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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
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The campaign ads write themselves: Elizabeth Warren has proposed not only rolling back the popular Trump tax cuts, but she wants to levy new taxes on wealth and free speech. And, of course, on guns, too!

Yes, the same Elizabeth Warren who invented an American Indian heritage to get an unfair advantage in hiring and promotion earlier in her career. The same Elizabeth Warren who falsely claimed she was fired for becoming pregnant. And now, the same Elizabeth Warren who has arguably become the front-runner among the current candidates for the Democrat nomination for the 2020 presidential race.

She’s talking about a YUGE hike in taxes on guns and ammunition. She wants to triple the tax on guns to 30% to promote “gun safety” initiatives. And she wants to quintuple the tax on ammunition to 50% for…more of the same.

And she thinks that’s a winning platform. I didn’t know recreational marijuana had become legal in Massachusetts yet.

From CNSNews.com:

Another Warren proposal would raise the tax on gun manufacturers from the current 10 percent “to 30 percent on guns and 50 percent on ammunition.” The proposal says the purpose is “to bring in new federal revenue that we can use for gun violence prevention and enforcement of existing gun laws.”

As she’s said before that the gun industry (along with just about every other private business in the country) makes too much money. They apparently enjoy too much free speech privileges as well.

Warren also proposes to create a corporate tax of seven percent to every dollar a company reports in profits above $100 million, and  an “excessive lobbying tax” that will tax 35 percent to firms that spend $500,000 on lobbying. A 60 percent levy would apply to firms that spend above $1 million on lobbying, and 75 percent if they spend above $5 million.

No doubt her lobbying tax is aimed primarily at Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

The bad news for Fauxcahontas? Hillary Clinton (“I can beat him again!“) has made it clear she may dust off her Mao jacket collection and seek a rematch against Trump next year. Right now, HillaryClinton2020.com sits as literally a blank slate, all ready to go.

And there’s still plenty of time for Michelle Obama to announce her candidacy given the current clown car of inept, second-tier candidates currently in the running.

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  1. The only good thing about her candidacy is the thought of rich liberals like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Musk squirming at the idea of her winning. I love it when the left eats their own!

    • Then they end up giving her large donations and get their carve-outs. Tech companies are generally left leaning so there won’t be outrage from 90% of the media.

      • Dude,

        Technology companies are only generally left-leaning? I would say virtually all technology companies are HARD-LEFT.

          • Have a suggestion about where that little clenched fist could do the most good, preferably while holding a flash bang!

        • Depends on the tech company.

          In some cases it’s not even the “tech company” but their parent company. Look at Blizzard’s current predicament. Brought on by partial ownership of Blizzard by Tencent.

          Tencent seems pretty innocuous on the surface but they’re Chicom to the core and they have heavy, heavy influence on Blizzard corporate policy. Look at what Mark Kern has revealed about Blizzard, and tech companies in general, being influenced by China/Chinese corruption. It appears that most Blizzard employees actually despise the company’s policies but, hey, they got kids to feed, so they learn their role and shut their hole until they’re out from under Blizzard contracts. Where there are Blizzard employees against Blizzard’s policies or supporting the protesters in HK, Blizzard has made it hard for them to be known.

          For example: this bleeds over from Blizzard into the Reddit where Blizzard monitors what’s said on it’s official threads to the point that they even temporarily killed r/Blizzard because of all the “offensive” postings it was getting. r/Blizzard came back but it’s now heavily moderated for any postings on such topics.

          It’s kinda scary to think about the influence China has bought itself when you consider that the gaming industry dwarfs a lot of others, including guns. The gun industry is a paltry $28 Billion, the NBA is only $24 billion a year. Meanwhile gaming is $140 billion to $150 billion a year.

      • She is polling much higher leads on Trump in single match ups than Hillary ever did in states Trump must have.

        • Trump is very comfortable destroying any woman in a debate. Christians like Romney or Cruz don’t have the killer instinct necessary to destroy their male or female opponent. But especially a woman. Trump will wreck Warren just like he wrecked Hillary, Rosie, and Megyn Kelly.

    • The only good thing about her candidacy is the thought of rich liberals like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Musk squirming at the idea of her winning. I love it when the left eats their own!

