Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube.
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Chicago has become the America’s new Wild West. Criminals do what they want with impunity, never giving a second thought to getting caught by police or meeting resistance from their victims.

In recent days, a trio crashed their likely carjacked sedan on the Dan Ryan Expressway on the city’s south side. Instead of waiting for a police report, they abandoned the car and started running.

Screen Capture by Boch via YouTube.

Whatever else they may have left in the car, the trio made sure to take their AR-style rifle with them, along with their masks. They then proceeded to run down Chicago’s busiest expressway to the next exit.

Hundreds of thousands of commuters use the Dan Ryan each day, so it didn’t take long before they found an inattentive driver who slowed and then stopped on the exit, effectively volunteering to be carjacked.

Here’s the video from Mogadishu on Lake Michigan . . .

CWB Chicago has the story . . .

Video emerged on social media this weekend of a man carjacking a driver while armed with a rifle on an expressway near downtown Chicago.

The footage shows three people running out of a car that was apparently involved in an auto accident along the outbound Dan Ryan Expressway just north of the Stevenson Expressway. Then one of them, wearing a black ski mask and toting a large weapon, tries to carjack passing vehicles.

The carjacker appears to offer a fistful of cash to the man who’s recording in exchange for a ride, but the man, who says he was on his way home from work, declines.

“Look at that rifle! “Look at that rifle!” yells the man.

Then, the carjacking occurred.

“He’s hijacking the car! He’s hijacking the car right now!”

The man recording the hijacking encourages the driver to speed away. Instead, the driver gets out, puts his hands in the air, and watches as the hijacker speeds off with their vehicle.

Given current sky-high violent crime rates, especially in deep-blue metropolitan areas without adequate police coverage and soft-on-crime Soros-funded prosecutors, drivers and pedestrians alike can’t be too careful. They must practice situational awareness and be prepared to use deadly force — either by firearm or by motor vehicle — to defend themselves against criminal predators.

Don’t rely on the police as they don’t have the manpower to respond in time to save anyone. Unlike the TV series, in the real world Chicago PD doesn’t have officers to respond to over half of the highest priority 911 calls. Instead those calls wait between 30 minutes and two hours for an officer to become available to take a report.

Carry your gun. The best tool for armed self-defense can be in your hand in moments when “help” is minutes — or maybe hours — away.

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      • SSSSSSHHHHhhhhhh don”t way a thing. Let them continue in their delusion. Some one of these fine days some of them will wake up and find the world they used to occupy is now gone… and now they will have to WORK for their food and shelter and get-bout, or go hungery, barefoot, cold. That would look real good on them after these past two-plus renegade years.

    • Blue? LMAO! You mean black. Chicongo is no joke and planet of the apes is becoming reality in United States of Africa. 😀

  1. Let’s say someone disarms ine if them and drives off with the weapon….is it a war trophy to keep?

    • As long as said person STFU. If the person runs his mouth on social media john law will be there to arrest him for stealing that weapon from the poor yoot he disarmed.

    • Oughta be, but remember they live in Opposite Day. The hapless banger would hit speed dial to Foxx’s office, and complain about the racist dude who “stole” his (stolen) rifle. You better be making tracks for the state line, ’cause they’ll be hot on your tail.

  2. Just this past weekend, I was at a gas station in another town away from home, and two young white men showing clear signs of drug addiction and “wannabe thug life” aspirations made a beeline for me and my vehicle as I began to fill up the tank. They were aggressively posturing themselves as they made their way around the pumps, physically closing in on people and brashing asking (almost demanding) money. Then they came over my way.

    I had my EDC in my waistband as I told them to get lost. The Alpha of the duo wasn’t happy with the exchange and lack of money for him, but another car pulled up and his partner started walking toward it.

    This is becoming more common in my personal experiences, and exactly why I never let Mrs Haz remain alone when we’re traveling.

    • Don’t have anywhere close to that level of crap around here. But I’m always armed anyway, ’cause you never know.

