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Polling shows a tight race for a U.S. Senate seat that could determine the balance of power in the next Congress. The stakes for the Second Amendment couldn’t be higher.

Georgians watched a debate between their two U.S. Senate candidates leading up to the midterm election on Nov. 8. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) and challenger Republican Herschel Walker faced off on the issues including the Second Amendment. The differences between the two are stark and the #GUNVOTE choice for Georgians is clear.

Anti-Gun, Anti-Police

Sen. Warnock has been in the Senate for only two years, a seat he won in a 2020 special election. He’s already amassed an anti-gun voting record and supported defund the police policies. He’s got the hypocrisy to go with it. Sen. Warnock voted to limit the rights of law-abiding Americans to protect themselves but paid big — more than $600,000 — for private armed security for himself.

Debate questions were posed over rising crime and gun rights. While Sen. Warnock dodged around his record, Walker left no doubt about how he’d stand up for Georgians’ Second Amendment rights.

“First of all, any law or bill passed that will effect anyone’s Second Amendment – I’m not going to stand for and I won’t support,” Walker stated. “And to hear Sen. Warnock talk about supporting law enforcement – it’s sad… He’s empowered criminals to think they’re better than the police…To hear him talk about that is a disgrace.”

Walker’s matter-of-factness earned him praise from Atlanta media, usually supportive of gun control. Atlanta Journal Constitution political columnist Patricia Murphy said Walker was “prepared, aggressive and direct.”

A Record to Run From

Sen. Warnock attempted to spin his record on gun rights. He claimed support for law enforcement, hoping Georgia voters forgot that he called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to children during his campaign two years ago.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Sen. Warnock – also a Reverend – mocked Georgia churchgoers and decried Georgia lawmakers for passing the Safe Carry Protection Act.

“Somebody decided that they had a bright idea to pass a piece of legislation that will allow for guns and concealed weapons to be carried in churches,” he said.

Sen. Warnock added that places of worship were “the last place” for firearms and gun owners who carry in church are “crazy people.” Shortly after, Jack Wilson, a concealed carry permit holder and volunteer security guard used his concealed firearm to stop a murderer from inflicting unthinkable violence on fellow churchgoers during a religious service at the West Freeway Church of Christ, in White Settlement, Texas.

Sen. Warnock’s anti-Second Amendment Senate record garnered him endorsements from national gun control groups. Moms Demand Action included Sen. Warnock in their earliest slate of announced “gunsense” candidates. Everytown for Gun Safety has too and so has the Gun Sense Voter gun control group.

Sen. Warnock’s legislative “priorities” include signing on as a co-sponsor to S. 736, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) “assault weapons ban” bill of 2021. That bill would ban the sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of a so-called “assault weapons,” or semiautomatic modern sporting rifles (MSRs).

NSSF data showed there are more than 24.4 million of these commonly-owned centerfire rifles in circulation today, more than there are Ford F-150 pickup trucks on the road.

Peach State Priorities

The ability of law-abiding Georgians to exercise their right to possess lawfully purchased firearms has been front-of-mind with the election only three weeks away. Voters supported the state legislators who passed Georgia’s Constitutional Carry law that was signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp.

They’re also voting with their wallets. Since 2020, nearly 1.4 million Georgians passed an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification to purchase a firearm, according to NSSF-adjusted NICS data.

Statewide, Gov. Brian Kemp has made his support for the firearm industry unquestionable by attracting dozens of businesses to move to Georgia from less-friendly environments. It’s meaningful to voters as their paychecks have risen. In Georgia, that means the firearm industry supports more than 9,000 jobs and has an economic impact of nearly $1.8 billion.

Walker’s support for continuing those strong Second Amendment traditions would be a change from Sen. Warnock. That #GUNVOTE could be the difference on election day as voters head to the polls so they don’t risk their rights.

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Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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        • Someone in this forum urging anyone to not vote is a Democrat gun control supporter and trying to hide the fact.

          Warnock was elected in a run off and only because tens of thousands of Trump voters didn’t bother to go to the polls for that run off when he and Jon Ossoff got elected largely on a fluke. and that handed the Senate to the execrable Democrats.