      WTF are you talking about? Corporate donations to Hillary were about four times those given to Trump.

      The DNC gets more in donations from corporate givers than the RNC does.
      Apple campaign contributions: 87.5 Democrat, 10.5% Republican.
      Microsoft: 80.2 Democrat, 18.6 Republican
      Top 30 donors in fortune 500: howmuch.net/articles/the-30-biggest-political-donors-on-the-fortune-500

      Why would companies that rely on government that can be bought to protect them from competition be worried about Warren when she is big government?

        • No, most of the bogs are in Wisconsin. And not just cranberry bogs, either. Madison is literally built around lakes and swamps. Sound familiar?

        • MS, NJ, Oregon, WA all produce cranberries, maybe a few others. But WI is the top producer of cranberries. As for Warren she smoked and inhaled deeply and is now permanently brain impaired.

        • “Madison is literally built around lakes and swamps. Sound familiar?”

          Son, where I live is *literally* surrounded by lakes and swamps. As in, lots of mosquitoes and alligators, as well. (Central Florida).

          There are *zero* cranberry bogs around here. So what was your point again?

        • As noted, the largest cranberry bogs are located in Wisconsin. I did annual training at Ft. McCoy & recall bumper stickers that said, “Sparta, Wisconsin: Gateway to Cranberry Country!”.

        • Actually most cranberry production in U.S. is from Wisconsin @ 65%, 23% of U.S. production is from Mass. the remainder is from N.J. Washington and Oregon. Cranberry farming produces approximately 77 million dollars a year in Mass. N.J. cranberry production accounts for about 25 million dollars annually which is 3rd nationally…

      • Can’t forget the Cranberries…great band.
        Lead singer…..Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan…. RIP

      • And a political coward. Damn near got us into a nuke war with ussr.
        And like slick willie, couldn’t keep his pants zipped.
        Who offed him? the cia, the mob and expat cubans.
        Oswald-cia lacky
        Ruby- mob wannabe hitman
        $$-rich expat cubans
        That’s my conspiracy theory.

      • Agree 100% with the Kennedy comment.
        JFK was cheating on his wife with a total drunk/drug addict, M Monroe was not “sultry”, she was out of her mind sacked out on barbituates. Joe DiMaggio had to get away from her, she was a total slit when impaired, almost ALL the time. Just watch the “JFK happy birthday” video, stoned/drunk out of her mind.
        Ted should have been thrown UNDER the prison after the Mary Joe Kopec killing.
        The media attributing a ” Kennedy Curse” to those clan members who die suddenly are retarded, the deaths are due to too much money and leisure time, combined with bad decisions. Examples? Playing a downhill sking football game (Kennedy killed when he hit tree during a “play”). Retarded behavior.
        With bad weather looming, taking off in your plane, ONLY knowing VFR flight (visual). Not having IFR knowledge and attempting that flight can be considered suicide, with 2 murders added (for the 2 people John Jr “splashed” his plane with).
        Joe Kennedy made the Kennedy fortune running alcohol during the prohibition years, grabbing other “rum runners” vessels and contriband, and killing his competitors (dropped into the murky depths)
        A truly scummy family.

        • James Campbell: And now, lucky us in Massachusetts, yet another Kennedy is considering a run for the US Senate when our “other” [READ: other than Lying Lizzie] senator, the equally useless 30+year political hack Ed Markey, is up for re-election in 2020. Joseph “Joe” Patrick Kennedy III, grandson of RFK, will easily be elected based mostly on his name alone; plus being a Democrat in blue, blue Massachusetts. No clue if this Kennedy is a drunk and a womanizer like many in his infamous family. I think his father, Joe Kennedy II, is the one who was “interested” in Joe III & his twin brother’s babysitter. Instead of getting a divorce Joe Kennedy II somehow managed to get his marriage annulled which is a pretty neat trick when you have children with the wife you’re “divorcing”. A trip to the Vatican and a whole lot of money gifted to the Church??? Who knows what goes on inside the wealthy elitist snobs families.


  2. Fauxahontas is a self proven liar,the only ones to buy her line of Bravo Sierra will be the kool aid drinking Marxist Leftards.