      • it only takes one out of place dirtbag, perhaps “sizing up” some new turf.

        Be a good Boy Scout. Or Coastie.

      • Whenever I pull into a station I’m not familiar with, I always do a quick visual check to see where the cameras are, and choose a pump accordingly. I want to be clearly in view of the recorded video, just in case things ever go sideways and I need my attorney to subpoena evidence to back up my defensive actions.

    • These situations are a good reason to carry a bug. A revolver in pants or jacket pocket can be gripped in hand discretely should an unsavory character approach or even fired from a jacket. It also gives the opportunity to pass it off to the wife if necessary.

      • “It also gives the opportunity to pass it off to the wife if necessary.”

        Haz is in California.

        The hassle and grief he would go through had he handed his gun to anyone else would be *immense*.

        It sucks, but that’s the current reality in places like Cali and NY.

        It might even be iffy here in Florida to do that, if Mrs. Haz didn’t have a permit, sad to say. We really need to get constitutional carry passed here in the supposedly GunShine state… 🙁

        • CA (reluctantly) recognizes a core legal tenet known as “Doctrine of Necessity”. Meaning, in the moment of imminent danger to life, limb, or property, man-made constructs such as laws are temporarily supplanted by Natural Law and self-protection, and any means necessary to protect yourself are valid. If thugs were about to attack me and those with me, for example, I could very *legally* hand off a weapon to anyone in my group, even if one of them were to be a prohibited person such as a felon. Only for that moment of imminent danger, of course, and the weapon would need to be handed back to me as soon as the danger had subsided.

          Doctrine of Necessity. It’s my understanding that all the States in the Union recognize it, though most D.A.s will avoid mention of it.

    • I Haz a Question,

      I live in a super-blue (as in glowing neon visible from space) hyper-Progressive enclave in a purple state and we don’t have any trouble in these parts like they have in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

      I cannot explain it: in the hyper-Progressive enclave where I live, masses of people have drank so much Far Left Progressive Kool-Aide that the water content in that Kool-Aide should have killed them due to water “poisoning”, and yet no one entertains allowing the brash lawlessness that other hyper-Progressive enclaves are experiencing.

      Thus I am not facing such nastiness, at least for the time being. Regardless, I continue to go about my business with my trusty semi-auto pistol strapped to my hip every day.

  3. And people like this get assault rifles because they buy them second hand with no paperwork otherwise they would never would pass the background check.

    Most civilized societies have either outlawed the assault rifle or heavily vetted and restricted them. Not so in Capitalvania where any crook or criminal or nut case can by all the firepower he wants second hand no questions asked. Its pure insanity but the paranoia of the far right makes them incapable of even thinking with a mediocrime of common sense. They really think it cannot happen to them or they can win in a shootout with their pistol against the criminal’s high powered assault rifle. Yes there is no bigger moron than a far right idiot, the graveyard is full of them.

    • Sounds like hate filled bigotry to me. You should be cancelled and placed in an institution.

      And you’re to poorly educated to have even a basic understanding of geography. Find Capitalvania on a map. I’ll wait.

      • Basically Dacian was like- “Don’t look at the policies of democrats that helped manifest inner city culture!!!! Instead, look at this gun. This gun did it!”

    • Ok. Poof you just got your way. All assault rifles are illegal, whatever that term means, you got your way. Now how do you stop them from getting in the hands of anyone that wants one? They are easily manufactured by anyone with a basic machine shop skills, the ammo they need can be reloaded and made at home, hell even the magazines can be 3D printed along with some of the guns components. Not to mention the MILLIONS of them already in circulation. How do you stop this guy from getting one? Im all eyes. All I hear are background checks, restrictions on ownership, training, insurance, limiting magazine capacity etc. At least Robert Francis O Rourke has the stones to say he wants to round them up from Americans hands. NONE of these solutions would stop THIS guy from getting that gun. Please let us hear a real solution, something that would work in this scenario. Rehashing ideas ad nauseam that have no impact on actual crime is why we will never be able to come together. The Right will always see it as an infringement, which it is, but worse its an ineffective infringement.