    • Voting is for people that have faith in the system(morale check). I suppose you could call them suckers.
      I’ve no faith in the system however I do vote, not that that vote matters, and all I’m doing is choosing a rattlesnake over a cottonmouth anyway.
      – I noticed where someone had chosen to place the “Vote Here” sign(shouldn’t it be written in spanish?).
      Nice, I need to trip over it and then sue the Post Office.

  1. If I’m expected to actually believe that the ‘balance of power’ all hinges on these two men then all that says to me really is that all this talk of a ‘red wave’ this election is nothing but pure BS.

    What I’m hearing here is this country is STILL pretty even divided and there isn’t going to be any kind of ‘wave’ at all…red, blue, or otherwise.

    So, how about we dispense with the BULL and start dealing with reality?

    • There will be a RED Wave and it will wash over the MSM predicted BLUE Wave and will crush the imaginary BLUE WALL, some in the MSM has claimed will happen!!!

      • The sorry reality is that if there is a RedWave it will be started by an overflowing toilet.

        • I had to ponder the unicorn post overnight, and woke up getting it. We will either see what has been circling the rim finally disappear forever, or things will be left on the floor and will still need to get cleaned up somehow ?

        • “started by an overflowing toilet“

          To his credit, Trump really did flush several times trying to get the load to go down.

          “the President continued, lowering his voice as he spoke about the drips. “People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once.”

          But when you stuff all those national defense documents in at one time, there’s definitely going to be issues with a clean flush…

          “New Photos Suggest How Trump, Flush with Power, May Have Sent Official Documents down the Toilet
          Photos showing what appear to be torn-up documents in two different toilets may provide more evidence of the former president’s habit of destroying his presidential documents.

          THE CONVERSATION | AUGUST 9, 2022”


        • hey Minor, more of your one-way mirror shit? Iguess it would be waaaay more convenient to have it on a server to delete with no convenient back up? You reeeeally are the pentultimate piece of shit (next to FJB)

    • Reluctantly I have to agree. I’ve been having to unsubscribe from newsletters from 2A organizations I support just because according to them there’s another disaster unfolding, EVERY. DAY. And of course they need more money to address it.

      At this point fatigue has very much set in so I think all these people just need to stop shrieking.

  2. Prndl evenly divided’s ass. You know damn good and well the last election was stolen. You also know that the only ones benefiting from the current administration are the people sitting on the porch drinking 40s and cashing a check on the first of the month. Or the pricks trying to shove electric cars down our throats. If they keep the majority, all bets are off and shtf.

  3. I’ve worked as a bouncer at various gentlemen’s clubs in the Dallas Texas area and have met Mr Walker on many occasions. He is a hard ass and he’s also a lunatic but he’s one I would trust. I’m pretty sure the two of us are eskimo bros since we both know a lot of the same women.

    • Revrunt Warlock er Warnock is what’s wrong with the black church at large. Hi de hi de ho indeed. Interesting comment about Walker Officer Bill…

      • Please don’t think I was trying to say that he’s a bad guy. He is an unusual personality and the closest thing to a Terminator that lives in this world, once he makes up his mind about something he is never going to stop and he is trustworthy. Once him and I were talking and I made the comment that I always tried to do a thousand push-ups per day and he dropped to the floor and did a thousand push-ups in a row just to show me that he could. He is also not someone that you want to confront and is a master of several forms of martial arts. The only thing bad I ever noticed about him was poor situational awareness in casual environments. He would frequently sit with his back to a room and if I tried doing that my skin would crawl off of my body. Of course I haven’t seen the man in the better part of 20 years and I’m just relaying l things I noticed about him. I sincerely hope the man wins because I believe he would be someone nice to have on our side.

        • “the closest thing to a Terminator that lives in this world“

          Well, his kids say he’s violent and threatened to kill them, but what do they know, he’s never even met them.

          You know, I would’ve expected better from a federal agent who trained at Quantico, you never can tell.

        • A thousand pushups, pretty impressive, however I’ll bet him, or you, that for every pushup you do I can do three.

        • Hey possum, instead of betting you can do triple the pushups they can do, put up a thousand dollar bet on pullups – by TAIL.

    • “he’s also a lunatic“

      And a hypocrite regarding abortion, and a false Christian who gladly bears false witness in public so he should make an excellent Republican politician.