    • That is your strategy in working on this election to support Second Amendment rights?

      Only marxists will support her? have you seen the polling? Polling isn’t perfect but she has much higher numbers than Hillary did in one on one matchups with Trump int he states where the election will be decided. she has a much higher lead in match up with Trump in Florida, in Pennsylvania, and the rust belt than Hillary did against Trump.

      There is a lot, w whole lot I don’t like about Trump, but anyone who sits on their duff is insuring Clarence Thomas gets replaced by a Democrat and game over. heller will topple with a single SCOTUS vote.

      • Name one of the candidates still running for the CommicRat nomination who isn’t a Marxist.

  3. It’s just another dumb proposal for a law that specifically targets law-abiding civilians while making it safer for felons to operate against us. These Dems hate us.

    The bitch needs to go back to lying to move herself ahead in life.

    • Let’s levy a fine of $ 2,000 per lie told by elected officials. Also an immediate removal from office of elected officials that promote and or back unconstitutional laws and remove any benefits or retirement accrued. We could pay off the nations debt in a year !

        • Yeah, Trump would have to fork over some cash – but the Lyin’ Hawaiian and Mao Jacket Granny would be bankrupt 100X over. But, you idjits never police your own, so that comment went RIGHT over your pointy little head.

  4. Liawatha would be LESS popular than Jimmy “put a sweater on” Carter. And Moo-shell(Michael?) and the hildebeast should jump in hooves 1st😄

    • Evidence? Don’t get me wrong, she will destroy the country.

      But she has better numbers against Trump than Hilary did in the key states.

  5. It isn’t about right or wrong, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional. It is all about what sells, what gets votes. All the Dimwitocrats have a checklist of demands. Whichever candidate gets the most checks is the one to vote for. Doesn’t even matter if the most important item on the checklist is something the candidate supports, so long as the most items are checked.

    The anti-gun mafia is united on eliminating legal gun ownership; gun owners are not united on keeping them. The anti-gun mob looks at getting even one, minor, gun regulation installed as a victory. The legal gun owners view blocking gun control as to whether it is the kind of block they are interested in.

    With ~100million gun owners, we should never even have to discuss these matters.

    • 100 million gun owners, estimated.

      After you subtract the Fudds:
      10 million 2nd Amendment supporters

      After you subtract the keyboard kommandos:
      1 million actual protectors of freedom

      Still a lot of resistance for anyone like Warren to contend with.

      • “Still a lot of resistance for anyone like Warren to contend with.”

        Legal gun owners ≠ 2A supporters. In fact, there are a great number of legal gun owners who are comfortable with the idea that because of the advance of history, guns for defense against government is too ancient a concept to matter. I would estimate there are less than 30 million legal gun owners who consider 2A a significant “right”; a number insufficient to pose a serious obstacle to the anti-gun movement. Isn’t it interesting that of all the things that get rousing cheers at a Trump rally, protection for gun owners is rarely mentioned?

        As with many things, people who do not perceive a personal threat presented by a new law are mightily complacent. As an example, in 2017(?), there was a “pro-gun” rally in Tallahassee, FL. The number of attendees, on a Saturday, was estimated at around 500. Tallahassee alone should have been able to muster 500 gun owners. Trump can get 20,000 to a rally, some traveling from other states. When rallies supporting 2A can gather 20,000 legal gun owners, maybe then we can represent a real opposition to the progressives.

        • I would love to share your sentiment with my followers as a real conversation to their “2 million gun owners will fight!” attitude. I couldn’t have said this any better!! Let me know and I’ll give you credit for the comment without question.

          • “I would love to share your sentiment with my followers…”

            Difficult to think anything I write here is useful to anybody, but if you think so…

            No attribution needed, anybody could say the same thing.

            (do you have a website, or are the “followers” on Face, or Insta, etc?)

        • I agree with several of your points but NOT these two:

          a number insufficient to pose a serious obstacle to the anti-gun movement.