        • Keeping them from reproducing in the first place would be better.

          Need to invent a trendy Leftist Scum ™ snack and load it up with birth control pills… 🙂

      • In the shrillest, whiniest voice you’ve ever heard:

        “But it’s right there in the NAAAAME!!!! Assault Rifle 15!! Are you BLIIIND?!?!?!”

        Don’t even try to explain Armalite to them. They simply can’t hear anything that conflicts with their agenda.

    • Do you really think the thugs won’t continue to acquire them through straw purchases by friends and relatives who aren’t (yet) prohibited persons or out of an unlicensed dealer’s trunk in a back alley after midnight? Even if these guns were outlawed and the ones now in private hands successfully confiscated, manufacturing and smuggling them into the country would become a new line of business for the drug cartels.

      • anyone else remember the reliable account of the clown “Lord of the Flies” in the Seattle CHOP zone back when? Seems the kingpin was a prohibited person, but that didn’t mean a thing then and there. It appears to have been arranged beforehand, but a car with a rather large boot pulled up to the guarded entrance gate to Da Zoan” and Flies went up nd greeted him. They went round to the boot and Flies began to ‘examine the goods”, and selected the one he wanted.Some flexible smallish green rectangles of something or other came out of Flies’ pocket and that wad went into car driver’s pocket. Flies then began to strut about with his new AR pattern rifle.
        The whole cartoon village folded after a few murders at the barrel of some guns, coppers came in and did something, and the city sponsored cleanup finally began. The total to start undoing the damage was in eight figures before long.

        To my knowledge, Flies was never prosecuted for his disabiled in possession, nor for the no background check non-FFL transfer of tht rifle he “bought”
        Oh well. When the DRats have their way, I suppose Home Depot will find it necessary to send along an armed guard with the trucks they rent, else some bozo will rent one and go find a bike/pedestrian path, and drach the truck onto the nice wide paved trail, and mow down a passel of fokes.

        One more time: it ain’t the hardware, its always the software controlling it. I could drive around the world in my very own Los Angles Class nuclear submarine, all 24 missiles in their silos fitted and “hot”. And nothing bad would happen as long as I am in charge of the thing. Because my software is working properly. So no, banning AR pattern rifles won’t fix a thing, except for we who WOULD keep them ready to hand to drive off the next home invader/carjacker/rapist. Because MY software is in good order.

      • I do not even respond to dacian anymore, It is a waste of time, he really is dumber than his picture.

    • Oh dacian we all know your rants and raves about iron pipelines and street bought gunms and all that are just commercials for your wife’s Yard Sale.
      I mean come on man,
      Even a BATFE agent could see through that.

    • These weapons are illegal in Mexico – yet the cartels have no problems getting them.

      Heroin is illegal in the US – yet we are swimming in an opioid filled pool.

      Prohibition has never worked anywhere its been tried.

      Democrats, not guns, caused these problems. They REFUSE to enforce the laws on the books and put dangerous people in prison. Animals that do not value human life must be removed from society to keep everyone safe.

    • And people like this get assault rifles because they buy them second hand with no paperwork otherwise they would never would pass the background check.

      Over 330 million guns in the US. You can’t control the flow of guns with yeas or nays in a committee. Trying only hurts Americans that follow the law.

      It’s also against the law to carjack. As you can see in the video, criminals who are going to rob someone at gun point, and commit motor vehicle theft/grand theft auto, aren’t going to care about laws about guns. To see how useful gun laws are, just look at how useful drug laws have been. Drug laws stopped absolutely nothing. If anything, they created a more profitable and higher market for drugs. The problem is cultural. Societal. These criminals were made, they weren’t born this way. And believe it or not… the gun didn’t make them do it.

      Most civilized societies have either outlawed the assault rifle or heavily vetted and restricted them.