      • Nah, MajorStupidity, if he were all the things you claim, he’d have to re-register as a Dimocrat. But, since he ISN’T all those things, he can remain a Republican.

        Warlock, OTOH, is a perfect Leftist/fascist – he would lie if the truth would serve him better, he’s a wife-beater, a hypocrite, AND a lying louse, who gets a “housing allowance” of $7500 a month from Ebenezer Baptist (to AVOID Senate liimitations on outside income), while his scumbag “church” evicts poor people from their housing complex.

        WHY ARE YOU SUCH A LIAR??????

  4. I didn’t make any particular conclusion. Pretty much confirms what I’ve heard. Hope he wins!

  5. What a racist country we are: two black men competing in one of the highest profile Senate matches in the Union. Racism, I tell you! Racism!!

    Some striking contrasts in this contest are:

    Warlock is a preacher who advocates for unlimited, unregulated abortion.
    Walker is an athlete who advocates for the lives of the to- be-born child.

    Warlock incites hatred and violence as social remedies.
    Walker prays for and advocates for unity.

    Warlock advocates for fewer police, weaker law enforcement, and weak punishments for crime.
    Walker is strong on law and order.

    Warlock says we are a racist country and blames white people.
    Walker says we are not a racist country and that we are people of faith.

    Warlock claims to be a Christian preacher but his rhetoric is far from the Gospel.
    Walker in an athlete who tries to live a life of faith.

    Warlock is a bag of lies.
    People who know Walker report that he is a man of his word.

    • “Warlock is a preacher who advocates for unlimited, unregulated abortion.“

      Intentionally incorrect statement.

      “Walker is an athlete who advocates for the lives of the to- be-born child.“

      Except when it’s one of his multiple adulterous affairs, then he pays for the abortion and sends a get well card.


      • Yeah, we all know that. How long ago was that, you disingenuous fuck? You are good for one thing. Since everything you say is unadulterated bullshit, every single person for advocate for or against, if I didn’t know anything else about them, I’d know whom to support or reject.

        • “Yeah, we all know that. How long ago was that, you disingenuous fuck?“

          The reporting indicates that he paid for the abortion about 10 years ago.

          But he has been lying about it daily:

          “Prove that I did that. Just to show me things like that does nothing for me,” he finally said, before later admitting: “Yes, that’s my check.”

          “This is still a lie because she’s the mother of my child,” Walker said of the woman, who also gave birth to one of his children in 2011.”

          He has several kids that he has no contact with, by variety of baby mamas and now he has admitted the $700 check is his…

          I’m not surprised that you folks are blind to his perfidy and hypocrisy, most of you think Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

        • People will vote for self-interest. They know they aren’t voting for a role model. See the Christian vote for Trump. He delivered on the pro-life movement more than any previous president. Bush 1 & 2 were too ashamed to even show up to the March for Life. Walker’s votes would align more with Georgians than Warnock’s.

          If you want to play the “who is an angel” game, Warnock doesn’t exactly come out smelling like a rose. A vote for Warnock, or no vote at all, is a vote for the Puppet Administration. People aren’t happy with the Puppet’s policies.

  6. The people of Georgia have my sympathy. Their choices for the senate are two hypocrites — one on crime and guns, the other on abortion.

    I wish every ballot had None of the Above as an option. If it gets the most votes, hold the election all over again with the previous slate of candidates ineligible. It will never happen. Neither party will tolerate the voters’ forcing them to put forth good quality candidates.

    • Ha, a new version of runoff elections… ” off with you now, ya filthy animal !! And don’t come back, neither.”

    • So if I’ve used hard drugs, does that mean I can’t tell people how bad they are and that they shouldn’t use them? Your argument about Walker is incredibly stupid.

    • “None of the Above” is a vote for the Puppet. The primary is over. You now have two choices. What did you do to get a better candidate in the primary? Why aren’t you running? Complaining is easy. Anyone can do that.

  7. I am too not smart enough to be your sentator. The children I deny having were the ones I could not get aborted. there are a few. I cannot for m complete sen

    • Look, you really should pay any attention to what Walker’s kids say, they’ve never even met him so how should they know.

      • Aw, isn’t that sweet! MajorStupidity has a new member for his daily circle jerk. Where’d you find another Leftist/fascist idiot stupid enough to pal around with the likes of you?? Has he met dacian the demented, yet??