          There is no “anti gun movement.” None of these anti-Second Amendment groups/organizations have more than 500 paying members. Not one. It isn’t accurate to call them movements, nor to even call them organizations or groups — they are lobby fronts. Effective astro-turfing. From their side this is all about money. They are highly effective instruments to move dark 501c4 money to campaigns, and tax deductible funding indirectly — on hte order of hundred of millions per cycle. In the case of Dicks and Walmart and 100 major corporations working with the gun control lobby, they also greenwash an large and increasing number of major corporate donors.

          As an example, in 2017(?), there was a “pro-gun” rally in Tallahassee, FL. The number of attendees, on a Saturday, was estimated at around 500. Tallahassee alone should have been able to muster 500 gun owners.

          The groups organizing rallies are helping the gun control/ban advocates. They are rubes who stand in front of a microphone to a crowd of a couple hundred old guys in camo — and prove the gun ban nuts are correct. You do NOT fight on ground of inherent huge advantage to your adversary. Gun ownership is inherently semi-confidential to highly confidential to many many gun owners — especially those who are not rural (where almost everyone owns a gun anyway). So these guys announce rallies and no one comes. you dont get rights from rallies -but with them you can prove your adversary is correct.

          Where our fight wins is in
          a) courts. courts in term are all about one thing: electing Republican presidents and governors. Period. Are there outliers on court appointments, GOP appointments who went the wrong way? yes. but there are exactly zero Democrat court appointees supporting the 2A.
          b) electing Republican legislatures a federal and state level.
          c) a strong national membership lobby, ike it or not, this means NRA

          That’s the facts. Now you may dislike 10 things about trump — or if the impeachment move works, whomever the GOP manages to get on the ticket. I dislike 100 things about Trurmp and the GOP. I am probably to the left of the GOP on quite a few issues and to the right of them on several others. But I am not kidding myself about the real world effects of a Democrat presidency.

          Oh and I will wait for someone to pipe in with ‘bbbbut Trump bbbbump stock” when a reversal of Heller is at stake as are no sunset no grandfather ans of AR, schemes to make gun ownership cost about $1000 more a year, every year, in taxes and insurance, and the entire boat of gun control on track to Australia system no handguns, no semi auto, and “may issue” (prove a need) even for bolt action.

          • I understand your line of thought, but voting results do not reflect it. Regardless of the actual numbers of members in anti-gun organizations, the votes tell the story. Anti-2A laws cannot be passed of the majority of the voters disapprove. Refusal to turn-out politicians who vote against the majority interest is no different from active support.

            Call the vector of anti-gun forces what you will, the voters are taking up sides, and we are not getting tired of winning the struggle.

            If we are relying on courts to overturn the popular vote on anti-gun laws, are no different from the progressives we oppose on the grounds that they look to the courts to overturn the result they cannot win at the ballot box. The progressives know the courts are government. Anti-progressives look at the courts as non-political, impartial, objective reviewers of the cases before them

  6. “Read my lips. Many new taxes. Don’t worry though, I’m only going to tax people you don’t like or are envious of.” -Professional victim Liez Warren

    • An Indian with a gun was Pahoo Ka-Ta-Wa in “Yancy Derringer”, who was a mean dude but knew Pahoo carried a sawed off shotgun under his blanket. Yancy carried four or five derringers including one in his hat but there was no arguing with Pahoo’s boomstick.

      That was a show that should have had a longer run.

  7. Tax all the ideas that violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and hold everyone involved in making unconstitutional law liable for ALL related cost when the SCOTUS has to hear cases brought up to the highest court in the land. This includes the lower court judges, they took an oath to uphold the Constitution, if they’re too crooked to follow it, they pay massive fines and get removed from the bench.
    Time to get “woke” (to the Constitution) or go broke Judges.

    • WOW!!! What a great way to say it! “Get woke to the constitution”. Love this!!!! The constitution is the only document I know defining human rights and protecting a public from their government. +1000 for your comment!

  8. I *love* garbage politics like this – torpedoing her own campaign just as she gains momentum.
    Who is going to vote for this schoolmarm?

    • Sitting at an intersection last weekend the fellow across from me lurched out a bit to get a better view of oncoming traffic before turning right on red. A woman who looked just like Warren came flying by at that moment in a purple Volkswagon, slowed down, leaned straight across to the passenger side window and wagged her finger while shaking her head at the man just seeing if he could turn.