      Most civilized societies have also legalized drugs, as putting a person in prison for several decades for possessing and smoking a joint, has been seen as barbaric. The logical extension of this, is to apply the same to gun owners. Putting a gun owner in prison for 10 years because his gun rifle’s barrel was an inch too short, is barbaric. The obvious and civilized conclusion, is to punish and blame those with intent to harm people. Not hobbyists that aren’t doing exactly as they are told.

      Not so in Capitalvania where any crook or criminal or nut case can by all the firepower he wants second hand no questions asked.

      I’m sorry you hate capitalism. Capitalism makes nations rich and abundant and with plenty. I’m sorry you are upset that you can’t jail two hobbyists who engaged in a gun transaction that didn’t meet government approval. Welcome to civilization. It is civilized to allow people their freedom and to take their own personal responsibility, rather than blanket laws over the entirety of the United States, for the criminal acts of the few. Punish those few, not the majority.

      Its pure insanity but the paranoia of the far right makes them incapable of even thinking with a mediocrime of common sense.

      The far right, the somewhat right, and the middle, is not paranoid at all. What is paranoid is asking the government to step in and regulate everyone’s transactions because you are afraid of gun violence, but not regular violence, knife violence, car violence, or fist violence.

      They really think it cannot happen to them or they can win in a shootout with their pistol against the criminal’s high powered assault rifle. Yes there is no bigger moron than a far right idiot, the graveyard is full of them.

      Most guns owners I know don’t even think about it. They are hobbyists and enjoy their hobbies. Some take their safety very serious, especially in dangerous neighborhoods. Further, the likelihood of being in a “gun fight” with someone’s “high powered rifle” is about on par with getting struck by lightening. So, really the only one paranoid about such things, are those fixated on them, like Dacian here.

  4. I avoid Chiraq as much as possible. But it’s wending it’s way south. And everywhere within a hundred miles. Be armed to the hilt. All I got!

  5. I cannot begin to imagine how much money a job or business would have to pay me annually to live anywhere close to the Chicago or Los Angeles core metro areas.

    It is an interesting coincidence that I have been thinking (for the past two weeks or so) of keeping a revolver in my car center storage area (cup holder to be specific) and ready for instantaneous access in just such an emergency. I don’t want to have to draw from my holster (likely underneath a shirt and/or jacket and with my seat belt interfering) if someone suddenly jumps out to carjack me at an intersection–I want to be able to grab and shoot.

    I live, work, and take care of my personal business in a location which is pretty far removed from such ugliness. Regardless, I am armed every day as I go about my day. You never know where lightning will strike, literally or figuratively.

    • There are several types of pistol holsters / holders and mount setups for vehicles that are not obtrusive, that are quick and easy to access your weapon as a driver!

      • ABN LRRP RGR 3 tours RVN,

        Thank you for the suggestion. I have seen photos of vehicle interior quick-access handgun mounts/holsters in the past and never paid much attention. I may review the options. I might also just plop a revolver in my cup holder! (You can’t get much more “redneck” than plopping a revolver in your cup holder.)

        That is the beauty of a single/double-action revolver: you can be a bit more laissez-faire about how/where you keep it.

        • I drive a large van with two seatsforward, the doghouse protruding too far aft to accmodate a middle weat. I’ve almost always got a box, picnic cooler, etc, on the deck betwist the two seats. Have considered getting an extra holster and somehow attaching it to the bottom pan of the driver’s seat, ahead of the belt latch but low enough down to not be readily visible from the outside. It would be a fast and easy thing to reach right arm/hand down grip it, draw and deploy. I have one cooler just high enough to block such a gun fro view, yet leave it still pretty instantly accessible. I’d probably carry a duplicate of my much loved EDC. No muff-ups from having a very different gun

        • James Campbell,

          I wear a shoulder holster fairly often and that is fine if I wear my shoulder holster outside my sweaters, jackets, or coats. However, I do not wear my shoulder holster outside my clothing. Thus, a shoulder holster could be less accessible than a revolver sitting in my center console cup holder.

