Florida Gov. Rick Scott signs gun control bill (courtesy washingtonpost.com)
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“Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) defied his longtime allies at the National Rifle Association on Friday to sign into law a new set of gun regulations, more than three weeks after a school shooting claimed 17 lives in his state,” washingtonpost.com reports. “’I am going to do what I think are common-sense solutions,’ Scott said after the signing. ‘I think this is the beginning. There is now going to be a real conversation about how we make our schools safe.'” Here’s what’s heading down the pike for “Gunshine State” residents . . .

The new Florida law imposes a three-day waiting period for most purchases of long guns, raises the minimum age for buying those weapons to 21 and bans the possession of bump stocks, devices that can make semiautomatic weapons fire like fully automatic firearms. It does not address the demand of many Stoneman Douglas students for a ban on assault weapons.

The bill does make it easier for law enforcement and judges to remove guns from people considered a danger to themselves or others, and it establishes a program to arm some school personnel, along with hundreds of millions of dollars in new spending on school security and mental health treatment.

Before signing the bill, the governor restated his opposition to portions of it, including the waiting period and any effort to arm teachers.

The Gov’s OK with suspending due process and saves his harsh words for the only part of the bill that [partially] restores gun rights to some teachers? And this guy’s a Republican?

Yup a Republican running against a Democrat for a Senate seat. A Democratic Senate incumbent named Bill Nelson, a man who knows a slippery slope when he sees one.

“This is a first step, and if we really want to do something to combat gun violence, like what we saw in Parkland, we must require universal background checks on the purchase of a gun and get these assault rifles off our streets,” Nelson said in a statement after the bill became law.

Meanwhile, log this one under diary of a turncoat:

Until the Parkland shooting, Scott was championed by the NRA as a defender of gun rights. He supported state laws that prohibited local governments from regulating firearms, barred doctors from asking their patients about gun ownership and allowed children to play with simulated guns in school.

As recently as 2017, Scott promoted himself as a gun rights purist and boasted of Florida as a haven for gun owners. “We love tourists, new residents and the Second Amendment,” he said at the NRA annual meeting in Atlanta in April. “What does ‘shall not infringe on the people’s right to bear arms’ mean? It means ‘shall not infringe.’ It’s not really very complicated.”

It really isn’t, as Scott will learn come election time.

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  1. Republicans will only protect the 2nd so far as it gets them re-elected. Don’t trust any of them, but never vote Democrat.

    • I’ll vote for the Democrat running against Rick Scott in the upcoming senate race if he runs.

      He has shown how willing he is to stomp on rights when pressured with “feelz”.

      I emailed him to the same effect and recommend all FL residents on here to let him know what you think.

      Why replace Bill Nelson with a Bill Nelson wannabe?

      • Agree. With Bill Nelson you’ve got a much higher chance of him dying in office. Putnam and (to a lesser degree) DeSantis would pick much better replacements.

      • And the Democrat wouldn’t? See the issue here? Go on vote for Commie lite but don’t be surprised when antigun legislation starts flying through the legislature.

        • As I mentioned above Nelson will be gone first. It also discourages future Republicans from thinking they can get away with this crap.

      • There needs to be a third option on the ballot to throw out all candidates, and bar them from running for any future office. This would address the problem if having no good candidate and give incubents a chance.

        • That will only become law when you hold a gun to the head of politicians in charge.

  2. “Before signing the bill, the governor restated his opposition to portions of it, including the waiting period and any effort to arm teachers.”

    Um, so why sign it if he opposes parts of it? Oh, right, political image.

    • They took the arming teachers part out of it in favor of adding more SROs if the school district wants them.

  3. There is now going to be lawsuits that overturn this bill and new people in these politicians jobs. Governor Scott, you have violated your oath and should resign today with the rest of the traitors in your state. Remember your oath that you took when being inducted into military service as well ?

      • Pretty wimpy fight there nra. Now they look soft and evil while gaining little if they won.

        The nra is a lost cause. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

        • Obvious concern troll is obvious. You don’t win battles by throwing your allies under the bus.

        • John-“Addition through subtraction”. Ask any sports team manager. Fire the bad apples and the whole team improves. Otherwise you get… well, Rick Scott.

    • Notice they only oppose the age restriction and not the overly broad, unconstitutional, easily abused section on bump stocks and thing that let you shoot fast.