      She’ll vote for Warren. There are many like her. Nagging, self-righteous, wine-guzzling, gray-haired biddies who hate that they must share the world with anyone who isn’t like them and if NPR told them to they’d turn NatSoc in a second to begin exterminating people like that guy who wanted to take a perfectly legal right on red if it was safe to do so.

  9. Yeah, she’ll say or do just about anything to try to divert attention from her pathological lying and immoral behavior!

  10. Pinocchihontas really needs a lesson about the definition of “infringe”. It means anything that interferes. SCOTUS will probably rule on that in the NYC case.

  11. A dangerous individual. Her demagoguery is reminiscent of the dictators from world history. The good citizens of Massachusetts should vote this woman out of office.

    • Interesting fact- many of us continue to vote against people like this… Warren, Healey… And yet they continue to stay in office regardless.

      Makes you start to wonder about the system when a person keeps winning elections even though you can’t find anyone that will vote for them.

      • “Makes you start to wonder about the system when a person keeps winning elections even though you can’t find anyone that will vote for them.”

        This is why voting is supposed to be secret. Asking other people who they voted for is essentially taking an informal “poll”. Polls are notoriously unreliable, and deceitful. Polls can only record responses given, not the intent/truth behind the response. In today’s environment, polls are not even designed to discover opinions, but to drive opinion.

        Even something as seemingly innocent as polling to ask if voters approve/disapprove of someone/something. Think about this. “Do you agree that YouNameIt is doing a good job at Whatever It Is?” Many will answer “No”, because they think YouNameIt is doing the wrong thing. Others will say “No” because the respondent thinksYouNameIt isn’g going far enough. Both responses end up in the disapproval column.

        Take the 2016 election. Polls were screwed up by people either refusing to answer, or answering falsely, only Rasmussen understood that Trump voters were hiding out…and was accurate in projecting Trump would win. Indeed, there were complaints that the actual vote totals were incorrect because exit polls of actual voters were accurate, and did not support the vote tabulations.

        In short, if people don’t want others to know their voting choices, they lie. If I rely on asking only people with the same views as me, I will wonder, “Who voted for that clod?”. If I ask random people, they will likely ask themselves, “Who is this creep, and why should I tell him the truth.” When presented with a polling questionnaire, I just pick the response choices at random, avoiding any sort of pattern. This is especially true if I get paid/compensated for taking a poll.

      • Obummer won big, twice! Both times, in my “informal poll”, I couldnt find one person who would admit to voting for him! There ya go!

  12. Words the left lives by: Tax, Spend, Ban, Confiscate, Imprison, redistribute, Abort, Change, Burn, Erase, Racist, brainwash, and Shame.

  13. So, Elizabeth Warren hates poor people and minorities and doesn’t think they should be able to defend themselves and their families?


    • No, Liz knows that the so-called poor people and minorities don’t pay any attention to gun laws. She hates you.

  14. Why is it that Liberals / Progressives are always taking stuff away from people? They’re acolytes of Orwell: limiting your choices and a centralized government regulating the crap out of everything makes you free!

  15. In hopes of winning the Democratic nomination, Fauxcohontas is saying whatever she thinks will get her the most press coverage and the most approval from her fellow Marxists. Should she win the nomination, she’ll forget or back away from many of her current positions in hopes of appealing to a broader segment of the electorate. That’s why I’m voting for Bernie in the Democratic primary. (Texas is a crossover state.) Unlike all the other Democrats, that loony old coot is actually stupid enough to believe the nonsense he’s spouting. Naturally, I’ll be voting for the Republicans, as the lesser of two evils, in the general election.

    • You nailed that one. MiniHaHa is a total opportunist who will say whatever she has to and then reverse herself when the need arises. Hell, she was a self-described “arch-conservative” Republican until she was 47 years old.

  16. “excessive lobbying tax” that will tax 35 percent to firms that spend $500,000 on lobbying does this include unions that spend billions on lobbying the left.

    • What about the pharma companies that out spend the NRA by a factor of 5 or more. In fact, over $25 million last year. When we add in the millions upon millions spent on advertising, are we surprised that drug prices are so high?

