait time to purchase firearms would be mandatory enabling law enforcement to conduct lengthy and thorough background checks.”

      Wait, idiot, I thought you were ALREADY going to make background checks “universal”. What is a “lengthy and thorough” background check??? Are you telling me that your ‘heroes’ at the FBI aren’t being thorough in NCIS checks???? What “background check” are you proposing??

      “Large capacity magazines holding over 5 rounds would be outlawed. Revolvers would be limited to 6 rounds.” In what universe is a magazine holding 6 rounds a “large capacity magazine” you complete dips***?? The Garand M1 held a standard clip of 8 rounds. The M1 carbine was originally issued with a 15 round magazine, then increased to 20, then increased again to 30. Both were SOLD BY THE US GOVERNMENT to civilians through the CMP after WW2. List for me all of the “mass shootings” conducted with M1 carbines with “large capacity magazines”, you mouth-breathing moron.

      “Red flag laws would confiscate guns from violent people.” And we ALREADY HAVE laws that make people who are convicted of “violent crimes”, or domestic abuse, “prohibited persons” (IF LEOs will actually report them). What you obviously want to do is eliminate due process, like the little brownshirt fascist you are.

      Go roger yourself, vigorously, and leave us alone, you IGNORANT, uneducated, Leftist/fascist gutter scrunt.

  3. When the REAL Republicans sit down on Thursdays to discuss changing firearm laws, they need to put a TOTAL repeal on the NFA on the table. The NFA act has not lead to ANY reduction in the use of firearms by criminals.
    Heck, some aspects of it weren’t even discussed before it was inacted. Suppressors for example.
    Progtarded laws don’t work, numerous dem run cities prove that FACT.

    It’s time for Republicans to support the 2nd A from a position of strength.
    Hoping for some support during election time from the anti-2A crowd has failed miserably.
    Too much of our 2nd A rights have been negotiated away from a position of weakness. This has to stop.
    Support the 2nd A or be removed RINOs.

    • It’s time for Republicans to support the 2nd A from a position of strength.

      Thanks for the laugh.
      You can’t even get Republicans not to step on the rake.
      They seemed determined to pull defeat from the jaws of victory this November.

        • Oh yes. At both the state AND fed levels.
          Gave them all a brief rundown of my son having to use an AR-10 (purchased at 19yo) to defend himself from two armed home intruders before his 21st birthday.
          Let them know I will gladly provide police reports at their request.

    • Be prepared for disappointment if you’re pinning your hopes n our current crop of Congresscritters – they abdicated their oath- enforced Constitutional responsibilities long ago in exchange for continual re-election and personal gain. Until the voters of this country decide they’ve had enough we’re stuck fighting a rearguard action against the collectivist/statist/Fascist mob – hopefully, if/when that awakening occurs there’ll enough left of our constitutional republic to rebuild.

      • It’s a simple concept. They want to raise the bar of admission by having a min age of 21, we get SBRs and suppressos removed from the NFA items.
        It’s called compromise, a lost skill in DC.

        • I’ve seen that proposal. The main problem is that there will be no guarantee that the gun-grabbers won’t reimpose restrictions on SBRs and suppressors after a future event. So once again you end up with another net loss of your remaining cake.

        • “They want to raise the bar of admission by having a min age of 21, we get SBRs and suppressos“

          Correct. Lose the outrage and end the calls to assassinate your political opponents. Negotiate.

          “no guarantee that the gun-grabbers won’t reimpose restrictions on SBRs and suppressors after a future event“

          Then our job is to ensure that there are no future events.

          If you see, hear or read advocacy to commit violent acts from any person, say something.

          Don’t conduct strawman purchases in order to provide firearms unlawfully to other individuals.

          Don’t engage in private sales to individuals you don’t know are lawfully authorized to purchase and own weapons, such as in the parking lot of gun shows.

        • Well for starters I want the complete repeal of the NFA, national constitutional carry and the repeal of the Hughes amendment.

        • ‘Well for starters I want the complete repeal of the NFA, national constitutional carry and the repeal of the Hughes amendment.’


        • If we’re saying no gun purchases until 21, then that means no voting until 21 either. That’s the only way it’s justified. Otherwise, it’s just another way to disarm people.

        • Also several states have their own nfa style bans so no cake and higher age for them.

        • To Dud the Moron

          quote—————If we’re saying no gun purchases until 21, then that means no voting until 21 either. ———-quote

          Most states ban sales of hard liquor to people less than 21 years of age because of all the deaths they cause i.e. murders in bars, reckless driving while drunk, fights over women etc, etc. Guns fall under the same category of senseless violence by the immature vicious , violent male naked apes. Voting does not involve such behavior because no one knows how you will vote and many voting places have plenty of armed guards as well to protect the public from the violent jack booted far right. Your post is asinine and juvenile.