      To heck with the NRA. Go GOA

      As used in this section, the term “bump- fire stock” means a conversion kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device used to alter the rate of fire of a firearm to mimic automatic weapon fire or which is used to increase the rate of fire to a faster rate than is possible for a person to fire such semiautomatic firearm unassisted by a kit, a tool, an accessory, or a device.

      • At least it’s less vaguely worded than the proposed ATF bump stock rule… That one could ban literally anything that makes a semi-auto/self-loader function reliably or more ergonomically.

        • Not by much, I can bumpfire without a bump stock, a stick or belt loop. How long before they start saying a stick, rubber band or fore grip is an accessory?
          Bad law period!
          It’s sad that the NRA has become like the ACLU and picks and chooses what infringements they defend! Like when they sold all of Americans out with the Hugh’s law.

      • Most likely reason is that the bump stock/modifications ban doesn’t take effect until 10/1 while the age restriction is effective immediately.

      • This law is moot since I can bump fire using an ordinary, unmodified, factory stock — no rubber band or hooking a thumb on a belt needed. A sliding stock isn’t going to increase that rate of fire. It’d be hard for an honest court to rule against someone if they can demonstrate that there’s no increase. A lighter trigger isn’t going to beat that rate either. Maybe a crank could, but I don’t know. Technically, changing to a lighter BCG or buffer would increase the ROF of a machine gun, but I don’t think it will affect the ROF of bump firing since the reciprocation of the entire gun is the limiting factor, and I don’t think it’ll be shorter that the reciprocation time of the BCG.

  4. surprise surprise…. Ok not really. Like I’ve been saying politicians are not (ARE NOT for those of you who skipped that part the first time. And one more say it with me now ARE NOT) our friends. NRA rating be damned, they don’t give 2 sh!ts about you or your rights if selling you out can get them more votes, more campaign contributions, or more power. Rep, Dem, Ind, or whatever party you pull for it’s all the same, if they can get more votes and more power from selling you out, they’ll smile on TV as they sign your rights away. Remember none of these fools have to abide by any of the laws they sign, they retain their rights for as long as they’re in office and even long after retiring. Republicans especially have nothing to lose selling you out for astroturf, they know that no matter what the Democrat proposal will always be worse and that you’ll keep coming back to vote for them again and again because the Democrat will always be worse.

    Again The Constitution and the Oath they take only matters to We The People. Beyond that it’s getting votes, getting money, and keeping power consolidated far away from the average citizen. They’ve set this up on purpose. We no longer hold any real power aside from the power to start cappin them if their tyranny runneth over, but aside from that we’re just a power farm for either party. We vote them in, we pay for their campaign, and we sometimes get a say in what they get to do, not that they’ll really listen if they know they can get more cash and more votes by selling out any one demographic for a shot at winning another.

    • Only the part of the bill about 18-21 yr olds. Does the NRA have nothing to say about banning ALL modifications to a weapon and/or the insane 3 day waiting period?

      • The waiting period is Constitutional: see challenge to California waiting period that was dismissed.

        • The ninth circuit has over an 80% overturn rate. Just because it was justified there does not make it constitutional. It needs to be questioned here and appealed to the third in New Orleans forcing the supreme to address two opposing judgements and overturn both Laws. Removing denied rights over the US.
          Rights that are delayed are not rights, if they can delay your ability to exercise your rights it is just permissions.

        • “Rights that are delayed are not rights, if they can delay your ability to exercise your rights it is just permissions.”

          I agree with you, however, how does that coincide with waiting on the court to give its permission to exercise an unalienable, constitutionally protected individual right? The way many POTG approach the exercise of their right to keep and bear arms; it looks, acts, and sounds like a privilege rather than an inalienable right.


  5. The Law of the Land will never be enforced by those whose power it limits. It can only be enforced by armed militia.

  6. Our government is unconstitutional its time to start communications with the military.. Screw these carpetbagging scumbags..

  7. The only hope we have now is demanding a new law to *expressly* exempt drop-in precision triggers like the Timney trigger.

    Because how it is worded now, a Progressive gun-hating prosecutor (Miami) can get you convicted of a felony if you have one.

    And *that* is fucking bullshit…

  8. Does the waiting period Include People with concealed pistol licenses?
    in my state If you pass a BG check and have a CPL you walk out with your pistol/rifle purchase.

    • No. CCW holders are exempt (or so it has been reported) from the 3-day wait.

      FL apparently also has a 3 day wait on handguns already. CCW holders are exempt from that as well.