        The three of you idiots should have a wonderful relationship – none of you inhabit the real world, none of you are capable of ratiocination, and none of you would know the truth if it bit you in the ass.

        • The Lamp that went out in his head. The nut case that claims to have 4 law degrees and has written numerous books, none of which he can seem to remember the titles too.

          Someday we all will read about him the papers when the ATF raids his house. It’s long overdue.

      • Abortion is an issue…..when it’s convenient.
        Dark money is an issue…..when it’s convenient.
        Endless wars are an issue…..when they’re convenient.
        Racism is an issue….when it’s convenient.

        I’m a leftist. We’ll say whatever we have to whenever we have to to justify out constantly moving moral and ethical goalposts but really I just want to get high, have somebody else pay my bills and not have to work for a living.

  8. Bill Clinton knew it when he ran for the presidency and it still holds true today. Maybe even more than then. “It’s the economy Stupid.” That will determine the balance of power in DC.

  9. I’m local to the state and if somebody gave me 100 million I could have run and won with just the money…who needs a ‘name’ when you can buy advert time!

    Why are you running?

    “so I can walk right up to old joey and tell him to F-the right off, right after I knock the ice cream out of his hand and then slap pelosi for the fun of it!”

    we have a winner!

    Tell me that is not all I would need in 90% of GOP voters to win?

  10. I think Warlock needs to run for POTUS.
    It’ll be cool for when America goes to war again.
    President Warlock

  11. Great men are seldom good men. Walker whored it up with the best of them before turning it around. I remember a very tall Italian woman named Rose who danced under the name Raja who he has a son with. She stayed in the clubs working as a dancer for about 15 years longer then she should have. I just remember her as a hooker with bad breath who could put it on you like few others if she was in the mood for some fun.

    • “Walker whored it up with the best of them”

      As would every commie commenting on this site if they had the ability to.

      • “As would every commie commenting on this site“

        I’m sorry to inform you but the evidence shows otherwise. We have an actual recorded video of a sitting Republican congressman confessing that his Republican brethren were engaging in cocaine fueled orgies in Washington.

        “The sexual perversion that goes on in Washington … being kind of a young guy in Washington, where the average age is probably 60 or 70 — [you] look at all these people, a lot of them that I’ve looked up to through my life, I’ve always paid attention to politics. … Then all of a sudden you get invited — ‘We’re going to have a sexual get-together at one of our homes, you should come.’ … What did you just ask me to come to? And then you realize they’re asking you to come to an orgy. … Some of the people leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country, and then you watch them do a key bump of cocaine right in front of you. And it’s like, this is wild.”


    • “Walker whored it up with the best of them before turning it around“

      So an actual whoremonger, just like Donald Trump who paid stormy Daniels $10K to drag his mushroom through her.

      And what evidence is there that he “turned it around”, we don’t see him publicly acknowledging his four children or actually taking a part in their lives.

      Say, does anybody remember when the conservatives were all chanting “Character Counts!”?

      • The reality is that people vote for self-interest. See above comment. It isn’t like you’re bothered by this sort of behavior. Have you heard of the Puppet’s granddaughter, Navy Jones Roberts? Of course you have. Do you care? Of course you don’t. Then why would you pretend to be bothered by immorality or hypocrisy? D i s i n g e n u o u s

  12. Miner49er
    Your behavior is a perfect example of the rage beta males have for Alphas. You love to screech in outrage about about how horrible it was that Mr Walker got a lot of tail while at the same time secretly wishing you could do the same. I seem to recall Genghis Khan knocking up about 20 women a night.

  13. Miner49er
    you’re overlooking a critical detail in Trump’s relationship with Stormy Daniels. He didn’t pay her to sleep with him and no one has ever said including her that he did. A third party paid her to keep quiet about the affair because that third party thought it would look bad if people found out about it.

    Haven’t you seen the women Trump has had in his lifetime? They’re all gorgeous. You can’t even make the claim that they married him for his money because his current wife had a net worth of about 100 million dollars when she married him. They were attracted to him for many reasons but the number one reason is because he is a pure Alpha and little squishes like you can’t stand that or even acknowledge it.

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