    • It only includes for profits, so I suppose unions would be exempt. The NRA would be exempt as well, as long as they can maintain their non-profit status.

      • she doesn’t have non profits excluded. The way to do this, and she probably would, is to is to exclude charities form sanction/taxing. Since the gun ban lobby raises virtually all its money as charity. But legit fundraising groups like NRA could easily be targeted by her proposal.

        The NRA and the gun ocntorl groups have a) general not for proifit status (typically c4) AND b ) subgroups that are “charities” (c3) and subgroups that are PACS

        But the gun control groups are able to do 90% or so of their work as “charities “since ‘gun safety” is a public health/public welfare concern where as gun rights fights by NRA are typically opposition to specific legislation and therefore lobbying. Tens of millions spent on professionally organizing and subsidizing kids at DC and state capitol marches is charitable work. NRA responding by saying “oppose House bill #” is lobbying.

        Any and all 2A groups could be put at a significant disadvantage with new lobbying laws that effectively leave Bloombergs “charities” able to organize marches, strong arm corporations (like dicks and walmart), put hundreds of millions into Johns Hopkins, Harvard and other gun injury and policy study centers and advocate for “gun safety” and “anti firearms violence” under c3-charity compliant conditions, whereas the NRA and NSSF has to fight agains those with c4 or pac money which Warren could narrowly regulate and tax.

  17. The democrat credo, tax the living crap out of everyone and let the gov’t waste it on feel good programs.

  18. Notice how the Left thinks a tax solves everything and yet they have NEVER solved one thing in the whole time they have been spewing their socialism.

  19. There is nothing special about a liberal socialist Democrat wanting to tax firearms and ammunition. A liberal socialist Democrat never any tax they didn’t like.

  20. She should have her hand open in that picture and we’d know she was saying, “Heil Hitler!”

    • If this were to happen, the Warren family has the option of burying her in a matchbox, after an enema is performed on the corpse.
      It seem like a viable option after hearing Fauxcahontis speak. Lyeawatha is SO bursting at the seams with BS, it’s her defining character trait.

  21. Pochohantas, nor any of the other 20+ Demmies now running will be president. If the Demmies work it right they will impeach both Trump and Pence in a two-fer’ one…they are trying to hook Pence into the Ukraine thing too, if you haven’t noticed, then Pelosi becomes president since Speaker of the House is 3rd. in line, then Pelosi needs a VP, so she names Hillary, then, Pelosi resigns and Hilly finally becomes Pres. Laugh if you will, but that scenario is not totally impossible. Think about it: the Democrats finally turn this once-great nation into a banana republic. They’ve already allowed in most of Central America, so why not?

    • When they started talking about Pence I also saw that scenario and it would be a masterful coup EXCEPT for the fact that they will never get 67 Senators or 2/3rds of Senators (53 Rs vs 47 Ds) present to vote to convict Trump AND Pence of at least one article of impeachment consequently unless they can arrange to assassinate Trump and Pence (their only REAL option) Pelosi will have to settle for her “last hurrah” as Speaker and the Hildabeast will have to settle with her delusional “I can surely beat him AGAIN?” bullshit.. She still does not understand that the 2016 winner is in the Oval Office and the LOSER is NOT…


    Taxes on Newspapers has been ruled Unconstitutional in many places as it is free speech.

    Anybody voting for a Democrat should be deported ASAP!

    They are not Americans!

    Send them to the crap hole Commie places they desire.

    The founders hated illegal taxes without Representation.

  23. Well at least the rich will be able to afford shooting and self defense. The poor not so much. They can dial 911 on free cell phones.

  24. OK so why is this a bad move from Warren’s point of view? People saying it will harm her electability are just wrong. her electability is all about a) winning the primary and b) getting out her base in the general.

    It is not 1980 where a good 25% of Democrat candidates mostly supported the Second Amendment. Being opposed is the litmus test. And she is phrasing it not as a tax on gun owners but as a tax on companies and lobbying. You and I know it is targeted at the 2A, but they probably tested this and found 100% of Democrats and 1/3 of Republicans agreed. Which for a partisan issue is exactly what any side wants.