  9. Not only violates the US Constitution it violates the takings clause and gun rights of the state constitution. This garbage will never see the light of day.
    That and Scott is history as far as a Senate run. Bye bye you skinheaded piece of shit and all the other traitorous pieces of shit that voted for this garbage.

  10. “I think this is the beginning.“

    Ominous, Mr. Scott. Going to push for an AWB soon? Good thing it’ll be the END of your miserable political career you Benedict Arnold.

  11. Damn, conservatives are dumbshits. What Obama and the Democrats couldn’t do, Trump and the GOP are gettin it done. Just as I predicted. He congratulated Gov Scott on the law. Hilarious. Keep pulling that R lever.

    • “Keep pulling that R lever.”

      And if gun owners instead pull the D lever, how exactly will it help gun rights?

    • I get you’re point but there are at least a few real pro gun republicans. The democrats are the Ban and Confiscate party.

    • Not quite sure how denying citizens of their rights is a conservative thing. In fact it is quite the opposite. Anybody claiming to wear the conservative flag and want to take away rights is just a dem pig in disguise.

      • (eta…again. stupid friggin tiny screen)

        The only way to get politicians to listen is to have clout come election day. The only way to prove that you have clout is to exercise it.

        Better to sink Rick Scott hard and deal with a bit of temporary, localized pain, than to have every wishy-washy (R) thinking they can get away with signing counter-productive legislation because of the feelz.

    • Yep. Any truly liberty loving politicians should be seeking to distance themselves from the right wing of the democratic party, aka republican party, by running as independent or something.

  12. We need a new party…the America party. Good thing I didn’t pidgeonhole myself as a reublican! Tar and feather sounds appropriate😡😡😡😡😡

  13. If (R) candidates are selling out and (D) candidates are not worth voting for, there might be a lot new (I) candidates getting elected.

    • there might be a lot new (I) candidates getting elected.

      Or not. The chances of third party candidates winning at the national level are somewhere between slim and none.

      • WE voters have the power, but we mus wield it. IF conservatives start to vote (I) en mass
        I think the R’s well get the message

        • IF conservatives start to vote (I) en mass
          I think the R’s well get the message

          That’s a big IF, and is extraordinarily unlikely.

      • We have a third party president, right now. Trump is the closest thing to a third party America has ever had and likely will ever have. Unfortunately. So enjoy this while it lasts because we got our wish, and this is as good as it gets. 2017 turned out to be the high water mark for gun rights.

    • The problem is the Independents had the perfect opportunity last election and they gave us Gary Johnson and bill weld…… if they had either of the Paul’s run they may have actually got somewhere….

  14. No surprise there. And he said ‘this is just the beginning’.

    We must never compromise, ever.

  15. “It really isn’t, as Scott will learn come election time.”

    He’s not running again, so I don’t suppose he will.

    • He’s running for the US Senate, and he just torpedoed his chances.

      Anti-gun folks will vote for Nelson, and he just alienated any pro-gun folks.

  16. If Scott is the nominee for Senate, then gun owners might as well just leave that blank. Either way, you’re screwed.

  17. @ Specialist38

    “I’ll vote for the Democrat running against Rick Scott in the upcoming senate race if he runs.”

    Why not primary the petty tyrant,instead of voting for a Commiecrat,get started now and be ready for the election.

    We in Vermont are in need of much the same to rid ourselves of another RINO named Scott,that unwavering conservative rock Gov. Phil Scott aka Benedict Scott.

    • I will most certainly campaign against Skeletor in the primaries.

      Unfortunately, he has been the heir apparent so others will have to get moving.

      But if it comes down to Scott vs a democrat, then i will vkte for the democrat.

  18. Lame duck Gov and bored rich guy wanting to go to the senate. Pandering to useful idiots with low hanging fruit.

  19. I’ve been going to Florida for vacation every year for the last decade..

    I wonder what the condo rental people will say when I let them know I won’t be using them this year…

  20. Anyone surprised by a republican politician doing something like this is a solid retard. While there may be a big difference between republican and democrat voters, there is no difference aside from a letter next to their names, with republican or democrat politicians.

    Do you think the powers that be actually would gamble 50/50 with getting what they want?
    At the top its all the same, the bread and circus is just to keep the crowd in line.