    • James,

      Put not your faith in politicians, no matter WHAT party they pledge allegiance to.

      Politician. Rope. Tree. Some assembly required.

      • 😄
        So true LOD.

        Pro 2A reps need to start bringing demands to the table when gun grabbers want more restrictions.
        Make them return limitations that failed to achieve their desired results.

  4. Sponge Brain Sheet Pants Biden is a constant fountain of mis-information concerning guns that somehow gets more aggravating and stupid with every new utterance.

    First it was the shotgun blast through the door.
    Then it was how cannons aren’t allowed.
    And now it’s 9mm blowing out lungs.

    The level of stupidity is awe inspiring and you have to marvel on how the MFM just swallows it up.

  5. If you believe that anyone in the Washington ruling class gives a damn about the Constitution, raise your hand and repeat this mantra: owahtah schmuh kyam. Keep on repeating until you figure it out.

  6. Be prepared for a ban on gun sales for the under 21. Or 25. Aided & abetted by dims & rinos…

  7. I cannot take seriously a group of people that verily believe that drug addiction is a mental disorder and that ready of availability of drugs is not the cause (or solution) to addiction who also believe that mass murder is caused by ready availability of firearms and not by a mental disorder.

    To be clear I believe that drug addiction IS a mental disorder and not caused by ready availability of drugs.

    • Prepare for the in coming drug legalization crowd artillery fire. You can’t say that open drug use is causing social decay.

      You have to say open drug is not just a choice. But that it is a good thing for the community. You’re not allowed to be judgement.

      • I would argue it isn’t necessarily the drug use itself. It’s that society is expected to waste resources on compensating for the drug users. If they were just left to starve, freeze, fall I’ll and die for inability to maintain gainful employment or balance their use with other healthy life choices.

        Wouldn’t need to tell your kids drugs are bad if they had to step over a few ODs on their way to school.

        Legalize it all just stop subsidizing degeneracy.

        • “Wouldn’t need to tell your kids drugs are bad if they had to step over a few ODs on their way to school.“

          We are already there, thanks to big Pharma and their greedy politicians.

        • I thought we’re all supposed to love “big Pharma” now since COVID and the miracle vaccines?

        • “big Pharma and their greedy politicians”

          That’s a massive problem, however, most OD deaths are now from Illegally Manufactured Fentanyl. The key word being illegal, as in black market. Where does that come from and why are the politicians encouraging it?

        • “and the miracle vaccines”

          …That don’t cause clots. That’s a conspiracy theory.

    • There is only one reason that political leaders, mostly on the Left, are supporting legalization of this harmful substance, i.e. it is easier to extract honey from a beehive when the inhabitants are under the influence of smoke. And it is easier to extract freedoms from Americans when a substantial portion are stoned and docile, not to mention made more dependent on government by this “innocuous” drug.

  8. What about people who prop open security doors?
    What about cops who tell their subordinates to stand down, against protocol?
    What about cops who follow that command?
    Then there are the people that think you need to be 21 to buy a gun but 5 year olds can choose their gender. And lower the voting age to 16.
    Disgusting assholes all.

      • I would like to see something happen to the bastard that started the SRO gun battle with the evil demon lie. Someone said it, they knew it was a lie and I want them punished for it. By the way why hasn’t anyone asked where or what that SRO was doing off campus anyway?

  9. Dacian for President! of Mars, come and claim your throne. Don’t bother with oxygen, you apparently can survive without it.

  10. Your comment “were it not for the inexplicable actions of a senior Uvalde police official, who prevented tactical teams from doing their job, in this case breaching the classroom door and shooting the madman in the face.” is absolutely without merit and lacks logic just as much as the idea that further regulating firearms is the answer. Society at large has been waging war on its police for decades now; defunding departments, continually second guessing decisions, prosecuting cops for murder for accidents and in custody deaths of drug using/high felons resisting arrest, as well as criticizing law enforcement training for such incidents as being ‘too militaristic’. The Uvalde police response is exactly what society has been creating. The adage “Society gets the police force it deserves” is proving to be too true.

  11. Do we import milk from Russia?
    I paid $4.66 for a gallon of milk today. Glad I’ve not got any kids.

    • According to the Puppet, it’s Putin’s price hike. It’s a small price to pay for “democracy.” I’m pretty sure complaining means you hate Ukrainians.

    • Possum
      Another reason I live out here on the homestead. I have a couple milking shorthorn cows. Not great producers for a commercial dairy farm but plenty of milk for 2 households. We make our own butter from the milk as well. Made several quarts of ice cream for the kids, or the kid in the adults over the Memorial Day week end as well. A little work saves us a lot of money.
      Biden can take a long stroll off a very short pier. He ain’t gettin’ any of my ice cream!!!
      He ain’t gettin’ any of my guns either.


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