    TTAG doesn’t really do articles on how money is raised and spent on this issue. Otherwise readers would know what a huge advantage this is for Democrats.

    On one side, the anti 2A side, massive amount of money are raised and spent as tax deducatable charity, aka 501(c)3. ,b>Gun control is in the main — CHARITY work it is advocacy for public welfare, health, violence prevention.

    Opposing gun control is in the main forced to be lobbying by C4s and pacs. When you oppose a spefic piece of legislation it cant be with charitable money.

    So this will uniquely hurt our side, which is good for Warren and smart long term for the Democrats. There are already IRS rules on the books that give advantage to Bloomberg’s side and this will add more.

    It (and Warren in general) need to be opposed, but the article doesnt explain why she is doing it. They want to choke off giving to candidates by gun companies, lobbying by the NRA and keep the floodgates open for Bloomberg and his ever broadening base of CEOs who now support him and gun control.

    NSS, the gun makers as individual companies, NRA all have to

  25. Since guns laws don’t work to your liking, and you say tax all guns, lets go to the other extreme. All born in the USA required to go thru weapons training, and must carry a gun at all times.
    I, personal, grow up with Roy Rogers and all the Westerns carrying guns . I do not need or want an AR-15, because my bolt action 308 reaches all it needs to. However, I do not think it is your right to tell us we can not have one if we so choose.
    The bulk of shootings in the USA are done with hand guns not the AR-15. By the way AR stands for Armalite rifles not assault rifle. They have been around since 1958.

  26. I would point out that Governor Palin has more native American DNA in her than Pokahanus, but Todd is divorcing her.

  27. What might it be that generates the lady’s ridiculous ideas. The air and or the water in Mass. or the same in Washington D.C.

  28. The more you lie, cheat, and steal from the system the better your chances to be elected.
    I blame my parents for being directly responsible for my current financial and social status. At 74 I’m broke and have only a couple friends. ReaL ones that is.

    • “…and have only a couple friends. ReaL ones that is.”

      Are you sure? My three real friends seem to be able to walk through walls, or materialize at the weirdest times. They always tell me they are real, but sometimes I wonder, I think.

      (why is my church key on the floor, and why is the floor pressing on my nose?)

  29. Marxists who infect our government plus the media prostitutes who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States into becoming an unarmed population. Unarmed populations have been treated as slaves and chattel since the dawn of history.
    Only dictators, tyrants, despots, totalitarians, and those who want to control and ultimately to enslave you support gun control.
    No matter what any politician or hard-left mainstream media tells you concerning the statist utopian fantasy of safety and security through further gun control: They are lying. If their lips are moving, they are lying about gun control. These despots truly hate America..
    These tyrants hate freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and private property. But the reality is that our citizens’ ownership of firearms serves as a concrete deterrent against despotism. They are demanding to hold the absolute power of life and death over you and your family.
    Ask the six million J ews, and the other five million murdered martyrs who perished in the N azi death camps, how being disarmed by a powerful tyranny ended any chances of fighting back. Ask the murdered martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto about gun control.
    Their single agenda is to control you after you are disarmed. When the people who want to control you hold the absolute power of life and death over your family, you have been enslaved.
    American Thinker

  30. The old fool does not realize that there is a 16% tax on guns placed on the manufacturer already on the books. So she will be taxing tax.

    • “The old fool does not realize that there is a 16% tax on guns placed on the manufacturer already on the books. So she will be taxing tax.”

      Never accept stupidity when evil intend explains things elegantly.

  31. Did she forget that raising the tax on the manufacturers that it would be passed on to the Military purchases and not just the Civilian market?
    Good thing she won’t be elected.

  32. Changing any of the first 5 amendments would be like changing Genus in the Bible, or any of the other books in the canon.

  33. Companies that are left leaning and spend more than $250 million a year on lobbying EACH:
    US Chamber of Commerce
    National Association of Realtors
    National Retail Federation
    American Medical Association
    National Association of Broadcasters

    Don’t think for a second that the Dems will ever let this gravy train leave the station.

    • Oops. I read my source wrong. That is $250 million EACH over the past 20 years, meaning an average of over $12 million a year, on average. Still high enough for this to be a non-starter.

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