    Stop voting. You can’t vote them out, there are no bad ones or good ones, its all one organism.

    fortis cadere, cedere non potest

  21. So if they install bullet proof glass, all a shooter has to do is gain access to the gun free building then he can shoot with impunity knowing that SWAT or snipers cannot take him out. Genius…

  22. What’s worse? A Republican turncoat or an anti-gun Democrat? My answer is that the Republican is more dangerous, we can always swing the pendulum back by replacing the Democrat, But a erosion of 2A by our own can’t be overcome easily

  23. Governor Rick Scott is a sell-out to the Republican party and to all of us that live here in Florida. Basically he’s a punk bitch. Wait till his ass tries to run for the Senate, every single gun owner in the state of Florida will vote against him and see that his political party and his political career ends very very abruptly, with a total loss Rick Scott will be forgotten in 2 years old Skeletor. Him and president Trump both make me nauseated to my stomach the way they disregard the Constitution and how the Republican Party should be run. You think president Trump would have learned his lesson and not backed people who have made fun of him this entire time. And then stab a big knife right in the back of the gun people that put his dumbass in office. Thanks Rick Scott you asshat!

  24. I’ll be moving back to Alabama in the next few months. Got to get out of Florida. I’ve got a “Hellfire” trigger that I bought over 20 years ago. Damn, if I know where it is. Can’t get caught with that thing.

    What’s next for bump stocks in Florida…confiscation?

  25. I love how the Marxist left wingers preface their anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment argument with “I own a gun too But” You don’t have a right to own an AR or AK variant rifle. Because their “Common sense” endgame is to ban ALL semi auto Firearms, and Have heavy regs & registration on the rest.
    You know what pajama boy’s and girls, Don’t send the police to confiscate Americans firearms. If you believe in your Anti liberty convictions put your money where your mouth is, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ……What’s that?……your too chicken shit, That’s what I thought, Pajama boy!

  26. He just handed Nelson reelection. Popular 2 term governor, first legit chance to unseat him in… a long damn time, and he just threw it away with both hands.

    Think the NRA has a good suit here. I am glad I joined — like a lot of people, I think they are a bit milquetoast, and a bit squishy on making bold, strident arguments in defense of the 2nd Amendment, but they are the organization that takes all the hits and billboards when the antis get lathered up.

    As for Trump, him turning into a squish would never surprise me, I hope he already did the biggest thing he’ll ever have to do to protect the 2nd Amendment when he got Gorsuch on the Court, but we’ll see.

  27. Scott said after the signing. ‘I think this is the beginning.
    Well, at least he was truthful on that point.
    More to come from the Nazi Gun Control Choo Choo Express boys and girls!

  28. bans the possession of bump stocks, …because so many have been used in school shootings.

  29. The Gov’s OK with suspending due process and saves his harsh words for the only part of the bill that [partially] restores gun rights to some teachers? And this guy’s a Republican?
    Mussolini was both a Communist and a Fascist. Your problem?

  30. raises the minimum age for buying those weapons to 21….really stopped Adam Lanza didn’t it?
    The new Florida law imposes a three-day waiting period for most purchases of long guns,…Yeah, that really seems to stop school shooters who plan their attacks months in advance.

  31. The bill does make it easier for law enforcement and judges to remove guns from people considered a danger to themselves or others, ….the possibilities here are endless. Government Orgasms abound.

  32. Before signing the bill, the governor restated his opposition to portions of it, including the effort to arm teachers. God forbid someone tries to stop alumni of the school Promise Program from turning the GFZ school into a hunting preserve!

  33. This traitor absolutely cannot be allowed to be elected Senator with an (R) next to his name. Get out, tell everyone you know what he did to Florida gun owners, and how he emboldened anti-gun efforts the nation over.

    Frankly, this also applies to Trump, and we all know it, but most of his supporters will be too scared of being wrong to do what is necessary to further gun rights by electing someone who actually sympathizes with us in two years.

    • @ barnbwt

      Many supposed republicans are in need of facing a primary including Mr.Trump.

    • Also, the Republicans have to put forward fewer and better options. We can’t afford to load the primary field with 18 candidates again. Pick 2 or 3 really good truly conservative candidates and run them. Stop loading the field with Gingrich, Cruz, Paul, Romney, Bob, Tim, Jim, Jill, Rob, John, and Mike I know it’s great we have so many awesome candidates (except Gingrich and Romney F*ck those guys) but seriously we don’t need to run every single one in the primaries because by the time the big game starts we’ll be so damn fragmented we can’t assemble a winning drive. YMMV.

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