          I suppose, if I always remember to unbutton/unzip my outer garment, my handgun in my shoulder holster would be readily accessible. Even in that scenario, I still like the idea of being able to grab a revolver and have it in hand without having to worry about the relatively light single-action trigger of my everyday carry handgun–and also not having to worry about re-holstering after a non-event.

    • I used to say that I could tolerate it for a maximum of five years provided I could then retire wealthy enough to buy a new Ferrari every couple of years. I’d also move to someplace safer that understood the difference between criminals and victims and sided with the latter.

  6. I kinda like the odds of my judge with only 5 rounds of 410 00 buckshot against a carjacker. Ar 15 a bit awkward getting in & out of the car, not likely to miss with the judge. Spread isn’t that much with 00, all 4 balls in torso from 10 yds.

    • “I kinda like the odds of my judge with only 5 rounds of 410 00 buckshot against a carjacker.”

      Until his buddy shoots you… 🙁

  7. Uncommon, didn’t see your post till I made mine. Gotta say judge sounds perfect for that. If you don’t want 00 410 , 255gr Lrn .45 colt hits pretty hard, and I saw one for $399 @ Academy.

    • Redneck.45lc,

      I am thinking of .44 Special as well with similar bullet sizes and weights.

      Worst case: I will just have to make due with .38 Special P and 158 grain bullets.

        • Geoff PR,

          I think frangible ammunition is a really bad choice if I end up having to shoot through my vehicle’s glass or doors in righteous self-defense.

          I don’t believe that frangible bullets will penetrate glass or two layers of sheet metal–or at least they shed so much mass while transiting through glass/metal that they will no longer be an effective fight-stopper.

  8. but open carry is illegal in illinois ………….

    Tell me why criminals don t obey the law ? *ironic*

  9. I’m not sure who Dan Ryan was, but I’m pretty sure he must have been a class A douche to get that stretch of highway named after him.

  10. Arrest and jail them and they’ll be out within hours. And once again I see an easily identifiable common thread in these criminals. But the (incompetent) Chicago FREAK mayor and their gun control laws have everything under control and will only go on to save the world.

  11. having a gun is fine but if someone has a rifle on me I’m not going to try and wild west it with them

    I’m not sure a car isn’t a better weapon anyway if you happen to be on the highway

  12. This sorta thing will become more common as things get worse. Which they will. Rather a lot worse I imagine.

    Saudis joining BRICS+… oof, there goes that retirement account (and the country). We’re so screwed up our “friends” would rather deal in Rupees.

    On the plus side, the trolls won’t live long. Well, unless they’re bots.

  13. Since the law, courts, LE and gov all now are taking a hands off approach to crime, I say vigilante justice against criminals is now back in play. Like the AutoDefensas in Mexico. If the gov then decides to go after vigilantes, then vigilantes fight the gov. I think the gov won’t last long in such a fight as they are too afraid to fight criminals as it is.

  14. Took my Judge and his friends to the range today. I forgot what a cannon blast that .45 colt was! So fun. I even snuck 5 rounds of bird shot past the RO. A face full of that would ruin anybodys day. I love this country.

    • I always enjoyed shooting the .45 Colt. And the .44 special. I don’t think I’d count on shot out of a handgun.

    • “I forgot what a cannon blast that .45 colt was!”

      You can easily make it smell just like a cannon, since .45 long Colt was originally a black powder round. Reload in BP, and ‘smell the rainbow’… 🙂

  15. Stuff like this needs to be brought up every time the left freaks out about our rights being recognized.

  16. Encouraging the man to ‘drive off’ when he’s got a bloody semi-auto pointed at him? That seems to me to be a REALLY, REALLY good is dea>
    The driver did EXACTLY the right thing in keeping his head [and his life most likely!!] by not turning an intended hijack where MURDER was not the first intent into a situation where it just might have been. I say that because the HIJAKER actually tried to BUY his way into the car.

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