Feral hog hunting hunt ar-15 MSR caliber
(Courtesy Kat Ainsworth Stevens)
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NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association, is helping hunters to reject gun control’s accusations that modern sporting rifles (MSRs) aren’t meant for hunting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s hunters have plenty of options when it comes to hunting, and MSRs fit right in.

Now, NSSF has teamed up with The Confluence Group for hunters to proudly show off their 2022 hunting season photos with AR-platform rifles and be entered for a chance to win a Mississippi Deer or Louisiana Hog Hunt.

ar-15 deer hunting
Liberte Austin for TTAG

Entering is as easy as sharing.

  1. Take a photo while hunting using an MSR.
  2. Post the photo to Instagram including #LetsGoHunting in the caption.
  3. Submissions are reviewed to ensure they meet requirements.
  4. @letsgohuntingusa may reach out via Instagram to request permission to share the photo on its pages.

MSRs & Hunting

Hunters have been using the latest advancements in technology and tactics for centuries. Today’s hunters have a wide array of tools to choose from when it comes to firearms, concealment, lures (decoys, calls, scents, etc.) and scouting. MSRs, today’s very popular semiautomatic rifle designs, are used by more and more hunters and offer a number of benefits that can suit most hunters. The rifles’ accuracy, reliability, ruggedness and versatility serve hunters well. They are true all-weather firearms and their modularity often allows them to be configured for various applications and body types.

For hunting, these commonly-owned rifles are used for many different types of hunting, from varmint to big game. Today’s MSRs are chambered in nearly all calibers, including those popular with large game like the .243 Winchester, the 6.5 Creedmoor, the venerable .30-06 Springfield and .338 Winchester Short Magnum. The NSSF encourages hunters to share memorable moments from the field when using MSRs through its #LetsGoHunting with MSRs Photo Challenge. There are many photo styles that can be submitted including selfies, trophy photos, group photos and firearms in the field.

MSRs are semiautomatic rifle designs, including the AR-15, AR-10, carbines and similar variants. We challenge you to share a snapshot or video from the field while using your MSR for a chance to win a Mississippi deer or Louisiana hog hunt.

Win A 2023 Mississippi Deer or Louisiana Hog Hunt

Fall 2023 – Prairie Wildlife Whitetail Deer Hunt

Two-person two-night stay at Prairie Wildlife
Lodging and meals included
Hunters will be responsible for state hunting license and travel expenses. 
Hunt value is $9,000


Fall 2023 – Honey Brake Hog Hunt

Two person – 2 night stay at famed Honey Brake Lodge for hog hunting
Meals and lodging included
Hunts will utilize night vision gear
Hunters will be responsible for state hunting license and travel expenses.
Hunt value is $7,500

All valid entries must include a photo with a MSR in use, which is, by definition, a semiautomatic rifle, including the AR-15, AR-10, carbine and similar variants. Please read the official Photo Challenge Rules for more information.

NSSF thanks The Confluence Group for donating the prize hunts to help encourage hunters to participate in the MSR Hunting Photo Challenge. Learn more here.

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  1. I could care less what the view some hunters or anyone has for the AR platform especially when people like me are being hunted by scumbags who criminally misuse anything they can get their criminal hands on.

    The contest based attempt to influence drama queens who roll over for an agenda that History confirms is rooted in racism and genocide falls far from the Gun Control reality check some hunters need.

  2. The Prairie Wildlife lodge is about 30miles from my back door. It’s a nice place, but valuing this hunt at $9k is ridiculous. But I suppose some out of State (MS) rich guy might be willing to pay the State & Fed. income taxes on it. Me, not so much. I hunt deer (I’ve counted 4 bucks and 3 doe grazing in the last month) on my own land and all it costs me is the price of a bullet from my .41mag Henry BBSC.

  3. The NSSF is wanting people to post pics of the game they shot with their modern sporting rifles to help legitimize the existence of the modern sporting rifle.
    Well they did say they work ‘with’ the BATFE.
    Hows about this.
    The Bill of Rights declares that a citizen of the United States of America has the Right To Bear Arms. I’ve never found the hidden script that says anything about hunting.
    The dumbasses just do not get it.
    The 2nd Amendment Is about overthrowing tyrannical governments and the right of the people to have the arms capable to do so.
    Schock the world with it
    Schock the world with it
    We bring truth to light.

    • NSSF is a bunch of fudds, always have been. This is nothing more than a weak thinly veiled attempt to shed the image. The truth is self evident in the presentation.

      The only hunting the 2A is about is hunting our tyrannical supposed ‘betters’, defending you and yours lives from violence, and defending the country from foreign attackers.

      Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Are youn totally insane. DEFENDING yourself from VIOLENCE. Maybe the CONSTITUTION does entitle the right to bear arms but it s does NOT entilte Dick-Heads like yyou to declare a CIVIL WAR becaause tha’s what you and idiots lke you seem to be advocatying, And it doess NOT enshrine in law the absolute right to bear each and every type of firearm youchoose. BYthe way thos etwo pics of supposed hunters shown in the opening comment are NOT ELFIN HUNTERS-they are people who shoot animals for the hell of it.
      I personally would be ashamed if I had to use a SEMI-AUTO for hunting ands license should be denied for semi-autos for use in hunting. I’ve just been reading an article written by PROPER HUNTERS about the best HUNTING Rifles available in the USA,. Every single one of them is FIVE SHOT BOLT ACTION.
      Back in tne day when BIG GAME HUNTING meant exactly that there were neither TELESCOPES OR SEMI-=AUTOS. Men were men and real men had BIG CALIBRES and went for ELEPHANTS,and TIGERS and WATER BUFFALO and all manner of really dangerous ‘stuff’ . A Stalking and ‘TRACKING’ was as important as the shooting if not more so and still is today for ‘proper’ hunters NOt silly bloodygirls sahhoting semi-domestcated animals.

  4. AR-, AK-, and similar rifle styles were originally designed for combat use, as was nearly every other firearm design. While the “Sports” part of the NSSF is laudable, there is no Second Amendment for hunting or target shooting. Claiming that something is legitimate only because you hunt with it is laughable. Those guns are legitimate and protected in this country BECAUSE they are useful for combat, not in spite of it.

    Can I send unclassified trophy pics from hunts in the sandbox, using evil black rifles for what they were originally intended?


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